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July 7, 2012
4/3/96 #1 HATONN


I want to talk about myself for just a minute because I think that most of you have forgotten some of the early lessons on homelands and visitors from those homelands. You of my tribe come through routing through Pleiades constellation. Therefore, realize it now that that place is your "twin" in that it is source, resource and will again become your life-line. No, EVERYONE does NOT come FROM there nor shall GO there. No, as such, I AM NOT a Pleiadian but most of the travelers with whom I dwell ARE Pleiadians. I suggest you refer back to some of the early Journals. I am not yet ready to deal with the non-Lighted races or tribes of Cosmic origin.
From Ancient Greece came a bit of a poem which might be interesting to share again with you--so you can get your bearings as you observe the HEAVENS:

"The heaven by night is full of marvels,
There is an evening star,
Hesperus, fairest of the stars, sharer of
The throne of Aphrodite,
One lovers know so well,
A group of seven stars, the Pleiades.
They are, as it were, the nymphs of heaven.
As doves, the Pleiades, they bring to
Zeus ambrosia, yet at the same time
They are comely Goddess... The daughters
Of the Titan Atlas and spouses of the Gods."

If you search the skies for signs and signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, search carefully in the Pleiades, readers.
Right now in the cycle of heavenly order, you will, in the late evening time find the Pleiades and then that which will appear to be just beneath the constellation will be the BRIGHTEST "Light" in the heavens. That, readers, is MY SHIP.
I do not care WHAT THE ASTRONOMERS TELL YOU IT IS, IT IS MY SHIP, THE PHOENIX! We are more frequently now strobing the rainbow lights for recognition but not so steadily as are the other craft placed around your viewing arena. And, NO, I do not care whether or not you believe me. Your "belief" in ignorance and my truth in KNOWING are two quite differing perceptions in FACT.
This seemingly "small" cluster of stars, well known even if only visible best through peripheral-vision sight, is actually very big and VERY BRIGHT. Is it too far away or too close--which is it? Neither, it is exactly PERFECT in placement. You are simply constrained by your visual limitations in that the Pleiades has the type of Light that is seen best through the rods of the eye and not through the cones of the physical eye. There is a good REASON for that phenomenon but that is for another day and another lesson on "vision".

This "little" cluster of "somethings" is recognized throughout history and right into the current myths of all original tribes. They have been known as the "Seven Sisters", the "Daughters of Zeus", "The seven nymphs of Poseidon" as associated with "Dorian" woman. As the "daughters of Zeus" they are called Maia, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Asterope, Merope, and Alcyone. Mothers of Greek gods, they are believed to have been turned into stars by Zeus so that they might be safe from Orion, who had chased them for several years. There are no stars so widely acclaimed as these; their beauty and grace are spoken of in literature from all cultures, past and present.
The Pleiades were among the FIRST stars mentioned in astronomical literature, appearing in Chinese annals of 2357 B.C.

Sappho, Euripides and Homer referred to the Pleiades in their writings. Later, in The Rubaiyat written by the poet-astronomer Omar Khayyam in 1123, they were referred to as "the Begetters", as "beginning all things"; while half a world away, ancient Peruvian legend identified the Pleiades uniquely as "the arbiters of human destiny". In China, they were worshipped by young women as "the Seven Sisters of Industry", and in ancient times were known as "Mol", the constellation "Or Gang". Manly P. Hall, in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, stated that, "The sacred Pleiades were famous to freemasonry as "the Seven Stars of the upper end of The Sacred Ladder." As "the Seven Sisters" they are familiar to most, and as "the Seven Stars" they are one of the few star clusters mentioned throughout the Bible. And boy, does that one make the Khazarian mad as Hell and they refuse to take it any longer!

The German astronomer Bessel stated that the Pleiades are literally a cluster of suns drifting together in one direction, led by the brightest of the seven, Alcyone, which the early Arabs referred to as Al Jauzah or Al Wasat. Now, for a personal reference if I might: I, Hatonn (Aton) am also known to some AS Alcyone, but more often in the circles of the Ancient lands I am often referred to as El Wasat. I think you can coyly remember that by another term phonetically spelled Al-What-is-that (Whatzat?). Al became recognized better as El because it indicates "elder".
Now, I don't suggest you rush out to your local mountain top and make a fool of yourselves. Number one, the star system is not made up of suns, although they could be claimed to be honored as SONS of the ONE LIGHT, ATON. Now you may be able to relate to the label "Hatonn" a bit more easily. Again, if Duggah told you differently, remember something: I have a much longer history than does a Duggah from the constellation Orion and in-between mislabeled spot-check-points. I even go back further than the old buddies, Ramtha or Bashar (meaning "Commander" or "messenger") from Assassenia. Boring or not, makes no difference to me for TRUTH stands infinitely--and therefore, so too shall I. Now, good friends and readers, it must be noted that Alcyone shines to its sister stars with eighty-three times the brilliance of Sirius and that its brilliancy is one thousand times greater than that of your Sun.

