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Cobra Monthly Report for January 7, 2014

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1Cobra Monthly Report for January 7, 2014 Empty Cobra Monthly Report for January 7, 2014 Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:02 pm


Cobra Monthly Report for January 7, 2014

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Cobra Monthly Report for January 7, 2014
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 12-Jan-2014 03:18:32

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for January 7, 2014
Mp3 from “Alexandra’s Interviews” section from Galactic Connection web site (http://galacticconnection.com/alexandras-interviews/)
Alexandra: Good afternoon everybody. Today is January 7, 2014. My name is Alexandra Meadors of www.galacticconnection.comand
I have my regularly scheduled guest, Cobra, with me to kick off the new year for 2014 with some really good information. We have a lot to cover today.

First I’d like to do a re-cap of 2013. This was an amazing year. They call it the year of the snake where we really truly are shedding our old skin. We started with military intervention in Mali, the Meteor that exploded in Russia in Feb. Hugo Chavez passing away in March. We all know about Snowden releasing a ton of secret NSA files in June. Egyptian Coup which according to Cobra was very successful in July. Tensions in Gibraltar in August. It goes on and on. The terrorist attack supposedly of Nairobi shopping mall in September, the US government shutdowns in October, the Typhoon disaster in the Philippines in November with the Iranian nuclear deal at the same time which was awesome and then supposedly false funeral of Mandela in December.

Cobra, with that said I’d like to know from you how you perceive the difference from 2013 and what you think will be coming forward in 2014, they call this year the Green Horse year.

Cobra : Actually those who are sensitive to energies can already feel the shift which happened exactly on Jan 1st. I would like to say this year will for surely be know for much less of the Archon influence and the possible time for a big breakthrough that we are all waiting for.
Alexandra: Good. that’s a good way to start it out. I wanted to go back to a very interesting interview with Alfred. There were a couple of comments that you made that I wanted to ask you about. One of them was, you were talking about how most of the consequences of the Congo invasion had been removed. Can you explain to the ground crew how does that reveal itself. How can we see a lot of consequences.

Cobra : Actually, without the Congo invasion, this planet would have been liberated a long time ago. The purpose of the Congo invasion was to postpone the liberation as much as possible. Most of those consequences have now been removed. Some of those critical elements are still threatening and when those are resolved we will make a big step forward to the event.
Alexandra: Yes, and that is what I was going to ask you – is there any updates on the Congo foot-hold? Is there anything you can share that is not too secretive?

Cobra : Not yet, not at this moment. There is some sensitive aspects of this and when it is safe I will reveal that, but not before.
Alexandra: O.K. You also mentioned that the Rothschild have been teaming up with the Jesuits to infiltrate the new financial system and hijack it. What types of examples is the resistance doing to thwart those activities that you can share with us? What people are asking me and writing in about – what can you share with us where is it revealing itself in a conscious 3D way? .

Cobra : You see, the problem is that most of those actions are taking place behind the scenes. There is zero evidence about this in main stream media and almost zero evidence in alternative media. (OK) Sometimes Fulford is reporting some of those events, but he’s the only one.
Alexandra: OK. You said the Catholic church was created in 325 AD by Constantine the great who was a major Archon. I thought they (archons) were actual etheric beings and not physical beings. Is that not correct?

Cobra : They are both physical and etheric beings. Most of them had to leave the physical plane in the middle of the 19th century. There was a big operation of the light forces which outwardly was the March revolution in Europe. It was concentrated in Europe. At that time the Archons were in Europe. As a consequence of that most of the Archons had to leave the physical plane. The few that were remaining are very very hidden and are not public figures.
Alexandra: Thank you for that clarification. I’ve always wondered about that. You said there is an actual infiltration of the Jesuits in the plan of the light forces, in your direct words. Is this like a daily occurrence within the resistance. What point does this infiltration begin to become a thing of the past. Is this ever going to stop even once the event goes down. Like this will never happen again.

Cobra : To clarify things, the Jesuit agents can not infiltrate the resistance, but they can infiltrate the light forces on the surface because they not always aware. It is having it’s pique right now. Also the Jesuit agents are very much present in the CIA, which is involved in the mis-information on alternative blogs and alternative web-sites. At the time of the event all those agents will be either arrested or removed from positions of power. They will have no more influence on anything.
Alexandra: OK. Well good. You also said when the banks reopen after the event goes down, “those banks that survive will abide by the new financial system”. My question is “those banks that survive” What determines that they survive.

