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Thanks to Vision Keeper:http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com




Morgellons is real!

If you are reading this material you or someone you love is most likely suffering tremendously. You have not received satisfactory explanation from the Medical Community as to what is causing this suffering. This is very distressful and I want to assure you I can get to the root cause of your or your loved ones illness.

As a Board Certified Pathologist and 44 years of compassionate care it is my job to examine human tissue under the microscope and report the findings. What I have found in Morgellons patients is truly not a delusional or paranoia on the patients part.

From now on I will refer to Morgellons as the Karjoo Phenomenon as I do not find the explanations provided so far accurate. The Karjoo Phenomenon is a combination of hair follicle disease and possibly contamination with sub micron partials on and penetrating the human skin barrier.

Please breath a sigh of relief, as this condition is treatable and my patients recover and are able to once again lead a normal healthy life.

Have you collected samples of material from your skin? Have you been hopeful some day someone will look at what you have collected? Do you want results in order to become a loving normal person once again?

Contact my office and request a microscopic examination collection kit. I will report back to you my findings.

This site has patient testimonial and my research published. Please take a look around this site and see for your self my findings and results.


Dr. Rahim Karjoo MD, FCAP, FASCP

Morgellons is an unknown name. Morgellons is not in any encyclopedia. Morgellons is not in any Medical Dictionary. Morgellons is not any type of dictionary. Morgellons has probably been created for the confusion of the human being from the real name of Environmental Contamination.

Contamination of the toxic materials released in the environment and also those put in the food and used inside the human body as well as those to be used on the skin surface. I will only explore one of them and that is silica, which is Silicone Dioxide. Those governmental agencies should prohibit the use of these products and inform the public regarding the possible side effects, such as the awful disease they call "Morgellons".

To learn more about the environmental contamination please go to Journal of Bionanotechnology: http://www.jnanobiotechnology.com/content/2/1/12

Morgellons Disease and Morgellons Treatment
The following contents on Morgellons Treatment and Morgellons disease were written by third parties for general educational information on Morgellons disease. Dr. Karjoo and Morgellons Medical Center were not involved in the writing or production of these Morgellons disease treatment contents. To get more information on Morgellons, the research about this disease and treatment options, please contact our office and set up a Morgellons disease treatment consultation.

Morgellons Disease
Morgellons disease is a mysterious condition highlighted by painful skin irritation and lesions, which in some cases may be disfiguring. Many patients report highly worrisome and unusual symptoms, including a crawling sensation underneath the skin and the emergence of fibers as well as sometimes frightening abnormalities involving the hair. The illness is highly controversial and often dismissed by mainstream medical practitioners as a type of delusion. Advocates for sufferers argue that these doctors and scientists are simply ignoring a disease they are, for whatever reasons, unable to explain.

Dr. Raheem Karjoo is a renowned board certified pathologist who has been studying the syndrome for some time. Though he is convinced the illness is misnamed – many refer to Morgellons as “Karjoo phenomenon” – he is also convinced that Morgellons disease is a very real illness with an environmental basis. Dr. Karjoo believes the syndrome has to do with silica, a common industrial compound found in everything from cosmetic surgery implants to computer chips.

The good news is that Dr. Karjoo has helped scores of patients with their painful and sometimes debilitating Morgellons symptoms. Although treatment may often be difficult for many patients until the disease is more widely accepted, Dr. Karjoo is convinced that a Morgellons cure may be achieved. He is able to provide treatment and help for sufferers at his Northwest Orange County clinic in the city of Garden Grove. Many grateful patients have found Dr. Karjoo’s work to be life altering and deeply helpful.

If you are suffering from skin lesions with unknown causes and you have silicone or saline implants, silicone injections or devices (from joint surgery, etc.) a pacemaker, or are on renal dialysis, these may be causes of the syndrome. Nevertheless, they are not the only possible causes. If you are suffering from skin rashes and an uncomfortable sensation under your skin, then further investigation is definitely warranted.

