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Murder, Inc.

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1Murder, Inc. Empty Murder, Inc. Mon May 27, 2013 11:28 am



Murder, Inc.

May 27, 2013 by patricktech

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Murder, Inc.

by Jacob G. Hornberger

For all his faults and failures, President Lyndon Johnson put it
correctly: With its assassination program, the CIA was operating a
“damned Murder Inc.” Not only does Johnson’s pointed observation observe
the true nature of the federal government’s assassination program, it
also serves to show that assassination has been an integral part of the
U.S. national-security state apparatus since long before the 9/11

Johnson wasn’t the only one who got it right. When an assassination
team established by U.S.-supported Chilean military dictator Augusto
Pinochet assassinated former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and
25-year-old American citizen Ronni Moffitt on the streets of Washington,
D.C., the U.S. Justice Department called it murder and criminally
prosecuted the members of Pinochet’s assassination team in U.S. federal
district court, notwithstanding the fact that the Pinochet regime
justified its assassination program under the rubric of the war on

Not so anymore though. Yesterday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking on behalf of President Obama, released a letter
that purported to justify Obama’s assassination program under the
rubric of the war on terrorism. Echoing Pinochet, Holder argued that
federal assassination isn’t murder but rather legal wartime killing.

There’s just one big problem with Holder’s reasoning, however, one
that he, not surprisingly, failed to address. That problem is this:
terrorism is a federal criminal offense. It’s listed in the U.S. Code as
a federal crime. Every year, in fact, the Justice Department brings
criminal prosecutions against people who are accused of having committed
acts of terrorism or conspiracy to do so.

If terrorism is an act of war, then what in the world is the Justice
Department doing bringing criminal charges in U.S. District Court
against accused terrorists?

Thanks to: http://theinternetpost.net

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