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Smashing Atoms – for God

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1Smashing Atoms – for God Empty Smashing Atoms – for God Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:57 pm



Smashing Atoms – for God

  • Earth Changes
  • Science and Technology

by Julian Rose - Apr 11, 2015
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Smashing Atoms – for God Lhc1-700x466

Julian Rose
Contributor, ZenGardner.com
You probably didn’t feel a jolt when a bunch of atoms were hurled down a tube at the speed of light – or thereabouts – and another bunch were hurled down the same tube in the opposite direction. But Gaia did, of that you can be sure.
When they smashed into each other at the Large Haladron Collider near Zurich, Switzerland, a magni-elelctro shock was created  that rippled around the World. Subterranean rock fissures underwent further fragmentation. Volcanic activity, already partially activated by HAARP, received a further jolt, sending energetic pulses along fault lines beneath the Earth’s crust. Animals went on alert and the plant kingdom stiffened into its defensive mode. The magnetosphere trembled in alarm.
And what did man do?
Some flung their arms to the sky and shouted for joy. Others, the great majority, did nothing – they hadn’t noticed. A tiny minority collected their inner powers of concentration and sent a healing prayer out to Gaia.
The one’s who celebrated thought they they had found God. It had taken a decade or two to recreate the forces of the universe in their special laboratory, at a cost of around $700 billion. Peering intently at their computer screens, they delighted in the spectacle of this, the mother of all smash-ups that they had initiated.
Later, after much analytical interpretation, these same screens would tell them whether or not they had found the Higgs bosun, an elementary particle in the standard  model of particle physics. A particle that has acquired the name ‘The God particle’.
About a year later, they thought maybe they had – and that it was possible that it travelled faster than the speed of light, refuting Einstein’s long standing theory that nothing travels faster than the speed of light.
The atom smashers had ‘proved’ (to themselves)  that their speeding ‘God particle’ fairly knocked the socks off the old speed record – by something in the order of 0.0000.0000.015 of a second. The Big Bang (their concept) is thus being reassessed to have been a more intense orgasm than they once thought. So, $700 billion well spent then..
Meanwhile, once again Gaia was called upon to try and rebalance herself – to set in motion her powers of self healing.
Every time a nuclear weapons test is carried out; a war is in progress; HAARP is activated; a thousand oil and gas fracking wells are drilled; millions of litres of pesticides are sprayed onto the land; the latest psychotronic weapons are tested; the resident PTB satanists hold a masonic ritual; a barrage of geo-engineered atmospheric aerosols are released into the skies; every time any one of these – and there are plenty more such horrors activated on an almost daily basis – Gaia shudders and supportive universal healing energies are rushed to her aid – and ours. For we are not separate, as the pseudo-scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, believe; and behave.
At huge financial cost and a seismically shaken planet, they are now just beginning to wonder if there might not be some purpose to the invisible ‘dark matter’ that makes up a large part of the universe. But in order to know this, they decided that they needed to do another little experiment. One that even some admitted – just might have consequences for the health and welfare of the planet.
This time, they have decided to try to create a ‘Black Hole’ in their great shiny atom smashing collider. Surely, they said to themselves, we can power up our wonderful cosmos imitation machine  even further than we did for the Higgs bosun – and make an even bigger smash-up to bring about the father of all collisions. Collisions big enough to create a number of Black Holes with enough gravitational magnetic power to suck everything that surrounds them into their light-less interiors.
Now then boys, wouldn’t that be a spectacle worth observing! And it just might go some way to proving that ‘dark matter’ could, after all, be more than just a useless  bunch of nothingness – which has been the ‘scientific’ view up until now. Never mind that we may well be consigning life on Earth to itself become a lifeless entity in the process. An entity bereft of the joyous spontaneity that the natural world, when treated with love and compassion, showers so generously on humanity.
So on they go, these heartless brains of the brave new world. On they go, their tunnel vision mentality perfectly matching the shiny steel tubes down which are hurled the building blocks of life.
Lacking the emotive and intuitive connection with universal forces, these Dr Jekyll’s of modern science try to simulate them – as an objective reality. Mediation instead of meditation.
