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History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

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1History Hash by Anna Von Reitz  Empty History Hash by Anna Von Reitz Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:03 am



History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

History Hash by Anna Von Reitz  Anna210

The most important insight that I have and that I can share with humanity is that your attention is being purposefully deflected and distorted.  You are being taught to consider differences in terms of groups or sets, and taught to consider similarities in terms of individuals or ones.  This programming makes everyone vulnerable to errors of assumption and logic that are mercilessly preyed upon and manipulated to the detriment of all life on this planet.

You MUST step back far enough to see the whole and you must sort your way through what I call the "History Hash" that you have been fed---either because those feeding it to you didn't have enough of the pieces to the puzzle to tell you the truth, or because they deliberately obscured things to serve an agenda.

Pretend that you are out in space, looking back at the Earth.   It is one thing, a unified whole.  There are no lines showing where Texas begins and Oklahoma ends.  At some level you all know this and know that this is the Truth, but because your very brain functions have been programmed otherwise, you instantly deflect away from this information. 

Confronted with something (the Earth) that is unique, you have nothing to compare it to, neither in terms of differences nor similarities. You take the fact of the Earth's apparent uniqueness and unity in as undeniable fact, but then fail to process it.  You "kick it out" of your logic circuits as not fitting into your system of thought patterns and it gets shelved for later review that never comes. It remains as a disassociated fact, something that you are aware of, but which you fail to integrate because it is outside the framework of your either-or programming.  

There are thousands of these disassociated and unexamined facts floating around your neural net.  Grasping only a few of them would change your thinking patterns, change your life, and change the world.

You have been taught to think only in terms of either/or comparisons. You are capable of recognizing this and correcting it, but you must turn your attention toward it and practice making the correction and force yourself to recognize and incorporate the otherwise disassociated facts into your conscious thinking process. 

You are also taught to think in terms of linear time.  It naturally appears to you that cause and effect generate change and action, that is, a linear progression of events which are unique and unrepeatable, but in fact we only exist in a steady state known as a "zero point" which we call "Now".  At some level you all know that now is all that exists, but again, thanks to faulty programming, you fail to fully integrate that information or ponder its implications. There is in fact a correction taking place so that every apparent action going forward and every apparent result is instantly compensated. 

Think of it in terms of walking: your foot presses against the Earth and the force of this propels you forward, but that same force propels the Earth backward. It's just that the Earth is so much more massive than you, that this equal backward thrust has no perceptible effect.  Please note that I said "perceptible".  There is an equal and opposite exchange of energy taking place. We are simply not able to perceive the other half of the exchange and therefore discount its existence.

Now is all that exists.  It is all that has ever existed and all that will ever exist.  Take that disassociated fact into your consciousness.  Consider it. Play with it. Examine its implications.  The past or whatever you think the past is, isn't.  It is the same way with the future. 

What exists is memory, faulty or otherwise, and material records of what other people experienced, and as for the future, what exists from this vantage point called "now" are projections of energy and mathematical probabilities.

Mathematically, both Wheeler and Zinn have proven that time does not exist and that all time factors in all equations in all systems worldwide are fundamentally false.  The scientific community has had cause to know this since the early 1960's, but again, the fact was avoided and disassociated.  Those who told the truth were attacked and ridiculed, but facts are stubborn things.  Two generations later, these facts are finally being integrated.

We can speak of "a time"---- a specific location within an ever-expanding energy matrix --- and we can speak of zero points known as "now" within the time matrix, but our whole concept of linear time based on our physical perception is an illusion. 

Another mathematical fact which is dissociated from your working consciousness, but which you nonetheless know, is that a negative plus a negative equals a bigger negative.  You cannot overcome evil by creating more evil. You cannot overcome injustice by creating more injustice.  Your natural impulse is to payback in kind, but it is precisely this natural impulse that perpetuates and INCREASES the amount of evil and injustice in the world.  Jesus demonstrated this with His teaching and even sacrificed His temporal Life to bring this fact forward into integration.

My own data base is the direct knowledge of my own lifetimes, experienced as different individuals in different times and places. I can remember all my "selves" and their lives and deaths with as much detail, if I choose to do so,  as I can remember my present life and what I looked like and what I was doing in 1965.  This is, in a sense, a resurrection of all that "I" am or ever was into the current body.

As you, too, are resurrected, you will discover that you have been black and white, male and female, Jew and Muslim, beautiful and ugly, healthy and sick, that you have died by fire and flood and peacefully and at war and everything in between. You will remember and understand the step-by-step process of bodily death and you will also realize that the essence of you has never been dead since the genesis of Creation.  You will know that no little jot of you has ever been lost or less than loved.  You have had a very extensive and varied experience of life from many different perspectives and that experience is designed to teach you that you are part of the whole, inextricably a part of and in sympathy with All That Is. Unity. God.  And paradoxically, at the same time,  you are you--- beloved, unique and forever the same though slowly evolving through all your guises, lives, and seasons.  

In addition to the data base garnered from my experience as separate selves, I am able to "walk through time" --- a matter of projecting my consciousness wherever I please in time and space. It's not really possible to lie to me.  If I have any reason to know something, I will know. 

So when I say that the Chinese are owed their portion of gold, what I say is true.  And when I say that other nations are owed their portion, that is also true.  This big fable of the Chinese and Indonesians suddenly being the only rightful inheritors is just that---- a self-interested lie.  Everyone must have what is theirs returned by right, without question, without a fight.  Not just the Chinese.  Not just the Indonesians. 

The days for such childish lies and for selfish agendas and for the brainless worshiping of idols, including gold idols, is over.