Cobra : All the banks will be checked completely, their balances and books will be checked with their ties with the cabal. After all this is removed from the banking account, if there is any money left the banks will survive if there’s no money left they will go bankrupt. Banks with strong ties to the Federal Reserve will be bankrupt because the Federal Reserve and the families which are behind the Fed Reserve and the Jesuits who are behind the families, behind the Federal Reserve will be removed from positions of power. The Fed Reserve was responsible – the Fed Reserve actually created a lot of misery on the planet the last 100 years. This will have to balance somehow. In this process most of those banks with strong ties to the Fed Reserve will have to go bankrupt.
Alexandra: OK. Well that’s good news. The time has come hasn’t it? (yes) You also mentioned – those who went beyond what is tolerable and acceptable in civilized society will have to answer some tough questions. There will be no witch hunts, but there needs be a fair trials. Will these trials be on a local level or handled more like the Nuremberg trials like there was a prosecution of prominent Political and Military leaders in Nazi germany. Will it be held like that?

Cobra : It will be a global televised event for the main members of the Cabal. For the rest of the people it will be taken locally.
Alexandra: Excellent. Cool. You also mentioned about the official first contact – there will be special individuals sightings and contacts especially between Pleiadians and those that are open to that, then they will go to the mass media and tell their stories. My question to you is: Will they know about the personal contact before time or will it be an instantaneous things. How will they know the contact is occurring? Is it going to be conscious, subconscious, telepathic or what.

Cobra : It will be a gradual process. First will be a general education of humanity by the mass media which will start at the event – about the existence of the ET races. Those people who volunteer for the first contact will be selected for the first contact before the first official contact. I’m speaking about individual experiences. Those individuals will have an actual physical landing with those ships and a physical interaction with those beings. A greeting and exchange of loving energy. In the first phase that’s about it. Some of those individuals will be left with a present from the Pleiadians – which will be physical proof of their existence and their advanced technologies. Those beings and those people who will be contacted will go to the mass media share their stories and show the evidence .
Alexandra: Far out. This is getting very exciting Cobra. I was surprised about this. The US was a project of the light forces but it was hijacked by the Cabal. When the Cabal is removed the UN will be restructured in a way that will allow them to be true representatives of humanity. My question is: Has the light infiltrated the UN at this point and if not, why wouldn’t they just disband them.?

Cobra : There are some representatives of the light forces in the UN and have been there for sometime working for the time of the first contact, consciously. It’s an on-going project for several decades right now.
Alexandra: OK. It would actually be a lot more work if they disbanded.

Cobra : There is no need to disband the UN. It just needs to be re-structured. Most of the old infrastructure needs to be re-structured. The cabal removed. We don’t need to destroy everything we just need to change it to a way to suit humanity and not serve the Cabal. This is the main thing we need to do.
Alexandra: That’s a good point. It’s not necessary that we clean the slate and start all over.

Cobra : No, it’s not necessary. Most of that re-set with be spiritual and re-set in perspective. The physical infrastructure will be changed gradually because people need time to adapt to changes.
Alexandra: OK. OK. You did mention the light forces taking control of the mass media -that this was a very important part to help transition the planet through the event and also how it shapes human consciousness very effectively. There was a Dan Rather interview that was released, not quite sure of the date, but it was very timely in the release. It kind of blew my mind because it was coming out of the closet so to speak about the apprehension and fear of the reporters and how they go against the corporation. Is this an indication that the light has infiltrated the mass media a bit at this point.

Cobra : Yes…yes
Alexandra: Awesome. That’s good. That’s the kind of thing the ground crew loves to hear. To see some actual evidence. You also talked about the brotherhood of the Star. Could you talk a little bit more as to why do you hold them in such high esteem. You spoke very highly of them as a very positive nature light force faction.

Cobra : It is simply because they have reached a very high level of spiritual development. They have gone beyond most of duality in consciousness. They are incorruptible.
Alexandra: Wow, that’s awesome. Cool. Where are they are located? You don’t have to tell me specifically. In one particular part of the world? or network?
Cobra : No – many locations around the planet.
Alexandra: OK. that’s what I figured. You also mentioned that the reason the event has taken so long to occur is because the light forces do not invade, they need to be invited. They have been invited. A lot of the ground crew is wondering: Why isn’t conscious contact not being made available to us where we are aware of it, if that invitation has been presented. Is that because we would be in danger. Why?

