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“The eventual goal of science is to provide a single theory that describes the whole universe” – he went on to say that only then, “shall all – philosophers, scientists and ordinary people would be able to take part in the question of ‘why is it that we and the universe exist’, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God”. Stephen Hawking
On this planet, it is alleged that there are particular areas that artificially generate gravitational and/or magnetic/electrical anomalies, some of which, have been recorded within objects, and all of which have been around for Millenia – these objects are stone circles and Monoliths.
There are also some people who are able to naturally sense these anomalies, and are only too aware of a feeling of ‘something’ markedly different about being within the vicinity of such places.
Note: From personal experience, people who have the Rhesus Negative Bloodtype are particularly sensitive and highly susceptible to these often subtle anomalies, exhibiting some obvious physical unease and even discomfort.
Charlie Foulkes has an interesting take on The Piezoelectric (Technological) properties of ancient stone constructions HERE:
Since the late 1980’s, there have been, albeit temporary additions to the scenery of England, which have also demonstrated, beyond reasonable doubt, many similar anomalies.
These additions, have become known as Agriglyph’s, or Crop Circles, which have been discovered predominately in southern England or thereabouts.
These circles, however, are not a recent phenomenon.
Farmers have been observing incidences of unusual, flattened circles in their fields for many generations, and some researchers have even suggested that the circles have been a part of the English landscape since pre-Celtic times.
Before the 1900’s, crop circle ‘damage’ was often attributed to fairies, or even being the work of the devil himself.
Often, these events were not reported, perhaps for economic reasons, from the fear of being ostracised by the community and/or in some cases, as they were not even viewed as being a particularly unusual occurrence.
And with very few exceptions, Agriglyph’s are known to be created during the hours of darkness only.
The proverbial ‘Overnight Sensations’.
Many and varied explanations have been put forward, in attempts to offer an explanation for both the appearances of the Agriglyph’s, and the associated anomalies that have been alleged to accompany them.
Everything from ‘Alien Visitations’ to simple hoaxes by students and the media and everything in between have been blamed over the years, leaving both eminent and respected scientific bodies, as well as the seemingly endless numbers of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ equally unable to supply a definitive answer.
But are they looking for the answers in the wrong places?
Or just asking the wrong questions?
Astronomers as well as students of Astrology have for decades, noted a similarity between the position of earth’s solar system at the end of 1903, around halfway through 1969, and the early part of 1997.
1903 of course was the year that the Wright Brothers became the first humans to take to the air in a heavier-than-air craft at Kitty Hawk.
The year 1969 needs no explanation as to it’s significance, in regard to it being the year that Apollo 11 allegedly landed on the moon.
So was 1997, also a year in which an entirely new propulsion method to accompany manned space flight or otherwise, be realised?
The inordinate numbers of Agriglyph’s that appeared in that year, (over a hundred in total) may have even hinted at that possibility, inasmuch as some have been likened to the design of an entirely new propulsion system.
Many of the designs were based around intricate ‘Fractal’ patterns, which in turn were centred around a ‘Koch’ curve, which is, I am given to understand – defined as “the fractal curve of Hausdorff Dimension ln4/ln3, whose generator is formed by erecting an equilateral triangle on the middle third of a straight line”.
I didn’t understand it either, funnily enough.
It is safe to say however, that the complexity of the designs would be way beyond anybody who has not studied advanced geometry and mathematics on an exceptionally high level – so to replicate them in such numbers in order to perpetuate a ‘Hoax’ for example, would require both exceptional precision, almost impossible speed and a level of co-ordination, rarely found outside advanced Military operations.
Which would narrow it down somewhat if I had to hazard a guess.
A FIELD OF DREAMS…. Crop-circle1
One pattern in particular, which appeared at Fosbury, Wiltshire on the 5th of August that year, was nicknamed, ‘The Warp Drive Engine’ and measured around 175 feet in length.
I hinted in a previous article. ‘Hello Moon’ of the possibly that there may be a connection, however tenuous, between Stone Circles, Agriglyphs and Space Exploration, and my further thoughts on this, is that physics dictates that in order for humankind to travel into space – or even beyond, an entirely new propulsion system must be utilised.
A propulsion system, that although it is what surrounds every living being and even drives the planet we live on, we know very little about, despite the best efforts of brilliant scientific minds like Sir Issac Newton who is credited with it’s ‘discovery’.
Science also dictates that that the most appropriate form of propulsion for future space travel, would have to be a form of ‘anti-gravity’ device, but despite the very best, and hideously expensive attempts to create such a device, at facilities like CERN in Geneva, it has proved notoriously elusive – at least that is the mainstream opinion.
What if there was a simpler method
And one which involves harmonics, vibrational frequency and perfect balance, which replicates the natural physical make up of the known universe?
Many advocates insist that the ‘Anomalies’ that exist within Stone Circles are ‘Harmonic’ in nature, and resonate at a frequency which is almost undetectable without the right equipment.
These ‘Anomalies’ have being recorded as also possessing both magnetic and gravitational properties, and experiments have been carried out at Stonehenge, which also show a degree of Harmonic resonance, which may (or may not) actually point towards their true purpose – in the absence of real evidence of anything else of course.
Some Agriglyph enthusiasts, have long hinted at the possibility that the intricate, highly detailed patterns that have appeared in predominately cereal crop fields in southern England, many in the vicinity of Stonehenge and Silbury Hill etc, could be ‘plans’ or ‘blueprints’ that detail how such devices may be constructed.
And if that is a possibility, however remote that may appear to be, who, or what are presenting these plans to be discovered in this manner?
Even though I believe that a number of the designs are in fact, deliberate hoaxes, I also believe that some are genuine, and are known to have been ‘altered’ in some way, (by human hands) with the later additions purposely obscuring the original ‘message’.
Which of course, only serves to raise an entirely different set of questions.

Thanks to: http://outlawjimmy.com

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