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A Galactic Message ~Matt Kahn

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1A Galactic Message ~Matt Kahn Empty A Galactic Message ~Matt Kahn Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:51 pm



A Galactic Message ~Matt Kahn
30 Saturday Nov 2013
Posted by Thetawave in Ascension

Ed. notes: This is a repost, but I think it is the most valuable thing I have ever heard; notes below.

First Wave notes:

Say your intention is love. When it is time for a meal, what nutruients would my body love to absorb? If I don’t ask that question, I might go to the default, and I might choose a meal based upon what might bring me emotional comfort. I wouldn’t be giving my body nutritionally dense foods, and I wouldn’t be using that choice as a chance to anchor my intention (love).

Every time we use an opportunity to make a choice to anchor our intention, it becomes that much easier to let that intention lead the way.

Are you going to respond to others in retaliation for how they treated you? Or are you going to stop and say,

“My intention is to honor my highest value and virtue in consciousness as a member of the First Wave of ascension, and I will only let my intention speak and respond.”

Why wouldn’t you let your highest wisdom do the choosing in your life? That is the secret to the phrase, Thy Will Be Done.

Thy Will Be Done means “I have figured out my highest virtue, I have handed all my choices and decision-making over to my highest authority, over to my highest wisdom, and I just let that do the choosing; because the truth is, when I try to mull it all over, things don’t work. When I take time to think about it, chaos happens.

When you make a decision to live by the code of intention, as a celebration of your supreme freedom of will, there is no choice anymore. Because choices are given to you so you can figure out what your value is. Once you know what your value is, there ARE no more choices. ‘Cause you know.

If love is your highest virtue, why do you need other choices; other than to let the virtue of love choose which one most matches that vibration?

Like, my virtue is love: here are my options, this one is in alignment with love, but I think I’m going to consider all these other ones…why are we doing that? Because we are paralyzed and hypnotized by our freedom. We have so many options, and we are afraid of missing something, that we end up trying everything, which is wonderful, but you end up trying everything until you learn, and once you learn, then you are ready to PLAY THE GAME OF ALIGNMENT.

That’s what you are really here to do when you ascend, when you are really here to transform the fabric of reality for the well-being of all, which sounds really awesome…that means that YOU have decided that your life is going to become a space where your highest virtue is manifested into material form for the well-being of all around you.

There is one drastic difference that is so important for this journey: you will only find yourself feeling true relief and resolve when you take 100 percent responsibility for the world you live in. The irony is, when you do not take responsibility for yourself and the world—it doesn’t mean that you try to control it or blame yourself for actions…When you don’t take responsibility for everything, you are crushed by the energetic pressure of the collective unconsciousness.

When you take 100 percent responsibility for everything that comes your way, you are freed from the pressure. It’s a very ironic thing.

And here is why. I’ll tell you exactly why: because when you do not live by the code of your intention, you are now matching your vibration to an unconscious world that doesn’t live by the code of their intention either. And so that is the energy that your resonate with.

Why do you energetically attract situations and certain people? Because your lack of living in intention and their lack of living in intention brings together people who can play out reactivity.

The minute that you live by the code of your intention, you unplug yourself from the collective unconsciousness, you no longer feel the heaviness of unresolved despair in peoples’ cellular memories, and you come into communion with the highest self in all. And instead of empathing the world, and being a spiritual sponge for those fending for their own greed and self-interest, you become a light that allows the world to match your vibration, and reflect the brightness of your soul back to you.

There are beings that have awakened who do not live by intention, there are beings that live by intention that are not awake. And the first wave of ascension—the work from now until September 27, 2015—are to be awake beings who live by the code of intention. That’s the plan.

The downfall of most spiritual paths is the teachings and concepts are trying to turn everyone into exact replicas of their ideas, and try to promote spiritual teachings by extinguishing your personality and individuality.

What the First Wave of ascension intends to do is to help you awaken to your true nature and to express that light and radiance through your individuality. Because even if we have that same intention of love, all of us would express it uniquely, which is what makes this world so amazing.

So you are here to be the brightest individual expression of Spirit-in-Action that you can be, and living by the code of your intention is what is going to do it. That’s the real spiritual practice.

And it’s not about doing it 100 percent of the time. It’s about the tipping point: more often than not, my attention is focused on the simplicity of: “The choices I make are only the decisions that are aligned with my highest virtue.” Why would I want to act any other way?

What feels the best in your body is when you are living intentionally. And one of the most powerful reasons I’m here to inspire you to live by intention, is because understanding the code of intention will help you make peace with the most misunderstood tool in the history of humanity: the human mind.

When the human mind is being used unconsciously, we find ourselves having an idea of some of the choices we could be making to live a more powerful life…but you can’t seem to make those choices consistently. The reason for that is we are not using our minds properly…we are not using our minds to the extent of what they can do as conscious tools.

