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A Christmas Story

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1A Christmas Story Empty A Christmas Story Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:47 am





Like others, this time of year often lends a reflection of a certain somebody that goes a bit deeper than any Coca-Cola Santa. In his name we see the mother of institutions, glorious cathedrals, tender sonatas and pious pilgrims on bent knees. And in his name the Bible still reigns as a best seller year in and year out; it matters not if you favor father David or sweet baby Jesus for they are one of the same.

Now I’m not going to try and tear down ivory towers by attacking what has and has not been said about thou precious Jesus, for it will only add insult to injury. Truth is often like physics, in that it often leads to hidden truths that are in themselves paradoxical. Whereas religion owes to faith while leaning on a spiritual transformative emergence; as physics owes to logic from what’s called reductionism, or the nasty habit of explaining the corporeal cartoon through quantum constituents. While both are privy to unexplained miracles and both can be considered paths to an undefined source, where further investigation results in the dissection and reflection of the only thing they have in common, being the material evidence. So quick are they to label the emergent divergent, to twist history into mystery, and to turn causation into computation.

Christ Mass or the Christ mess.
Rather than focusing on Jesus, I would much rather focus on his soul collective that has spent more than a few Roman holidays here. Now I know I will be rocking the pedestal here for those who believe that a son of god was to pure for any extended earth campaign, and for those whose virgin ears are still wet I will apologize now for this seemingly blasphemous stain upon such noble cloth. But I also realize that if ones faith is as unquestionable as the holy writ, anything I say is but subjective interpretation and can pose no threat to their constitution.
Now, here upon this biosphere there are others currently amongst us that have come to know this celebrated personage intimately from both sides of the coin and more often than not history corroborates that a turn of events transpired whenever he visited. Now whether or not he walked in, birthed in by some form of artificial insemination from the mother ship or crawled out of some star gate sipapu (earth entrance) is not the focus of this sermon. But if you’re not familiar with which race lines have been managing earth politics for a long time, you need to brush up on your history.
To say Jesus had talent is a gross understatement, always courageous but not always kind. He knew the earth Templar well (Star-Gates/Holy Grail), for he learned much from brother Akhenaton who taught the world ascension, before being overthrown by Anunnaki. When Jesus and his kin come in they have something to accomplish and are driven like madmen to fulfill their goals. And when we look at the incarnations of Marduk (Hitler) and his brother Thoth (Tesla), this should be evident. Although The kin of Inanna, whether her brother or her lover, often follow a more righteous path it’s still Anunnaki chess, which uses people as pawns.
Often when this man is among us so too are his cohorts, being the one synonymous with Mary Magdalene and the one synonymous with John the Baptist. But at times they also ride in solo, although this is rare. And often when the trio come together there are petty jalousies and animosity that interfere with their plans, but every 500 years or so they return, and at times, more often. They typically come within royal lines of power and position, or at least this was the case before the royal houses became usurped by malevolent race lines, which, believe it or not was well underway even during the Jesus period.
Perhaps many are wondering at this point how I came to know such things, well, unfortunately we too have often been on the scene either during or shortly after their presence, albeit not always in the capacity we would have liked, and too often well under their thumb. But when I say we, its plural, as in the collective of the soul. Why were we under their thumb one may ask, well, that’s a long story, but let’s just say that long ago we came under the guise of Anakim (Anunnaki Hybrids) in an effort to improve conditions here, but the Anunnaki oppressors who were the programmers and facilitators of those programs wanted nothing interfering with their political system of human bondage. So we opposed the Anunnaki establishment, and for our efforts we became stranded; genetically, as explained in Sons of Aries.
One of our first orders from Mr. Jesus while serving penance was when he was known as King of Troy, Priam, while Married to the Magdalene Hecuba, we served the realm as a large son named Hector, during another Anunnaki polarity drama. But Hector proved to be more than the Anunnaki kin Agamemnon could handle so he enlisted the aid of a hybrid mercenary named Achilles, and of course the rest is history.
 Not long after Marduk the Anunnaki passed away in Babylon we see the fall of Babylon. Artaxerxes (Jesus), the Persian King and son of Ester, moves in to retrieve the records from the great Babylonian library kept safe for millennia by Marduk. Our brother then a holy scribe and kin of Ester known as Ezra, is sent in to handle the affairs of rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem and to sift through and translate pertinent library records. After the library was secure it was to be destroyed and condensed into what was to be known as the Old Testament.
