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The Knights Templar and the Truth about the Banking Cabal

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The Knights Templar and the Truth about the Banking Cabal
Addressing the Myth of One-World Government, and the Reality of How to Win Human Freedom

  • Churchill’s wooden artillery – why the oligarchy has to make us think they’re in control as they swirl down the drain of history

  • Disinformation fear-mongers – how to be on guard

  • Does chivalry matter?  Why today’s Knights Templar are the true inheritors of the fight for human freedom – and the closest thing we have to the Jedi Knights

  • The Rule of Law as a Guarantor of Human Freedom – why it’s the indispensable real-world lever of change…and how the Cabal has worked to destroy it.

  • Common Law Courts and Citizens’ Juries – a Cabal-designed dead end

  • The path forward – the Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights and the Restoration of International Law

by Michael Henry Dunn
(Copyright 2014 Michael Henry Dunn, all international rights reserved)
July 14, 2014
In 1940, as Adolf Hitler rained bombs on London, Britain prepared for what seemed an inevitable Nazi invasion.  A key element in the massive preparations to defend Britain after the defeat of the British Expeditionary Force in 1940 was a time-honored ruse in the art of war: make your enemy think you are stronger than you are. So Britain’s precursors to today’s massively sophisticated disinformation apparatus used agents in the media on both sides of the Atlantic to spread rumors of a napalm-like super-weapon which was said to be incinerating whole platoons of German soldiers.  The British had no such weapon, but the Nazis believed they did.  Nor did the British actually possess the intimidating array of artillery which appeared to line the coasts – artillery which went a long way toward discouraging Hitler from actually launching Operation Sea Lion to invade the island.  The artillery was largely made of wood, and the soldiers manning the guns were almost entirely mannequins.
The truth was that the Nazis could have invaded in force and most likely have prevailed.  But an intimidated Hitler turned his attention east to Russia, where the Third Reich’s doom awaited.
It is well-known in the alternative media today that sophisticated disinformation campaigns are rife on the web.  Whole websites, and major figures are either entirely of oligarchic creation for the purpose of disinformation, or they are badly infiltrated and corrupted, as seen in yet another Edward Snowden revelation this week (1).  Attention is deflected from actual criminals to falsely accused ones (see U.S. Army Intelligence operative William Dean Garner’s campaign to deflect blame for cabal crimes away from the known Illuminati families onto a shadowy and unidentified group of Jesuits) (2).  Suspicion is diverted from actual infiltrators and placed on sincere and capable leaders.  Credibility is carefully nurtured among a key demographic in order to insert the one poison piece of information at the right moment.
And above all, they seek to induce confusion and despair in the ranks of those committed to defeating the banking cabal’s bleak plans for humanity by persuading us to believe that (like WWII Britain) they are much stronger than they actually are, that they are mastering elements which in fact are now beyond their control, that they have plans within plans (when their actual plans are falling apart), and puppets behind puppets (when in fact their puppets are bungling left and right), and that all that transpires above us and below us is but part of their undefeatable Luciferian Master Plan.
Don’t believe it.
Or believe it if you wish.  But be aware that you are making a choice for defeat – a choice most likely framed for you with care by the enemies of mankind.
I would suggest that given sufficient factual basis, it is strategically advantageous to choose to believe in the scenario that is most to your advantage rather than one that simply spells paralysis and defeat.  Yes, belief is a matter of choice.  Facts lead us to a certain place, and then we are occasionally forced to act on a conviction: we choose to believe in a given scenario because circumstances demand that we act.
Such is now the case.  In this historical moment we address a choice which is no idle philosophical or religious debate, but one on which the future of the planet depends.  A choice to believe in a shadowy and all-powerful “Secret World Government” which supposedly pulls the strings on our heroes as well as our villains is a choice for slavery.
A choice to believe in the possibility of victory and freedom makes victory and freedom possible.  Which brings us to the Knights Templar and the restoration of human rights and the rule of law.
The reality of the return of the authentic and original Knights Templar to the stage of history might seem an arcane and irrelevant development when NATO destabilization has ravaged Ukraine, when the illegal occupation of Gaza has taken yet another brutally horrific turn, when Syria and Iraq have become bloody killing fields for cabal proxies, and when chemtrails still daily imprison our skies in toxic grids.
Why does the planet need a supposedly long-dead (or submerged) order of chivalry to champion the fight for freedom?  Why do the Templars matter?  Many will ridicule this movement as truly a Don Quixote comedy, a sadly naïve antiquarian delusion which seeks to wrap itself in obsolete mysticism and chivalric mystique as a way to gather followers for an absurd and futile struggle against an omnipotent foe.
Nothing I say here will convince such skeptics.  Only our actions will demonstrate who the Templars are.  Only the news of successful convictions, of seizure of assets, of arrests of oligarch principals will demonstrate the reality of our work. Our status as a nation-state subject of international law is a powerful geopolitical reality – and we intend to protect those who work with us in our diplomatic efforts with the full power of diplomatic immunity, empowered by laws duly passed by the Parliament of the Templar nation-state.
