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CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity

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CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Deus Nexus

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Transformation
With BREXIT and Donald Trump, we’re watching Chaos vs. Order manifest on the global stage like never before. Yet this duality play does not have to produce the globalists’ dream of a NEW WORLD ORDER. The cosmic cauldron of Chaos and Order is pure transformation. The direction of  transformation depends upon our level of conscious awareness and intent.
By David Nova | From Deus Nexus
I have been writing about the problem of duality for a number of years. It’s my personal spiritual contribution to humanity’s awakening. I introduced the problem of duality in a post entitled Transcending The Duality Paradigm. I wrote about duality programming in Hollywood entertainment in my analysis Captain America Gives The Illuminati Game Away and The Giver: More New World Order Duality Programming. I examined the duality programming of Chaos and Order within the seminal fictional works of George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World in The Two Dystopian Archetypes: Chaos and Order. Finally, my metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent” dramatizes the problem of duality, personifies the cosmic forces of Order and Chaos, and reveals a path of transformation and transcendence. I even wrote a study guide for these novels. I have certainly covered the topic, but the world hasn’t really been paying much attention.
However, the predictions that were laid out at the end of my metaphysical novel series are now beginning to come true.  We are beginning to see the naked manifestation of the forces of Order vs Chaos on the world stage. We are becoming conscious of their presence, no longer as unconscious forces behind the scenes, but as literal actors on the stage of our consciousness performing a program.  And this program will only become more intense and more transparent.
“As humanity begins to awaken, the world around you will appear to change. Order and Chaos will no longer be unconscious forces hiding beneath your culture. Their terrible, yet artificial conflict will rise to the surface. You will see the unimaginable manifest before your eyes. For when a single super power remains, the balancing forces of duality are lost. A new duality will emerge to manifest this perpetual conflict – the monolithic state versus the individual. This process is unavoidable.” – Season of the Serpent: Book Two

Trump vs. Clinton

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Hilllary-trumpCan you think of a previous American presidential election that so vividly represents the dichotomy of Chaos vs. Order? There has never been a matchup like Trump vs. Clinton, unthinkable only one election cycle ago.
Hillary Clinton is the penultimate establishment candidate, working both inside and outside the White House for the past 24 years, ever since her husband first took the office. Clinton is the epitome of Order, from her carefully constructed self-image, to her embodiment of the political system. She has even admitted to taking her marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations.
And then there is Donald Trump, casino billionaire and reality TV star, the purest embodiment of Chaos to make a run for president, from his shifting political policies, to his wildly unscripted speeches, to his boisterous and sometimes violent campaign crowds. Is his carnival persona authentic or just a carefully scripted television act? Does it even matter in today’s post-ironic world of internet memes?  It has become entertainment for the masses, and that’s all that matters.
Whoever wins the White House this fall will present a different path toward the same ultimate goal – either the acceptance of Clinton’s orderly march to the New World Order, or the defiant last stand of Trump’s chaotic American bonfire from which the New World Order would rise like a Phoenix.

Brexit vs. Bremain

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Eu-brexitAnd across the ocean we have the curious British counterpart, where the steadfast “Remain in the EU” camp represents global Order, and the “British Exit” camp represents global Chaos, as seen by the post referendum market swings, recent explosions of racial and ethnic intolerance, as well as general mayhem and panic from politicians and the international media. Brexit is being billed as the chaotic domino that will crash not just the European economy, but the entire global economy.
We now have the European version of the American presidential choice: the orderly march to the New World Order (and the acceptance of new draconian dictates from the EU) or the chaotic bonfire of Brexit (and potentially Grexit and Frexit) from which the phoenix of the New World Order would likely rise. It’s very much the same staged drama, stirring up the same emotions within the sleeping public mind.