All mention of the Anunnaki, Star Gate information, Hybridization and bloodline identification was to be removed from the record. All Hebrew Hyksos ties were to be severed with their Egyptian kin and made to look autonomous. The stories of brother Senmut and his father Tuthmosis were changed into the King David/ King Solomon saga. The Temple of Hatshepsut (Magdalene) built by Senmut became the legends of Solomon’s Temple. The stories of brother Akhenaton and Nefertiti were changed into the stories of King Ahab and Jezebel, and all were edited with a bit of inconsequential whimsy to obscure the record, so all dates, names and locations would correlate into some sensationalized version of Hebrew history that hid the facts.
 The entire 18th dynasty was removed and made to look synchronistic with Hebrew, putting the Moses period back to back with the Ramiside period. Which goes a bit beyond Artaxerxes rubbing Ezra’s collective noze in the 18th dynasty debacle. The Hebrew tribe now became first and foremost as their bloodline of choice. But Ezra was no dummy; he left plenty of clues in the old Testament for those who could read between the lines. But don’t think for a minute that it stopped there, for over time much of the original Ezra Hebrew collection were separated from the gentile version of the Old Testament, while things were added to change the context. Even the Books of Moses which were a library onto themselves were severely reduced in number and stature. What a pity!
Although our late comer during the Jesus period; the Alexandrian teacher known as Valentinus served no part in the Jesus debacle (trickery), his words however enigmatic would be erased, convoluted and entombed for the principled propaganda. There within Arthur’s court our 6th century brother Kay became enslaved once again to Jesus, to destroy any foe that threatened his existence or stood in his way. The celebrated Ark of the Covenant and its precious Star Gate tools, once again became the focus of contention between the warring Anunnaki factions, for yet another Anunnaki polarity drama. For the intention of Arthurs court was to recode Stonehenge, an old arterial wand which was put there by Marduk in ancient times. Of course Marduk finds out through his Merovingian spies and invades the turf with his Saxon hybrids, chasing Arthur and crew off the continent.
A new era comes a couple centuries later when a self proclaimed emperor known as Charlemagne is sweeping through Europe like the plague, but it’s just Marduk returning again. This time to push back the Saracen threat started by Thoth, to combat the Christian scourge that became less than holy after The Council covenant of Nicaea. Charlemagne meets up with Jesus while his army is passing through lower Gaul (France). Jesus then goes under the name of Guillaume (William) of Orange, a princely Cathar Jew and Count of Toulouse. It is unclear whether Marduk’s human incarnate recognizes Jesus/Guillaume as an old foe, but the two come to terms and Guillaume is made a lieutenant for the cause. Guillaume is entrusted with the job of clearing out all the Saracens in France in exchange for a generous portion of its lands and titles. But before they part Guillaume receives a gift from the Emperor to serve as his protector, being a giant like soldier who was acquired by force from the borderlands, an area near the Jura mountain’s, south of Strasbourg. Once again we are enslaved as a seneschal to Jesus. Ironically this member of our collective we know as Benjamin was the splitting image of the giant Kay, and both died in bloody battles. This period was well captured in the Song of Guillaume, which was over shadowed by the Song of Roland. After the war Guillaume built the monastery at Gellone and started the cult of Magdalene, and today the Abbey bears his name as saint Guilhelm le Desert.
Our next stint with Jesus was while we lived in Normandy under the name of Anselm, who became the Abbot at Bec around 1078. Anselm became a close friend and spiritual advisor of the king known as William the Conqueror (Jesus). Now for those who don’t know their history, William was not only instrumental in ushering in laws, he also became opposed to the draconian papacy interfering with the sovereignty of kingship (Anakim Kingship) and changed a great deal within the courts of England, Brittany and Normandy. William I not only invaded England he filled the courts with Norman nobles and put the squeeze on church corruption, being the king of investiture and the curse to simony (the illicit placement of clerics in holy office through political pressure of Ducal houses). And he was the progenitor of the Henry bloodline which stretched from Plantagenet to Tudor lineage and was in my opinion a legacy of lunacy. After William’s death Anselm became a principle mediator between his tyrannical sons before, during and after the 1st crusade. I know Anselm was a gifted scribe that often was chastised by the church for his questionable writings, and I see a great deal of Valentinus in both the man and his writings. The Abbey at Bec at the dawn of the 12th century was not only a seat for learning but became a bit of a book factory. It had been my impression that the Song of Guillaume came from this period as a bleed through from Anselm himself. The seminary blanket provided Anselm a bit of protection from the Great Dane and for once the two old warriors established a relationship of mutual respect.
