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TWILIGHT ERA - Essay on the World Transition - Chapter 10.2 World Transition - REAL STORY OF THE NATIVE EUROPEANS - https://medium.com/earths-twilight/twilight-era-8be45d54519
- Neanderthal-Sapiens hybridization event
- Rh negative Paradox
- Poetic Edda
- Indoeuropean Empire
If a deliberate mass depopulation experiment is relatively a new concept, the origins of population control and social eugenics methods date back to the very beginnings of the History of Civilization.
Before the time of the Neolithic transition 10 to 8 thousand years ago, just after the global heat wave and the consequent great Floods, humanity was a very dis-homogenous group. In Europe, recent genetic research suggests that a massive migratory wave of early farmers migrating from the Middle East (homo sapiens) around 8000 years BP met with numbers of hunter-gatherer populations living in the North-West.
This indigenous Europeans carried the genetic heritage of two extinct hominid groups: Neanderthals and Denisovans.
They were the result of an earlier interbreeding event, dated 40–20k years BP during the last Ice Age, between Sapiens and ancient North-Eurasians. These two human groups, after living in geographically isolated areas for hundreds of thousands of years and thus adapting genetically and phenotypically to different environments, had become vicariant, which means two different species with limited genetic interchange.
“While modern humans share some nuclear DNA with the extinct Neanderthals, the two species do not share any mitochondrial DNA,[139] which in primates is always maternally transmitted. This observation has prompted the hypothesis that whereas female humans interbreeding with male Neanderthals were able to generate fertile offspring, the progeny of female Neanderthals who mated with male humans were either rare, absent or sterile.[140] However, some researchers have argued that there is evidence of possible interbreeding between female Neanderthals and male modern humans.[141][142]”
When they eventually mated against all odds, the offspring of their union was a new human, an intra-specific hybrid, who inherited characters from both parents and reshuffled them in a brand new mix: homo Nea-sapiens.
This new human enjoyed the boost of its hybrid vigor — improved or increased function of any biological quality of the hybrid offspring — but because of the incompatibility of some inherited traits, it was also subject to a number of mutations that either decreased its overall fitness or acted as a barrier to genetic flow with the parent populations (a tendency called hybrid speciation).
This event can finally shed light onto the evolutionary enigma of RHD polymorphism: The Rh negative mutation — the lack of a number of Rh antigens from a portion of the european population’s bloodline — was probably a secondary effect of this hybridization process.
The most important clinical consequence of the Rh factor is a high risk of severe hemolytic disease of the newborn, a condition that occurs when there is an incompatibility between the blood types of the mother and that of the fetus.
“A mother who is Rh-negative, when her blood mixes with the Rh-positive baby, may develop antibodies and respond as if it were allergic to the baby. (…) The mother’s antibodies cross the placenta and attack the fetus’s red blood cells, causing anemia (a low number of red blood cells). The infant may be stillborn or die shortly after birth.”
Your browser does not support the video tag.
The Rh negative trait is almost exclusive to European populations, A — and B — , it is also found as a silent allele in 40–45% of Rh Positive Europeans.
The geographical diffusion of the Rh mutated alleles closely resembles the genetic flow patterns of Neanderthal heritage, with more than 15 percent of the European population with complete negative condition (both negative alleles, while 40 percent carries only one copy of the mutation) compared to less than 1 percent in the rest of the World.
Hence the Native Europeans, when confronted with the massive migration of middle-eastern farmers of the early Neolithic, where in a condition of reproductive isolation, fewer in numbers and technologically inferior. Facing the almost inevitable fate of having their kin absorbed by the newcomers, they fled north where the rigid climate prevented the advance of the sapiens population. Their nomadic roots gave them dynamism and unpredictability: they could hide in the north during the mild summers, and then seasonally descend to raid the sapiens settlements during the winters.
This long position war forced the native Europeans to reorganize socially in order to be able to deal with a constant military threat: they elected a chief, the Herman, and divided the population in two classes: the warriors (Leyt) and the labour (Folk). Their ancient cult of Mother Earth, Life and Fertility gradually morphed in the worship of a mythological Male Warrior Ancestor (Herôll), a cult of the Dead directed by a female college of oracles: the famous pythonesses.
The poetic Edda recounts of how a young female, Voluspa, manages to gather the divided white tribes and unite them against the invaders, by evoking from her dream the Soul of the Great Ancestor, the first Herman, the vanquisher of the blacks. Possessed by mystical ardor, the future unfolding before her eyes, she proclaims in front of an excited crowd the glorious future awaiting them:
“She sees the Celts defeating their enemies, usurping all the kingdoms on the earth, dividing the riches, and trampling under their foot these Black People of whom they had long been the slaves.”
Thus, in order to defend and preserve their genetic and cultural heritage, the Europeans developed a cultural and spiritual identity in open antagonism with the majoritarian human group, planting deep in our psyche the cancerous seed of racial conflict and abuse that flourished through the millennia, and grew into that Tree of Knowledge whose fruits precipitated humanity from Eden to Hell, and whose dark roots — still today — suffocate free love in a prison of fears.