If you think you may have Morgellons/Karjoo phenomenon, please fill out our questionnaire with as much medical history information as practical so we can set up an appointment to discuss your situation in detail. For further information, please visit our contact page or us the information below to get in touch with Dr. Karjoo and to begin the process of taking back your life from this difficult and hard to deal with phenomenon.

Phone: 714-636-0261
E-mail: karjoomdinc@yahoo.com
Morgellons Treatment
Have you been struggling from itching, discomfort, and/or strange lesions on your skin for an extended period of time? You may be struggling with a condition called “morgellons disease.” Many times, those with Morgellons seek help, only to find that most doctors don’t really have much to offer in terms of an explanation or morgellons treatment. It is common for those in the healthcare field to tell sufferers of Morgellons disease that their ailment is all in their head, a delusional parasitis, or that the fibers are not something that are really coming from the body, but are self induced instead. If you are tired of endless suffering from your symptoms, it is time you received real Morgellons treatment.

The good news is you no longer have to tolerate the pain and disfigurement created from the occurrence of Morgellons fibers in your body. You can stop this invasion and be done with this illness when you approach the Morgellons Medical Centre led by Dr. Karjoo. With over 40 years of experience in helping people who are combating this condition, we can help you overcome Morgellon’s. This is a real condition that has been given a misnomer and been treated the wrong way. If you want morgellons treatment, you have come to the right place.

On our site, you can find testimonials from numerous others like yourself who have knocked on many doors and been examined many times, only to be told vague answers that provided no relief. To begin with the morgellons treatment, you simply need to fill out the provided questionnaire and one of our associates will contact you to schedule an appointment. Morgellons is a real condition wherein there has been contamination or intrusion into your skin from silica particles. We can offer you relief and morgellons treatment that is real and proven to be effective.

Morgellons Treatment | Morgellons Disorder | Morgellons Pictures | Morgellons Symptoms | Morgellons Research | Morgellons Disease Caused by Chemtrails | Morgellons Disease Pictures | Morgellons Fibers | Morgellons




Google Clouds, Filaments and Bugs

by ~Kathryn Augustyn~ Anyone feel connected to Google? “Colored Chemtrail Clouds have been reported. It does appear that the colored filaments Morgellons folks find, is the color of Google, or the Olympic Rings plus black “rubber like” filaments. Morgellons is one puzzle we wish to solve. Images from Patagonia, Chile were received by MRG researchers and they appear to be the same as what we find in America and other places around the world, except these were from “colored clouds”.
“……. a specimen from Patagonia, Chile, South America. collected the sample last week. Chemtrails and “colored clouds” ” were reported.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  2012-08-13-15-41-25.171-300x168

“Specimen obtained from Patagonia, Chile, South America, August 2012.
Specimen labeled: Outside above front door.”

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  2012-08-13-16-05-57.015-300x168

Specimen labeled: Pillow.
Patagonia, Chile, South America.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  2012-08-13-16-16-07.046-300x168

It appears a Google Bug with its notorious colors has landed as well.
Colored clouds in China just before the 2008 Earthquake
Incidents of colored clouds in America:

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  Cloud1-300x199

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  Cloud2-300x208

The following account was received on Feb 9 2000 along with the photographs above:
(received by Clifford Carnicom)
“I was outside filming today and happened to catch these photos. You couldn’t see the colors with the naked eye. At first I thought there was something wrong with the camcorder, but it wasn’t the camera. This rainbow chemcloud only lasted approx. 2 minutes and then dissipated. It was very bright pink, green, yellow and purple! There was a distinct smell of geraniums and peaches in the air at the same time. I haven’t smelled that since last summer when we had yellow rain. So far, I haven’t found anyone who has seen this. Note that it was 2:30 in the afternoon and overcast (no reflection from sunrise or sunset).”



I have been learning that an incredible number of RH negative blood types are being infected with Morgellons. Interesting don't you think?

Now why would anyone want to do that I wonder. :)



They know who is the Activist , LightWorkers, the Rainbow ,Indigo, Crystal Children AND THE RH PEOPLE!! ARE

and EVEN before they are Born... (sometimes )They throw oppsitical in your way throughout your life

or go they are after you in High School to join the MILITARY

or even gass or electricly harrass you

targeted individuals ...they use this also on whistleblowers

as for RH people ....as you know the differences that you have

you can help ANYONE with this blood type...but NOT vice versa

and you can not be CLONED

and the CHRIST was RH!!



