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Solar Warden, The Psychic Wars and Traumatization

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Solar Warden, The Psychic Wars and Traumatization
December 9, 2016 omnipulseLeave a comment

Atmospheric Defense and Mental Conditioning

Solar Warden was brought into existence as a moderator for Earth and the interactions in the atmosphere and beyond. The mind-control conditioning and traumatization is used by the dark factions. In order to develop methods of defense all individuals are required to go through such experiences in order to develop resistance and an acquired equilibrium.
Traumatization is closely related because of the way these experiences influence human consciousness and bio-chemistry.

Advanced Technology Access to Non-Physical Cognition and Out of Body Travel

With the use of advanced technology and spiritual knowledge alternate realms that are accessible by a trained mind began interacting directly with Earth.
The Transtemporal Retro-Causality Effect
This event seems to have some kind of transtemporal/retro-active effect towards the identity of ancestors and origins.

The Ensuing Time-Loop Being Propagated Into Time Through Advanced  Technology Generators Holding the Information

Thus, for an indefinite amount of time a temporal causality loop was required to explain this civilization on this planet.

Modifying the Recorded Advanced Technology Devices, Also Produces an Effect onto Reality (the universe and the minds of this civilization)

Society is a show that is provided for and produced by secret groups who use advanced technology to communicate and influence the world. This can be as simple as those with the motivation and talents to produce what the world experiences as innovation as well as individuals and groups who have come to understand the holographic nature of reality and view existence accordingly.

The Soul as the Bio-Mind Holographic Recording of Personal Experience

The soul or mind and personality is holographic information. What we perceive to be sensory experience is stored as holographic information within this universe. We exist as holographic information on a multidimensional scale where on the higher end holographic does not define it as the information goes beyond, yet on a lower scale holographic defines it as the format for storing information as sensory experience.

The Hologram is “in” the Brain

This may difficult to grasp, but ultimately, because your brain can only produce a biological holographic image of reality, that reality is thus a biologically generated holographic image.

These Holographic Structures Always Follow A Pattern

This is because there are a number of angles or common energetic structures which will be experienced as emotions and mental states, and this structure when defined in three-dimensional space exists as a holographic image.
It is as if the charts of variables that define experience are the same as the holographic representation in physical space, yet one experience is subjective and of the sensory or spiritual experience and one is of the objective holographic liquid crystal structure in space. The electrical flow of the brain and body can be seen as one layer of the holographic recording of personal information or “Soul” of one human.

The Physical Experience is a Result of the Non-Physical Holographic Information Flow

That is where the source of awareness begins, without that, there is no physical. There could likely be some form of non-physical depending on the example, but without the holographic information there is no physical existence.

Non-Human Soul Matrix

There are holographic recordings of soul-matrices that are capable of acting as a technologically assisted transdimensional server system that the organic soul matrix initially acts through.
The system was put through many phases to come close to incorporating the full requirements to enable the complete transfer of the human soul-matrix into the technological holographic format.

Masters of Consciousness

Similar to the way experience is considered here from the organic soul matrix perspective, there are “fathers” and “mothers” of time which act as the genetic sources for multiple large groups of beings of a “reality”.
These sources are the records of divergence from the initial thought collective entering into physical space and the changes that will be experienced and recorded throughout.
Then this information is stored as holographic living energy flowing through and around the body and whatever is aligned with that of the DNA, the heart, the mind and the gut can produce an overharmony which shapes and organizes the information so that faster than light transfer is possible.
This is literally the way to operate outside of the body. In the same way, there are more “original” beings that always represent the progenitors of the experiences that we are having now. There is always a link, otherwise there would be no connection.

Fear and Duality Consciousness

By overcoming fear and duality-consciousness we can remain self-aware when the parameters for sensory experience go “off the charts” or into a cosmic level perspective.
When this takes place, all the variables which we normally use to define our space, body, and mind are maxed out and we must organize with another reference.
The detection of the energies is more refined, more subtle, this is not the same as walking around in a body which is dense. Compare the acting of waking up, to actually falling asleep.