As I began this note with a reference to History Hash I might as well explain what I mean by that.  Over time, owing to much physical destruction, the truth about a lot of ancient history has been lost and mangled and mixed up like hash in a skillet.  Yesterday I had a woman tell me that Anu was the god of the Pleiadians and then she turned around and tried to tell me that "hotep" was an Egyptian word and then, on top of that, she claimed that I was an Annunaki. 

In other words, she can't tell a breadfruit from a bean, but that is the common condition even among the most zealous scholars.

The Pleiadians came nine (9) Precessional Ages ago--- that works out to roughly 23,500 years ago---but remember, because time is place, we are actually talking about an energy locality in space.  That is their "home" in relationship to this planet.  The Pleiadians are shy and peaceful, gracious, practical, industrious, humble, kindly, care-taking, balanced, stable, lovely ---- not at all obsessed with opposites and energy transfer and polarity.  They would no more worship Anu than they would worship my foot.

Anu is the deity worshiped by the Arians who were involved in the Plasma War 32,000 years ago at the end of the Taurean (Pleiadian) Age and brought forward again by the ancient Sumerian culture, 8,000 years ago.  Anu and his wife, Ana, created the Universe by their union according to Arian mythology.  Anu represents the primordial male (positive) aspect of the Great Dipole and Ana represents the primordial female (negative) aspect. 

According to the Arians everything is polarized and exists in a state of duality with which we must constantly struggle in order to achieve unity and rebirth. No surprise that they worship sex.  Sex is their sacrament.  Sex of all kinds.  All varieties of sexual union are sacred to them.

Arians = Aryans, from the constellation Aries.  Their war-like society was a caste system still reflected by the Hindu caste system today: priests, soldiers, merchants, and workers/slaves.  Their first and greatest occupation site was the Indus Valley and their Prince was the Lord of Dwarka.

The priests were known as the "All Seeing" and their symbol was a tear-drop shape.  The ubiquitous All-Seeing Eye actually represents two of the priests in union. The members of the priesthood were not from Aries at all, but came long ago from the Sirius Major star system, the Morning Star, Lucifer, the Light-Bearer of the Bible, who deteriorated into Set-an, or Satan.  They are classically very pale, with light blue or green eyes flecked with gold, red-gold or auburn hair, Cupid-bow lips, and dimples. Think Robert Redford or Michael Caine with strawberry blond hair and you will have the picture.  They are very intelligent and evaluate information by a very rapid and multi-dimensional process of elimination; some of them were "Time Walkers" and able to project their consciousness in the same way I do, which gave rise to the name "All Seeing" label. 

The soldiers were known as "Dragons" and their symbol was a closed X, like an hourglass.  Put two of them together and you get the Maltese Cross. These "annunaki" --- sons of anu by naki the snake woman -- were bred for war and battle like dachshunds are bred to go down badger holes.  They have double eyelids, extra teeth, thick, even, olive-toned skin, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, long arms, heavy jaws, abnormally thick diaphragms, enormous regenerative powers, enormous energy and agility--- all suiting them to thrive and survive under conditions of war.  The dragons think in terms of either-or as in "friend versus foe" so when they train you to think the same way and subject you to their limitations they are not consciously doing it to harm or limit you; they don't know any better because they lack the ability to think in any other way themselves. 

The two High Castes were not allowed to intermarry outside their caste at all, for the obvious reason that their abilities and functions were maximized by maintaining pure blood lines, and also because when they did marry outside their kind the results were not good.  Insanity and infertility and weird blood diseases were common results.

The merchants were known as "The Children of Men" and their symbol was an equilateral triangle.  Put them together in sexual union and you get the Star of David.  The merchants are also bred for their purposes like a breed of dog, only suited best for trading and communicating and traveling.  Of the three True Castes the merchants most resembled the rest of the Earth population at the time and they freely took concubines in addition to their caste wives.  The children that resulted were healthy and handsome and intelligent and so it was thought there was no harm in it. 

There has been a great flap and flurry recently as people noticed the existence of "reptilians" among us for the first time in several centuries and all sorts of irresponsible accusations have been made. The reptilians, aka, Dragons, have done their best according to their lights to protect you.  They are not evil by nature, though they are easily misdirected and tend to be arrogant, bone-headed, and stubborn. The attacks and accusations and unkindness directed toward them are not warranted overall and amount to a kind of racial prejudice.  In many cases, it is like kicking a loyal dog that is standing in the doorway trying in his dim doggy way to protect your family.  Seen in this light, you can understand how misconceived it is to attack these people just because they had ancestors from the Dragon caste. They have for the most part done their best and served far above their pay grade for a very long time.

The members of the Arian priest caste, who actually came originally from Sirius B,  mostly abandoned their responsibilities long ago.  Their scions still exist among us.  Many of the most brilliant scientists and artists have the genetic markers of these ancient sojourners--- but because of the troubles cited above, their progeny upon the Earth can also suffer from insanity, infertility, and weird blood diseases.  The irony is that although the scions of the original caste priests of Sirius B are the ones who are best able to direct and control both the Dragons and the Merchants, they are also the ones most loathe to do it. They don't want to be bothered with mundane things like ruling nations; they naturally despise politics and publicity and see right through the silliness of money, so that the only people who have the right and power and insight to rule societies dominated by the ancient castes are the ones who would rather dig ditches than sit in a Board Room with Heads of State, find harmless activities to exercise the Dragons, and keep the Merchants happy.  

It is only in very dark times when things are truly desperate, that the priests hear the call again and know that they've "got to do something"----and so they arise again as if from the dead and show up for work.   You will be seeing more and more of them.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website here:www.annavonreitz.com

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.  
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