False Duality: Conservative vs. Liberal

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity BlindfoldSo here is the rigged choice that we are being offered: obediently accept the New World Order, or suffer through Chaos and then accept the New World Order.
The occult elite know that there will always be two camps of humanity to any particular agenda, those who are willing to go along with their agenda and those who will not. This changes from generation to generation – the agenda, the resulting choices, and the duality camps that will be steered toward the goal. However, it has never been quite so naked before, even for the blind.
This has never been a conservative vs. liberal divide, a fallacy that many intelligent people still buy into. Once upon a time many decades ago, for those who can still remember, liberals used to represent Chaos, protesting the Vietnam war, marching for civil rights, while it was the conservatives who made up the establishment, who controlled the Order.
Now these old labels have flipped sides, as often happens when you are dealing with the forces of Order and Chaos, where yesterdays rebels are today’s leaders. Today it is the liberals who make up the establishment, who represent the Order, and the conservatives are the Chaos, the ones fighting against the system. Wait a few more decades, if this duality game continues, and they will flip sides once again, when the bonfire has long cooled and a new conservative generation is busy sustaining the New Order, locking up the new radicals who just want to protect whatever small personal freedom is left to fight over. This is not a conservative vs. liberal thing. This is a manipulated multi-generational cycle of duality.

However Chaos and Order are Elemental

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Yin-yangWhile human labels such as conservative and liberal are malleable, inconstant, and ever-changing, the forces of Chaos and Order are constant and eternal. They do not change their meaning over time. Rather it is human consciousness that alternates between these dualities. What is considered Chaos one decade may become Order the next decade, such as the acceptance of sexual practices. However, the root concept of Chaos and Order has not changed.
Chaos represents a force of destruction and entropy. Order represents a force of creation and organization. If you were to ask an alien race about concepts such as conservative and liberal, there is a significant chance they would not understand the question. However, if you were to ask an alien race about the concepts of Chaos and Order, they would almost certainly know what you are talking about, because these are universal concepts, observable in nature, in the cosmos around us. They are elemental and eternal constants. They may even be the intelligent spiritual forces that my novels suggests they are.
We accept that there is Chaos in the universe, as certain as there is night. We also accept that there is Order in the universe, as certain as there is day.  We logically understand that these are diametrically opposed forces. We may even accept that a third force is manipulating our perception of Order and Chaos to create a new belief system, to transform our world into a global slave state, a NEW WORLD ORDER.
What we don’t understand, what we fail to grasp, what we have yet to conceive is the idea that Chaos and Order can be transcended to create an entirely different world, a NEW EARTH.

The Indoctrination of “Ordo Ab Chao”

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Ordo_ab_chao1
“Secret Societies have a great motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.”
–James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind” (38)

Like it or not, we have all been indoctrinated with the masonic/illuminati formula “ORDO AB CHAO,” or “Order out of Chaos,” so pervasively that it has almost become our own belief system, and thus our universal manifested reality – but not quite yet.
We have been indoctrinated subconsciously by Hollywood and the mainstream media. We are already emotionally programmed to respond to Chaos with the acceptance of more Order. Every act of terrorism instills the unconscious fear that permits our civil rights to be stripped away and the surveillance of our persons to be magnified. And we allow this with very little protest, even those of us who are awake.
We have also been indoctrinated consciously by the alternative media. Yes, the alternative media is equally guilty in spreading this indoctrination by valiantly raising our awareness, but by not providing any alternative belief system to “ORDO AB CHAO” for us to manifest independently. We have not consciously and collectively formulated another universal belief system to counterbalance it.
Why are our belief systems so important? Because they are the engines of our own manifestations. What we focus upon, what we think about, what we emotionally invest in and react to becomes our chosen reality. If the occult elite can get us to focus exclusively upon their belief system – it becomes our belief system. If they can get us to ignore but subconsciously consent to their belief system, it becomes our belief system.
This is how the Universe works. It’s not fair, but it’s a universal law, a cosmic loophole the occult elite currently exploit. Mark Passio explains this in great detail in his video seminar De-Mystifying The Occult. When we give our unconscious consent, we are giving our free will consent. This is why Hollywood and the mainstream media exist. This is their unspoken purpose of spiritual mind control.
So what we need is our own alternative conscious belief system to create our own desired reality.

