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The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate

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The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate Screen-Shot-2016-12-02-at-4.21.09-PM
The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate

By Anonymous Patriots
SOTN Exclusive
When we first saw the Reddit thread in early November 2016 there were unsettling, bizarre pictures of children, so disturbing that we had to dig deeper and check all the links to make sure that the contributors were reposting from original sources. Everything seemed to check out and we knew without hesitation that this important citizen discussion needed to surface at the top of alternative media as soon as possible.
In this article you will also read about the real reason Matt Drudge and Alex Jones will never lead us to full disclosure, along with suggestions of topics that citizen investigators and journalists might undertake with their own articles and videos.
It was one of those moments that you knew you would remember for a lifetime, like where you were when you heard that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated or when the World Trade Center had been hit by airplanes. This time we knew that we could not stand by and let the main stream (fake) media grab the story and create their own narrative, propagandizing citizens so that their neural networks would echo “conspiracy theory” before the truth was exposed. Many of you probably felt the same and, in time, you will post your own stories of how you reacted to the pedophilia, Satanism revelation.
We felt that the Reddit thread would certainly get attention at some point in time. But how long would it take and would the MSM/CIA beat us to the narrative and create their own disinformation and propaganda thread?  We had to get the information out to as many people in the alternative (truth) media community as soon as possible. This information was so explosive that any one of us, standing and reporting alone, might be in danger. Our community safety would be in our quick, explosive, many-front reactions with articles, posts, and videos detonating all over the internet.     
We also knew that we would need to have a catchy name so that it could stand alone and viralize quickly. We needed an easy search word to identify the issue so that the alternative truth community could easily pick it up for hashtags, search words, memes, etc. Haven’t we all watched how slick George Soros executed “Black Lives Matter,” a meme that rolled out, complete with professionally printed signs and banners, overnight throughout several cities simultaneously? Soros probably had a marketing group come up with the logo and slogan, giving his paid protestors a flag that they could rally around on day one and give the media good imagery for their fake news stories.
This movement would need a powerful, yet simple slogan that we could all use for self-identification. We looked through the original Reddit thread and some other early posts and saw that a few people were calling it “Pizzagate.” Worked for us!
Now to bring PizzaGate to the surface.
Partnership with the Mothership
Thanks to our partnership since October 2015 with The Millennium Report and State of the Nation 2012, we were able to get two of the earliest stories on PizzaGate trending in alt media. These two sites comprise a larger truth network known as The Mothership. To read more about this, see The Fifth Estate Casts its Shadow Like a Huge Mothership.)
We had been posting to their sites regularly since the San Bernardino false flag event, and the editors were keen to realize that we were writing about subjects that many other alternative sites would not touch. So when we sent them a copy of the Reddit thread on November 7, they did not hesitate to post immediately: Huge Breakthrough in D.C. Pedophilia Ring.
The Mothership delivered.
The first weighty article to hit BeforeItsNews.com on the D.C. pedophilia trended long and hard and citizen journalists wasted no time in creating messages for their own audiences—around the world.
Once the article started trending, we started working on research that might help fellow citizen journalists in seeing how deep the crime went, including the participation of the Catholic Church, law enforcement, charities and foundations:
Backstory of World-Wide Pedophilia: Whore of Babylon Revealed
In another article, we gave a shout out to the hard work the alternative truth community was doing in reporting the story, while the main stream media was calling us “fake news.”
Alternative Media is the New Guerrilla Warfare: Citizens Expose Globalists
Community of truth seekers: the videos and articles you are producing are amazing. Articles are being researched, cited, and written better every day. Videos are looking more interesting than anything the MSM produces on their so-called news channels. People are genuinely concerned about truth and transparency, calling each other out for poor sources, hoaxes, disinformation, and trolling.
Thinking Outside of the Box
As we move forward in redefining the way we report, distribute, and consume news, let’s think out of the box. Let’s be entrepreneurial in how we use our sources. For example, did you see how bounties and rewards are now being offered for investigations and research?  
Natural News just announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the source of PropOrNot news hoaxers behind the Washington Post Russian conspiracy fabrication.