Next up on the Jesus tour is the land of Aquitaine less than a century later when Jesus appears as the spawn of Eleanor, known historically as King Richard the crusader, 3rd son of King Henry II. Eleanor of Aq was of course the Magdalene returning to the Cathar stronghold to further her enterprise and redecorate her church while Richard tried to wrestle Jerusalem out from under Saladin.  The first in our Jesus/Richard bastard trio; known as Phillip or Sir Richard, as Brother Bacon so eloquently stated in the Shakespearian play King John, which was obviously Bacon bleed through, for it covers the period quite well. The Grandam out lived all her sons save John, but her first child was Marie and in Marie we find a chip off the old block, for she captured the grandam’s  Arthurian legends for posterity long before Mallory, most likely under the pen name of Chretien de Troyes, for other works were also discovered under the name Marie de Troyes. But who can say how much was mommies bleed through, but the Magdalene with us today claims to have been Guinevere from that period. But where be the other leg of the tripod, o’l John the Baptist? Of course he was easy to spot during the Arthurian period as Merlin (Taliesin) the occultist, and yes he was there in the background once again as Thomas Becket, but Henry II put an end to him in the same Abbey at Canterbury that made a money penny saint out of him. As far as Brother Phillip goes, I doubt he survived the Albigensian crusade in 1244 when the Catholics put an end to the Cathars (Kathara, the holy science) with their extermination campaign.
Two centuries later, the Magdalene returns during the 14th century as Marie of Anjou, married to the brother of the King of France. She whelps often and positions her coded spawn as pawns on a chessboard, which was very Eleanor like in demeanor. Her hubby dies in an Italian fracas and before the blood dries she’s having an affair in Avignon with his most trusted advisor and the kings go to guy for the countries might; the Baron Enguerrand de Coucy VII (Jesus), a man who owned half of France and a castle which made kings drool. The winter in Avignon where Coucy held a fife resulted in bastard #2, our brother Perceval. But mommy dearest hides the evidence for fear that the king may want her head in trade, so she dumps the babe at La Fere, one of Coucy’s castles for royal rejects north of Paris. While Coucy is out playing the French savior his army gets wasted by a noble Caliph and he dies in a filthy prison before a ransom can be arranged. Marie with her nose to the wind sails to La Fere before the death of the baron to secure her share. The orphan Perceval, conceived amidst shame, comes into a fortune and Coucy’s now his name. With one small caveat, mommy dearest holds the purse strings, so under her thumb he remains; oh what a pain!
Around 1400 the Duchess Marie begins to rekindle the fires of her glory day priors under the pen name of Christine de Pisan (Pisan; fr. Precocious Italian author). The subject matter of these works not only shows the sacred feminine hand but puts feminism back on the stand. And these stories share Magdalene serendipity all the way back to Troy. But Perceval the naughty night in tights was no stranger to a bed of quills and we find his frustration vented through the work of Thomas Hoccleve, where he’s often roasting mommy through innuendo as a clever cleaver in ad-hoc fashion. All’s fair my liege, La Fere, if stones could talk all would stare.
Now the final tour in the Jesus saga is the House of Tudor two centuries later, “and that which coming from thy goodness returneth to their glory” Bacon, (the 3rd bastard). But where oh where be’Jesus if you dare; could he be here; the Octant king and Arthurian wanna be, mad as a hatter. Or could it be poor Robert, the headless horseman who challenged the Virgo Virgin for her steed? Cold, cruel uncomfortable world, Lord Bacon puteth his head on a pike, but be it for mum or in spite? Virginia, Virginia, a New Atlantis awaits, pirate Spanish Main the clandestiny of Drake. Johnny B. good as Johnny D. could, get alchemy of gold for Roman sabbatical. A ring, a worm, a courtesan spy, Walsingham screwed the Scot, now good sis must die. El-bethal beat them all for sure, for sure, the Draks came a knocking but thy queen would endure. A little more than kin, and a little less than kind! Mommy’s pressed flower begins to unwind. The poesy, supposy, a cipher indeed, a king, nay, a jester to flaunt Glori-Ana’s seed.
“Thou, nature, art my goodness; to thy law my services are bound. Wherefore should I stand in the plague of custom, and permit the curiosities of nations to deprive me.”
Edmund the bastard; Shakespeare’s King Lear
Brother Bacon left plenty of clues within the Shakes a spear plays as ciphers for secret correspondence, and like Perceval we find him often roasting mommy Magdalene (Queen Elizabeth) indirectly to avoid the chopping block while venting frustration. The most obvious clue found in Love’s Labour’s Lost has already been de-ciphered in the anagram of the word; honorificabilitudinitatibus, which was deciphered using kabala numerology to give us this Latin clue; hi ludi orbi tuiti f. Baconis nati, which say’s; these plays entrusted to the world were created by F. Bacon.
“He hath prosperous art, when he will play with reason and discourse.” Love’s Labour’s Lost
But now the ends clear, the curse ran a course,
A season so near, for rider comes horse.
A slave no more to Anu and his factions,
It is best they return while mindful of actions.
Though control they may, those puppets of power,
For archons be children who live for the hour.
This Christ Mass returneth thy legions of dearth,
Thy noble intention, peace upon Earth!
Val 12/12/15

2A Christmas Story Empty Re: A Christmas Story Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:15 am




Wishing you a wonderful holidaze Val!

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