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Everything Happens for a Reason – Part 1&2

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Everything Happens for a Reason – Part 1/2
Mar 23
Posted by Wes Annac
Everything Happens for a Reason – Part 1&2 Th?id=HN.608050485951923913&pid=1Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Despite how things may seem, humanity’s being led to a positive future of increased collective awareness and action. Everything we’re going through on the world stage is playing a crucial role in our evolution, and nothing occurs that isn’t of significance to our attainment of growth and knowledge.
The same is true for our personal lives. Despite the random and seemingly pointless nature of some of the things we experience, they’re ultimately necessary for our attainment of a higher state of consciousness.
Even our most mundane experiences are necessary for our growth and that of the people around us. We can keep this in mind when we face situations that are less than desirable, and with an understanding of the importance of everything playing out, we can readily greet every challenge we face.
In my view, it’s helpful to keep in mind is that everything we experience is not only necessary, but important to our overall growth. This philosophy’s relatable to the world events that keep our attention too, and even when they seem to be going in a circle of negativity, they’re happening for a reason.
The phony ‘war on terror’ is an awful thing, but do you notice how much conscious attention it’s inevitably and unintentionally put on the Middle East? Can you imagine how much conscious awareness and action will be geared toward repairing the damage the powers that were have caused in the Middle East and everywhere else?
Whether or not we’re willing to accept it, a deeper purpose underlies all of our experiences.
Thanks to the diligent efforts of the higher-dimensional guides speaking to us through channels, we’re able to gain a deeper glimpse into the significance of everything we experience, individually and collectively. Here, we’ll examine some material concerning this subject in an effort to reinforce our understanding of it.
Discernment is encouraged for those of you who don’t think channeled messages carry any weight, but in my view, the material we’re going to examine intelligently lays out this concept and is more than worthy of recognition for this.
If we can break through our initial perceptions of channeled material, we’ll discover a wealth of valuable guidance and advice on various matters – spiritual or contemporary. The subject at hand is certainly worth discussion, and the forces assisting in our evolution have told us a lot about it.
First, the Arcturian Group through channel Marilyn Raffaele tells us that surface appearances (on the world stage and in our personal lives) are deceiving.
“We observe Light on Gaia increasing each day and bringing with it a new world-wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore unable or unwilling to see. Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in new and higher ways.” (1)
The drama we perceive on the surface is really a catalyst that’s meant to see our deeper personal and social issues addressed, and for this reason, we should look beyond what seems to be chaos and disorder and see that there’s a purpose behind everything.
Nothing we experience is random or unplanned, and everything’s happening in accordance with our individual and collective enlightenment processes.
Semjase, speaking through channel Maryann Rada, tells us that even our worst mistakes are catalysts for the development and expansion of our inner-held light.
“Let’s talk about your dear sanctity. Certain motivations are determining factors in your future. One is the determination of sanctity. You choose what to do based on your determination of the sanctity of one choice or another.
“It doesn’t matter what you choose; all is sanctified eventually. Even your life mistakes become sanctified when you choose to see them as divine teachings of dark nature. Everything becomes pure in the light of knowing love. Even your worst error.” (2)
No matter what we do or experience in the lower dimensions, eventually, light will fill our perception again and illuminate the darkness we’ve experienced and fed into. Karma will assure that we reap what we sow, but after we’ve completed the karmic cycle, we’ll be able to experience the next phase of our growth – that of a purer perception of our light.
The Constant Companions through Aisha North encourage us to look deep within if we want to understand the purpose of life.
“You have grown accustomed to take in the world by taking everything at its face value, but now, we are once again reminding you to go far, far deeper than that.
“For underneath the surface is where you will find it all, as underneath the surface is where reality lies. It will seem to be rather murky and unclear at first, for it takes time to readjust your vision in order to see clearly through your brand new set of eyes, for that is what we are talking about here.” (3)
If we can take a leap of faith, we’ll start perceiving the incredible things the divine has to offer. If we can only take the plunge and deal with our initially murky vision as it comes, an incredible refinement of our light will await us on the other side.
No matter how difficult our ascent out of the lower vibrations is, the fear that’s driven our pain and difficulty will be a thing of the past when we reach a certain point along our growth.
The Constant Companions continue, further encouraging us to see beyond limitation.
“For you need to remind yourself to see THROUGH what you are actually seeing, and see behind these seemingly closed doors, and around the corners that seem to stand in your way.” (4)
In reality, nothing has to stop us from finding enlightenment. Our willingness (or lack thereof) to empower certain concepts determines the reality we experience, and if we can make allowance for the existence of spirit, new pathways will open up that we’ll feel inspired to follow.
No more will we be blocked from our greater perception and ability, because we’re learning to see beyond the murky limitation that stopped us in the past.
Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.
(1) Arcturian Group, March 2, 2014, http://www.onenessofall.com/.
(2) ”Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Remembering in Time for Change,” channeled by Maryann Rada, February 27, 2014, at http://timetransformers.wordpress.com/.
(3) ”The Manuscript of Survival – Part 387,” channeled by Aisha North, January 16, 2014 at http://aishanorth.wordpress.com.
(4) Loc. cit.
Photo Credit