Do not underestimate the power of genuine spiritual conviction to gather millions of followers and to inspire hope worldwide.  The Templar heritage lies deep in the cultural bones of much of mankind, woven into our everyday language as the knightly touchstones of nobility and courage. Skeptics and cynics do not change the world.  Hard-headed spiritual idealists like Gandhi, like Dr. King, or Nelson Mandela – these are the world-changers.  While John F. Kennedy’s quest to unseat the Federal Reserve cabal ended in martyrdom, it is no accident that we still refer to his administration as “Camelot.” The legend of King Arthur, the sacred lure of the Holy Grail – these are Templar myths, deliberately seeded throughout Europe by the Order through the traveling troubadours, to sow the understanding deep in our cultural DNA that “a knight in shining armor” stands for the principal that Right makes Might, that a humble adherence to moral and spiritual truth is the only path to peace.
In fact, the Templars’ heritage stretches back far beyond medieval Europe to the Sufis, to Jesus of Nazareth, to the Djedhi Guardian Priests of Egypt who inspired George Lucas to create the Jedi Knights of Star Wars fame.  A direct doctrinal, ecclesiastic, and initiatory line may be traced linking the Knights Templar to the esoteric heritage of the Order of Melchizedek – the most ancient priesthood known to the world.  If anyone has the right and duty to sound this call, it is the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon.
Religions have indeed been used and abused by the elite as mechanisms of control and division.  The Order’s work through the millennia has been to preserve authentic spirituality from pollution by the corrupt, so that direct communion with Source may flourish in all the beautiful and varied cultural religious expressions of humanity, each of which is a necessary note in the worldwide symphony of worship.
The alternative media has exposed the cabal’s clear campaign to divide and destroy organized religion, to debase the value of the family and human decency.  But to denounce religion itself (and by implication, spirituality) is to fall in with a Luciferian agenda.  There will be no “one-world religion,” just as there will be no “One World Government.”  Interfaith respect between flourishing religious traditions is as much a Templar mission as international respect between peacefully coexisting sovereign nations.
But first we must uphold human rights and enforce international law.  Some will laugh at this and ask if we are serious.  As Gandhi said, “First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.  Then they fight you.  Then you win.”
To return to the Tolkein analogy,  the return of the Templars may be likened to the stealth campaign of Frodo and Sam’s lonely and unobtrusive journey to Mount Doom: the one really humble and noble choice which put the Dark Lord out of reckoning – and, in the end, the only choice that made victory possible. 
In the thirteenth century the Templars rose up to champion the rights of the people and forged the beginnings of human rights and the rule of law when they engineered the creation of the Magna Carta.  Their fight to maintain the Magna Carta against the plots of the French king to weaken it was one of the factors that led to the brutal suppression of the Order. 
After seven hundred years of necessary secrecy, the Order has now emerged in full legitimacy as a nation-state subject of international law, having brought together all the threads of its ancient heritage, from esoteric teachings on the restoration of the Divine Feminine, to the truth of St. Mary Magdalene (and the unguessed Templar heritage of St. Joan of Arc), to a fully committed knightly quest to restore human rights and defeat the corrupt oligarchy.  Just as the Templars in England moved against the corrupt King John to create Magna Carta – creating a legal basis for human rights that would reverberate down the centuries and throughout the world – so the Templars today are working to restore human rights and the rule of law, championing again the principle that Might does not make Right.
The Tolkein analogy has a further corollary, for just as Sauron unwittingly left an unconsidered and fatal vulnerability in the destruction of the Ring, the oligarchy which suborned and abused the United Nations left a fatal vulnerability in the structure of the international laws which provide for the establishment of an effective court of human rights enforcement – one which, if properly implemented, would possess universal jurisdiction and enforceability.  The provisions are set in codified international law, binding on all U.N. member nations.  Such a court is no mere theoretical possibility.  It is a reality.
The International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the European Human Rights Commission and other global courts may be likened to the World Bank and the IMF in one respect: they are designed to defeat their supposed mission statements, and to divert sincere activists seeking justice and relief of global suffering into a long smoky tunnel toward a dead-end of futility.  They are designed to make prosecution of the oligarchy’s systemic and massive violations of international law impossible and even unthinkable.
Prosecution is possible.   Seizure of assets is possible. Prison sentences for principal criminal oligarchs are possible.  The world community in binding resolution agreed long ago that it should be so.  The statutes have lain dormant and unused – until now.  All that is needed is for a duly licensed court which meets the criteria of the relevant body of international law to begin processing cases according to due process.
The cabal, of course, has created and promoted a tempting dead-end into which activists are even now being funneled: the ad hoc so-called Common Law courts which are springing up to impose a self-proclaimed unilateral “justice” on alleged violators ranging from both recent Popes to Queen Elizabeth and various heads of state.  Common Law cannot supersede codified law in this way.  It stands alongside and beneath codified law as its foundation.  The actual mechanisms of justice in the world – corrupted and perverted by the oligarchy though they clearly are – will not be moved by proclamations of self-invented Common Law courts, or by “Citizens Tribunals.”  The dubious legality of these self-made bodies is a fatal flaw, which deprives them of legitimacy, leaving potential allies in government, intelligence, finance, and military in an untenable position.  The cabal knows this well, and so the disinformation agents and provocateurs are out in force among the Common Law enthusiasts, making absurd proclamations “disestablishing” the Catholic Church, and convicting world leaders with complete absence of due process, let alone legitimate jurisdiction or foundation in law.
