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"Dave Schmidt Again?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

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Who's the Biggest Douchebag?

"Dave Schmidt Again?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee  Own420


"Dave Schmidt Again?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee  Dave10

Dave Schmidt Again?
So, the Cabal never dies, they just keep trying you and your resolve.  I wasn't even going to respond to this, but due to popular demand I WILL!  I have received many emails asking me to deal with this Troll and since he is still trying to bring you down, I think it is time for a good trouncing.  Let's set the ground work before I take apart his message.

Always Look For Agenda
No one takes any action that they don't have a reason for. I don't care what it is, from dating, to doing your job, to speaking with friends.  It is always (In All Ways) for a reason.  In our case here, there are only two Agendas, Benevolent in service to others and Malevolent in service to self.  While I am going through this message we are going to be looking for clues as to the agenda, service to self or service to others.

My Agenda
Since this Schmidt message is clearly addressing me, it is important for me to clarify my agenda for comparison reasons.  What is my REASON for what I do?  Good Question.  Let's figure this out.

#1) Back when I started posting, I went by the name "One Who Believes."  My posts consisted of support, encouragement, and even enlightenment later.  Did I as "One Who Believes" have a website?  No, and I still don't.  Did I give my true real name away? No I did not.  No one except my close friends knew who I was in "Real Life."  Yet, I offered posts with so much thought and encouragement with no return for my efforts.  You can review my posts as "One Who Believes" and you will notice that there is nothing to buy and I had nothing for sale. I wasn't selling currency, I wasn't even promoting my Free Book.   Think for yourself about my agenda... Is it service to self or service to others?  Which is who I really am?

#2) When I wrote my book things were really tough. My brother and I had lost everything we had, houses, cars, money and ended up flat broke living in a house together.  I had no phone, no internet, no transportation, and sometimes we had a bagel each for dinner.  This is nothing new for you all as many of you have it far worse even now.  But it does set the stage when I wrote my book.  I wrote every day until it was morning again.  I would pass out and then get up and start writing again.  The information was flowing and I was driven to write.  As a side note, my Book anniversary is coming up on June 1, 2009.  It was on that date that I decided to write my book since I had no way to get a job or do anything else.  Of course now, it is easy to see that was "Meant To Be!"  I not only wrote the book, I recorded the Audio track, which ended up being 40 CDs all together, and then I created the Videos that are on YouTube to this day. 
The part that is important to know, is that even though we had no money and we were hungry most of the time, I posted my entire book on YouTube for all to see completely free.  In fact my book that I spent more than 14,000 hours writing was posted on YouTube for free and on Scribd to read and download for free as well.  People asked what was wrong with me? When you need money so badly, and you spend so much time writing it and creating the videos and images, how could you give you Book away for free?  My answer was "How could I not?"  The information was so important for people to have I could not horde information this valuable. 

Frankly, my book was on YouTube and free on scribd for a long time before I ever sold it on Amazon.  BUT there has never been a time since I wrote the book that anyone in the World could not get the book for free and watch the entire course on YouTube (270 Videos long) for free as well.  I still have emails from people who said to me that this was the greatest book they have ever read and the most valuable information they have ever come across and yet it was free?  How could that be?  That is Service to Others over service to self.  I have always wanted to help people as long as I can remember, it is my nature.

You can Go here to Amazon and see my book and all the 5 star reviews that say it is the greatest book ever written.


Then you can go here to scribd and see that anyone can download it for free, even though it is a high quality book that is in demand.


Don't get me wrong, I still don’t have a car, and am still short on money, but I still have to give my book away for free because it is such a good book and so important to the World. 

#3) Then I became "One Who Knows" at the behest of Zorra who clearly knew things that I was not aware of yet.  But I accepted the complement and the responsibility that goes with a name like that.  Ever since then I have been spending hours and hours writing posts, giving encouragement, enlightenment, answering questions over and over again, and sharing whatever intel I came across.  That is who I am. 

But do I have anything to sell?  No, no currencies to sell, no products either.  The only thing I have is my Book that I spent 14,000 hours writing that I have given it away for free ever since I wrote it.  But that is not new.

Recently, I have been going by my Real Name which I really didn't want to do.   It is not that I mind you in this community finding out, it is just that I am not trying to promote myself and my teachings to you.  I am not in any way trying to sell you anything and I didn't want you to think I was.  In reality, all I have for this wonderful community are gifts, of intel when I get any, gifts of encouragement, and gifts of enlightenment and free Books and Audios as well.  I have nothing but love for you all and I hope that you know that.

#4) I have gone to battle for you to defend what is right from those who would do your wrong.  EVERY Time I have proved that they do not have your best interest in mind and every time I asked NOTHING of you except to protect yourself, hold on to your currencies, and Trust yourself and trust the Plan to save the World.  I don't mind taking the heat from the Nasty Cabal.  They have been trying to kill me my entire life and they did kill my son.

