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Philippines president Duterte announces 'separation' from US during China visit

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Published on Oct 20, 2016
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced his 'separation' from the United States, expressing his desire for the Philippines to become more dependent on China. Duterte made the comments during the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum in Beijing, which was chaired by Chinese Vice Premier, Zhang Gaoli. The Filipino leader expressed his will to move away from American influence both militarily and economically.

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FULL TEXT: Duterte's keynote address at the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum
Date: Friday, 21-Oct-2016 09:03:30

(philstar.com) | Updated October 21, 2016 - 3:02p


[Delivered at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing China | 20 October 2016]

Thank you. No need to stand up.

Philippines president Duterte announces 'separation' from US during China visit  Duterte-china
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, left, shakes hands with Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China ahead of a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (POOL / REUTERS)

You know, what is really wrong with an American character and an oriental gentleman. Many crowds would say mahiyain, that the Filipinos and the Orientals are fundamentally shy. They bow at the slightest good statement, even if already introduced, they whisper, they do not shout.

And they say that we are a shy, "mahiyain" tribe. Most of the Asians are characterized by that kind of [inaudible].

While the Americans are a little bit loud, sometimes rowdy; and they have this volume of their voice and their larynx not well adjusted to civility. “Mr. President...Mate, what's wrong here? Everything all right?” We do not do that. We say: “Mr. Vice Premier, how are you? And everything good here?”

So the one thing that really matter is they say we are a shy race, tribe. And they are the more forward, commanding voice defeating obedience.

You know I have a Chinese blood. I have a Moro blood. I have a Visayan blood. I've studied the nuances of our characters. I have come to the conclusion that we are Orientals a very courteous race. [applause]

The problem is when you talk to the Westerners, Americans and all, they are a very discourteous people. [applause]

And talking of business, I would rather that they keep just making their [inaudible]...And if you have the capital and there’s a Filipino Chinese guy who is also rich and if you see an American approaching you, please shut up. Do not include him in the talks because you will just spoil everything. [applause]

I have yet to hear, at least in our experience Filipino Chinese partnering with American businessmen. And if you do that, that is the shortest way of losing your money.

You know, I have yet to hear Americans going to my office for the 23 years that I’ve been mayor, expressing good intentions and about going to business that would help the food and everything. They go there not really for the basics, importation of fruits and everything just what China is doing.

But they go for the mining and all of these things that are really very detrimental to your country. And that is why I am leaving Gina Lopez on her own because there are really minings owned by the Americans or in consortium with Americans and Filipinos who are wreaking havoc on our planet earth.

And so that is what I need. When this Chinese guy goes for the small things, the Americans would come in very strong and discourteous.

And I have seen that. I’ve never really liked them not because they do it well with my country but long, long before I already had that experience of an American idiotic arrogance.

You know, I was going to Brazil with some of the congressmen and when we came back because our entry, port of entry was LA, going there was Miami...

You know, when I was cleared by Customs, was going out at the LA, LAX airport, here comes this black guy in uniform also black, with a pistol also black, and his shoes was black and I thought that he was somebody. No slur intended. That is his original color.

And he approached me and said, “May I see your passport?” It was a diplomatic passport because we were traveling... Most of the congressman in my entourage were traveling with passports diplomatic. And he said, "Where is your letter of authority to travel?” And so that was the first time that it was missing.

And I said probably because that letter addressed to the port of entry in South America which was Brazil and it was not clipped and so probably it was not reinserted in the passport and I didn’t take notice of it. You know this guy brought me to a room to interrogate me. I said... A congressman of mine they saw what they want to know. With all sorts of things.

So I said, if you detain me any further and if there’s a plane available going back to the Philippines now, I’d be happy to ride. That was the last time I went to America. Maybe sometime soon the Americans come to my country for business and all, including pedophilia.

And they come to my country sans a visa, they do not need it, they go there as if they own the place. Maybe thinking that it was only until now.

And Filipinos who go to America and who have the money, they are not just only berated in the visa control, in the consular office,[inaudible] they are humiliated. And so maybe-- Is there American here? If you are planning to go to my country, you get a visa from where you come from. Maybe [applause]... It’s about time. iI you think they’re liberal with the Filipinos, it’s because they have the brains and you get most of the best and the brightest of the Filipinos for your country.

Do that in the movies—they’re all Indians and they’re all Pakistani, they’re all Asians, but you would hardly see an American that is really bright enough to cure even himself.