When it seemed in 2013 that the Global Collateral Accounts might actually be freed for humanitarian purposes, and that enforceable liens might actually be placed against the G7 central banks and the 12 Federal Reserve banks, word came that sympathetic elements in American military and intelligence would not move against the cabal unless they were given a firm legal foundation which would stand up to international scrutiny.
That legal foundation was not then in place. 
Much work has been done since then.  A group of dedicated human rights activists, judges, and international lawyers has quietly worked behind the scenes using only their own resources to create the necessary legal infrastructure.  A landmark work of international law will be made available worldwide in the coming months.  The Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights will soon be published by the Arbitration Court of International Justice together with the University Law Centre for Social Justice, both being autonomous subdivisions of the non-profit United Nations registered non-governmental organization (NGO) Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS).
The Manual will give unguessed enforcement power to human rights activists and lawyers worldwide.  It details the full range of international laws which are massively and systemically violated by the oligarchy on a daily basis, and provides sober, fact-based evidence of the full range of cabal crimes, from co-intel-pro to false flags to propaganda and destabilization to banking crimes.  The cabal will  not be able to paint this Manual as the fringe ravings of some Common Law enthusiast.  The book is authored by Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, an accredited International Law Judge, and is a sober and thorough presentation of law and evidence.
I offer below an excerpt from the Introduction to the Manual, followed by the Table of Contents.  Let no one doubt that this court is real, that these laws are real, and that the human family can in fact – if we choose – unite around the banner of our common moral and spiritual heritage to uphold the Rule of Law, and bring peace, freedom, abundance, and prosperity to our world.  It will take decades.  It will take courage.  It will be opposed.  And it is the only way.
Michael Henry Dunn, KTS
Excerpt from The Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights, by Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, international copyright 2014 by the Arbitration Court of International Justice together with the University Law Centre for Social Justice, which are autonomous subdivisions of the non-profit United Nations registered non-governmental organization (NGO) Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS).  All international rights reserved:
(from the Author’s Introduction)
Before the nation-states of our time were overrun by the corruption of rampant
lawlessness, the best and most inspired world leaders with high ideals gathered all of
the best humanitarian values, and fixed those principles as permanent doctrines of real
international law. They codified and enacted those laws to be enforceable by all
peoples and all nation-states, and binding upon countries and governments, as superior
to all national laws.
All human rights violations are essentially committed by nation-state countries, their
governments and governmental agencies, subdivisions, and individual government
officials claiming to act in an official capacity. Even when violations are committed by
private organizations, corporations and related individuals, that is inevitably in
compliance with government regulations or in furtherance of government policies.
For these reasons, there is an extensive and comprehensive body of international law
which places ultimate liability for all human rights violations squarely upon the nation-states,
by imposing upon them the primary responsibility for upholding the guarantees
of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Nonetheless, international law also
imposes direct personal liability upon public officials and even private individuals, and it
is the obligation of all nation-states and all Courts of international justice to hold them
personally accountable.
Fortunately, governments are not entirely evil. Our modern world is one of split factions,
throughout all institutions of society. In all countries, governments, agencies and
organizations, there tend to be groups of “bad guys”, and also groups of “good guys”.
The impact of destructive factions which systematically violate human rights is more
visible to us, because of the constant illegal government interference in our daily lives.
However, armed with binding international law, all it takes is finding any of the “good
guys”, in order to turn the tables, and to finally make it “our turn” to teach the “bad
guys” a lesson they will never forget.
The first rule of diplomatic affairs in dealing with an aggressor is “no appeasement”.
When the people allow the self-styled “elites” to get away with their criminal violations of
human rights, they never stop, and are never satisfied. At some point, before the lives
of mass populations are completely destroyed, people must finally stand up, and insist
upon the Rule of Law.
As soon as real enacted international laws are actually invoked, they can be enforced.
If the violating agency or entity refuses to stop and remedy the abuses, or the host
country refuses to prosecute the abuses committed from within its jurisdiction, then that
in turn becomes another violation with additional liability of severe punishment. All it
takes is one other country to enforce international laws against violators of an offending
country, and then many other nation-states will rise up and follow that example to
protect their own freedom.

