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Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance

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1Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance Empty Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:32 am



Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance

  • Posted by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on November 25, 2013 at 12:16pm in Children of the Sun
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  • Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance Morphic22-666x375

This is part 2 to our recent release, Morphogenetic Field Implosion, which discusses the subject matters of morphic resonance and the human body’s process of conscious metamorphosis. Audio support: Brain Circuitry Upgrade.

With its relentless solar flares and a magnetic field that is set to flip, our sun continues to be a major catalyst of an aggressive, planetary wide repolarization.
People everywhere are feeling the transforming effects of a super amplified energy field that is now entering. From physical body changes to non-stop ‘downloads’ and developing new abilities, the intensity of upgrade is undeniable.
Could it be that the cosmic rays rippling through our sun are recoding our atomic structures to quicken our vibratory spin? Certainly with less density, we can translate greater spectrums of light frequency. We may even transition out of our carbon skinsuits and into that of multidimensional silicon crystal!

Locking in the New Energy

The ability to absorb, translate and benefit from these high-energy particles is proportionate to the rate at which we are vibrating and the quantity of light that we can absorb. Moreover, this new energy requires a substantial circuitry upgrade in our bodily system.
Energy System Upgrades…
Everyone requires expanded physiological circuitry in order to receive and convert the higher energy voltage. If you do not have the new wiring, you are not properly translating the new encodement.  Most of the younger generation and new children today are born with it.
Morphogenetic Field Influence…
We gradually receive the upgraded circuitry when we are vibrating at a level of integrated purity and stabilized heart-mind coherence. This is directly related to the field of morphic resonance from which we are abiding and receiving data transference.

Definition of Morphic Field

To review, morphogenetic fields contain the developmental blueprints for species types. Simply put, they program our future. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through these imprinting field templates.
The theories of morphogenetic fields have been greatly influenced by Rupert Sheldrake, biochemist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and several books. He says that genes and gene products are not enough to explain how we develop and that there is a telepathy-type connection that transfers biological information.
For example… in your body, the same genetic program is present in your eyes, kidneys, and fingers. If they are all programmed identically, then how do they develop so differently? His theory suggests that DNA, rather than being the source of all developmental coding, is instead the receiver of information from the morphic field for the species type.
Sheldrake coined the term, ‘morphic resonance’ which is described as the invisible, energetic pathway through which all thoughts and ideas are filtered. This resonance involves the influence of like upon like. This is the influence of patterns of activity on subsequent similar patterns of activity, an influence that passes through space and time from past to present, regardless of physical distance.
His research findings reveal that there is a built-in memory within nature, which is part of its evolution and biological development. The theory suggests that similar things in the past affect similar things in the now and this is what holds systems together.
A morphogenetic field is a ‘force of habit’ created from cumulative memory. Because of morphic resonance, (like attracts like), we are created ‘as usual’ and like everyone else in our species type.
It would seem, that to change the ‘usual’ patterning from repeating itself, we would need to both override the memory based mechanism and consciously depart from the field of influence that is transferring the energetic data.

Which Morphic Field Sustains You?

1. The Morphic Resonance of Mass Humanity
Time, Fear, Division, Degeneration and Death
To review, the morphic field of collective consciousness can be described as a time-coded field of cumulative memory that sustains a corrupted, degenerative script.
The mass of the race is operating from a morphic resonance that has been largely created by highly repetitive and habitual motions of belief, cultural traditions, and extremely polarized emotional and mental constructs.
Up until this new planetary cycle, these repeating patterns have become the encoded blueprint, locking humanity’s evolution onto a robotic wheel of suffering and limitation. This collective consciousness is responsible for what the entire planet manifests as a reflection of where the ‘whole’ is vibrating.
The challenge for us all is to lift ourselves completely from the influence of this hypnotic field of influence and its tenacious pull upon our sense faculties.

2. The Morphic Resonance of a New Humanity
Timelesnesss, Love, Unity, Regeneration, Immortality
A new morphogenetic field is anchoring. With support from the incoming solar transmissions, we are quickly transitioning from one template of evolutionary instruction into another.
This new matrix holds the encodement for a type of ‘superhuman’ blueprint for each individual and the whole of the race. This blueprint is also cohered to solar, galactic and universal holographic templates of higher evolution.
It is from the awakened group coherence that we are establishing a new morphic resonance for our entire race species. This resonance is responsible for co-creating and sustaining cohesive and integrative behavior accessed through a greatly expanded perception of our interconnected, immortal nature. This resonance factor accounts for the acceleration of life synchronicities, intuitive perception, telepathy and endless aspiration.
The vast subject matter of immortality can be brought down to a very simple understanding. Immortality is an embodied knowing that the soul never dies.  Our eternal nature is an absolute state that is encoded in every particle of life energy down to the electron and quark!
‘Experiential immorality’ is to have the ability to traverse a wide spectrum of dimensional frequencies, at will. To live as an ‘immortal’ is to be completely transcended from the pull of matter-bound consciousness and its driving impulses that bind the limited perception.

1. Overriding the memory default mechanism that holds the degenerative time code.
2. Upgrading the body’s communication feedback system.
3. Giving crystal clear signals to your body.