Ganito ‘yan eh. America does not control the economy now. He is placed that he is the most powerful industrial nation in the world. That’s a lot of b******. [applause]

Why? If he is really the most powerful industrial power in the entire world, they should be paying taxes or the money, the foreign exchange, the trade imbalance between America and China.

How can you be the most powerful industrial country when you owe China and you are not paying it for almost three trillion dollars? [applause] Kalaki-laki ng utang mo, may utang ka --- [applause]

So, and maybe they constrict...China cannot collect, it might just assign the credit to each and everyone whom was here [applause].And the poorer countries, I’d be happy if you assign five billion of your credit to me. Let me.... [applause]

Let me collect it for you but allow it to use it for some time before returning the capital to you [applause] because we Filipinos, we pay our obligations. We are men of honor.[applause]

Wala ng pe-- China has no money. It is a country which is affected by paranoia. [crowd says US] ‘Yung United States of America, it’s afflicted with paranoia.

They are deathly afraid of Putin because Putin is even afraid of himself. He might not restraint himself and go to war and...And then they have this EU in shambles. And they could not even help Greece and the other countries to the extent that the Brexit and maybe more will go out of that stupid—in the first place, they should have not done it.

It has no money. It cannot guarantee health. It will not go to war. I am sure of that. And they are afraid of Putin who is ready to go to war anytime. And in China, here, they can never [go?]. Really. Because in east ASEAN affairs, Cambodia could not be theirs, 100 percent, it is an ally of China. Laos, it is always an ally of China. Vietnam, same thing. Widodo of Indonesia is neutral. Duterte of the Philippines is veering towards China. [applause]

Because China has the character of an Oriental. [applause]
It does not go around insulting people, insisting on policies to follow them and trying to control the money of the world through the IMF and the World Bank. [applause] Dito Asian Development Bank.

Now go that of late, China decided to make a counterbalance here and that is the AIIB. And so, America is really checkmate here. It is not ready for war because they are not ready to die anymore.

And you can see it when in the special forces when they go home, there’s a lot of crying and criticism and a congressman talking there, filibustering about the lost of an American life.

Filipinos, if you want to go to war, go. As long as it is really the desire of the nation, to protect itself. Forty-four Mamasapano soldiers, they went inside, they died.

No dramatics, no nothing. No...Except that we grieve for our soldiers. Maybe in this --- in the days ahead, I will order the opening of that issue again. Not really to prosecute people but just to know what happened? Who got the five million?

Whether the tip of the finger of Marwan, was gotten by the Special Forces of United States or was it really brought to the forensic division diyan sa Crame.

These are the lies that are imposed upon the people which is not good. Let us go for the truth. Let it out. Never mind about corruption. Too late in the day.

But if there’s any interested, fine. So even in business now, America cannot help us. All the time that you have 33 million dollars... “We have 33 million dollars, sir, and you can do what you want with that.”

It’s not the kind of thing that just like an uncle leaving the house after eight years, he say, “Hey, nephew, here’s some money for you, for your college expenses.”

That’s-- We do it the formal way. But Japan, Korea, and the rest are the benefactors, but most the biggest is China.

And when they lend you, they lend you money, they do not lend you promises and installments. That’s the big difference between the tranche, per tranche of the Americas and the way we handle our good will here.

When it is money intended for you, to make sure that you have this project for your upliftment, it is there. And I do not see America has that.

The reason why I decided to shift gear is because I do not see any reason why I should stick with America who invaded us after the Spaniards for 400 years, stayed there for 50 years and since then nothing has happened.

It’s all election, corruption, election, corruption, election --- all the way. And despite they say that they have poured millions on us, on our economy nothing has happened.

But you know, I really cannot just conceive of an idea that despite corruption after corruption, they still give the money to the same persons who take advantage of us, to the same oligarchs, to same rich people.

But then the money is in the bank, they're given the priority to borrow it? It shred the fat of the land. They scramble for it, they spend the money, sometimes it is lost and everything is forgiven.

Nothing of those big money that the Americans gave ever was used for the loans to be given to the downtrodden. And I said to my advisers, "who are these persons who should be helped?" In Davao City there is a market. There is a road in front of the market. At about 4 o’clock, the Moro people most of them, Maranao, Maguindanao and it’s where the highest incidence of hunger and, of course, corruption also by the officials.

They are there to spread a [unclear], piles of banana, camote and onions and they sell it. And at 7 o'clock, the fold up because traffic is already very busy.