PizzaGate Urban Explorers just announced a bounty to establish if there is a tunnel system under the Comet Ping Pong area.  If you are an urban explorer, you might check out the hyperlink.
The Reddit thread investigation moved to Voat, a place where you can collaborate with others in your research and findings. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate
What talents and ideas do you have that you can contribute to the movement?
Our open-source citizen investigation has become a BLACK SWAN.
The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate Screen-Shot-2016-12-02-at-4.23.39-PM
PizzaGate Can Take Us to A New World Awakening
In January 2016 we wrote an article entitled False Flags are Legal Propaganda by the Department of Defense.  Those of you who are familiar with the article will know that we exposed the sophisticated psyop weapons that have been used against Americans to literally brainwash us into believing the state-controlled messaging. Participation by the main stream media is a key component in this narrative. Just an examination of the media’s blatant participation in the lies of 911 and Sandy Hook will show the lengths to which the shadow government will lie to people around the world to support their agendas.  
KEY POINT: Many of our fellow citizens are still under a form of mind-control. They are still brainwashed.
Call it what you will: Stockholm Syndrome, mind-control, brainwashing, propaganda, cognitive dissonance.
Our job is to continue to wake them up, whether they are family or friends, colleagues or associates, with our voluminous posts, articles, and videos. We cannot leave this important work even to old alternative media outlets like Alex Jones or Drudge. Your article or video might be the very one to wake someone from their media stupor.
Plus, we know that our new Commander-In-Chief is getting intel from alt media. Maybe it will be your article or video that gets his attention. We ask our leaders to guide us to a NEW WORLD AWAKENING instead of the Bush-Soros-Rothschild New World Order.
(At the bottom of this article we have suggestions on key topics that need attention by citizen truth seekers.)
Why Old Alt Media Won’t Get Us to Truth
Last week the Mothership queried us about an article that they were reviewing. (Drudging Up Jesuits) We were asked our opinion of the Drudge Report and InfoWars, specifically why we thought they never seem to take the alt media stories seriously, or “all the way.” For example, even as of today, Drudge Report has not mentioned PizzaGate. Or how about Alex Jones’s investigation of Antonio Scalia, just to mention one of Jones’ stories, where his reporters seemed to go “all out” with their on-location reporting at Cibolo Creek Ranch, but never carried the story any further than where Jones’ handlers probably permitted him to go.  
We read the article and gave this summation:
“We don’t know what to make of this article. It seems convincing but it uses spurious sources for quotes, Spear of Destiny-Albert Pike, etc. It never gives us the direct provable associations it is trying to make. We are not convinced about Drudge or Jones being Jesuits. But remember – as the article correctly insinuated – some Jesuits are Jews and some Jews are controlled by the Jesuits who rewrote the Masonic rite of Fratres Lucis – The Illuminated Brothers — basically a Jesuit Masonic order written for elites including Jews. 
Just because Drudge and Jones have Catholic associations doesn’t mean they are consciously doing the Vatican’s bidding. We notice that neither Drudge, Breitbart or Jones ever really “hit the target” and name the Jews or Jesuits or CIA. Are they blind to the truth that you guys have been posting? It doesn’t take a genius to see the different cabals, charities and organizations that try their best to run the world. They all fight viciously with each other for control of the flow of money. Jews join the Knights of Malta and vow allegiance to the Pope. Jewish bankers feed the charity fraud of the Catholic Church. Sometimes they scratch each other’s backs and sometimes they are in open war. 
The mission of Drudge, Jones, Savage, Breitbart, Limbaugh, and others like them are manifold. They have some good intentions, but they will be killed if they openly state the truth. We have watched Jones read our articles on the air up to a certain point, and then he drops the bottom line – He fails to follow through to name the culprits with the details that could prosecute them. Their job is to make you get upset, but also to discredit everything they say by running “crazy” articles that supposedly “prove” they are nuts. 