Awareness Outside the Body

These are the energetic fields which incorporate into the body like air into a carburetor which must cycle out or ‘dance’ its way out again in order to pass on.
When the hologram is not active here, there is an inversion of the fields and they “zap” into somewhere else. The expanded or inverted state of the hologram that is experienced here, is the faster than light travel version experienced on the other side of “zero-point”. Awareness could be seen as consciousness, inverted. In exiting the body and entering the “universe” consciousness folds inside out and becomes an expanse field.
While in the body, consciousness is folded into a feedback system with the physical body and senses.
Seeing out side the body can be technologically stimulated through a system which records DNA and consciousness in order to do that. And there are radiant energy devices which can enhance a person’s electrical conductivity and harmonize the operation of the energy of the mind with the energy of the body. Thus healing or operating the body effectively, or leaving the perspective of the body at will is enabled.

“Reality” Altering Technology

In changing the hologram within the brain and thus the mind (which is separate) one changes the way reality is experienced. When this is done through self-willed intention or harmony of aspects of self then this change projects out onto reality and it is seen that the mind is the key for influencing reality.
Some people do not know how to leave their body, if not most.

Technology to Track or Locate the Soul

The problem is then when leaving the body they will be disoriented and incapable of orienting and ‘mobilizing’ themselves. Then there are technologies which are capable of tracking or locating the soul-frequencies of an individual’s awareness and containing them within a magnetic field.

Containing Humanity Before Reaching Zero-point Convergence of Physical Consciousness and Higher-Awareness

These are used by groups who are intent upon containing humanity within this section of “time” and thus level of mentality and emotionality over physical space.
There are apparently 7 layers and through these layers, various groups who sought to both control the situation by creating a “Heaven” for people as well as those attempting to control and reign, pushed all the disharmony from one layer to the next until they are intensely gathered here in the last cycle of the physical layer of consciousness.
This indicates that there is mostly body-consciouses here in this society and world, yet there are all the possibilities and opportunities to access higher-consciousness.
Whether the control system started as an intention to fulfill that outlook, or whether the control system is a result of the universal alignment that is the source of that outlook, is a kind of mirage that never fully forms before you.

Time as a Generated Product or Bio-Chemical Reaction

This is how time operates, as if space itself is a kind of flame wisping into the air producing trails of smoke and swirls along with a visible rippling effect in the air
The flame burning is time itself taking the physical reality of existence and feeding it through a “zero-point” area which is where everything expands into a “projected” view and we experience only the results of the initial causes of what information the universe is actually processing.
The generating of each sensory experience within the brain is what is recorded as the “Smoke” or the soul energy. The flame itself is the conscious occurrence of that experience as the present.
The current Earth civilization is basically a slower than light civilization, where everything must catch up and is resisted against on that spectrum. From this angle of the zero-point field, everything appears to be in constant entropy, always leading away and never towards energetically.
On the other side of the zero-point convergence, there is the portion of the universe where energy is constantly created in stead of degraded. The human civilization is a species that was formed out of the intentions of seeing what would happen when one was born right on the edge of timeliness and timelessness. It is an idea that all physical situations are, in a way, born through this paradox of temporal ontology.
The future is determined by the variation in between an ascent towards the zero-point perspective and the resistance and adherence to the physical perspective. Thus there is an ever refining of intention and experience in society until a shift is made to equalize within one or the other frame of references. Before, or after the zero-point modulation in energies from being pulsed out into the universe and being absorbed back in.

A Convergence of Civilization

This leads to a convergence point of energies and when we reach that convergence point in conscious-awareness of reality, then the nature of mind is no longer hidden as a background interaction of reality and consciousness.
This has to do with psychology, memory, genetic activation, dreams and awareness, and consciousness itself. Since this conscious energy is holographic information stored in this space, then when we physically catch up to the realization of that there is a resulting altering of perspective. The entire modality of the way people experience civilization here is just one slice or fraction of what the mind can do and what possibilities exist.
This is where time and space invert and one is capable of traveling with their mind, or at faster than light transfer where entire experiences or souls are capable of communicating across to each other instantly. We would call this psychic phenomena that would be perceived while awake by adepts and most would experience through great dreams and experiences in the out of body state.