Cobra : OK. there are many reason why the event has not happened yet. One of the reasons is: there was no formal invitation and now there is a formal invitation has been made many times and many ways. This is not the reason any more why the event has not happened. The main sub reason the event does not happen right at this moment is because that would be dangerous for some of the population. The Cabal still has enough power to do serious damage. This power needs to be reduced further so when the event happens it will not be dangerous for the human population.
Alexandra: OK. so basically contact is another potential element of endangering?

Cobra : I would say, any absolute proof, any absolute contact at this point would be very dangerous for the person being contacted and their loved ones. (wow) This is the main reason for today. There are other reason, but this is the main reason.
Alexandra: That clarifies things for a lot of people out there. You mentioned about the quarantine and how the status has been around 25,000 years. This is some confusion. I am not clear as to what was going down over 400,000 years ago. I thought we were under some sort of quarantine at that point. At what point were we not under control of the Draconian or Orion empire.

Cobra : Absolute control started 25,000 years ago, or one cosmic cycle ago. There was a dynamic balance between the light and dark forces. Both of them were present on the surface of the planet. If you choose the light you didn’t want to have any interference from the dark forces. It wasn’t a quarantine. Now it is.
Alexandra: What would you say to some of those that have mentioned they feel like they have done this a handful of times before. (Be more specific) They say they remember being at the stage of trying to free humanity before.

Cobra : Well there were attempts before, the last one 2000 years ago and those attempts failed.
Alexandra: OK. How many of those have gone down the last 25000 years.

Cobra : There were just a few of them and none have been successful. Now we are at a point where we are ready to do this.
Alexandra: OK. That makes more sense. Is there anything at all that can stop this at this point.

Cobra : No, No. Of course there could be delays as you have all experienced. It was planned in the year 2000, then it was planned to happen in 2012. Now it’s 2014 and it still hasn’t happened. There is a possibility of delays. Nothing can stop this. No force in the universe can stop this.
Alexandra: You also talked about the star-gate, the time window being opened from 1975-2025. You said “The transformation needs to be complete”. Can you clarify what the transformation means. The event itself, or the full unfolding and cleaning up the planet and healing humanity, etc.

Cobra : The whole transformation including the event and the purification and healing of humanity needs to happen before the end of 2025.
Alexandra: Wow, so we have 11 years. OMG. OK. You also mentioned that when critical mass is achieved – with the mass meditations we would finally reach the point of the event. Are you feeling more successful with the critical mass statistics you are seeing right now with the meditations.

Cobra : Each time we reach a critical mass in activation we make a quantum leap and make a big step forward. (Awesome) Even when we don’t reach critical mass it it will take a little longer. We can shorten the time towards the event by participating in the portals and activation’s. And especially If more people would do the weekly liberation meditations that would be great. There is not so many people doing that. We’re no where near the critical mass.
Alexandra: You guys all heard that. Meditations are religiously set and they are up on Cobra’s site. Cobra, you also talked about advisors, teachers and instructors – would be not active but in the back-ground assisting people of the light force, right? (can you clarify this?). You mentioned when I was reading one of your transcripts that: The light forces will not be in the forefront – will be advisors, teachers and instructors and will not have an active role at first. Is it possible that those of us in he ground crew are part of this light force factions or are we definitely part of the light force factions without realizing it.

Cobra : I was speaking about the resistance movement – After the event the resistance movement will not make public appearances. They will not go on TV and start presenting things. They will contact some key individuals, present them with documents evidence and then those people will go on T.V. and start explaining things.
Alexandra: OK I’m open. (Yes, most likely you will be contacted.) Good. You talked about a flash of energy that started a purification process on May 25, 1975. It brought the surface awareness of the Cabal forward. Right? (yes) What do you attribute to realization, surface awareness in the year 2013? What is the number one biggest thing as far as the increase of awareness on the planet.