The life story and work of Nikola Tesla. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things.

As Tesla claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy from the voltage difference in the ionosphere that causes lightning, he was seen as a threat to the world energy economy and most of his inventions were classified for national security by the US government.

A lot of his discoveries in physics have not been released to the public, despite being invented nearly 100 years ago. Other technologies not yet released to the public include HAARP Electromagnetic technology and high energy directed particle beams used in space weapons.

How much more has been stolen and stamped "Kosher"

Who the hell u think owns Westinhouse and Edison ???....the Government ????

just like they stole the Rh negative blood therory

The miracle that's HIDDEN from the American people and the world


Tesla is from Mary (Yeshua Mother) direct BLOODLINE and he had RH negative Blood

We Have To Make The CHRIST and his FATHER The CENTER of our (PERSONAL)World ...

and the Christ gave us his Mother and SHE DESERVES Honor

she cries for us ....after all she is human

She is the MOTHER of the World
There is ONE PATH!!! and its NARROW....MANY SLIP AND FALL .....but they come back.....

and its really all about the GOLDEN RULE!!!

treat others as you like to be treated.....

and to get back to these evil demons ....they are changing the people ....thur chemtrails , GMOs, Vaccinations....

they are de-evovling us ...they are DE_HUMANIZING MANY!!.....and some are getting more ALERT< PSYCHIC
I hope that i made sense ....because They are going to have a false RAPTURE , Alien INVASION...They are going to ATTACK US with BRUTAL LETHAL Weapons ....and Most will Preservere....But he gave us a BRAIN and we have use it ...

and prepare and share

It did not state (in the 10 commandments ) thou shalt not kill ...it is ....Thou shalt not murder

there is a time to kill

and this government is not making it easy....or people that do not see what really is going on




How the Neanderthals became the Basques

David Noel

Ben Franklin Centre for Theoretical Research
PO Box 27, Subiaco, WA 6008, Australia.

What happened to the Neanderthals?

From a combination of old and new evidence, it appears that at last we have a satisfactory answer to the age-old question of 'What Happened to the Neanderthals?'. If the current reasoning is correct, their descendants are still with us, and we call them the Basques.

This theory therefore simultaneously answers a second age-old question, 'What is the Origin of the Basques'?

Robert J Sawyer has recently published his book "Hominids" [2], a fictional account of an interaction between Sapiens humans and Neanderthals, but drawing on the latest scientific research about Neanderthals.

This research included studies of DNA extracted from bones of Neanderthal remains. The account mentions five months of painstaking work to extract a 379-nucleotide fragment from the control region of the Neanderthal's mitochondrial DNA, followed by use of a polymerase chain reaction to reproduce millions of copies of the recovered DNA.

This was carefully sequenced and then a check made of the corresponding mitochondrial DNA from 1,600 modern humans: Native Canadians, Polynesians. Australians, Africans, Asians, and Europeans. Every one of those 1,600 people had at least 371 nucleotides out of those 379 the same; the maximum deviation was just 8 nucleotides.

But the Neanderthal DNA had an average of only 352 nucleotides in common with the modern specimens; it deviated by 27 nucleotides. It was concluded that Homo sapiens and Neanderthals must have diverged from each other between 550,000 and 690,000 years ago for their DNA to be so different.

In contrast, all modern humans probably shared a common ancestor 150,000 or 200,000 years in the past. It was concluded that Neanderthals were probably a fully separate species from modern humans, not just a subspecies: Homo neanderthalensis, not Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

Looking now at the evidence for the theory that the Basques are descended principally from Neanderthals, everything suddenly falls into place, and the supposition becomes almost self-evident.