Thus, the Department of Defense Board of Broadcasting Governors must approve everything that is broadcast in America now – including “fake news.” They, the military (plus Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NIA, etc.), know exactly what these “fake news” outlets are saying. They want people to focus on the enemies that the news agencies are “allowed” to attack.  They broadcast Propaganda using “spin” as a caricature or cartoon of the “real” to distract from the real and make themselves look foolish in the process. Thus, the truth that they do reveal is negated by their angry approach that takes no consequential actions.  Alex Jones is a cartoon that basically vents the anger of Americans. He can’t be believed by most listeners because he yells all the time like a mad man; the same is true of Michael Savage.  Both mad men have 50% of the truth and love to scream it out, but they affect little in the real world except to vocalize the fears, anger and frustration of their listeners.
Drudge and Breitbart have yet to pick up a State of the Nation article that tells the truth (with evidence) about what they are supposed to be “all about,” but never really get there. When Breitbart announced he was going to blow the lid off of a big story – he ended up dead before he could release it. Then, Steve Bannon moved over to Breitbart to continue the exact same agenda – but again – never really revealing the truth as the death of his colleague probably had him concerned, as it would any of us.
So, either we, you, and the readers of these articles are the only people who know the simple truth – or all of the above named “news agencies” have an agenda to really half the truth and obscure the rest. You might not like to hear their true agenda. 
Virtually 96% of all major news outlets in America are owned or run by Jews (Ted Turner being the exception). Therefore, anyone who doesn’t see that there is an American Jewish media cabal is simply blind. There is only ONE main stream medium outlet for news – it just comes in different packaging.  All MSM is scrubbed cleaned by the NSA and other federal agencies before it is allowed to be READ ALOUD by supposed newscasters.  Investigative journalism is not allowed by the media cabal and is often met with mysterious deaths.  Therefore, no competition is allowed unless it is sanctioned: remember the untimely death of Breitbart.   Only the internet gives some information freedom beyond DoD approved “broadcasting.” 
Alex Jones is not interested in winning the war he is leading because he has no plan. We – Anonymous Patriots, State of the Nation, The Millennium Report, the Mothership know the truth. We need to stay focused on our purpose. 
Trump is smart enough to have had a sense of the truth, but now he is learning the awful truth of the dark government that is in control of America. The war for the future of America is happening profoundly in Trump’s own heart at this moment.  Usually, the CIA and its accomplices only tell the president the truth about the CIA after he enters the White House.  But with Trump, he is finding out now through alternative media investigative journalism and through interviewing evil CIA operatives (Mitt Romney, Henry Kissinger, etc.) and finding out that the CIA is a non-American cabal that controls America and drives the war machine throughout the world and manipulates all markets with the stolen gold of numerous wars.  Even the U. S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, Exchange Stabilization Fund and other federal agencies are under the control of a CIA cabal that was developed by George Bush Sr. and the evil corporations that have arisen from his direction.
Presidents are told that a full-scale economic war is being waged and that he has little or no power over the direction it will take. Either presidents comply – or die. This has been the reality since Kennedy.  Presidents are groomed through CIA training and indoctrination established by George Bush Sr. who has been in control of the cabal since before he became head of the CIA. Obama was like putty in the hands of the CIA cabal and that is why he has committed so many war crimes and atrocities and killed hundreds of thousands through his illegal bombing which has displaced tens of millions. Obama’s grandparents, mother, both fathers and Michelle (Michael) were all CIA trained and indoctrinated. Obama’s personal records were sealed due to “National Security issues” because he was a CIA agent who was “planted” in the American “Weathermen” terrorist group, his father’s Muslim terrorist groups in Kenya, and his step-father’s Indonesia Muslim terrorist group, etc.  Obama’s records will never be unsealed because his entire life story used in the MSM was fake.  Obama was a “fake president” who used “fake media” to prop-up (propaganda) his “fake biography”, including a “fake birth-certificate”, “fake wife” and “two fake children.”
As an astute business man, Trump would be learning as much as possible from the people he is interviewing for cabinet positions. That is how he “sucked” this knowledge out of Mitt Romney who was a major CIA player with Bush Senior in taking down Russia. Mitt is CIA through and through and is a true Brush Crime Family Kingpin. 
Have you ever heard any of these alternative media cites who are so-called “revolutionary fighters for American freedom” ever call out the Jewish cabals or CIA or the true culprits of 911, Bush Sr. and his Iran/Contra gang? 
