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Human Origins & Blood Types

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1Human Origins & Blood Types  Empty Human Origins & Blood Types Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:09 am



Human Origins & Blood Types

Human Origins & Blood Types  Origins
Human Origins and Blood Types
According to Japanese belief our blood type defines our character and the way we behave.
Nutritionists have discovered that different blood types thrive with different foods.
In Paranormal Studies, statistical analysis of individuals that experience UFO or Extraterrestrial Contact, or paranormal activity are higher in certain bloodtypes than others.
Other studies have determined that blood type is proportional to higher mental capabilities and thought.
The majority of general contemporary analysis on hominid evolution conducted by those unqualified in the disciplines of Archaeology and Anthropology today, have a tendancy to base their analysis on the assumption that Darwins Theory is fact. However this is not the case, as even archaeology students are informed in their first years of study that Darwins Theory is still classified as theory, therefore analysis on evolution of a species or any general hypothesis must be evaluated empirically. We within the Archaeology/Anthropology disciplines are strongly encouraged to avoid drawing any conclusions within the assumptions of Darwins Theory.
Recent Anthropological analysis of the Human Specific Type O – blood group reveals that from a structural perspective, it is the simplest and oldest Modern Human blood group and serves as the basis for the synthesis of the human mutations A, B and AB. The blood groups A/B/AB are mutations that evolved during the M.Human/Neanderthal/Floresiensis convergence period approximately 80,000 – 25,000 BCE. The term stressed here is Human Mutation of A,B,AB blood groups, which will be explained.
28 separate studies showed that Chimpanzees have the blood types A and minimal O, but never B.
8 separate studies showed that Gorillas have the blood types B and minimal O, but never A.
There is no blood type AB in either primates
Although many assume that blood type O in modern humans stems from hominid ancestry very recent genetic studies conducted by the institute of biological evolution in Spain have firmly corrected that particular misinformation.
An example of this is an concerning “How Neanderthals became the Basques” assume that certain races descend from Neanderthal due to location. This article mentions tests on Neanderthal Mitochondrial DNA, finding sequences differed by 27 substitutions from Modern Human, then follows with an account of the Basques directly descending from Neanderthal due to shared location of habitation and comparisons of physical Characteristics.
Unfortunately this is not the case for the Basque, which I’m sure that they will be disappointed to discover.
The recent genetic analysis on two Neanderthal specimens in Spain have been found containing the Blood type O allele, the Y2 sequences demonstrated transpecies inheritance of ancestor allele’s identical to chimpanzee Y2 sequences, in other words the Neanderthal blood type O allele Y2 sequence demonstrates that it was inherited from its chimpanzee ancestor, as chimanze sequences were present.
Also present was a heterozygous trait (like human blood type AB) in the Neanderthal specimens namely blood types OA and OB, not found in humans.
However additional analysis of the M.Human Blood Type O have found that the human allele is species specific to modern human, lacking tran-species inheritance from chimpanzee sequences. This demonstrates that the modern human type O allele evolved independently from early hominids or primates since no ancestral sequence inheritance is found in modern humans (In other words Human Blood Group O, is NOT the Same as Neanderthal Blood Group O, as Neanderthals inherited their blood Group O from Chimpanzees, where Humans evolved independently and have NOT undergone any type of species transfer of Chimpanzee Sequences to their genepool ).
The M.Human Blood Group O have no trace of the Chimpanzee sequences found in other hominid specimens.
The Chimpanzee inheritance sequence is found in Neanderthal who had existed alongside modern human for thousands of years. In addition the RH negative factor is also species specific to modern human. Those of the early M.Humans contained no trace of the RH Positive Factor inherited from the rhesus monkey in their genepool. Where other hominid species examined are found to be RH Positive.
By species specific it is strongly implied that we are definite separate species to early Hominids.
Mitochondrial DNA is the determining factor for any species, Human Mitochondrial DNA and Neanderthal Mitochondrial DNA are entirely separate in sequences and Neanderthal have made no substantial contribution to the Modern Human Genome. According to information extracted from set sources of mtDNA, the last possible common ancestor shared between Neanderthal and Humans is dated approximately 690, 000 years ago.
However, analysis have concluded that the Human Genome has only existed on this Earth for approximately 150, 000 to 190,000 years so the set approximate commonality is about 400,000 years off base, as the human genome was yet to appear on Earth. There is also no inter medial Ancestral Hominid Species in existence to link us to this possible common ancestor with the Neanderthal.
