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Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1/3

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Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1/3
Jan 20
Posted by Wes Annac
Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1/3 Lightworkers-66Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness
Unitive consciousness will be a result of the lightened vibration of humanity, and however unattainable it seems, it’ll come to us naturally. Unity only seems difficult right now because most people are still stuck on a murky, low vibration, but when we reach a greater state of consciousness, peace and unity will flow like water.
There’ll be no push; no drive to bring humanity together. There’ll be no effort involved; no campaigns or movements, however important they are right now (and they are important). All of the work we’ve put in, combined with a conscious society, will bring us together like a unitive magnet.
When we’re on a higher vibration, no separation or hatred will exist. Nobody will think they’re better or worse than another, and each person will be secure in their unique divinity and that of the people around them.
The effort that’s been made will pay off, and unity will be an obvious principle that we’ll wonder how we fell short of before. Can you imagine a conscious society coming together simply because everyone’s in a better state of mind?
Can you imagine true and lasting inner peace descending onto each of us, and war being understood as unproductive and silly? This is the future we’re entering with the effort we make right now, and here, we’re going to examine the idea that unitive consciousness results from a higher collective vibration.
With all of the flack channeled messages tend to be given, some really interesting and helpful material has been brought through from the other side of the veil that, at the very least, comes from a higher place.
Channeled messages are about more than big statements and predictions, in my opinion. Almost every subject in the book has been covered by channelings, and important topics have and continue to be addressed. You’re welcomed, but not forced, to believe in the material we’re going to examine.
Personally, I’m committed to helping people understand the reality of spirit and everything that comes with that reality, and a few immense validations have assured and reassured my belief that we’re being looked after and assisted by greater forces who we’ve been partially unaware of for centuries.
I take the material that resonates with me about the subjects I’m interested in, and let the rest be. I make it a point to focus on the message instead of the messenger, because sharing the message is the reason I’m here.
For this article, the message is that unitive consciousness is incoming and inevitable. We’re starting to understand that effort’s necessary when it comes to achieving anything, but our effort to breed unitive consciousness will bring it to us in waves.
The Divine Mother tells us that unity comes from recognizing our uniqueness, instead of bringing everyone together under the same roof.
“…It is not enough for you to simply complete the journey or the race. Every step, every breath, everything your face encounters, your eyes gaze upon, everything is miraculous. And within that your interaction is unique, because it is you. It is your soul design. It is your truth. And it will never, ever, be identical to another’s.
That is where the unity comes. It is not in all becoming similar or alike. It is in the celebration of that uniqueness and how that design comes together. That is the gift of sacred union. That is the gift of partnership, of family.” (1)
We’re then advised that once we learn about peace and unity, we’re intended to start expressing them.
“…That is why I say action is part of your truth. You do not go forward simply as observer and discriminator. You take that and you express it in purity and joy, the sweetness of who you are. That is my desire for you. It is for you to come to know [the truth of your being].” (1)
We’re intended to understand the purpose of our existence as bringers of peace and unity, and from there, do as much as we can to be potent forces for inspired change. As the Divine Mother says, we aren’t simply “observers and discriminators”. If we want to change the world and inspire humanity to unite, we have to put some work in.
But of course, after so much effort, peace and unity will flood the collective consciousness.
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn tells us about our shift from a “culture of nations” to a planetary civilization.
“Beloved Family of Light, just as each one of you is experiencing this acceleration of light, so also is your Collective Expression as a Global Community. In the Fifth Dimension the aspect of Inter-connection is the prime vehicle for the manifestation of Collective or Global Reality. So it is that you will find that you have shifted from a culture of ‘nations’ to a Global or Planetary civilization where ‘nations’ are simply a part of a Planetary network.” (2)
Instead of divided races and nations, every country will be seen as an integral aspect of the planet as a whole. No nation’s people will be left to economic oblivion while a handful of “elites” hoard the world’s wealth and make money off of natural resources, because we’ll start looking out for one another in a global, communal effort.
We’re then told more about the planetary civilization we can and will establish.
