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Lies My Television Told Me

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Lies My Television Told Me

by Elle -  20/05/2016

Lies My Television Told Me Tv-lies-700x452

Lies My Television Told Me Print
by Hypatia
Every now and again I get a bit nostalgic and long for the days of my youth. I will watch an old episode of Bewitched or The Andy Griffith Show and be taken back to those times again when things seemed much more simple, relaxed and seemingly structured in tales of morality which you would be hard pressed to find in any new show or movie.  We like to fantasize about how great our country once was and the era that is sorely missed, but were things really better or do we tend to romanticize the past?
I do agree that those were indeed different times with different standards and norms, but to truly look back with discernment, the country we miss so dearly was filled with racism, the same hegelian dialectic used and a caste system instilled in each of us. Things are not the same as they were then and neither are we, but since the advent of television there is no doubt that we have been unknowing participants in a full scale assault on our minds. All we watch these days are wrought with hidden symbolism and subliminal messaging and we may not realize how much influence the media has on us and the power it has to create the norms of our society.
When we were kids most of us assumed anything coming from an adult was the gospel truth and double ditto for those holding authoritative roles such as our teachers, policemen and preachers. If my Sunday school teacher said hell existed where bad boys and girls would spend eternity if they did not except Jesus I believed him. Even though I would visualize hell with sinners burning in agony,  I would often be left with more unanswered questions than before. How do they burn forever? Do they have a body that feels pain and if so would it not consume us and turn us to ash or do we just keep remanifesting or if  we are just our souls then how does that work? What is the point of the fire and pain if we are not in physical form?
There were many other curiosities rambling around my head. Why does God have so many conditions to his love? Why did he accept sacrifices then, but not now? Where are the women leaders and why do we have to play second fiddle to men? Why would God test Job whom the bible clearly spoke of as a true man of righteousness just to prove his point to the devil? Why was there over 500 mosaic laws many specifically detailing how to treat your slaves or giving the okay to kill a disobedient child? How could such a loving father be so angry as to kill innocent children because of the actions of their elders?  And someone please explain to me how the trinity works without using the egg explanation.  Even today I think about that answer given to me by a Sunday school teacher when I am cooking breakfast, the three parts white, yolk and shell as God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and I wonder if they have a better analogy now. I had a million and one questions for the adults and I expected every one of them to know each answer unequivocally.  They knew everything I thought, boy have those opinions changed.
As more and more questions came into mind regarding the stories of the bible or the history of mankind I became a bit of a skeptic and slightly cynical for a time. When I realized that the adults didn’t have all the answers it sent me on a mission to find them myself and throughout my life I feel as though an invisible hand has been there to guide me, give me insight and quell my thirst for knowledge. Each event orchestrated so beautifully, synchronized and all flowing in this upward momentum reaching out for the day when all is revealed and the truth of a higher form of being is reached and love is above all else. “Love IS God!”, I say to myself.  We have been molded into beings we are not for over 2000 years and it is time to stop assuming and reexamine the things we were told.
Everyone has their side and opinion and many articles and books have been written to convey their points. In my quest to uncover the facts I have deliberately read about each topic such as politics and religion from opposing sides. Even though I am of a completely different perspective than say, Ann Coulter, I have read a book of hers anyway. I went through several pages of people that I feel to be completely off track. I do this because I want to know why they think the way they do, where they came from and how they got the answers they were searching for. A life of doing my best to put myself in another’s shoes, see the world through their eyes was always in my dna. By no means has this made my life an easy, breezy one, but I would not take a second of it back, both good and bad always a learning process. One thing I can say with conviction is that the entertainment business has always had a secret agenda, to control the masses subliminally and create the norms as they see fit. “They” being those who have kept their identities hidden and their true purposes discreet for if the men behind the curtains were truly exposed, our world and the chaos they conjure would be no more. Corrupted human beings intent on a permanant change in what it means to be human.
They call it programming and that is exactly what it is. There was a story I heard of about the director Stanley Kubrick. He was known as being meticulous on set and a perfectionist with his ideal horror movie being one that would linger with his audiences. Reknowned as a genuis, he did some research before the making of The Shining and after reading a book entitled “Subliminal Seduction”, he met with some advertising agents to learn some tricks of their trade. We all know they don’t spend billions in advertising if it did not work so he set out to use the same symbolism and subliminal suggestions of the mind in his newest movie. After the first viewings,  many of the critics panned his film, but one critic went on to say that he just could not get that feeling of unease to go away. He later went to see the film again and now believes it to be one of the best in its genre. It was a film ahead of its time and after spending a little time learning about the occult or all things esoteric I see dozens of films since then, using these same techniques.