These are the guys who haven’t really tasted what government feels on how it operates. And yet for the so many generations of American aid, it has not really changed the lives of the Filipinos.

And that’s why I said to our Japanese [unclear], I need money to help the poor. And if there, there's the money with local business attached as to where it will be spent. It would be spent on the ground level first. I will take care first of those who never had --- who never tasted even a luxury in their lifetime.

Second one is I need money because I have to stop the 5-6.[applause] We do not have…We do not have the ambassador of India. Their style, no offended to the great country of India. But there are citizens of India going about everywhere into the 5-6. A usurious interest that would really kill even the enterprising spirit of the Filipinos. [applause]

They lend you the money and you would have to buy from them other articles of the household. It’s either a sala set, a refrigerator, if you don’t do that, if you aren’t willing to buy, no loan.

So you are paying the loan for 5-6 and at the same time you are paying for the appliances that are put in your house and you have to pay double plus interest also.

There are things in the Filipino life which has been there for a long time and yet nobody has really…Eh ako kumakain ako sa madaling araw because I have two houses. After the first house, I asked my girlfriend, “let’s eat.” And I enjoy native food. So after eating food, balut and everything, I deliver her to the first house then I go back to the second house to rest.

So nakikita ko ‘yang nightlife and I see how really life has been miserable to them. Kaya kung tulungan ako ng --- if Japan would help me --- ay China would help me, and Japan also has promised something like the railway everything and they have --- they gave me a letter about that. Now, I will just…And, of course, Korea. But then I am more inclined to get --- to borrow from China. [applause]

Why? Because they are not --- if it’s really for a long --- they are not really eager to collect. [laughter] And sometimes they already forget[laughter] because of our friendship with China. [applause]

Japan and Korea, no. Koreans…Japan…But better practice is just stick with China. [laughter] There is more money and the only thing that I really like about China, sir, is your sincerity. [applause]

Alam mo kapag ang Intsik…Do not be insulted, do not be offended about calling Intsik because my lolo, my grandfather on the mother side was a Chinese. [applause]

Pero itong mga Intsik kapag nagsabi iyan talagang ibibigay at maawain. Nandito ‘yan sila lahat. I do not kind of say but is [Sammy Ong?] here? Alam mo iyang tao na ‘yan nanalo ‘yan sa lending. Lending legit not lending usurious. Konting…And even the others, my friends, iyon bang hirap ‘yung tao when the fellow is hard up. And he goes to Sammy where he spend for the a long time. Most of the days of my life when I was a prosecutor I spend it in the afternoon makapanood ng Betamax, libre eh. Para pag-uwi sa bahay tapos na.

So kapag ang tao hindi nakabayad --- and he is so generous, and say, “okay”. And everybody also, [Jun Te?] lahat, James Gaisano. They are so generous. It’s really a Chinese trait actually.

And even the big ones, I think that we are better of borrowing money or asking help from China. [applause] They have the sincerity and they know what the proper is.

Now, I wish to end by saying that, there is a great promise of small amount, a modest sum that China is going in and probably if there is enough then they will participate in infrastructure projects.

All of these things we asked and hindi naman libre. We are not asking it for free. We just plead that be given enough time to pay and for as long as no country in the world develop faster as usual than if you have the railway.

As long as we do not have the railway in Mindanao, and for as long as that in the area from Bicol to Manila and Manila to Batangas to connect with Mindoro, ma-stymie ang ating mobility and even in the movements of cargoes and everything. It’s the cheapest.

I am not an economist but I remember that when you transfer goods and services from one country to another, from one point to another, you’d always go for the fastest and the cheapest and the safest. Now safest is something that the government had to worry. But give me time.

I am talking to the communist, there is no more fighting on the communist front. If I am successful with Nur Misuari, Murad and Jaafar, then we are about halfway. And if I had convinced or strike something with the radicals, with the Abu Sayyaf but I am not ready to negotiate with them. But if I could just solve the problem in due time, we will be all right as a nation. Okay na tayo. [applause]

I promise the Chinese government…The Chinese government promised, Mr. President, President Xi Jinping that there will be no corruption of the government money --- absolutely no corruption.[applause]

And I tell you what, kayo ba, kung hindi kasi kayo magtulong sa akin, if you do not help me, however brutal or cruel my demeanor would be vis-à-vis with corruption, walang mangyari.