Cobra : The first one is the Snowden’s revelations which increased the awareness of the mass of humanity that something is not right besides the financial system. They are becoming aware of the mass surveillance. This is a very good thing. (excellent) The second thing that happened is the removal of Muslim brotherhood from Egypt. That was actually a rehearsal for the event.
Alexandra: That was huge – that was outstanding. Do you feel that this whole thing going on with Syria and Iran, so much changes in the Middle east. It’s been started many times as well as by you that war has been thwarted on a number of occasions by the light factions. Is it true that the boys and girls out on the battle field are shooting guns that they are not operating sometimes. They go back to the base and they function. When they go out on the battle field they stop functioning. Is that correct?

Cobra : There are a few incidences that this is happening.
Alexandra: It’s not all across the board, but it’s happening in pockets. This is to bring awareness to the military?
Cobra : This is to bring awareness and stop the insane killing as much as possible.
Alexandra: Yes, that’s a given. You also talked to me about the nuclear explosions and how the light forces have basically nullified that. I’ve been getting questions from people asking “Why did this nuclear bomb go off on the east coast of the US”. Can you please clarify?

Cobra : I was not referring to nuclear tests or diverted nuclear explosions. I was saying that there will be no human casualties from nuclear explosions. There are still military tests of nuclear devices taking place all over the planet. Not many, but they still happen.
Alexandra: OK. that really clarifies. People are saying “we thought this was done, we thought this was shut down”. Apparently something came out of Russia -regarding the Japan nuclear disaster again.

Cobra : There are some empty threats and those things will not happen.
Alexandra: OK. People are really writing in about that. Is there anything else you can tell us about the incredibly major fear porn that is going on out there. Elevated radiation? which by the way is supposedly being proven by scientific software programs out there. Could you shed some light on that.

Cobra : I checked the web-site and these things are coming from 2011. There is a lot of fabrication of data and from some reliable source there is zero increase in california, and zero increase in Japan except close to Fukushima.
Alexandra: Thank you for that – we needed to hear that. Thanks for digging into that. People are saying that some of the things you are saying is in direct conflict or contradiction to some of the things Ben Fulford is saying – especially about the Vatican. He’s saying “they’re really turning things around. They are being more conscientious about the humans, etc” and you say this is a Jesuit tactic that they just want to play nice-guy and get everybody on board so they can bring in a false ET type thing. What is really, truly going on at this point with the Vatican and the new Pope.

Cobra : I told you already he is a Jesuit Pope promoting the Jesuit agenda. I’m not saying there are not good people in the Vatican. What is mainly happening right now is the Jesuits trying to hijack the financial system and promote their agenda and survive the event. They are master manipulators. Apparently Fulford believes them to a certain degree. He has very good intel sources, some of them, but he’s not able to tell which is good and which is not.
Alexandra: This is key isn’t it today- discernment.

Cobra : Yes. He has some very good sources.
Alexandra: Yes he does. Please explain to me – This was just mind blowing. There is a town called BB Arkansas – wildlife officials said that over 18M black birds fell to their death over a one mile area at midnight at the strike of New Years eve, going into new years day. Apparently this has happened 4 years in a row at this exact location – midnight new years. What is your suspicion? What is this about?

Cobra : I would need to check the story before I give you an answer. (OK) – send me a credible link to this story.
Alexandra: I will do that. Just so everybody knows – people ask: do you send Cobra these questions in advanced. No way. No way shape or form. Cobra tell them as well. I never provide anything to Cobra in advance. There is some interesting information coming through. A guy that started looking into data about time on earth. He is saying that all planetary orbital data is off by 13.5 days. He is showing it scientifically through the software he’s been compiling. He took NASA’s own data and noticed it didn’t jive – wasn’t working out like he’s suggesting that it did. It started out to be 5 days off. In a 6 month period it moved from 5.5 to 13.5 days off. It was suggesting to him that the global consciousness and planetary frequency is speeding up and the vibration is becoming faster. What do you think?

Cobra : It’s just speculation. If this was really happening we would notice it. There are simple ways to notice it – like with the phase of the moon. If there was such a time difference people would notice it.
Alexandra: Yes. OK. There were a couple little morsels in Fulford’s stuff that I need feedback on as did other people. He mentioned that The debt forgiveness which was essential for the countries to being the reconstruction period. He said The cabal has agreed. Do you agree?
Cobra : There were some negotiations and certain factions of the Cabal theoretically agreed the debt forgiveness. This was a negotiation tactic and as you can see the debt forgiveness has not happened yet.
Alexandra: OK. You’re not trusting it.