Location: The 'home country' of the Neanderthals is well known to have been western Europe. One source says that they "dominated this area for at least a quarter of a million years". Many of the best Neanderthal specimens have originated from the Iberian Peninsular. The Basque Country, lying on the western side of the Pyrenees and on the border between Spain and France, fits in neatly with this location.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  Neanderthal-map

Some Neanderthal sites. Note concentration in the Basque area. From [12]

The Basques are well-known to have distinctive body characteristics. Kurlansky says "Ample evidence exists that the Basques are a physically distinct group. There is a Basque type with a long straight nose, thick eyebrows, strong chin, and long earlobes" [1].

Basque skulls tend to be built on a different pattern. In the early 1880s, a researcher reported "Someone gave me a Basque body and I dissected it, and I assert that the head was not built like that of other men" [1].

These qualitative differences are indicative, but quantitative evidence, with presence or absence of features, or items being present in different numbers, has greater weight in deciding whether specimens belong to the same or different species. Powerful quantitative evidence comes from a consideration of blood factors.

Human blood is classified according to various parameters, the most important of which are ABO and Rhesus characteristics. In ABO, blood may contain the 'A' factor (giving A-group blood), the 'B' factor (B-group), both 'A' and 'B' (AB blood), or neither (O blood). The A and B factors act as antigens, and if blood containing one or both of them is transferred to a person whose blood does not already contain them, and therefore has the corresponding antibody, adverse reactions occur. Group O blood contains neither antigen but has both antibodies, and can typically be transferred without reaction to any recipient.

Some 55% of Basques have Group O blood, one of the highest percentages in the world [3].

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  BloodGroups

Blood Groups. From [11]

Even stronger evidence comes from the Rhesus factor, discovered only in 1940. The blood of most humans (and, apparently, all other primates [6]) contains this factor, and is called Rhesus-positive or Rh+ blood. Blood lacking this factor is called Rhesus-negative.

The Basques are well-known to have the highest percentage (around 33%) of Rhesus-negative blood of any human population [2], and so are regarded as the original source of this factor. In the United States, some 15% of the 'European' population are Rh-negative, while the percentage in the 'Asian' and 'Black' population is much less than this.

Possession of Rh-negative blood can be a major disadvantage for a human population. A Rh-negative woman who conceives a Rh-positive child with a Rh-positive man will typically bear her first child without special problems. However, because of intermingling of fluids between mother and foetus, the first pregnancy builds up antibodies to Rh+ blood in the woman which typically attack the blood of her subsequent Rh+ children, causing them to miscarry, be stillborn, or die shortly after birth (infant haemolytic disease [6]). This phenomenon is unknown elsewhere in nature, although it can occur with artificial crosses between species, as in mule production [6].

The scenario so far then is this. Around 600,000 years ago, in southern Europe, a species of man separated off from the ancestral line, and we call this species Homo neanderthalensis, the 'N-people'. The blood of this species contained none of the factors A, B, or Rh.

Much later, possibly around 200,000 years ago in Africa, the main human line had picked up the A, B, and Rh factors (possibly from other primates, the Rhesus factor is named after the Rhesus monkey or macaque), and by then could be classed as Homo sapiens, the 'S-people'.

In competition between related species or races, antibodies in their blood are a powerful genetic advantage for those who possess them when competing against those who don't. History has many examples of European settlers who quite unintentionally won out against native populations because the latter had no antibodies against diseases such as measles which the Europeans brought with them.

In the present scenario, a woman of the N-people (Basque, Rh-) who partnered with a man of the S-people (non-Basque, Rh+) would be likely to bear no more than a single child of the partnership. 'Mixed marriages' in humans are not usually genetically disadvantageous, but in this case they would be. The effect would be a continuing reduction in the N-people population as 'mixed' couples produced only a single child, half the nominal population-maintenance rate.

There are other physical characteristics of humans which are typically associated with Rh-negative blood, but which in the present scenario would be regarded as belonging to the N-people. These include early maturity, large head and eyes, high IQ [6], or an extra vertebra (a 'tail bone' -- called a 'cauda'), lower than normal body temperature, lower than normal blood pressure, and higher mental analytical abilities [5].

Another highly distinguishing feature of the Basques is their language, which is related to no other on earth. According to [3], its ancestor was "spoken in western Europe before (possibly long before) the ancestors of all other modern western European languages". This source states that the most strenuous efforts at finding other relatives for Basque have been complete failures.

