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MENstruation Bmdp4KkTCq


For those of us not drinking the establishment Kool-Aid, the past three years have been oppressive. The Internet has been weaponized to de-platform and disenfranchise those who aren’t Far-Left enough, including those on the Center-Left. We’ve watched in horror as TV news anchors we’ve known for decades have morphed into saboteurs seeking to overthrow our Government and legal system, setting a precedent from which the institutions may not recover. Worst of all, many of our loved ones have mutated into fools because they believe the endless gaslighting from these toadies of Globalism.
Yesterday, however, there were some breaks in the unrelenting perfidy:

  • US Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of Russiagate was officially declared a criminal investigation.
  • Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper melted down on CNN, while discussing his imminent deposition by Durham.
  • Former FBI Assistant Director-turned-CNN host, Andrew McCabe dropped his wrongful termination suit against the DOJ.
  • Usually-blustering former CIA Director, John Brennan has remained silent for over a week.
  • Sidney Powell, attorney for Former National Security Advisor, Lt. General Mike Flynn filed a motion with newly-declassified exculpatory evidence, proving that her client had been set up and framed by the FBI, which could overturn his felony conviction for a “process crime”.

All of these are signs that the establishment’s coup narrative is collapsing and that we may perchance dream of a restoration of the rule of law.
Meanwhile, this TV commercial for Thinx “period proof” underpants aired during prime time, while throughout the week, all the major Woke candidates tweeted their support for the Menstrual Equity Act, which seeks “To increase the availability and affordability of menstrual hygiene products for individuals with limited access, and for other purposes”.
As we know, Google Search’s auto-complete tells us, “Men can have periods” and Thinx, the underwear manufacturer describes itself as “On a mission to empower every body with innovative solutions and social change.” They can’t just make absorbent underpants, they have to transform society and they have to time their ad campaigns with the introduction of woke legislation.
In this spot, we see the surreptitious destabilization all norms of rationality and logic that is the hallmark of the Social Justice movement. Democrats want us to have Menstrual Justice with our baseless impeachment.
We will not be safe from stealth bludgeonings by militant transgenderism until the Wokesters establish their New World Order, after which they’ll send all the trans people to concentration camps.


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net

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