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com



Everything Happens for a Reason – Part 2/2
Mar 24
Posted by Wes Annac
Everything Happens for a Reason – Part 1&2 69a2652d695eed776d2fb188d532c09fWritten by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Concluded from Part 1
Ashtar, speaking through channel ‘Phillip’, tells us that the divine might open up for us when we feel our loneliest.
“You feel like you are completely alone, abandoned and lost. You are faced with many forms of fear and you feel very disheartened. But then, suddenly, the moment of unwrapping is here. You integrate the gift into your Being, raise yourself above all the difficulties, spread your wings and transform into the butterfly that is the New You.” (1)
In many cases, adversity helps us soar to new and unexpected heights. The challenges we succeed in enable us to take on greater challenges; greater adventures, and the result is a vast accumulation of deeply refined knowledge and experience.
Ashtar continues: “So, next time – when you go through such a phase and experience all the frustration and anger – please know that this is part of the gift to you. It lasts only until the exact Divine moment when you are able to unwrap the gift, when you have integrated all the necessary precursors for being able to enjoy your gift to the fullest extent.” (2)
We’re going to experience periods of frustration and seeming misconnection, and when we do, we can see them as necessary aspects of our overall process and calmly seek other methods of spiritual fulfillment. No matter what happens, I think we should make an effort to remain in our center as we go about our growth.
We have far too much to do to let doubt or pain keep us from our greater mission, and we need only to unwrap the perceptual gifts the divine is offering to experience them to their fullest degree.
Matthew Ward tells us that every development moves the planet forward.
“Despite what may appear to be the contrary, happenings around your world are steadily moving your society forward. Citizens’ protests against government leadership or policies from community level to national is forcing resolution of issues that have been causing considerable dissatisfaction—this is releasing negativity so it cannot become entrenched.” (3)
As the conscious public becomes active, awareness is raised about the issues we strive to put attention on. There are a lot of important issues that need the attention of the entire planet, and our conscious activism will raise more awareness than we might expect.
Occupy Wall Street, for example, has put a lot of attention on the corruption in government, Wall Street, and the big banks. The noble actions of protest groups across the world have awakened millions of people, and I think we can expect to see conscious activism continue.
Matthew then tells us about the necessary shake-ups that’ve been taking place, as well as the unfortunately inevitable stalling of important peace negotiations on the part of world leaders.
“Random acts of violence will continue to provide karmic experiencing for all persons involved, and it is to be expected that political and diplomatic negotiations will bog down from time to time on the way to peaceful accords. You can expect more arrests, firings and resignations in the international banking community and some governments, and it appears that a shake-up in the Vatican is on the horizon.” (4)
Pope Francis seems to be instrumental in shaking up the Vatican while subsequently presenting Catholicism in an open and accepting light, and the Vatican isn’t the only place being illuminated.
As the public continues to become aware, everything that’s needed light shone on it will be seen and known for what it truly is and the peace we’ve sought for so long will finally grace us. Positive developments will continue in various important areas, and they’ll be inevitable responses to the growing awareness and demand for truth.
We’re also told about the ongoing behind-the-scenes expansion of educational, religious, and employment opportunities.
“Such disparate groups as churches, multinational corporations, civic and school organizations and nonprofit agencies are cooperating in major projects to expand educational and employment opportunities.” (5)
As long as these groups (and the rest of humanity) keep at their efforts, the quality of life here on earth could be much better in a few short years. With the strides we’re making already, it shouldn’t be too long before we make the most significant changes we’re destined to make.
If we refuse to give up on our goal, I think we’ll enter an incredibly prosperous and progressive future in no time. We have the potential to do amazing things, and the awareness we’re raising now is paving the way for the immense changes we’ll all make in the immediate future.
According to Matthew, our work so far is bringing the planet into the light.
“The unstoppable stream of progress into increasingly lighter energy planes is being aided by souls who are starting to ponder more deeply than day-to-day functioning. These awakening souls are adding more light to the abundance generated on Earth and showered upon the planet from distant sources, and each new sparkle heightens vibratory levels.” (6)
A growing number of awakening seekers are enthusiastically working to help the planet evolve, and in doing so, they’re increasing the amount of awareness and light in the collective consciousness. Our efforts are obviously important to our evolution, and we have the opportunity to act on the everlasting inner-drive to create the changes we want to see.
There’s a lot more material out there about the necessity of everything we experience, but I’ll conclude our discussion for now. I appreciate the light-filled channels who are bringing through the information and energy of our guides, because their efforts are helping us expand our perspective on things we might’ve otherwise remained in the dark about.
The next time we see a news report casting doom and gloom over world events, we can understand that we’re moving in accordance with the divine plan for our evolution and that that everything has a deeper meaning.
Our belief in randomness will eventually be replaced with a deepened spiritual understanding, and for now, the conscious community is encouraged to keep at our efforts to bring awareness back to the earth so we can get to work building the society of our dreams.
We have our work cut out for us, but we’ll enjoy it nevertheless.
Wes Annac – Highlighting the coordinated nature of our existence.
(1) ”Ashtar: The Love Transformation,” channeled by Phillip, January 13, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/01/ashtar-via-philipp-a-new-message-the-love-transformation/.
(2) Loc. cit.
(3) Matthew’s message, March 3, 2014, http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage/.
(4) Loc. cit.
(5) Loc. cit.
(6) Loc. cit.
Photo Credit
I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com

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