Its fun playing god, especially when heavily subsidised to do so by public and corporate money pumped into a ground-breaking project that just might, one day, harvest the power of the universe.
Yes, ‘ground-breaking’ indeed. And yet nobody wants to look back over their shoulder at the splitting mantle of our fragile planet. At the ‘ground-that’s-breaking’ as a direct result of the violent activities initiated in this test tube torture chamber.
Gambling with existence is all the rage these days. So many mad-cap scientists and military boffins are hoping to make a name for themselves by further perfecting the tools of destruction. The military are, of course, always the first to seize on such innovations.  Innovations which anyway are usually funded with the military in mind.
It’s a big money, big name, big ego breeding ground for megalomaniacs in the making. The Nobel Peace Prize glitters alluringly at the end of the atom smashing tunnel. And no doubt the creation of a black hole on planet Earth is the surest way of wresting this coveted prize.
Starting on Easter Day 2015, yes, Easter Day no less – the Large Halladron Collider is being powered-up to the unprecedented levels deemed necessary to create the desired result. At the same time, a few more sanguine members of the scientific community are warning of the dangers.
Starting on Easter Day, a day that commemorates a great upward rising of light and spirit, is a classic Masonic ploy. After all, in their eyes, a Black Hole represents a  kind of Holy Grail in the quest for absolute (dark) power. An implosion of light – that could be likened to entering a demonic and dark underworld.
The dangers are real. Aside form the damage already described, the huge levels of gravity magnetism unleashed could leak out beyond the steel tubes meant to contain the mega detonations expected. Such an event could provoke an uncontrollable knock-on affect that would start swallowing much more than just the collider and its crew. A physics inspired Fukushima is lying in waiting.
When acts of hubris on this level threaten the planet – threats on a scale that man is clearly not ready to prevent  – that something occurs which, in effect, shames humanity, if indeed any humans should become aware of what occurs.
It is this: such extreme actions are blocked from achieving their desired goals. Blocked because planet Earth is too important a part of the solar system to be allowed to be annihilated by a bunch of mad-cap scientists.
Our planet Earth’s role in the macrocosm is of such critical importance to the past, present and future of this universe, that out of world intervention is enacted. Enacted, due to the fact that we humans have ourselves consistently failed to take action to look after that which we inherited and need to take further.
Failed to respond when required to respond. Failed to take control of our destinies when our destinies demanded being taken control of. Preferring instead to follow the voice of the demi-gods who both invented and manage the control system matrix to which the majority are slaves.
For most people it remains the case: we were given free will and we chose to be slaves.
Such ‘divine’ intervention is by no means uncommon. Dark side driven individuals frequently bring the world to the brink of destruction and unseen beings step in at the last moment to save it.
On an individual level, many of us have experienced this unseen support in our own lives. It reinforces our realization that we are, like our unseen supporters, universal beings playing out our roles in honour of our planet and its peoples.
Yes, we are indeed – and the more of us that grasp this fact and act on it – the less frequent will become the need for other-dimensional intervention. Intervention from the ethereal realm would be completely unnecessary if even a minority remembered  their reason for being here. Why we chose – or were chosen – to make Earth our home in this lifetime.
The exigence of positive power exerted by even 10% of Earth’s citizens, fully awake, aware and ‘in action’, would far exceed the implosive ‘Black Hole’ gravity force exerted by the Large Halladron Collider. Of this there is no doubt.
So what about it?
So we have about three months. Three months to intervene and to bury this mad experiment before it further scars the precious fabric of our home and causes more rejoicing amongst those who delight in dabbling in death.
Three months to show those life saving forces of light that so constantly intervene on our behalf, that we too are divine and more than capable of taking charge of our destinies. More than capable of wresting control from those who revel in playing with the forces of destruction.
Great will be the rejoicing the day such action is manifest!
Julian Rose is an early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and creative aspirations – and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awaken and direct our passion for life.

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com

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