People have unsuccessfully tried to connect Basque with Berber, Egyptian and other African languages, with Iberian, Pictish, Etruscan, Minoan, Sumerian, the Finno-Ugric languages, the Caucasian languages, the Semitic languages, with almost all the languages of Africa and Asia, living and dead, and even with languages of the Pacific and of North America. Basque absolutely cannot be shown to be related to any other language at all [3].

The structure of the Basque language is also very distinctive, it is said to contain only nouns, verbs, and suffixes. The language strongly defines the Basque people [8]. In the Basque Language, called Euskera, there is no word for Basque. The only word defining a member of the group is Euskaldun, or Euskera speaker. The land is called Euskal Herria -- the land of Euskera speakers.

In the present scenario, Basque is the descendant of a spoken language originated by the N-people, independently of (and possibly at a much earlier time than) the languages of the S-people.

In an interesting study, Philip Lieberman [7] has looked at the mouth cavities and other presumed speech production features of Neanderthal fossils. According to his evaluation, Neanderthal people would have had difficulty in pronouncing the vowel 'ee'. This vowel is missing from normal Basque pronunciation [9].

If the present scenario is valid, then the Basques, mostly stemming from the N-people, would of course be somewhat distinct genetically. In [3] the question is asked, "Are the Basques genetically different from other Europeans?" , with the answer, "Apparently, yes. Recently the geneticist Luiga Luca Cavalli-Sforza has completed a gene map of the peoples of Europe, and he finds the Basques to be strikingly different from their neighbours. The genetic boundary between Basques and non-Basques is very sharp on the Spanish side. On the French side, the boundary is more diffuse: it shades off gradually toward the Garonne in the north. These findings are entirely in agreement with what we know of the history of the Basque language".

The social relationships of the Basques with the rest of the world have been quite unusual for a distinctive human group. While always protecting their unique and separate identity, they have also always striven to interact, cooperate with, and sometimes lead the rest of the world.

Kurlansky points out the remarkable contributions the Basques have made to world history [1]. They were the explorers who connected Europe to the other continents in the Age of Exploration, in trade they were among the first capitalists, experimenting with tariff-free international trade and monopoly breaking, and in the industrial revolution they became leading shipbuilders, steelmakers, and manufacturers.

At the same time, the Basques have always been regarded as 'different', and so inevitably subjected to discriminatory treatment and (sometimes savage) persecution, as in the Franco years [3]. In my book 'Matrix Thinking' [4] I have examined the underlying forces driving interactions between human groups, using the term SIOS, and the way groups recognize and act on differences between those inside and outside their own group.

Genetic differences are one of the most powerful recognition signals in this process, and so it cannot be unexpected that the Basques have suffered in this way. Nowadays such events are regarded in a very negative light, as pointlessly discriminatory. In the Basque case there is some rare justification for this -- a non-Basque man pairing with a Basque women might have expected to have only one child of the marriage, before recent medical procedures got round the Rhesus-negative problem.

Language differences are also very powerful SIOS recognition signals, and it is interesting to look at the Basque case. The Basque language, while retaining its own distinct structure, has heavily borrowed words from other languages. Other languages have borrowed very few words from Basque, regarded as an 'inferior' language, and those that have come over often have had an uncomplimentary sense. As an example, Spanish has borrowed 'izquierdo' (meaning left, as in left-handed) from Basque, and words meaning 'left' often have a negative connotation (in English, 'gauche' and 'sinister' are from the French and Latin for 'left').

It has been suggested [5] that the Basques were the original inhabitants of Europe, and the architects of Stonehenge and similar megalithic structures. These constructions apparently used a unique system of measurement based on the number 7 (instead of 10, 12, or 60), representing a separate origin of a mathematical system.

To round out the present scenario, it is suggested that the present world population is a complex hybrid mixture of at least two human species, one classed as Homo neanderthalensis, the other (or others -- if the A and B blood factors originated from separate species) as Homo sapiens. The genes from these species are now so intermixed (as in cultivated roses) as to make the species name indeterminate.