The oracle of the pythoness was due to realize itself in a way: History began as the white people stormed down, in multiple waves, and planted the good and the bad seed of their Civilization throughout the World.
The Ramayana is the story of the epic journey of Rama, a white druid that — exiled from his motherland — moves across Eurasia, reaches India and founds the first hybrid Indo-European empire around 8000 BP.
His Empire is a theocratic fusion of the two main cults, the Saabeanism (from Zaab, Sun) of the South and the Lamaic Cult of Ancestors of the hybrid populations of the North, Native Europeans and Tartar Asians. This was reflected in a wonderfully ingenious synthesis of the two calendar and numeration systems (Rama is said to have invented the Zodiac, that begins with the Ram, his symbol) as well as in the fusion of two linguistic roots and social structures. The indoeuropean empire lived for almost two millennia, before crumbling on its structural duality, as we’ll see in a minute. (As to why this part of World history is completely avoided in the modern history books, it’s easy to see why the elites, eager to maintain segregation and social struggle, have carefully censored our educations and reduced the spectrum of historical awareness to the last 6000 years, after Rama’s hybrid empire had already fall apart.)
Phoenician head
Conventional history starts with the Sumer Civilization, to which is attributed the invention of writing, and from which are hinted to descend the Babylonian, Assyrian and Phoenicians civilization that rose in Mesopotamia and that competed with Egypt for the control of the Middle East. These populations were in fact a schismatic group of Indians that migrated back to the middle east, called by the Hindu tradition Pallis (shepherds, from their humble origins), Yoni, Ionians (Yoni in Sanskrit is the female vagina, from their symbol), or Phoenicians (red) — from the color of their emblems.
These rebels had fought a bloody intestine war with the Hindus on a gender issue:
what is the dominant principle, the masculine (spirit), or the feminine (matter)?
In open contrast with the main Hindu tradition, they claimed the superiority of the feminine principle. After centuries of fighting, India was left to the Hindus while the Shepherds moved westwards and colonized first the Persian Gulf, then Arabia and finally arrived to the shores of the Mediterranean. They made many enemies: the Beduins, one of the first hybrid tribe to settle in the South, resisted their advance in the Arabian peninsula but were eventually forced to leave and relocate in Ethiopia and in the Desert, where they became wandering tribes and for this reason were later called Hebrews, from *hebri, deported, expatriated. The same Hebrews would later give the Balli, chief of the Shepherds and constructor of the Babel tower, the infamous title of Nimrod to express the violence and tyranny of his usurpation. But regardless of the many appellations the enemies gave them, the Shepherds continued their advance, invaded and colonized Egypt for almost a millennia (4700–3700 BP) and proceeded to do the same all along the Mediterranean basin, from the Greek Isles to the coast of Italy.
The centuries that followed saw the complete disintegration of the Indo-European empire, with a myriad of schisms, new sects and cross-migrations all around Eurasia. The legendary Fo-Hi founded the Chinese Kingdom on the Yang-Tze, while Zoroaster founded the Persian Empire in Iran. Krishna renovated the Hindu tradition, introducing the concept of trinity, while Danaus, an Egyptian king, founded Argos in Greece and gave name to the Danaans descent made famous by Homer in the Iliad. It was a dark age of endless wars, of tyrants and slaves, the age of Heroes, where the hybrid seed dispersed throughout the World, and mostly forgot its origins under the bloody dust of the battlefield.
After peaking the apex of tribal fragmentation around 3000 BP, with around 500.000 more or less tribal entities, Humanity started the opposite trend, that of global unification, passing to around 200.000 in the fifth century after Christ, to only a couple hundred in the 20th Century. The progressive realization that we are one, related and yet pluriform tribe all around the World imposed itself with the inevitability of geological movements. Every cultural conflict is finally exposed as a confused and obsolete residual of the old necessity of preserving bio-diversity by violent means, in a world where inter-tribe communication was slow and difficult. As we enter the Internet Age, this divisions have became meaningless, and yet —blissfully ignorant of our own native roots — we still accept them as if they were inevitable.
What we can learn from a honest and comprehensive approach to our history, is that a part of us is carrying the living memory of some extinct ancestor, and this ancestry can today be seen as it is, a World Heritage for the entire Humanity, even for those that don’t directly descend from that particular genetic branch. It represents a human potential that has been preserved and gradually prepared by life to be assimilated by the main human group.
The carriers, the hybrids — which is really all of us, to some extent — should not feel special, at least not in the sense of feeling part of a different species. Our gift to humanity can be only a free, reciprocal act of love, where the giver also opens to receive the gifts of the other.
By this reciprocal opening, two primitive identities merge into a new, symbiotic One — carrying on the live fire of evolution.
The collective fear of losing the tribe’s identity — probably a necessary precaution in the early stages after the hybridization event —  is today left void of any rational or emotional basis, in the light of the common, global environmental emergency, and also of these interesting revelations about the real story of that identity, born from the improbable union between two ‘others’, two strangers that recognized and loved the common human behind a different skin color, a long, long time ago.





I am O RH- and always looking for truths to be unveiled on this topic so thanks for your post!

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