“To explain more clearly, in the past each person thought of themself primarily as belonging to a specific nation with a national identity that defined them. You also identified with the issues of your particular nation or state. Now, as the Earth becomes a Planetary culture or One Global Nation that is connected, all issues affecting the Planet affect every nation and every person. There is a new identification with the Earth rather [than] simply with a part of it.” (2)
We’ll identify with each other on a planetary level, and our divided cultures and nations will meet in a perfect display of harmony. This is inevitable, in my opinion, because we can’t sustain our planet if we fuel division and hatred any longer.
Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.
(1)- “The Divine Mother: Be Prepared to Move into Measured, Concerted, and Modest Action,” channeled by Linda Dillon, December 6, 2013 at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/12/the-divine-mother-be-prepared-to-move-into-measured-concerted-and-modest-action/.
(2)- “Archangel Michael: The Inevitability of Change and Deep Dreaming with Gaia……A New Communion of Light,” channeled by Celia Fenn, October, 2013 at http://www.starchildglobal.com.
Photo Credit

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Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 2/3
JAN 21
Posted by Wes Annac
Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1/3 Unity-star.JPGWritten by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness
Continued from Part 1
Worldwide unity will be an aspect of our rise into a greater state of consciousness and a result of the effort we make to reintroduce awareness to the rest of society. Even if our message isn’t heard, we’ll know that we did our best to help others understand the importance of coming together to address and solve the issues we face.
As long as we make an effort and show the universe we’re serious, we’ll reap the fruit of our labor.
Archangel Michael tells us that the children who’ve been born in recent generations already understand unitive consciousness and are ready to be part of a global community.
“The New Indigo and Crystal children already know this and they are ‘wired’ to live their lives as Global Citizens, beyond the limitations of borders and boundaries. The New Earth will allow for the recognition of One Planet rather than many nations. It is the next step in the Collective Evolution of the Global Community.” (1)
Humanity has always been intended to unite, but powerful interests profit from the division of man in more ways than one. These interests profit financially; environmentally; politically; spiritually; I could go on and on. They gain when we’re kept divided, and this makes our transcendence of division more important.
It’s time for us to see the pettiness of division and the importance of unity, because society is moving in a progressive and backward direction at the same time. We’re prospering and advancing in so many ways, but in so many others, we’re failing ourselves and the planet around us.
In some ways, we’re failing the global community we have the potential to become. Let’s move beyond this failure and become vessels for the expression of peace and unity, because if we don’t start, who will?
When the subject of a global community arises, it’s understandable that New World Ordermight flash in people’s heads. As Archangel Michael tells us below, a global community will be established by humanity and will exist outside of the influence and control of the powers that were.
“This does not mean that this Global Collective will be controlled, manipulated or dominated by any power or group.” (1)
We’re then told that we work with higher-dimensional forces when we meditate on peace and unity.
“You work with [light councils] when you meditate for Changes, for Peace, to end suffering and to create the New Earth. Each person who is called to be an Earth Keeper will feel the need to assist where the Planet calls them.” (1)
I can attest to the last line of that quote. For me, the drive to offer as much as I can to the planetary evolution is stronger than ever, and I certainly “feel the need to assist”. What’s interesting is that we can be called to serve in myriad different ways.
Some days, I’m surprised with what I end up doing. I’ll wake up one day and expect to work on something specific, and find that I’m led to a host of different avenues of service. Some of us are serving others in diverse ways, and as long as we find what we’re passionate about doing, we’ll be able to get a lot done.
The Divine Mother encourages us to bring the things we’ve learned during our dreamtime work into expression.
“You have worked with me in your dreamtime, in your dream states, in meditation, in altered realities for many, many years.