KEY #1
Overriding the memory default mechanism that holds the degenerative time code

As awakened humans, we are being lifted from the defining fields of mass consciousness that are operating from an outdated script. This is the program that is transferred from the morphogenetic field of time-coded perception.
The good news is, that these new cosmic rays seem to have the ability to reach into the memory fields, re-pattern the sequences, and override the degenerative gene codes. While not scientifically proven, this is based on intuitive knowing and profound qualitative experience through body prototyping.
It has been learned that mixing the old code with the new code can create havoc in the human energy system. The body gets confused as to how and where to receive the information and exactly what transferences are the correct ones. If the body matrix is not prepared, it usually defaults to the code stored in, what Rupert Sheldrake refers to as, the ‘built-in memory’.
It can be analogous to moving a website system to a new, and much faster server. It takes a while for everything to connect and populate throughout the internet energy field. In the end, sometimes the code does not settle into the proper settings. There is often reinstallation that is necessary with repeated code entry.
Within the human body, this shifting of systems presents some very sensitive challenges. Mixing ‘new patterns of organization’ with old memory fields can create some disorder especially if we are dealing with corrupted scripts that have been strongly held into place for eons of time. The body’s communication systems gets confused as to where to read the code and what string of information contains the correct sequence.
We are referring to the point of energetic convergence, where the two blueprinted fields meet. Until the new circuitry is installed and its settings have recalibrated, the code has a tendency to default to the template stored in the memory’s morphogenetic field, tenaciously encoded by past association and genetic factors.
This can be why so many of us that eat healthy, have pure bodies and are on the cutting edge of understandings are still experiencing degenerative patterning and experiences of lack. Having a pure body and peaceful mind is not the key to complete morphogenetic shift, not if the body’s communication system is still reading the old code!
It seems that in order make this transition, our memory fields have to shift to such a degree that we are no longer living in the patterns that define us as cultural, or, control us through a rigid time factor.
In other words, when we flip flop from one field of morphic resonance to another, our body gets majorly confused and the translation of light energy gets jumbled. It usually defaults to the old, sustaining code.
Just as the sun is sending repeated flares, the process of shifting our personal morphic resonance requires a very relentless force of repetitive energy. This is how the new code cuts through the muck and establishes itself as the new abiding pattern.
For those who are really serious about cloaking on the new blueprint, we have to go for it all the way and not confuse the signals given to the body. The body always responds to what we consistently feed it.

KEY #2
Upgrading the body’s communication feedback system

Regarding the morphogenetic field implosion that is currently happening on a planetary scale, the same can be said for our own bodies.
Just like with systems of electricity, this incoming solar waveform needs a bigger, more effective transformer (brain) and lots more connecting conduits (neural pathways).
In order for this to process to happen smoothly and with as little bodily upheaval as possible, the recoding process requires a feedback system of perfect communication. Then, the new data can be received and transferred harmoniously without meeting against blockages or non-existing receptors at the point of neural connection.
Even though new code may come into the body, this does not necessarily mean that it is going to connect properly, if at all. This can be attributed to the body’s morphogenetic field and its built-in memory, which is around every system, organ, tissue and cell. The cellular response is still adhering to its ‘usual’ patterning.
This is all about establishing new connections and improving the way our body is communicating with itself and the surrounding fields of expanding energy.

KEY #3
Giving Crystal Clear Signals to your Body

Here are a few ideas to assist in your morphic resonance shift.
1. Receive Sunlight Frequently:
Make sure the sun is a part of your every day and welcome in the new encodement. Get it on your skin, gaze into its spherical geometry, drink solar charged water, meditate with the sun.
2. Keep Moving Closer to the Desired Resonance
Remove yourself from the mass field of energetic data transference so that the influencing memory fields do not bombard you. Great numbers of people are now making these dramatic shifts. It is good to move often… changing homes, time zones, jobs, roles, tasks, etc.. It is a time to move into much higher gear!
3. Override the Degenerative Time Code
If you run your life according to a time coded, time controlled memory field, your life will remain inside the morphic prison of degenerative experience. What would happen if you radically shifted from this matrix all together, or, just until the new codes lock into place?
This refers to the release of being controlled and driven by such things as: the clock, the Gregorian calendar, traditions that are time specific, astrological identities, age talk, birthdays and anything that programs your behaviors to past timelines.
4. Release Habitual Patterning
Our patterns can be so stuck on the wheel that they are not even noticed. Go deep into your subconscious patterning and get yourself unlocked. Be bold and exotic. Do something you have never done before. Change your food, your activities, sleep patterns, ways of dressing. Shift your look completely. Shave your head. Free your feedback loops and unplug the robot.
5. Engage in Repetitive Re-Programming
Keep learning as much as you can. Get a lot of conscious activations. Reprogram, reprogram and reprogram.
6. Strengthen the Body’s Feedback System
We are receiving new circuitry that requires unobstructed channels and clear feedback. The body communicates primarily through the Brain, nervous system, synapses and synaptic connections, neurotransmitters, the endocrine system and its hormones. Study up on these transitioning systems and find out where you need to focus. You will discover a lot.
7. Live Unity
Remain connected to a network focusing on evolution and the process of human body morphogenesis. To have a support system from people who are working from the new morphic resonance is really the main key of all. We can swap codes, data files and the strength of new connection. When we come together in this way… we co-create a new morphic field for the entire human race.

Above all my precious family of the sun, have patience with yourself and a lot of fun in this revealing process. We are certainly an exotic bunch that loves a good challenge but this is definitely not a race and there is no such thing as a finish line. It is an extraordinary time and we are all each others greatest cheerleaders.
Loving you from the matrix!
Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

Thanks to: http://lightgrid.ning.com

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