  • Foreword by the Publisher
  • Introduction by the Author
  • The Pressing Need for Real Social Justice
  • Recognizing the Reality of a Social Justice Problem
  • Restoring the Rule of Law
  • Effects of Publishing the Manual
  • Practical Use of the Manual

CHAPTER 1 – Violations Committed by a Court or Agency Tribunal

  • 1.1 Illegal Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
  • 1.2 Disregarding its Own Laws
  • 1.3 Abuses or Disregard of Statute of Limitations
  • 1.4 Shifting the Burden of Proof
  • 1.5 Judge Illegally Behaving as Prosecutor
  • 1.6 Charge or Conviction on the Basis of a Lawful Act
  • 1.7 Unlawful Defamation by Publishing Unlawful Judgment
  • 1.8 Wrongful Criminalization of Failed Contract
  • 1.9 Wrongful Accusation for Lawyering Function
  • 1.10 Deprivation of Access to Legal Counsel
  • 1.11 Deprivation of Participation of Witness
  • 1.12 Obligation of State to Intervene Against Violations

CHAPTER 2 – Liabilities of Judiciary & Government Officials

  • 2.1 Liability Superseding Official Capacity
  • 2.2 Liability Penetrating Judicial Immunity
  • 2.3 Liability Penetrating Prosecutorial Immunity

CHAPTER 3 – State & Private Persecution of Political Dissidents
  The Reality of Political Dissidents in Developed Countries
  Evidence of Political Persecution Through Covert Oppression

  • 3.1 Abuse of Political Power as Illegal Persecution
  • 3.2 Liability for Persecution by Abuse of Power
  • 3.3 Violation of Lawyer Privilege by Illegal Persecution
  • 3.4 Abuse of “Mental Health” Facilities for Persecution
  • 3.5 False Arrest & Prolonged Detention as Persecution
  • 3.6 Unlawful Travel Restrictions for Persecution
  • 3.7 Unlawful Interference or Restrictions of Communication
  • 3.8 Legal Standing of Plaintiffs for Violations