In other words, Neanderthal, a species separate from Humans, who even with admixture of interbreeding during the convergence period, made no substantial contribution to the Human Genome, share no common ancestry with us other than the possible 690,000 year approximated Ancestor of which Humans were not even here to participate in the implied commonality. Demonstrate an entirely separate evolution to humans with entirely separate mtDNA, determining humans as separate species. In addition, all traces of commonality found within both species genomes have been determined as products of admixture and interbreeding, and not ancestry.
Interestingly recent discoveries have determined a third Hominid species that existed in the same time period as Neanderthals and Humans. Again the word stressed is Species NOT Sub-Species, as mtDNA in all mentioned Hominids and Humans are as definitive and separate in their sequences as Modern Humans to Chimpanzees.
This third species has been Identified as Homo Floresiensis – Pygmies, a descendant of Homo Erectus, of whom the M.Human Species was also found to have traces of admixture evident due interbreeding, hence the development of the Human Pygmies of today.
This Species was characteristic of being quite short in stature compared to the tall Neanderthal, and extremely dark in skin tone.
From this it was observed that Human Blood types A and B were mutations introduced into the Human Genepool via admixture with both Floresiensis and Neanderthal species. However the heterozygous AB type is a mutation of the two alleles that is Human Specific as the Neanderthal OA and OB blood types species specific to Neanderthal. Evidence of Interbreeding between Floresiensis and Neanderthal have also been found, producing an African Neanderthal cousin species.
The introduction of Blood Types A and Type O (Chimpanzee) Alleles via Floresiensis into the Neanderthal genepool may have produced the heterozygous effect OA and OB Type Allele’s, similar to the effect that blood types A and B had when introduced into the Human Genepool. As mentioned before the AB blood type is specific only to humans occurring after introduction of their parent Alleles A and B separately producing a Heterozygous effect. This hints at the probability that when two distinct but compatible species interbreed and blood types are introduced in admixture, that at least one Heterozygous Blood type is produced. However the theory is short and negated when one observes all Heterozygous Types produced share a common ancestral element, The Chimpanzee.
The recent genetic tests performed on the two Neanderthal of Spain were conclusive regarding the presence of Chimpanzee Sequences in Both Neanderthal Remains.
The Heterozygous Types OA and OB were present with Chimpanzee Sequences. Blood types A and B in Humans both came from Hominid sources that were present with Ancestral Chimpanzee Sequences, and the only Blood Types to bind a heterozygous blood type were admixed mutations A and B, where Human type O remained unchanged with no occurrence of binding with the introduced mutations to cause an OA or OB.
In fact blood type O has always demonstrated an aversion to the new mutations. Hence Human Blood Type O – unable to receive donor blood from a source not of the Human O- Blood Type. However it is common knowledge that O- is the Universal donor, able to donate to any in the ABO Blood Groups whether Rhesus negative or positive. This is due to the Human Blood Type O- being the basic M.Human blood type, where the basic structure can be transferred but mutations are prevented.
As discussed, the Rhesus Positive Factor was introduced into the human genepool via Floresiensis/Neanderthal/Human Admixture. The earliest modern humans before any occurrence of admixture with other hominid species were of the O- Blood Type. Negative genetic ancestry to Neanderthal, negative genetic ancestry to Floresiensis, and negative genetic ancestry to the Rhesus Monkey.
Blood Type O- is was the pure M.Human Blood Type. This Blood Type was sequenced specific to M.Humans. Many a misconception has claimed that O- is a mutation or that it is not the oldest blood type in the ABO Blood Group when in fact it is the Oldest, Purest M.Human Blood Group.
Many who imply these misconceptions concern themselves with comparing the age of the ABO Blood groups with those found in early Hominids, but genetic analysis has determined that early hominid ABO blood groups and M.Human blood groups are sequences that evolved independently, so there are ABO Blood groups (Chimpanzee) and ABO Blood Groups (M.Human) and are entirely different blood groups.
The misconception happens when they are comparing M.Human blood groups to Blood Groups of an entirely different species. M.Humans are not of the same species as Neanderthal, Floresiensis, Or Erectus. Genetic Studies are conclusive, that we evolved separately from the other hominids, and mtDNA, the DNA that determines a species, distinguishes us as a separate species altogether.