So now I am also beckoning to you to bring this awareness — no, not of war, of mayhem, of torture and death — but of the glory and joy of being together, this legion of lightworkers that unifies and comes together all over the planet, in this name of peace, in this name of love, to shift what is consciously valued…”
“…What I am inviting you to do, consciously and with me, is to catch up… It is the time of your Ascension, individual and collective, and you are moving, consciously, determinedly, with sacred purpose towards that portal…” (2)
In a nutshell, we’re being asked to align with the purer spiritual energy that begets a flow of all of the divine qualities. If we want to lighten our vibration, then naturally, we have to align with a lighter vibration. Like a lot of the things we’re learning, it seems simple, but it could be complicated to put into play.
We can express the greater awareness we’re gaining, and in doing so, we’ll make it easier for others to do the same by lightening the collective vibration. The most powerful shifts in consciousness start with us, and our individual shifts will enable the collective shifts we need to take before we can repair our planet.
Archangel Michael tells us that our growing sense of higher-vibrational clarity is a driving factor in our inevitable establishment of unity.
“So what the clarity is also doing is creating greater cooperation, a greater sense of working together. Because one individual alone can very seldom achieve their entire mission and purpose and plan. If that was possible, if that was the plan of the Mother, then what you would have done is incarnate on the planet by yourself. And that was not the way you chose to come. And that was certainly not the plan of the Mother.
It was to come in the fullness of your design in community, in a community of many billions, which in the way is just a drop in the bucket in terms of the multiverse. But you chose to come and work in cooperation, and in ways that were enriching and expansive and rewarding, and filled with laughter and joy, and reciprocity.” (2)
The clarity we’re gaining is bringing us back together as we see that remaining apart won’t do us any good. We’re examining every aspect of society and asking ourselves if they’ll serve us in a prosperous and harmonious future, and our developing clarity is helping us see things in a different light.
Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.
(1)- “Archangel Michael: The Inevitability of Change and Deep Dreaming with Gaia……A New Communion of Light,” channeled by Celia Fenn, October, 2013 athttp://www.starchildglobal.com.
(2)- “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/10/the-divine-mother-and-archangel-michael-work-with-and-expand-this-energy-of-clarity/.
Photo Credit

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com




Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 3/3

[img(193.99399423599243px,154.99399423599243px)]http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4666706563105110&pid=1.7[/img]Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness
Concluded from Part 2
Archangel Michael tells us about the worldwide cooperation that’ll result from the expansion of our clarity and inner drive for unity.
“…What you are also going to see with the expansion of this gift is more cooperation in terms of, ‘If you do this, I can do this piece. And if you can do this other piece, I can take this.’ That is a truly human creation and the building of Nova Earth. It is groups coming together.
What you have formerly thought of as companies or corporations got off track. They came together because they have a mission, a purpose, a vision — they wished to create something. And then, of course, they got enmeshed in greed and control.” (1)
Whereas most corporations bring people together with a self-serving purpose, the energy and clarity we’ll feel will drive us to work together for the betterment of the planet. We’ll want to bring our civilization into the light and do away with divisive greed and self-service, and instead of swathes of people working for one CEO, we’ll all work for ourselves and each other.
We’ll work in harmony to enter a progressive and sustainable future, and we’ll work harder than we ever did before doing things we’re passionate about doing.
We’re then told about our return to the basic ideal of working together and the fact that everyone wants to be loved.
“…What you are doing is going back in so many ways to first principles. And you are saying, ‘Together we can create,’ something that is not only joyous and fulfilling and clear to me, but I can also contribute and accept help from my family of humanity.
There is not one being upon your planet that does not desire to be loved, needed and appreciated. That is the core of who you are. And you can deny it all you wish. It is your operating system.” (1)
We thrive on love and appreciation. In a non-egotistical sense, we’re given a boost when we’re encouraged or appreciated by others. Even the knowledge that one’s been able to help another is incredibly rewarding and satisfying.
If we start loving and supporting each other, we’ll enable each other to soar to new heights and get to work creating the utopia of our dreams. We can’t build this utopia if we discourage each other and refuse to accept our uniqueness as individual facets of Source, because we’ll only work against each other and create counterproductive friction.
As we’re told below, national borders have been kept in place by moneymaking, self-serving interests.