Located in the constellation TAURUS, the Bull, the Pleiades (Plee' ya deez) look like a small reproduction of the Big Dipper and are often mislabeled the Little Dipper or the Wee Dipper. They are approximately 599 light-years from Earth as calculated by mortals who have no idea of what they speak. The stars of the Pleiades are clustered closer together than in ordinary space, averaging no more than one light-year between stars.
Muhammad once said: "When these stars rise, all harm rises from the Earth." Well, good buddies, we are about ready to RISE. The Phoenix is getting ready to ascend. No, we have no interest in taking the problem children of your Universe or your planet with us.
Why has this distant star group had a much greater importance throughout antiquity than the other more dominant star clusters in the night sky? Their positions in the heavens at various key times throughout the calendar year does not fully account for the remarkable influence attributed to the Pleiades by a myriad of cultures, past and present. Why have historical researchers recently found so many references to the Pleiades in historical and religious texts worldwide which are parallel in their impact to a profound reference appearing in the Koran, the holy book of Islam? The Koran tells of Najm, considered to be the cluster of seven stars known as the Pleiades, from which a spirit came to talk with the prophet Muhammad. Surprisingly, the reference indicates that the spirit (or angel Gabriel [Elder Gabri]) came from those seven stars to tell Muhammad of the laws the Moslems were to live by and follow. And indeed this is so! Whether or not you like it, Esu Jmmanuel (the entity Saul of Tarsus dubbed "Jesus") IS THE SON OF GABRIEL. At Easter passing it is a good idea to come to realize this FACT.
Another interesting thing for you nice readers to "connect the dots" in the puzzle is to realize that astronomers will refer to such as Pleiades cluster as relative to the same cluster type of Hyades. Are the lights blinking on a bit? How would you pronounce, phonetically, Hyades? Ah ha, we are beginning to get some of the "beginning", are we not? I am NOT interested in Orion as such but I think you nice people had best look at the Hyades Constellation for some interesting data references.

Please pay attention for this is important. The motion across the sky can confirm that the stars in each group as named are physically associated by some type of "gravity" or system which causes them to move together through space. Clusters such as the Hyades and Pleiades, which contain fewer than 100 to several hundred stars, are usually found in or near the Milky Way; hence they are called galactic clusters or, sometimes, OPEN CLUSTERS because their density of stars is low (only a few stars per cubic light year). It is assumed that these systems must have a common origin and so have similar ages and compositions. And so it came to pass in the system of God that strange things emerged!
I would like to move on from this pointed lesson in Astronomy but I would like you to make a few very important CONNECTIONS. We tried to offer this information in our "Pleiades Connection" series, which is now banned, but we can get the same lessons out through being given enough time for (d)harma's fingers to do the task and offering the diagrams with small perceptive headings by Tom Astley of South Africa. The POINT to remember is that all things are simply LIGHT. LIGHT is GOD of all CREATION and from that THOUGHT OF GOD, IN THE TOTAL STILLNESS, COMES THE MANIFESTATION OF MAN AND ALL "THINGS". WISDOM IS THE GREATEST OF ALL PROJECTIONS OF MIND IN WHICH LIGHT IS MIND AND THEREFORE IS GOD.
Wisdom is the light and wherever the light flashes up, there darkness and ignorance disappear. Ignorance is the essential darkness and can only be overcome by the light of wisdom.
Wisdom is the mark of the existence of the spirit and disguises itself in the qualities of truth, poise, knowledge, beauty, harmony and peace.
Wisdom is also the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of his spirit and works with it according to the Creational laws, for wisdom and the spirit are two factors which react as one, much in the same way as the Sun and sunlight... both give warmth and light.

And, Little Crow: "Waksape" (wisdom).
"What we are looking for, we already are. What we are seeking, we already own. What we would like to find out, we already know."
No, I took liberties for he did not head this speaking with "Wisdom" as a heading. But it says it all, does it not? Wisdom is the RECOGNITION AND RELATIONSHIPS OF ALL THINGS IN BALANCE AND HARMONY! Therefore, wisdom is Light, Light is God, and so then, God is Wisdom. The circle IS infinite! Therefore, if YOU gain WISDOM--you shall gain GOD.
Now, let us look at the Lakota "medicine wheel" in its four important concepts: Woksape (Wisdom), Wacantognaka (Generosity), Woohitika (Bravery) and Wowacintanga (Fortitude). Friends, it requires all the four great characteristics to attain the most important goal of all: WOKSAPE (Wisdom). It requires first the GIVING and RE-GIVING in Generosity that you might separate ego from the grabbing and greedy intentions. The gaining of Wisdom demands fortitude for the way will be riddled with obstacles and therefore Woohitika (Bravery) is necessary for the cowardly fall to the way and become the very handmen and maidens of the Satanic Anti-Christ in ANY form, you have met your enemy and when you become your enemy--you cannot be with GOD! Since "Satan" and "God" are the two recognized English Language representatives of the opposite poles of existence, is it not better to simply ask if you are "Anti-Satan" or "Anti-God"? Why all the "anti-Semitism" or "Anti-God"? Why all the "anti-Semitism" and "anti-Christ"? Satanism is running behind the curtain of "Semitism" which is not even a proper word. But remember, readers, Satan never uses the EXACT term after he side-tracks you and it is always THE MAJOR SIGN. Confusion as to everything is the trickster's major asset. "Christ" is simply a definition relating to the State of Being in Goodness. It is not a proper name!