Cobra : No, it’s negotiation tactic. I would not trust it. Until I see it happening. From the information I have the Debt forgiveness will happen at the event, as a part of the financial re-set triggered and enforced by the light forces on the surface of the planet when the Eastern Alliance will force banks to become bankrupt because they would like to cash out the bonds. It will be forced to go bankrupt for the astronomical amounts what is written on those bonds. This is not of course the Cabal saying – of course we’ll give you the money. It’s the other way around.
Alexandra: OK. Wow. Has something really been shaken in the

cabal. He also mentioned something about Inner galactic commerce being the next step. How would that play out. How do we see intergalactic commerce being played out after the event.

Cobra : This will happen mostly after the first contact. First this planet needs to become a full member of the Galactic Confederation. There will be a cultural exchange and value exchange everywhere in the galaxy. It will be a natural process.
Alexandra: OK. You also, you probably read this part about the new republic if you recall the last article he put out. It was signed into existence and true when the big boys got the dinar done. They had to sign a gag order and swear allegiance to the new Republic of the US. Most were the people that were the unsung hero’s were the US armed forces and agencies. Do you agree with that?

Cobra : I would not agree completely. There are some sources giving dis-information about the whole process.
Alexandra: OK. He mentioned the new currency being metal backed. Is that one and the same with gold back.
Cobra : It is not just gold it’s precious metals – includes others, silver, platinum, palladium together with gold.
Alexandra: Make sure we get that clarified. He mentioned the re-set happening in Feb sometime, right after Jan 1. What happened on Jan first that you felt was so positive.

Cobra : There was a certain phase of a certain operation of the light that was complete. (Awesome) This operation has 3 phases. The second phase was complete today and the third will be complete in in about 2 week.
Alexandra: That’s fantastic Cobra. Was it financially related, physically, military?

Cobra : I can not say. Certain shifts happening as a consequence of this.
Alexandra: OK. awesome. Thank you. He is also is stating that the Cabal has struck a deal – this deal is to allow the R.V., global re-set and all changes to go forward now, including the F&P and prosperity packages. yes they’re all coming out and for the next 2 months everything is allowed to move forward. What do you think about that statement.

Cobra : The way the whole idea is presented is not based on reality. The re-evaluation is not the key element here, the re-set is. (That makes sense) The way things are presented is not based on reality.
Alexandra: There is so much emphasis on the R.V. and the dinar. Is that truly a CIA operation?

Cobra : Yes.
Alexandra: Even now -(YES) wow, that’s too bad.
Cobra : It’s a distraction tactic – people put so much energy into that.
Alexandra: Yes, that’s true. I’ve been there too. It really slows your life down. You are waiting for a package to arrive. Waiting for money to arrive.

Cobra : I will put it this way: There will be no packages arriving before the event. It’s not a wise idea. Do not count on that.
Alexandra: I can second that. During the late 90′s when the prosperity programs were going on with Kadowsky and Clyde hood. We saw countless people loosing their homes and loosing health, loosing their cars and jobs because they got so obsessed with waiting for their packages to arrive.

Cobra : Yes, I’m aware of this. All prosperity programs that are Cabal based still going on. They will be doing this until the last moment to keep control of the financial system until the re-set of the computer program that runs the financial system. I ‘m not expecting any financial releases to the masses before the event. Unless something unexpected happens which is possible, but unlikely. I will not count on that.
Alexandra: You’ve been consistent on that. Basically the financial shift will not happen until after the event.

Cobra : At the event – out of the event itself.
Alexandra: Cool – You’ve mentioned that there are a couple of different Chinese royal families that are involved in this. Some are light and some are not so much of the light. Fulford said that they are buying dinar’s from the Americans as a part of the RV as a way to stimulate our economy. Do you agree.

Cobra : I would rather say the Chinese are buying gold as much as possible because they know what is coming.
Alexandra – And that’s it, there’s nothing more to it than that?.

Cobra : I think that’s it. It’s enough.
Alexandra: A lot of people are talking of the US in 1871 the act of the US becoming a corporation. A lot of people are always referring to: we’ve got to get back to the constitution. We’ve talked about bringing in a new political system that is ‘for the for the people people by the people with the people’.” Do you or not agree, don’t we basically need to go back to the declaration of independence more of the republic rather than the constitution.