Further genetic analysis, concentrating on the Basques, may reveal more on this. Research should cover both nuclear DNA, controlling sexually-inherited traits such as blood groups, and mitochondrial DNA, passed on unchanged from mother to child. For reasons given above, the N-people mitochondrial DNA may have now been bred out completely from modern world populations.

Perhaps the Human Genome project needs extension to cover the possible mix of origins. It would also be of interest to check whether any known Neanderthal skeletons had an extra vertebra.

There is an extensive website covering recorded Neanderthal fossils [10], and the information there generally supports the suggestion that the species have merged, with later N-people more similar to the S-people than older specimens.

Supplement 1

When the article above was first made available on the Web in 2002, nine years, it contained some perhaps controversial suggestions.

Among these suggestions were that the Neanderthals had not become extinct as a result of competition with 'superior' modern humans; that instead, Neanderthals had merged with other humans to form a mixed, single modern species (Homo sapiens); and that the Basque people of the western Pyrenees had the largest genetic inheritance from the Neanderthals in their DNA.

The influence of blood groups on human inheritance was looked at, and it was explained that while the nuclear DNA (the main DNA considered in inheritance) of Basques might well have more Neanderthal inheritance than average, their mitichondrial DNA (passed on directly from mother to child) might have had all Neanderthal components bred out.

This was because infant haemolytic disease, where a Rhesus-negative mother mating with a Rhesus-positive man was likely to have only a single child survive, would mitigate against outbreeding Basque women having many descendants.

Nine years on, these suggestions are no longer controversial, and are becoming widely accepted. For example, a recent article [13] says:

People of European descent may be 5% Neanderthal, according to a DNA study that questions whether modern humans left Africa and replaced all other existing hominids.

It also mentions:

The researchers agree with recent studies that conclude Neanderthals did not contribute any mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, genetic material that is passed from mothers to children.

An extensive National Geographic article on Neanderthals [14] had some interesting reconstructions of what Neanderthal women are thought have looked like

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  Neanderthal-women

Neanderthal and modern European women. From [14]

As well as these published articles, I have received many messages from people with Basque family origins who have recognized themselves or their relatives in the characteristics suggested in the 2002 article. One lady said that the National Geographic reconstruction "could have been a photograph of her mother".

One interesting facet of Neanderthals, not picked up in the 2002 article, is that they are believed to have had reddish hair and light skins [15]. So red hair may be another marker of part-Neanderthal ancestry.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD  Neanderthal-girl

A Neanderthal girl. From [15]

The old concept of Neanderthals being brutish, primitive people has receded in the light of modern studies. Instead, with their powerful, tough physiques and brain size above the modern average, and increasing evidence of cultural and artistic achievement, we may all become quite proud of our Neanderthal inheritance!


[1] Mark Kurlansky. The Basque History of the World. Penguin Books, New York, 2001.
[2] Robert J. Sawyer. Hominids. Tor Books, 2002.
[3] FAQs About Basque and the Basques. www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/users/larryt/basque.faqs.html.
[4] David Noel. Matrix Thinking. BFC Press, 1997. Chapter 104, Syston Boundaries and SIOS. Also at: www.aoi.com.au/matrix/Mat04.html.
[5] The Rh-negative Factor and 'Reptilian Traits'. www.reptilianagenda.com/research/r110199a.html.
[6] Blood of the Gods. www.geocities.com/ask_lady_lee/rhneg.html.
[7] Philip Lieberman. Eve Spoke: Human Language and Human Evolution. W W Norton, 1998.
[8] What is Basque? www.clan-blackstar.com/research/basque.html.
[9] Basque Pronunciation. www.eirelink.com/alanking/collq1.htm#Pronunciation.
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You are so correct on this gf!

The RH- factor IS what this is all about for me. Always has been. The lies and secrecy on the info is staggering! The groups that I belong to KNOW what this is about. This is warfare. A war we will win. A war we HAVE to win!

And yes... the blood type on the Shroud of Turin tested as A-. The names of those that are RH- is amazing. I did not know Tesla was a neg but that does not surprise. Seems that most of those that had an impact on humanity are of this rare blood group. Thanks for the links also.

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