This is why God has expressed that "You are either with me or against me." There is no actual middle road except in the perception of mortal Man. You are either moving TOWARD God or AWAY from God--ALWAYS. Evil is simply a term used when the direction of "movement" is AWAY from God. The "directions" are described as LIGHT OR DARK, WHITE OF BLACK, ALL OR ABSENCE OF ALL COLOR. There is ALWAYS a "cause" and an "effect". There is always duality of sexing and when you have something pop out at you like Hyades and Pleiades you had best look at it for one represents Hell and the other Heaven. Where do YOU come from and where are you GOING? I represent God, so, you are either for me or against me and you may well begin to KNOW, without DOUBT, that if you are against me--I AM AGAINST YOU IN YOUR SIMPLE ASSUMPTION OF STATUS. Don't tell me your "intentions" are pure when you show that you are "against me". Oh, you just don't believe me? So what, you don't have to believe ME to act in goodness instead of criminal or evil actions delivered to deliberately destroy me and mine. If you act deliberately to DESTROY GOD or that which IS GOD'S (which is the SAME THING) THEN YOU SHALL BE DESTROYED--BY YOUR OWN HAND. ASK IN ALL SINCERE INTENT IN DESIRE FOR THAT WHICH IS OF GOD AND YOU SHALL SURELY RECEIVE FOR THAT CALL COMPELS THE ANSWER--ACCORDING TO YOUR BEST AND HIGHEST GOOD AND ACCORDING TO THE FULFILLMENT OF HIS TRUTH AND GOODNESS.
Will I, for instance, zap my enemy? No, I will point the way through the petitions of those who seek truth, to find that tool necessary to offset the ability of the enemy to damage further. You will see through example what I mean if you will but stay tuned to this station. If you jump off a 1500-foot cliff--expect to have a very hard landing. It is best to have the TRUTH on your side with the umbrella of a good parachute and a few GOOD angels. If the cliff is only 25 feet high you might well have a good near-death experience, but at 1500 feet in depth/height, the landing will surely give you an interesting sure-death experience if some good flying angels don't come along and you forget your God-parachute. Some of you local enemies are not going to like the position you are now going to find selves experiencing in total consequence of YOUR OWN ACTIONS.
You who continue to serve the dark energies have been given years of opportunities to turn from your silly ego-tripping but you have only increased your assaults. Fine, for the backwash will be your own UNdoing! All the combined lies in the world will NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT. My people who have paid dearly will be given and shown the WAY to win, my good teachers of how NOT to act, and you shall be left totally WITHOUT. You on that "black road" are going down, brothers. I can promise you that much: YOU ARE GOING DOWN! Would God act in this manner? ABSOLUTELY! For every "cause" there is a return "effect" and the effect of the cause you have chosen to manufacture is going to give you the most unpleasant "effect" as the cycle moves on in its infinite realization. [color=red]You have all been "BAD" ENOUGH FOR A VERY LONG TIME--THE PORTION OF THE WHEEL OF JUSTICE IS MOVING BACK TO SOME FORM OF "GOOD" AND LIARS, CHEATS, AND THIEVES ARE GOING DOWN![/color] Hold it in your hearts as surely as there is a Pleiades and a Hyades!

I don't like to even equate such as Hyades with being somehow "bad" for, as with all things, whatever IS, simply IS. But the Lakotas have a term which is "heyoke" which means: sacred clown. Well, the world is filled with sacred clowns doing their tricks and misadventuring. They entertain and distract but in the ending the sorting is accomplished. I, further, refer to all things as SACRED so you can assume I mean, simply, "clown". So in that explicit understanding I can call my favorite heyoke, Green, my best example of how NOT to act or what intentions are going to pull yourself "down". I do not ever mean to offend the meanings given language by any peoples. My "nagi" (soul) is within the "can gleska" (sacred circle) upon the "owanka wakan" (holy place, altar) of Wakan Tanka (The Great Spirit, THE GREAT MYSTERY). In this journey I am of the Wakinyan (The thunderbirds or thunder beings) and I serve with the Wambliska (the LIGHT or "white" EAGLE) and we come from "wi" (the Sun--son) and we can be called "wowakan" (something supernatural).
You will try to commit us to simply being from Pleiades or whatever, but the TRUTH and FACT of the matter is that we come from "maka sitomni", "mahpiya", "tole topa", "mitakuye oyasin" (that is, the universe, the sky [heaven], the four directions, for all our relations).

Source: CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, April 9, 1996, Volume 12, Number 11.
Thank you, Rocky Montana for transcribing this PDF document into html format



I love the in your face humor of this one.
Thanks ymo!
The link is awesome also.....

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