Cobra : They are related. It’s a gradual process. People need to go through all the phases.
Alexandra: Hmmmm. The constitution basically got hacked because they could have a board meeting that they can vote this down and it’s not going to happen. There’s a lot of hype right now about the Fed reserve supposedly having their charter ended. The Federal Reserve act was pass passed over the Christmas break. Is it or is it not true on the Dec 23, 2013 the Fed. Reserve became abolished.

Cobra : Not in practice. Even if the charter has expired it can be easily renewed and this is exactly what happened.
Alexandra: I want people to be aware of that. It’s under the constitutional law. Correct? (Yes) It’s a corporate agreement. It’s not for our good and best interest folks. He also mentioned that people are resigning from their offices and undoubtedly will be prosecuted for maneuvering and finagling some of the 32/dollar/hr dinar purchasing. Supposedly there are arrests and prosecutions going down for this. Is it true?

Cobra : Yes it is true.
Alexandra: Yes, Oh good. Is this something that’s going to make itself known in the news?
Cobra : It was in the news – alternative media.
Alexandra: I’m talking more about the people that are getting prosecuted and resigning form their position. Is that going to be obvious to us?

Cobra : There are some arrests made in the mid level management. This is not a big fish yet.
Alexandra: OK He (Ben Fulford) also said that this was a big sting operation. Do you agree with that as well. (Referring to?) He’s referring to – they were basically set up. Many congressional seat holders and big whigs allowed to IQD holdings to safe keeping receipts – at a various rate of expected exchange – which was substantially below the rumored rate below the 32/rate – the same people were allowed to convert them from SKR to guaranteed fund rates receipts. At the same time they were allowed the 10% the GFR rate. They were allowed with the express promise that this said cash would not be used to purchase more IQD’s. We are currently advised that many violated. They’re saying thousands violated this. This is how they got them to resign and be prosecuted.

Cobra : I will put it this way. When the whole story about the Iraqi dinar comes out – the whole story which is (massive). This will be a shock to many people. (OMG) I would say to stay out of this. This is not the way to do things.
Alexandra: OK. do you agree that our off world brothers and sisters have diverted many incoming asteroids and comets to prevent damage to the world.

Cobra : Yes, I agree.
Alexandra: Good. OK. Do you agree that the Fed government has “run out of funds to provide US military pensioners” like they’re not receiving their pensions any more- as of the 28th.
Cobra : The money has been pipelined into the Cabal – they need more money to survive and keep the matrix running.
Alexandra: OK. Is this truly a case, or are they able to get their pension back or is this propaganda to put people in fear and panic.

Cobra : There is a possibility that situation will be back to normal. There is an increase tension and increase presence, pressure on the whole financial field. This is a side affect of that pressure.
Alexandra: I sure hope that it does work for our veterans. Pope francis came out that they stated that they will start ordaining women as cardinals, bishops and priests. A – Do you believe that is true. B – Is this another tactic to provide a feel-good response from the public about the Vatican.

Cobra : The vatican was considering this as a possibility for a lot of time. We will see what happens. This does not change their basic strategy. The strategy of the Jesuits that I have explained so many time.
Alexandra: Are you familiar with Jamal al Jamal – familiar with? The palestinian foreign minister? (not really) He was trying to open a safe at his home – this last month, and he was blown up with his safe. Because he was an ambassador, if you haven’t heard of him you probably don’t know what is going on with it. Just curious if you had heard anything. This is interesting – there is some information floating around – that plutonium launched to hit Saturn. Do you agree

Cobra : There was a part of a secret space program. There were some experiments made. Also some launched toward jupiter. Those things are not allowed any more.
Alexandra: Good. Why Saturn. Is it because this is the planet of responsibilities and tasks and lessons and it affect us us on an emotional level. Why would the cabal do that?
Cobra : They did this experiment with all the major planets in the solar system at a certain point, not just with Saturn.
Alexandra: So we were just being in a petri dish to see how we reacted to that?

Cobra : Humanity will not tolerate it. They wanted to have a better understanding how matter behaved under extreme circumstances.
Alexandra: Do you agree (this is another floating around) – do you agree that there are the Reptilian, the Grey’s and the Zeta Riticuli. Are the Zeta Riticuli still a problem, are they still considered part of the darker faction.