Have they mentioned the dual citizenship of 70 congress members with the state of Israel?
Have they ever reported on pedophilia in the way alternative media has done recently? It isn’t like this just started happening; it has been around for decades. Why are the pedophile circles of Washington not being highlighted by these “freedom fighters.”  
Why aren’t the culprits of 911 being called out and the evidence offered so that true patriots can carry the work further? Surely these news agencies know the simple truth because they read your sites and quote parts of articles that were originally posted on State of the Nation and throughout the Mothership. 
Thus, there can be only one simple conclusion. Some alternative media sites, like the ones noted, are truly “fake media” just as are the traditional MSM sites. They are all scrubbed cleaned by the cabals that want Americans to remain asleep as their rights are eroded and their country hi-jacked by global forces of imperialistic fascism through the CIA and it accomplices.  
Drudge, Breitbart and the angry alternative media make sure to stay within the parameters of the agreements they made to remain a news agency. If they waiver beyond those agreed terms, their lives are in danger.   
The article above on Matt Drudge as a Catholic agent is filled with the bias of the writer and doesn’t really bring forth the issues that would demonstrate the true nature of these pseudo-revolutionary news outlets. Drudge is not strictly disinformation – his site provides partial information with given parameters that he will not stray beyond. Plus, Drudge throws in “crazy” articles to discredit his sense of good judgment. In that way, even the truth is disregarded.  
 Angry alternative news outlets are a way to allow “news venting” wherein the reporter and the reader get to vent their anger and frustration that make them feel better but inevitably lead nowhere.
Calling Your Inner “Mad Dog”
“The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.”
General James “Mad Dog” Mattis
Members of the Fifth Estate, we have lots of work to do as our enemy now is not just globalism. OUR ENEMY IS EVIL. It is as simple as that. You are either with evil or not. There is no fence-sitting, hem-hawing, or neutrality in this apocalyptic war. So if your mega church pastor isn’t preaching about this on Sunday, you need to ask why.
If we are going to eradicate human trafficking and pedophilia, we will need to destroy the globalists and their EVIL on many fronts, not just the few low-level pedophiles that they will throw to us like meat to the lions. We need to grab the ring leaders, even though they lurk behind the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and political power. Yes, we are talking about asking the real questions that the old alternative media will not ask.
Like: Is Matt Drudge a Mossad agent, and is that why he was able to get the scoop about Monica’s dress that made his site explode overnight? Why hasn’t Drudge posted anything about Pizzagate?  
There is plenty of truth that needs your special touch. But let’s stay focused on who we are targeting —  evil in all its forms no matter how supposedly “high” the person is in the church, government, law-enforcement or other high-ranking positions.
Choose a field of action that suits your journalistic skill set. Then start writing, blogging, making videos—whatever you can do to wake up those who are still mind-numb-robots.
If you like economics and finance, may we recommend these articles to get you started:
Is the New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?
Time to FedExit
ICE and CME: Exchange Casinos that Control Practically Everything
If your special interest is the military-industrial complex:
The Highlands Forum Exposed
Cutting the Gordian Knot of All Time
If your audience is interested in the Office of Naval Intelligence Report from 9-11.
Treason: Who Did 911 and Why Did They Do It
Armageddon is a topic that appeals to many interested in the Pope, Queen, Vatican, City of London, Knights of Malta, etc.
All Roads Lead to Armageddon: From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas
The Final Steps Towards Armageddon: This is not a Dan Brown Movie
Human trafficking and pedophilia goes very deep. Let’s keep exposing the charities and churches, synagogues, and temples?
Deep Backstory to the Worldwide Pedophilia Ring
We Are All Starships
Please check in with the Mothership on a daily basis to see where we are going and how you can participate. The team is striving to post the best articles and videos – all from citizens like you. If you have breaking news that needs to be immediately surfaced and you don’t have a large audience, then post your intel to the VOAT thread or contact the Mothership here.   
Let’s put an end to the movement called a “new world order”.
Together let’s create a NEW WORLD AWAKENING.

Thanks to T for the forward
Thanks also to: http://themillenniumreport.com


<—— All crimes leave a definite money trail behind

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