Coordinated attacks instilling fear into the subconscience is now common practice and found everywhere and in everything from a silly reality show to a children’s cartoon. Hollywood has definitely perfected their craft and the first step in regaining our own sense of being is to acknowledge this and learn the symbolism and the lies my television told me.
Lie #1 It is a dog eat dog world; survival of the fittest and you have to look out for number one.
Any professional in the field of anthropology will tell you that past civilizations thrived when working together and any good prepper knows that if the end was truly here it would take the coordinated efforts of many to survive. Lone wolves never fair well and humanity was meant to be communitive. In fact, it is our deepest desire to be accepted in a group and this they have spun around and used against us. Our need to fit in has been used to divide us. By creating the enemy within our own species they have used patriotism and team pride to keep us segregated as we are the many and they are the few and truly if we realized our strength in numbers it would be a mich different reality than we see today.
Lie #2 Women’s equality is mischaracterized as meaning women must behave as men when we are indeed quite different and for good reason. For a women to be on the level playing field as a man we are being taught that we can be just as promiscuous as them when most women need a mental connection. The new norm for young girls is to think as a boy. Although every woman should have a right to choose whether she wants to work or stay at home, the cia run women’s movement of the 70s clearly made a preference towards the working women demeaning the role of the stay at home mom. “We can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you’re a man cuz I’m a woman”. Does anyone else remember this commercial from the 80s? Well for many this approach has been exhausting. We don’t have to think like a man to be equal to a man. We are different and the only problem with that is the ones we create.
Lie #3 The American Dream is true happiness and the goal for all.
The American dream is more like a nightmare replacing the virtues encoded in our very dna with the 7 deadly sins, most notable greed, gluttony and envy. We compete with our neighbors and value people on what they own instead of who they are. We have been taught to grade people on their jobs rather than who they are as a human being and how they treat others or what they offer in ways to make the world a better place for us all.  Hollywood teaches that greed is good.  The more material items you own the more you are worth to society. This could not be further from the truth which brings me to the next lie…
Lie #4 The problem with this planet is overpopulation. The problem is not overpopulation, it is over consumption. They preach consumerism making shoddy products that purposefully fall apart as soon as you buy it ending up in landfills and polluting the planet. This is the system that they created for us to follow and then blaming us for being too many in number.
Lie #5 Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll. If you want to have a good life party like there is no tomorrow. I am not against a good time, but take a drive through downtown L.A. at night. Talk to some people who have lived the so called high life. Every night is a party and it never stops. Truly I see the book Brave New World being played out in the new Babylon. It may seem fun at first, but it is a shallow life with no meaning and as many will attest to addiction is no fun and all the limelight may seem great at first, but our soul seeks more.
Lie #6 We are 100% material beings. They try with all their might to negate the fact that humans are not only material, but also spiritual beings. Without the balance and natural laws of nature we become shells of our former selves
Lie # 7 Transhumanism- change or die. With a host of comic hero movies and a long list of the new heros being less than heroic, it is easy to see the agenda is that their new world order is replete with mind altering chemicals, poisoning of our land, air and water and there is nothing we can do, but go with the flow so pop those mood altering drugs and become zombified. These men in charge do not hide their desire to be immortal and yearn to keep the power they have permanant.
Lie #8 We take away your civil rights because we care.  Daddy government knows what is best so never question and if you do than you too may be labeled as one of the whacko conspiracy theorists. This they instill in us so that we self censor. Truly we are a new type of slave kept ignorant of our own sovereignty. They preach it all the time that we are children needing guidance..we are weak and in need of saving.. We are victims and must be handled with kid gloves. All of this is complete and utter nonsense. You and only you are in charge of your immediate reality and as a whole we create this world..not in our own likeness, but in the fabricated one they have defined for us. For this reason I suspect the truest culprits at the tippity top to be inhuman all along desiring us to be as they are..without compassion, empathy and true unconditional love.
There are many ways in which we have been deceived, but a new day is dawning and the people are waking up to this psychopathic system and seeing that we have been misled our entire lives. If we truly seek the truth we find an entire life led by lies encouraging division amongst our brothers and sisters, creating constant wars and violence and ensuring a future void of true human compassion.
The time has come to say no more, admit we have been duped and to turn off that television set or at the very least realize and analyze the effects it has on our very souls. If you are truly satisifed in the world outside than I will say no more, but if you agree that mankind was not meant to be this way..it is you and you alone who must start the change, shift the paradigm and escape this matrix. There is an Orwellian war of words in the entertainment industry, the true land of bizarro where up is down and left is right. In our hearts and minds we know we deserve better than the world we have today and the time has come to unlock these chains and truly free our minds. We are here, we are many and we are waiting for you with a clear message to Hollywood…your days are numbered.

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