Cobra : They are not a problem any more. They have crossed over to the light. They have been instructed by the galactic confederation. They are actively assisting in the liberation of the planet.
Alexandra: Interesting. They are saying that a lot of these alien races who have been subservient to the Reptilians – they are kind of playing their games – they are willing to provide information and work with the light factions in order to get the reptilians to be brought down in order for themselves to be brought up to a higher level of hierarchy.

Cobra : No – this is not a hierarchal thing. This is conscious cooperation of the universe. After the Zeta Riticuli received their emotional healing – they began actively cooperating with and started helping the confederation.
Alexandra: That is good news. You’ve talked many many times that they are not allowing the abductions of humans. Is that correct.

Cobra : This is not happening any more.
Alexandra: Why are people still feeling and experiencing abductions?

Cobra : There are some isolated cases after Feb of last year. There were some remnants of that technology present in a certain way. I didn’t hear of any cases happening after Feb of last year
Alexandra : OK. Feb of 2013

Cobra : Feb of 2013 (yes)
Alexandra: I want to read this to you: “from a higher being involved itself from material things, as a kind of falling from higher evolution in this respect Darwin’s evolution the concept of man- evolving from monkeys was in reverse of the actualities that mankind in fact lifted monkeys into higher beings that the evolution came from above as the higher forces entered into matter, played with matter and involved the matter to become part of the make up of the higher beings. It’s not that the material creation evolved to create higher consciousness but the other way around but that the conscious entered into material energy to give that form and life.” What do you think

Cobra : I agree with most of this.
Alexandra: I thought that was very profound and interesting. It’s also said that only 1% of Snowden’s documents have been released. Why is that?

Cobra : There are many reason. One of the reason’s is it’s a huge amount of data. The amount of data that needs to be manually processed. Most of that data is not interesting. 2nd part is that some of it is so sensitive it has not been released yet. Don’t worry there will be more coming. Don’t worry.
Alexandra: OK. I just loved what you said. There is a warning from Russia – they are warning families in the US of an eminent asteroid impact in the Atlantic ocean. Can you talk about that? Is that true?

Cobra : No. There was an asteroid crash in the ocean on new years day crashed in Atlantic – It was a very small object. It was not dangerous.
Alexandra: Do we have any concerns about fallout from Ison.

Cobra : Absolutely zero. That comet has absolutely and completely disintegrated to nothing. It does not exist any more. None.
Alexandra: No fall out (no). What do you think about this quan-o-rito virus – it was suspiciously stollen from Galveston national laboratories. Now there’s all this hype about people having very mysterious illnesses and dying. Wondering what you thought of that.

Cobra : This is happening all the time in the past few decades. Viruses get stollen. There is a lot of genetic experimentation on the virus. Illnesses are being created. It goes on and on. Nothing real dangerous will come out of it. It will be prevented.
Alexandra: I wanted to also talk about the chemtrails have been amazingly less as of late. We’ve gone 4 or 5 days with out a lot of chemtrails. I did have a thought the other day and I wanted to know what you thought. There’s a part of So. California where you drive up to a basin and it’s incredibly smoggy. It’s like a horseshoe of mountains – smog comes in from the ocean and gets trapped there. It’s pretty much all year long. I had to drive up there and It was the first time I saw it and I was blown away. I had this realization that not only Chemtrails being cleared up but the cleaning up the skies period – removing the smog, excess metals etc that are floating around. Is that true?

Cobra : Yes, exactly what is happening.
Alexandra: I had a huge Ah ha when I saw that. Not only are they getting rid of the chemtrails but they are cleaning up the air. I just wanted people to think of chemtrails in a different way. There is more intel that came across my desk. There is supposedly Russian, Chinese and German troops on US soil and they are planing on going to DC to make arrests. Is this true?

Cobra : I can not answer this question.
Alexandra: OK. They’re also saying that nuclear arsenals in the Middle East are not working. They’re Not functioning at all. Do you agree with that

Cobra : Not functioning at certain conditions. There is a certain way light forces can block nuclear weapons from harming human beings.
Alexandra: Also Cobra, you talked about the gathering of the prior and current presidents in Africa – one of the things that was interesting when I put this together was to see the amount that had occurred through the year 2013 in the country of Africa. Is this even more of a hot spot than the mid-east. Is this more of a turning point than the mid-east.