Chaos + Order + Consciousness = Transformation

CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Analog-dualityThe illuminati did not invent Chaos and Order any more than they invented the moon and the sun. They did not invent the concept of duality. They merely learned how to manipulate a system of duality, imitating the forces of Chaos and Order, much like gods to be worshiped and obeyed.  They perceive themselves as above the average man because they understand how to manipulate these forces to control the average man’s beliefs. This is their simple magic, but it is just a sleight of hand.
Problem-Reaction-Solution. This is the recipe they have used to accumulate influence and power. In their own twisted way, they transcend Chaos and Order, shadow and light, for their own personal transformation, yet they have kept this spiritual alchemy process hidden from the uninitiated population.
The chaos (CHAO) is the society we see around us today and it is the builders who influence the leaders to manufacture this chaos so that they can conceal their creations in darkness while they work towards the light (ORDO). Without chaos there would never be order. Without darkness, there can be no light and without light there can be no darkness. What is the AS ABOVE, is the SO BELOW of this Secret Brotherhood.
The Grand Architects of CHAO (hell or illusion) become the masters of ORDO (Heaven on earth). The torch bearers who carry the light in the dark will now be the light bearers who usher in the new dawn of a new day. (source)
While the current world stage is largely a carefully scripted drama created by the occult elite to achieve their agenda of a New World Order, and thus their twisted Transformation, they are working with cosmic forces that are beyond their control. And these cosmic forces have their own agenda when higher consciousness is added to the mix.
Cosmic forces, such as Chaos and Order, are neither good nor evil. However, they can be channeled by fear into a duality of good vs evil. The energy of Chaos can be destructive or creative, resulting in terrorism or liberation. The energy of Order can be used beneficially to structure society or negatively to imprison individuality.
However, it is the awakened mind that escapes this cycle of duality by transcending the negative and positive polarization of Order vs Chaos, recognizing them as neutral cosmic forces that can be channeled for personal transformation and empowerment, accepting them as such, and thus overcoming the external manipulation of belief systems and emotional conditioning.
CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity Egg-in-vice
“This is the storm that is coming. This is the Conflux Trap, the snare of denial humanity has set in motion. This is the final hour of darkness before the dawn when you must awaken. As you pass through the eye of the needle, you will finally realize that there are only two paths left to take: the path of fear, be it Chaos and Order, or the path you have known all along, the path of balance, the path of true freedom, the path of conscious unconditional Love. When Earth finally chooses the path of Love, you will miraculously transform. You will finally achieve your golden age. You will experience a Universe beyond your wildest dreams.” – Season of the Serpent: Book Two

When the Earth is bathed in the energies of global awakening, the cosmic forces of Order and Chaos act like a vice grip, squeezing the consciousness of mankind until the bubble of unconsciousness pops and a new awareness springs forth. This process may in fact be similar to what Cobra calls the “Compression Breakthrough,” thought he defines it much differently.
It’s an unfortunate spiritual fact that the consciousness of mankind, incarnated in the complacent slumber of this material world, lulled asleep by a matrix of illusions, maya, is reluctant to change or transform of its own sleeping will. No one changes without a catalyst. You can look back at your own life to see this simple truth. No one is motivated to change or transform unless some roadblock or some mountain compels you to seek out a different perspective. We all have the internal spiritual need to change, but until we are confronted with some external manifestation of this desire, we seldom ever leave our own comfort zone and grow.
Thus do the occulted elite play their predestined role in the awakening of mankind, acting as the manual labor behind this energetic vice grip, Chaos and Order, squeezing the egg-shell of a transformational humanity yet to be born. They have their purpose, as a catalyst to our inner and outer growth. They provide the backdrop to our transformation, from the vice grip of Fear to the freedom of Universal Love.  We can Transcend.  We can be liberated.
What we need is not their New World Order. What we need is a New World Paradigm.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.
This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Thanks to: https://deusnexus.wordpress.com

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