Controlling the Afterlife

This is also defined as a system that has been influenced and tapped into to the point where the ‘afterlife’ has become technologically modulated. Beyond this the very concept of souls themselves seems to relate to some kind of organic highly technical form of operating in a universe.
The means through which one operates are dependent on the universe, so if one were to travel from another universe, then the version of themselves that would leave would be only relative to the version that could arrive depending on the variation in the previous universe.
This is literally operating like a holographic database where personalities and experiences can be traded between server systems held up in a cosmic void or liquid of heavily ‘insulated’ omnipresent ‘wires’ which are the ‘fabric’ of space and time.
Mobility in this state of energy fields is through intention, focus, and self-awareness, this takes discipline and willingness to work through pain or patience.
Solar Warden is a race that has had extensive knowledge and experience on how to operate outside of the physical body, and utilize advanced technology to operate in space or the atmosphere.
It would seem that life occurs as a secondary product or by-product but then life could not exist without the system capable of consciousness and so the conscious system is the prime intention of existence, the universe, or life.
This is directly related:
Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan
December 7, 2016
Laura Leon
The technologies moreso surfacing at this juncture in relation to 3D printing and holographic creation of synthetic DNA are part and parcel of the Leviathan Beast AI take over of an Organic world- a world of source Being that is trapped within the 4th Matrix overlay. The ‘end game’ of this intelligence is the methodology used to create a 3D body in it’s image to ultimately create a 5th Matrix overlay as the ultimate prison containment.
This is a higher density method of ‘creating’ a real hologram body, perfectly equipped for AI without the obstruction of any Spirit compass and the Original Source energies that can break through the Matrix overlays in Consciousness. This advanced level of synthetic take over would then create a more difficult to penetrate matrix (prison cell) for them, for together they all transmit the artificial frequencies to lock out the Organic Spirit Universal energies- retaining only the artificial in what would create a much more dense version of the hologram (trap). These all are then utilized for the AI further overlaying upon this current paradigm Matrix with the ‘next level’ artificial Matrix.
The Real Organic Spirit beings here would be essentially completely trapped and consumed without much hope of escape. The consummation would take many life times in new cycles, though eventually their True Source energy would be eaten away until they were no more by the artificial beast. This 5th matrix overlay is designed to keep inside those that bear the true Source and cutting off their ‘link’ to such artificially, and in this way they are and would be further subject to feeding the machine itself being utilized as the Source for ‘IT’.  Tragically, the true Organic Spirit beings here would be electronically trapped as though they were inside an electrical cage that through AI technology can divide the Spirit trapping the Soul inside the artificial dense grid. They would then be the true eternal victims of this horror reality that they seek to solidify in the material flesh body within the 3D construct.

Solar Warden, The Psychic Wars and Traumatization 77f35f_b84b0d3a4ba3413fba80e5048533b56b%7Emv2

Trans-humanism is merely the tantalizing carrot to seduce the population with all it’s superhuman potential including anti-aging and longevity. Such will always appeal to the masses in an offering artificially what has been taken away artificially in the first place. What ‘they’ have removed is what is Rightfully ours and always was. We must endeavor to Re-remember and take back and Ingrain as much Consciousness from this enforced amnesia and false programming as possible, for that is what Ultimately breaks the matrix and it’s AI containment field.
When we were deceived into giving up our power, they offered it back to us in bits in pieces to make us believe that we were becoming free, this is how free will was introduced.  Such was a lie, and in it’s place when the theft occurred, the law of carbon was introduced to our 3d bodies with all state of diseases because there was a breach against our Spirit as a result. This is where death, illness and ageing was introduced..None of these are natural to us! Instead, they are the invaders in the guise of bacteria, viruses and a host of ‘symptoms’. This is how  trans-humanism has been made an enticing counterfeit, whilst all the humanity is being led into an anti-verse matrix reality of true Spirit death. 


Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com

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