CHAPTER 4 – Banking Violations of Economic Human Rights:
 Violations of Human Rights by Commercial Banks
 The Fraud of False Anti-Money-Laundering & Anti-Terrorism
 Holding Banks to the Mandatory Rule of Law

  • 4.1 Economic Rights as Protected Human Rights
  •  4.2 Violations by Blocking Use of Private Funds
  • 4.3 Violation of Due Process by Illegal Blocking
  • 4.4 Violation of Lawyer Privilege by Illegal Blocking
  • 4.5 Deprivation of Legal Counsel by Illegal Blocking
  • 4.6 Illegal Discrimination in Blocking Funds
  • 4.7 Violation of Equal Protection by Selective Enforcement
  • 4.8 Direct Liability of Banks for Human Rights Violations
  • 4.9 Legal Standing of Plaintiffs for Violations

CHAPTER 5 -  Violations by Propaganda & Media Disinformation
   Propaganda as a Weapon Against Human Rights
   Evidence of Propaganda by Covert Operations

  • 5.1 Propaganda Violations of Freedom of Information
  • 5.2 Propaganda for False Justification of State Aggression
  • 5.3 Propaganda for Destabilization & Covert Warfare
  • 5.4 Direct Liability of Media Outlets for Violations
  • 5.5 Legal Standing of Plaintiffs for Violations

CHAPTER 6 – Violations Against National Sovereignty
  The Reality of False Flag Covert Warfare
  Covert Warfare for Destabilization of Nations
  Sovereignty as the Key to Democracy Under the Rule of Law

  • 6.1 Illegal Violation of Nation-State Sovereignty
  • 6.2 Subversive Destabilization & Covert Warfare
  • 6.3 Offenses Against Official or Diplomatic Status
  • 6.4 Legal Standing of Plaintiffs for Violations

CHAPTER 7 – Violations of Genocide by Political Agenda

  • 7.1 Genocide by Implementation of Systemic Policies
  • 7.2 Direct Liability for Supporting Genocidal Policies
  • 7.3 Legal Standing of Plaintiffs for Violations

CHAPTER 8 – Violations Against Protected Family Rights

  • 8.1 Family Rights as Enforceable Human Rights
  • 8.2 Prohibition Against Interference with Family Rights

CHAPTER 9 – “Operation CoIntelPro” Covert Psy-Ops & Persecution
CHAPTER 10 - “Operation Gladio” Covert State Terrorism in Europe
CHAPTER 11 – “Operation Northwoods” Covert False-Flag Attacks
CHAPTER 12 –  NATO State Sponsored Terrorism in the Middle East
(end of excerpt)

  1. Circa, July 15, 2014, Privacy Groups Take GCHQ to Court: http://cir.ca/news/britains-gchq-leaks
  2. The Alliance Journal, December 22, 2013: Exposing Eric Jon Phelps & William Dean A Garner: Propaganda Disinformation Agents Defending Genocidal Criminals: http://thealliancejournal.org/2013/12/22/exposing-eric-jon-phelps-william-dean-a-garner-propaganda-disinformation-agents-defending-genocidal-criminals/

Thanks to: http://thealliancejournal.org



Various writers have all made the same basic amateur error regarding the events of 1940 and how prepared England was in matters of defense.

In terms of the retreat from Dunkirk the army lost pretty much everything, from kit, rifles, artillery, vehicles you name it. The peacetime army was as it had always been small and professional.

The RAF were withdrawn for "Defense of the realm" from France, the RAF was more than prepared to counter Herr Goerings plans, thay had been building and planning for eight years previously for such a thing.

The home fleet of the worlds biggest and most formidable navy would have given the Kriegsmarine something to think about and my own father who was part of UXB during the London blitz was seconded to install pipelines out sea for a mile, these extended along the south and east coast and the idea was to pump oil, which would then be ignited.

Something else rarely reported is it worked, at least one small scale known German attempt to land was burnt to a crisp.

It is such a pity some writers spoil decent historical articles by straying into areas they are not familiar with to explain as parallels those areas they are

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