“Yes, we know that many of you have very strong ties to what you think is your nation-state. And you guard it because it has certain rights and privileges that are very positive, such as in Canada universal healthcare, and a place where not everybody in your neighborhood is armed with weapons. And these are values that are worth preserving.
But let us speak to the true issue at hand. There are para-military and military forces that guard these imaginary lines. And it has to do with money and finance, greed and power. And this is one of the areas that will need to simply go by the wayside…” (2)
The fact that self-serving interests make money from our division should motivate us even more to unite. Those of us who want to rebel against the powers that were can do so by cooperating with our fellow man to rewrite society in a manner that brings us together and diminishes the borders between us.
We’ll remain conquered if we remain divided, but if we come together, we’ll enter a future that’s advanced beyond our wildest dreams. We’ll hold the powers that were accountable for their continued attempts to keep us apart, and we’ll understand the futility of separation from a greater perspective.
Even though the former powers have worked against our establishment of unity, they’re powerless to stop something that starts in the minds and hearts of each of us. As hard as they’ll work to keep us apart, they won’t stop enlightenment and the resulting social transformation. They might’ve pushed off the inevitable in the 60s and 70s, but we’ve grown since then.
Jeshua via John Smallman tells us about our original desire to split apart from the Source.
“A human life in the illusion is a very difficult undertaking. Originally, at the moment of apparent separation from your Divine Source, you were One, seeking a different experience or expression of consciousness, and you did this by the separation, by the splitting-off of Yourself into myriad individual conscious entities, each with free will.” (3)
We’re then told about our desire to experience wholeness again and the necessity to bring each facet of Source together.
“Your true One-Self desires to awaken, but to do so it must bring all the myriad individual entities, each an essential and irreplaceable part of itself, along with it. Your true One-Mind, the only Child of God, has a will that is one with God’s, that is totally in alignment with the Will of God. On Earth, within the illusion, all those individual entities with free will need to bring those individual wills into alignment with each other, with the True Self that you are all a part of.” (3)
Most of us can agree on a few basic things like unity, and this quote reinforces that the powers that were have nothing to do with our non-establishment of it so far. We’re the ones who haven’t yet aligned with each other in a way that respects our individuality, but if we take the first steps now, we’ll build and build on them until our dreams are reality.
We’ll work endlessly until unitive consciousness pours through our minds and hearts, and nothing will stop our divinely inspired mission.
Here, we examined unitive consciousness and its importance and inevitability. We looked at quotes from channeled sources who informed us about unity and encouraged us to put in the work required before the national borders that benefit the elite are replaced with love and cooperation, and personally, I’ve taken a lot from this discussion.
Every time I read about a subject that interests me, I learn more than I anticipated and the picture becomes much clearer. We’re blessed to receive information from the other side, whether we believe in its reality or not, because the issues that really matter are being talked about by entities who have a different perspective on them.
Humanity could use an enlightened perspective on our affairs, and to the chagrin of forces that make money off of our ignorance, the veil that inhibits a greater perception is being pierced with information, energy and insight from the other side.
As long as we act on the advice we’re being given and work to be a force for unitive change, the planet will respond because of the higher place we’ll have put the collective consciousness in. If you feel inspired to give all of yourself to the unity of humanity, you could very well be a changemaker who’s come to introduce a way of life that’ll help us prosper instead of hold us back.
The changemakers are encouraged to arise and assist in the inevitable establishment of peace and unity, and it starts right here, right now.
Wes Annac – Inspired to encourage unity.
(1)- “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/10/the-divine-mother-and-archangel-michael-work-with-and-expand-this-energy-of-clarity/.
(2)- “Archangel Michael: Welcome to This Time of Re-Awakening – Part 1,” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 30, 2013, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/10/archangel-michael-welcome-to-this-time-of-reawakening-part-1/.
(3)- Jesus via John Smallman, September 8, 2013.
Photo Credit
Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and moreCome check us out!
See also Conscious Oneness, The Aquarius Paradigm on Facebook and The Golden Age of Gaia.
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