[properly used,] Your mind is a vehicle of intention. In spirituality we often jump to, “What’s the right choice, what do I need to do to make what I want happen…so I can just get to that.” And we are kind of leaping way too fast, too far.

To be honest, all you have to do is decide an intention, and the intention tells your mind what choices and opportunities to start looking for in your environment, and it brings to you all the options that match your intention. So you are not the one who goes looking for the choices and decisions to make, your mind does it for you. Your job is to tell your mind what to look for with the intention you set.

And if you don’t set intention and tell your mind what to look for, it is going to bring you choices and opportunities that, by default, is what everyone else is choosing in the collective unconscious. Now why would you want to do that? If people around you don’t look very happy, why do you want to be influenced by that? Because we just don’t know how this vessel works.

So I am here to say, “Here is a simple way of thinking of it.”

You tell your mind your intention.

“My intention is to act, to speak, to decide only through the vibration of love.”

And then your mind, like an excited child who wants to help, starts running around, “Look! That matches love! You should choose that!”

Oh, this person is coming my way, what should I say to them?

“Oh, say that loving thing!” And your mind becomes a helper. Because you set your intention.

If you don’t set your intention, your mind is just going to remind you of how you have been conditioned. And you are going to keep choosing and anchoring that vibration. And spending all your time trying to free yourself from all that. A lot of busy work.

[A man came to me, unable to quit smoking and asked me for help.]

“Do you have a way I can quit smoking?”

“Yes. What I want you to do is keep smoking. The only thing I want you to do differently is as you smoke—each time you have a cigarette—I want you to say,

‘This is the most loving thing I can do for my body.’”

Two weeks later, I talked to him again, and he was laughing. I asked how did it go? He said, “Well after I talked to you, I kept smoking and saying, ‘This is the most loving thing I can do for my body,’ and then, out of nowhere, I realized that it was NOT the most loving thing I could do for my body, and I lost interest in it and it just stopped on its own. I still don’t understand how that worked.”

What happened is: you kept telling yourself your intention, and sooner or later your inner wisdom did the math and said, “hey, that doesn’t match up!” And then your subconscious mind, whose job it is is to look into your conscious reality and see if your intention matches your actions, starts to eliminate behaviors that don’t match it.

When you DON’T set your intention, you are not allowing your subconscious and conscious mind work together. Isn’t that interesting?

Intention is not trying to confirm an outcome or a hope like winning the lottery.

Intention is: I intend to speak in the most loving manner to people, and to make the most loving choices and decisions no matter what life brings my way.

Intention is: I declare the focus of my behavior, whether or not it matches how other people behave towards me.

If you do not do that, you are going to live your life in unconscious retaliation to the world around you and you are going to play a game that says, “you treated me this poorly, I am going to treat you just as poorly and blame you for it… Look what you made me do.”

Really? Someone can treat you poorly and make you act so out of character? Really?

Not when you live by the code of intention.

When you live by the code of intention, it literally transforms every part of you. Someone can walk up to you and say, “Hey, blah, blah, blah!”

“That’s nice, I love you.”

Cause everything that comes your way is like a flash card—what’s my intention? Act on that. You are not staying in character to what is true for the scene of your life’s movie, you are staying in character to the alignment with your highest character.

You are staying true to your intention, not to what people are saying or doing. It’s so powerful.

To walk around as a fully liberated being and to still talk about the ignorance of others, when they are manifestations only inspiring you to decide how deeply you want to serve intention, come on! How deeply do you want to play this game?

And if you want to play deeply enough, we hand our entire life over to it.

Here is the energetic understanding of intention: your vibrational frequency is an on-going progress report that shows you through your emotions how often your choices are aligned with your highest intention. And whether an intention has been set high enough.

And when you set an intention of a high frequency and you give your attention to making those choices more often than not, the progress report is: I feel better in my body, more relaxed, my mind is now operating at conscious function…cause the only reason why your mind is chattering—or, the extent to which your mind is acting compulsive, destructive and negative, is only another progress report showing you that, up to this point, how out of alignment with intention you are.

So, when your body is contracted, your mind is insane. Its actually saying that up to this point, you are living in reaction to the things you see; you have not come into alignment with intention. Coming into alignment with intention is what it means to return to the light.

Because to return to the light means, “I live by the code of my own virtue. I DO NOT allow the world to tell me who I AM. Cause only I know what inspires me to behave.

