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Another Medical Marijuana Miracle

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1Another Medical Marijuana Miracle Empty Another Medical Marijuana Miracle Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:56 am



[size=37]Another Medical Marijuana Miracle[/size]
Watch cannabis knock out this child’s seizure in a matter of seconds

 Another Medical Marijuana Miracle 7ad71696d33c4738beee5979dfee5d8c

Even Cyndimae's rare form of epilepsy, "Dravet Syndrome," is no match for activated-THC.

It was already hard enough watching this, now, 12-year-old girl suffer through some of the most violent seizures imaginable, prior to learning who she is and how she became stricken with her condition. After getting to know a little bit about her family’s struggle and once suspicions were confirmed this was yet another preventable case of the petro-chemical pharmaceutical industry victimizing the innocent in the name of science and medicine, general empathy naturally turned into an immediate need to spotlight their heartbreaking situation.

Her parents noticed the seizures begin for the first time in their daughter, Cyndimae, only hours after a third round of routine (FDA-approved) childhood vaccines, when she was only 10-months-old. Prior to that fateful day at the doctor’s office, she was a normal, healthy infant girl, acting and developing like the vast majority of others her age. That was before her pediatrician, hiding within the tyrannically-protected, “standard of care” paradigm, un-hippocratically and seemingly without any respect for the idea of “first do no harm” administered the 3rd massive overload of her delicate immune system with multiple different toxic substances (aka, many common vaccine ingredients), strait into the bloodstream, all within the first year of her life.

Females typically have a much stronger blood-brain barrier than boys and are more able to withstand the neurotoxic onslaught that takes place when injected with today’s officially suggested, massive vaccine overdosing program that starts from the moment most people are born. A large part of why these types of cases are seen more commonly in boys than in girls. But like way too many other children and their families that fall victim to the literal poisons that have been allowed to be added to many injectable preventative inoculations for the average person, Cyndimae’s body was unable to handle it and much of her life on this earth, thus far, has been stolen as a result.

Although practitioners of Western medicine generally continue denying the existence of any link between vaccines and the exploding rates of childhood autism, epilepsy, and many other ailments and diseases (aside from those rates coinciding with increases in the public vaccine schedule over the years), like the tens of thousands of other parents who have experienced the very same thing, parental instincts were well aware of when and why the changes in their child’s behavior began. It didn’t take some bureaucrat or self-policing medical agency to tell them how this happened to their child.

Aside from a relatively small number of vaccines that have actually made a positive historical impact, getting the medical establishment and all those whose livelihoods are in some way tied to the industry to admit to a largely unnecessary gravy-train of almost totally unproven, dangerous, and ineffective preventative inoculation programs, however, is an uphill battle for a largely medically-uneducated public. A population full of individuals fooled into merely trusting Western medicine and a media, also closely connected and beholden to the medical industry in many ways, to take them in the right direction is an obvious recipe that has already proven to be a disaster for countless individuals and families. A problem with costs reaching far beyond just the people directly affected.

Such as in Cyndimae’s case, where at first the seizures were light and relatively few and far between. But as she grew older, so too did the frequency and overall intensity level of the episodes, culminating in the type of seizures seen in the attached video. Some being even more violent and longer lasting than others, but happening upwards of hundreds, or thousands, of times per day, depending on the type of seizure. Devastating what was once a young and vibrant family and taking over their lives on what may end up being a permanent basis. With their only real salvation being the ability to handle their circumstances and deal with the hand they were dealt. Thanks to a heavily lobbied legislative branch that has been coerced into creating safety-nets and ironic immunities for the medical industry and those who administer the experimental potions, from those seeking retribution for the damages that have been caused to countless lives.

If empathy is to be the cause of feeling uncomfortable when watching someone suffer through seizures like these, however, regardless of how it happened and even without trying to understand what the parents of this innocent child have been forced to endure for the past 11-plus years, perhaps what ends up being the best currently known treatment for the disease could very well be additional cause for discomfort. Especially after realizing what this family has been forced to endure just to get it.

It turns out that, including countless other ailments that various cannabis strains successfully treat or cure, one of those happens to be the rare form of epilepsy Cyndimae has suffered from for over a decade, known as Dravet Syndrome. Although cannabis oils haven’t necessarily cured her of the disease entirely, like they have been proven to do for many types of ailments, since starting the “alternative” treatments she has seen a dramatic decrease in the intensity, frequency and, of course, the length of her seizures. Some reducing in frequency thus far by almost 90-percent, with an astounding 90-percent reduction in the amount of pharmaceuticals needed.

But because of almost a century of corporate/government propaganda purposefully pushing a 100% totally false narrative about the extraordinarily versatile plant group, the benefits of which we seem to have only scratched the surface of, non-toxic and unpatentable, yet effective, substances like these have been extraordinarily difficult for many people to find. Possession of this ancient, natural and relatively safe plant can still pose substantial federal and/or state legal problems for many in the country. Despite cannabis-related medicines already proving to be far superior to BigPharma’s drugs in treating symptoms such as those suffered by Cyndimae and many, many others, without almost any of the dangerous side effects and addiction problems commonly accompanying petro-chemical-based pharmaceuticals.