Cobra : No I wouldn’t say that. This is just one of the strategic important points for the light forces and for the Cabal.
Alexandra: They’re also stating as of Midnight all US dollars became counterfeit. They say don’t panic, and blah blah blah. This has been flying all over the place. What is your feeling about the US dollar. There’s been a lot of, not panic, but people hearing how China is buying up all the gold and now they’re no longer using the dollar for any kind of trade. Where do we stand with our dollars right now. Supposedly they just printed some new hundred dollar bills.

Cobra : It is not in the interest of the light forces to devalue the dollar. At the time of the event there might be a small devaluation of the dollar, but nothing drastic. (OK) There is a plan of the Illuminati to devalue the dollar but they will not be successful in that.
Alexandra: I also want to state, wouldn’t this have happened a long time ago if we hadn’t had intervention from the light.

Cobra : Without intervention of light this planet would not be habitable at this moment. (I agree). No one would be present here.
Alexandra: Take it a step further – wouldn’t the fact that we are having a roof over our head and having an economy still churning, isn’t that because of the result of the galactics?

Cobra : Yes, this is possible only because of the many interventions of the light forces.
Alexandra: Restructure the way you are thinking. We are being so assisted. Do you agree that there is too much invested in other planets and civilization – they have as much invested as we do. Do you agree?

Cobra : I don’t quite understand your question.
Alexandra: Because the universe is based on sound and we’re too immature to have the weapons we already have, which is nuclear and such, the fact that we dropped the bomb in WWII – that affected many many civilizations and races negatively. Isn’t this as important to them to help us through this process than it is for us to survive.

Cobra : They would like to help humanity because they love humanity. They would like to have humans as one big happy family. They have reached that state and they would like to share that with the rest of us. This is all.
Alexandra: It has nothing to do with their survival?

Cobra : No, they have everything. They don’t need anything from us.
Alexandra: I have read in several articles that because of the fact that the core ingredient in all the universe is sound and that which we have done here has negatively impacted other solar systems and galaxies. Is that not the case

Cobra : Not possible. There is a certain tachyonic membrane around the earth that prevents any harmful energy including sound from propagating beyond this barrier. So humanity, or the Cabal can not affect anything beyond that barrier.
Alexandra: Wow – That’s a major heads up for me. At this point is there anything else you want to update us on? for this week? Any updates.

Cobra : I would simply say that there are many people who would like the event to happen now – and I completely understand this. I would like to tell them that the resistance movement is aware of the conditions on the surface of this planet. The resistance movement is aware that many people are not in good conditions. There are many people who need assistance now. They know that triggering the event before the optimal moment could cause more damage than solve problems. The Cabal would do many crazy things that are not prevented in advance.
Alexandra: You’ve said this many many times. (yes, it’s true) It’s such a fine line in how aggressive can the light forces be without wiping out pockets of humanity.
Cobra : It’s a very delicate hostage situation. The liberation forces would like to set the hostages free without killing them.
Alexandra: It’s such a drag, but we are making progress and you do feel like we are making progress and we’ve begun this year with a bang, literally .

Cobra : Yes, big progress being made especially there are. Some operations that I mentioned before that have been very successful and very critical for the advancement of the light forces.
Alexandra: That’s fantastic Cobra. As usual I thank you for all of your information. I tell people all the time, the reason I put a lot of work into this – trust me, it takes a lot of time to get the questions together for Cobra . As you can see Cobra is a very serious guy, he just likes to get down to business. Huh Cobra?

Cobra : Yes – I want this planet to be liberated as soon as possible. This is primary to keep me running right now.
Alexandra: Definitely. I thank you I wish everyone a happy new year. Remember that we are making a difference in how we see and think our reality. Keep up the positive thoughts and the intentions of knowing that we are creating a beautiful world. If any of you have questions about implant removal please go to the top of my daily blog. With that said, Thank you for listening towww.galacticconnection.com. I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week. Thanks Cobra.

Cobra : thank everyone for listening and victory of the light!
Alexandra: yea, victory of the light. Yea! Bye.
I want to thank DaNell Glade for the speedy delivery of this transcription. Thank you and the world thanks you!
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