We have dominant genomes compared to previous species. So as a result of all admixture that occurred during the convergence period, Humans with Blood Type A, contain prevalent Floresiensis-Pygmie ancestry in their lineage, Humans with Blood Type B, contain Neanderthal Ancestry in their Lineage, and those of Blood Type O, have retained the Early M.Human Ancestry. Although those of M.Human Blood Type O today may have parents of Admixture blood types, A or B. So there is very little chance of any M.Human today descending from a Pure M.Human O- Blood Lineage.
According to studies on characteristics of blood types, The Greatest of the worlds Builders and Architects have been of Blood Type B+
People with Type B +blood, are strong willed, goal oriented, they always finish whatever they start, whether in perfect timing or in excellent fashion. People with Type B positive blood group, always seem to find their own way in life.
B- People with Type B negative blood group tend to shy away from the limelight, yet when they develop a passion about something they will take centre stage to fight for what they believe in.
Those of Blood Type A +are the most honest and trustworthy of all the Blood Groups and are the hardest workers. They always strive to better themselves as they are perfectionists in most things.
Blood Type A – are said to be open and honest, and very outgoing. Type A negatives are also known to be very professional in their dealings. A negatives are sometimes very talented in their field and love to compete, they live to conquer anyone in the same field.
Those of Blood Type O + are said to be creative, confident and quite popular, they enjoy being the centre of attention. Type O positives are also outgoing and very social, though mostly initiators, they may never get to finish what they start.
Blood Type O – Are usually born leaders, they are the genius of the all the blood groups with their high intelligence, inventors, entrepreneurs, spiritual and artistic. Often admired by their peers for their knowledge and wisdom.
AB+Those with a Type AB positive blood group, are an interesting lot indeed, though they are trustworthy and honest, its being said that they seem to have a split personality! Type AB blood group like helping people, they are outgoing and confident but they can be shy too.
AB-The same as AB Positive traits.
Blood group traits aside have the latest genetic studies brought us any closer to actual Human Origins. Yes and No. Twenty years ago they were on a quest to find the missing link between humans and early hominds. Determined to elevate Darwin’s Theory to Fact.
They were so sure they would someday find something conclusive. Twenty years later with cutting edge technology and Highly Skilled Geneticists we have now finally made progress. We now know that we do NOT share any genetic Ancestry with any of the hominids that inhabited the same time period or any with any hominids of previous possible time periods relevant to the origins of the human genomes on Earth.
The only possible common ancestor Humans may have shared with Neanderthal was deduced as existing Eons before in a time period when Humans hadn’t even been thought of on this planet. In order to actually share that common ancestor we would have needed a ancestor hominid to actually precede our evolution that links us to the common ancestor shared with Neanderthal, and since no such M.Human ancestor has been found, then the current data is conclusive.
If we evolved entirely independent of hominid evolution here on Earth, and have no trace of ancestry to early hominids prior to admixed interbreeding between our species, then where did M.Humans Evolve?
Where did the M.Human Genome come from, How did it get here?
M.Humans share no ancestry with Neanderthals and Floresiensis who all shared a habitual time period together, yet the Neanderthal and Floresiensis species both share conclusive shared genetic ancestry in their sequences, where M.Humans of the same time period contain no such genetic sequences.
So again the question, Where did the M.Human genome come from?
Where did we evolve?
Because evidence suggest that M.Humans have no conclusive ancestry to early hominids. Yet M.Humans appeared in the same time period as Neanderthal/Floresiensis with already complete anatomical evolution and independent O Blood Type allele and Genome, as opposed to the still progressively evolving Neanderthal/Floresiensis with related trace ancestral genomes.
So who are our ancestors?
Where did our genome evolve?
Where did we progress?
Who were our Primates?
Where does our M.Human lineage come from?
How did we appear on Earth already at the height of our Evolution unrelated to the hominids of the same time period?
Our earliest recorded creation histories of many people on Earth claim that there were people that came from else where, from the heavens, from the stars, and were the creators of civilisation on Earth, or the progenitors of their people. In many creations stories are variations of this concept found.
Were these proposed progenitors who came from the stars the first M.Humans?
Current data on hominid evolution shows no conclusive M.Human ancestry to this planet. So it suggests that early creation theories may have actually have some merit, if nothing is found to link us to Earth Evolution.

Thanks to: http://rhesusnegatives.co.uk

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