Realities that not only threaten the long-enjoyed medical revenue influx associated with keeping people in the dark about incredibly effective natural treatments like cannabis extracts, but that also threatens a certain power over the population that comes with the ability to control both sicknesses, in many cases, as well as their treatments or cures. Leaving little guesswork as to the reason for the elaborate medical establishment/government marijuana demonization efforts in the early 20th Century. Ironically enough, just as the petro-chemical drug industry began being introduced on a widespread basis in the West.

The fact that you’re even able to watch this video, however, and witness the dramatic and almost instant effects certain cannabis oils have on Cyndimae’s seizures is somewhat of a miracle, in and of itself. If it weren’t for her parents not only having a relentless determination to keep their daughter alive and a little bit of luck in not only learning of the effects certain strains of cannabis can have on the symptoms of epilepsy, but then having the resources to seek out and find them, Cyndimae likely wouldn’t have been alive to have been administered the treatment seen given in the video.

Earlier in the year a reaction to a petro-chemical-based medicine used for Dravet Syndrome unsurprisingly caused Cyndimae to go into cardiac arrest. Even though she was saved at the hospital, her parents knew that she would likely not survive another serious seizure in her frail and weakened condition. The years of seizures and Western pharmaceuticals left her teetering on the edge of life and death at only 11-years-old.

In their desperation the decision was made to seek out an alternative form of treatment and attempt to find out if something like “Charlotte’s Web,” oils extracted from a certain strain of marijuana that similarly diminished the epileptic symptoms for a little girl, Charlotte Figi, whom the strain is now named after, would work for their daughter as well. Which is when Cyndimae’s mother, Susan Meehan, was forced to take her daughter and leave for a state that allows for the use of medical Marijuana. Leaving behind her husband, who had no choice but to stay and continue working and earning money to support the family.

Medical Refugees from Connecticut, where voters have yet to wake up and recognize Marijuana as something other than what the corrupt establishment has been fraudulently selling for the past century to the largely unwitting public, Cyndimae and her mother packed a few things and left for the state of Maine. Where they were not only fortunate enough to find doctors who have already successfully experimented with various strains of cannabis and their effects on epilepsy and other ailments, but who were also able to pinpoint strains that encompass the “cannabinoids” and other substances that had similar diminishing effects on the symptoms Cyndimae was experiencing.

While CBD cannabinoids are what ultimately helped Charlotte Figi experience a drastic reduction in seizures, these alone made Cyndimae’s worse. What was instead found to work in her case is a combination of three different strains of cannabis, Lemon Skunk, Mob Boss, and Blue Laser, and the THCA, CBDA, and THC they ultimately contain. A combination discovered, in part, by her mother and their doctor in Maine, Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O. and Medical Director, from the Integr8 Health Clinic.

Another Medical Marijuana Miracle 2ba7126cbbaf80c8bbbdc6179c6f5366

Cyndimae went into cardiac arrest Feb '14 after being given a Western pharmaceutical as emergency seizure medication.
-      Susan Meehan
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Because of the amazing effects this particular formula has had on diminishing her seizures and how quickly they can be snuffed-out (as seen in the video) when they do rear their ugly heads, Cyndimae was able to begin the slow, but steady recovery process almost instantly and her development as a child has now begun showing rapid signs of improvement. Although understandably lagging behind children in her age group, after a decade of limited development, she is now able to live a more normal life and has since celebrated her 12th birthday.

Prior to starting cannabis extract treatments for seizure prevention and control, almost a year ago, the petro-chemical drugs Western medicine pushes on people suffering from epilepsy, such as Diastat, had Cyndimae “zoned-out” and often nothing more than just a “vacant shell of a child,” according to her mother. She was often wheelchair bound, always sleeping, and mostly unaware of her surroundings, while dealing with the deadly side-effects of these largely-ineffective and toxic drugs that were doing more harm than good.

Since starting cannabis, however, she no longer has to use a bib while eating, uses the backyard swing-set on her own, catches snowflakes on her tongue, goes swimming, horseback riding, and rockwall climbing. She no longer has to wear a seizure helmet on a regular basis and her mother recently noted that she has begun to speak sentences using more complex thoughts and concepts. Cyndimae and her mother have even been spotted recently networking at local public events, while educating others about their experiences and gaining knowledge from others about their current local political scene.

Anyone interested in helping Cyndimae and her mother continue their fight against Western medicine and laws that do nothing but enrich and empower corporations and the power and control freaks that own them can do so by donating to their cause, via their YouCaring page.

More about the current strains of marijuana Cyndimae uses, cannabinoids extracted and tested, and dosages and applications for specific types of seizures, can be found on their Facebook page, Cyndimae S’miles. mirror

From Examiner @ http://www.examiner.com/article/watch-cannabis-knock-out-this-child-s-seizure-seconds

For more information about the miracle of ‘medical’ marijuana, the herb superb, see [url=http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/medical marijuana]http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/medical%20marijuana[/url]
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