When you act by the code of your intention, your vibration skyrockets, your immune system is told to act like a powerful force, it increases your well-being, your vitality, your energy…There’s a clarity: you are able to be active in the roles and responsibilities of everyday life while still being settled in your natural state of being. So it doesn’t have to be: I am totally enlightened in private, and when I go to work, I am a mess…

Living by intention is what brings everything into energetic harmony. And for those of us who have been going through so many clearings and awakenings, and need to process so many things…and we feel like we are all over the place energetically…Living by intention brings you into complete order instantaneously.

You want all those ups and downs to stop? I’m here to give you the opportunity to make it all stop. And intention is what does it.

When you wake up every day, and instead of saying, “I’m going to wait to see what comes my way…”, your intention is: “I’m going to welcome what comes, and I am going to treat it, interact with it, and I am going to interact with life, making choices only expressed from the purity of my intention.”

No longer will your experiences match those of an unconscious conditioned world. We must energetically unplug from the world so we can be the catalyst that transforms it. We are not pulling away from the world to push it away, we are unplugging so we can transform it for the well-being of all.

And how many times do you get in situations energetically where you are around people and feel yourself kind of merging with their field and taking on some of their energy and matching their vibration? You don’t know what is you and what is them? It’s because…the lack of intention is causing you to match their vibration instead of you holding a high frequency and letting their mirror neurons match yours.

Those lightworkers and starseeds that are here or watching this video who have adept intuitive abilities, who tune in and get direct guidance from source…One can be clear in the ability to hear or see or perceive, but the vibration that your inner cosmic dial is tuned to is only reflective of how often you live by the code of your highest intention.

‘Cause what’s being cleared out of the first wave of ascension right now is: there are beings who are intuitive who are not aligned with the highest frequency, so they are bringing through very clear information from very limited dimensions.

Because the dimension of information that you bring through is correlatable to how often or how infrequently you live intentionally.

So whether you want to develop your intuitive abilities, become a better lightworker or just be an undercover lightworker, under the guise of being a mother, father, sister, brother, co-worker or just a person walking down the street in the world around you—by living by the code of intention, you bring into reality the celebration of your soul’s highest contribution.

Whether you have awakened to your true nature…you have realized that there is just one, there is nothing but light, you have gone through the death of ego, everything is emptiness, you think the world is an illusion, you have seen that form and emptiness are the same thing…no matter deep it has gone, it doesn’t matter…

All that is just preparation work, just phases. The real work is: how many awakenings, healings, transformations, breakdowns and breakthroughs do you have to have before you surrender into living in full alignment, and hand your life over to the choices of your highest virtue?

That’s the question.

If you’ve realized that you are God, then live for the world. And the irony is that living for the world is the only thing that will satisfy you. So, there is no sacrifice in what I am  saying…

Your personal life will be only as gratifying and fulfilling, amazing and incredible as you are fulfilling that which brings you into the highest alignment with your spiritual center. Which is your soul’s highest reality, which is what completes this entire mission. And this mission can go on and on and on until you come into alignment…

When’s it going to happen? Even though I told you a date, we let go of it because our goal is: “Every day I live more in alignment with my highest virtue than the day before.”

It’s like a video game where every day we keep redefining the highest score. That’s when life gets exciting.

If your intention is love, are you loving your body by putting good things in it.

If your intention is love, are you speaking to others with kindness, patience and compassion?

If your intention is love, are you speaking to yourself in the kindest, most gentle way? Or are you berating yourself with some amateur life coach stuck in your head?

What is your intention? What does your life stand for? What is the reason why you are here?

You are here to live out your intention. To bring your highest wisdom into action. You declare: “I am here to live as love, and with every choice, I look at my options, and I only go in the direction of what seems to be the most loving option, no matter what.”

That’s why you are here; to decide, “Here’s what I stand for, here’s what I represent, no matter what comes my way.”

Very powerful. And everything will start to correct itself very quickly.

…there’s everything to choose; don’t think of it like a doing. “Doing” is just a word we use in response to trying to get an outcome. We are not looking for outcome. We are just living in alignment. For the well-being of our own sanity and for the transformation of this entire planet.

What else is there? Even if you manifested a big pile of money, you would only be able to enjoy it to the extent that you are living in alignment.

…Come into alignment, and let life reward you.

You are not trying to be perfect; just more often than not. [think] “What choice brings my highest virtue into this moment?”

If you are at a job and you don’t enjoy it, it’s probably because you are thinking of it as: “I behave this way because I am focused on being in a job.”

If I was focused on, “This is the place where I am to bring my highest virtue into action in every moment,” it might be more of an adventure!

Only you can decide how deeply you are going to play. But when you don’t play at full capacity, you look around at the world and you have all these opinions on what is wrong with the world. And all the things you wish the world could do are all the things you can do if you live in alignment.

Those who live in alignment, don’t even know what a world is. There is just you, your virtue, choices, and breath.

 via A Galactic Message – Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com

Thanks to: http://infiniteshift.wordpress.com

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