Ngayon kapag nagnegosyo kayo eh karamihan naman sa inyo Pilipino eh kapag may humingi ka at first instance whether it is the BIR, the Customs, murahin mo.

Be assertive. Gaya ng Amerikano. [applause] Mga Koreano. Follow the Korean, awayin mo na. Ang Koreano ang hindi nila malagyan ng bala. Talagang magwawala.

Bakit ‘yung iba matakot? So kung wala kang kasalanan at maghingi sa iyo ng pera sa department of what, sabihin mo, p****** ina ka bakit ka…[applause]

Ito pera ko para ito negosyo, murahin mo kaagad iyan. Create an uproar so people will take notice of it and they will start, ‘ano ‘yan diyan?’ ‘Minumura niya si director kasi,' 'itong director niyo hinihingian ako ng pera.’ And even diyan sa Immigration. If you have something a plenty there, small pieces, or sa Customs and they would start to pick up, sabihin mo p****** ina mo isauli mo ‘yan. Kapag hindi mo isauli iyan mag-away ka dito sasampalin kita.

Do not be afraid to say those things. Kasi kapag nalaman ko, hindi ka talaga matalo. Kapag malaman ko kasi you will create something there, malaman ko ‘yan eh, magdating ng Malakanyang iyan. May magtawag talaga, mga intelligence iyan may nag-susuntukan dito, kasi ganito kinuha niya ‘yung ano…

Be assertive. Do not compromise with corruption because if you do not do anything and surrender meekly to the crooks then I cannot really help my country. But now I am giving you a freehand and if you have the gun tucked on you, barilin mo. Bayaran na lang natin ‘yung pamilya, p****** ina. That is how to do it.

If you do that if everything will assert, if everything will demand that we all follow the law, then there can be a redemption of the Republic of the Philippines. [applause]

Now, with the plans to development, we are really short of the cashflow. We can live…Ang Pilipinas kasi maraming pamilya. If you want to eat, I can feed you because I have the money to go to the market to buy food. And if you want a lechon maybe I say[inaudible]. But if you want to buy a car or have an extension of your house, or you want to buy a new audio complex there, I do not have the money. So I borrow.

So I come here and say, I am not asking for free but if I could --- China would find in his heart to help us in our needs, then we will remember you for all time. [applause]

And in this shifting of political and cultural thing, America has lost it. I mean, I realigned myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia. [applause]

It’s the only way. Look, they were charging me because they cannot find anything. The political opposite on other side --- on the campaign of extrajudicial killing. And after the elections, they are poor losers, and they continued and everything in there in the Western world including Obama and spokesman of the State Department and the Human Rights, they started to gang up on me and even the EU.

And I tried to explain that I have four million addicts to take care and that I need help but nobody was listening. I was talking in a very decent language but they just went ahead to pound on me. So I was forced to expressed my anger in expletives, in curses, epithets and all. Ang sinabi ko p****** ina ka Obama, g*** ka pala eh. And then I said, you, you stupid Human Rights. Sabi ko, you EU. You are all pea-brained.

You know when I said, ‘I will kill you if you destroy my country’, I will kill you if you destroy the youth of the land. By any stretch of imagination that cannot be an actionable wrong. It is an expression of self-preservation. I have every right to protect the Filipinos as I am the President. [applause]

Now, if you start to say, ipapakulong ako ninyo and it --- do it over and over again, they really ask for it.

And then I went to Laos, I never --- marami naman akong witnesses there --- I never mentioned his name. Ano kung ilabas nilang isyu na extrajudicial killing. Nandiyan lahat iyon. P****** ina huwag nilang gawin iyan kung bastusin ako nila. Talagang…

And itong nag-report sa GMA, nag-report kay Lingao. So Lingao took it to by the ex cathedra truth of what I said, and repeated what is supposedly.... But when they reviewed the tapes there was none.

So they had to apologize. I met those idiots in the State Department and Obama never apologized. Just the feed that they were insulted by Duterte.

So these are things, these are the mindsets that the Chinese and the Americans can never really agree. And tayo because they have this broggadocio, that’s the word --- if there is such a word, braggadocio, see I could not even pronounce the word. Hambugero na lang.

So with that I in this venue…Your honors, in this venue, I announce my separation from the United States [applause] both in military, so --- not in the social [garbled] both the military but economics also.

So please we have another problem of economics in my country.[laughter] I have separated from them so I will be dependent on you for all times. But do not worry, we will also help as you help us. [applause]

Thank you.


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