On these matters, have I EVER steered you wrong?  Have I not made my case crystal clear?  Did I ask you to buy something from me or to send me money?  Or did I just keep on answering questions and writing posts that explain the system?

I bring all this up because Dave Schmidt is trying to say I am lying and trying to discredit me.  But the only way that "Works" logically, is if I have an agenda that is service to self.  I have to have a reason, that benefits me, to lie to you, and I do not.  There is nothing that I ask of you, and nothing that I want you to buy. 

My key message points are

#1) Keep your currency, and exchange it yourself. (No Gain for me)

#2) Trust The Benevolence of the Plan That Will Happen (No Gain for me)

#3) Don't believe the Fear Mongering (No Gain for me)

#4) Hold Your Light, No Matter What Anyone Says (No Gain for me)

#5) Expect To Get Everything You Want & Manifest IT! (No Gain for me)

At this point, you have to decide what I have to gain.   Am I a service to self kind of guy, or am I a service to others kind of guy?  It is one or the other...

All this said, let's see what Dave is offering you by contrast.

His words are in RED and mine are in BLACK.

Dave Schmidt Post


Dave Schmidt: Be Aware and be Mindful, More Deliberate Misinformation

Discernment advised. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Be Aware and Be Mindful. More Deliberate Misinformation

Dave Schmidt
May 28th, 2017

Dear Friends,

Please double check and be aware of anything posted on other blog sites from me. There is a lot of deliberate disinformation being posted. A dinar blog site recently posted one of my You Tube videos. The problem, it was from 3 years ago, it was from 2014, not 2017.

This is a constantly changing scenario and there is no way that something I said 3 years ago may be relevant today.

This is the type of deliberate attack or belligerent ignorance that is going on out there. Many people are caught up in fantasy lands of believing what is going to come our way. They quote from or think they are in touch with verifiable sources when those same sources are giving deliberate misinformation.

Schmidt, those are some strong words for a Cabal flunky to be throwing around.  NO ONE Serves in Congress that has not joined and become a member of the Satanic Cabal and agreed to do their bidding.  NO ONE!  Are you going to say that you are the ONLY one who made it to congress without committing pedophilia acts, or some other demented acts?  Really?

Now you want to challenge my integrity?  You want to say that "I Think I have sources?"  Are you kidding me?  That is your argument? 

My Sources include: Grandfather, Author of the Plan, Zorra of Hollow Earth who saved us from utter destruction by destroying a meteor, Ashtar of the Galactic Forces, and The Republic of the united States of America.

I happen to have sources that I have NEVER CHANGED.  I have ABSOLUTE confidence in them.  They have been consistent and given what they could on this ever changing and evolving plan.  I still TRUST THEM to this day.  Can you say the same Schmidt?  Can you trust your sources?

Not all of the elders or "grandfathers" are being honest. We had an example of this last summer when we had information coming from the very top in Reno. After two weeks of receiving info we thought was true, none of it turned out to be accurate. Myself and others did our homework, traced it back to some so called elders coming out of Reno. The last two weeks we have been receiving bad info coming through top sources in Reno again. We now double check our sources before we go public with anything. That is why you may be hearing lots of info from others, but nothing coming form me. I am receiving contradictory info coming form high sources in Reno, Hong Kong and Philippines.

So, Schmidt, let me see if I can understand your argument.  Are you really saying that I don't have reliable sources, and YOUR EVIDENCE is that YOU don't have reliable sources?   That is twisted!

You are saying that you have "been receiving bad info coming through top sources in Reno again," of course meaning that this is not the first time, and should I surmise that it won’t be the last either?  And you go on to say "I am receiving contradictory info coming from high sources in Reno, Hong Kong and Philippines."  Are you actually ADMITTING to us all that you not only have had bad sources, but that you continue to have bad sources still? Am I reading that right?  Why should ANYONE trust you with their currencies?

This has got to be the MOST twisted Cabal Logic I have EVER heard... and I have heard some whoppers!  Let me get this straight Schmidt.  You tell us you have had bad intel, from bad sources and you are still getting conflicting intel, from your "High Sources" in Reno, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.  If I read this right, you are actually telling us in writing, that you cannot be trusted for intel since your sources had turned out to be bad and apparently still are. Is this right?  Why should ANYONE trust you with their currencies? I sure wouldn't!

AND NOW YOU WANT YOUR BAD SOURCES AND BAD INFORMATION TO BE EVIDENCE THAT MY SOURCES ARE BAD?  Think Again Troll!  You are making a case against me by telling me how bad your sources and contacts are?  THAT IS SO TWISTED, EVEN FOR A CABAL FLUNKY.   That has got be the stupidest thing I have ever seen in writing.  But I am quite sure we are going to have a few more laughs before we are finished here.  Let's see what is next.....

Some of these blog writers say they have direct contact with the elders and the "grandfather." Well, I say which elders and which grandfather. I am aware of seven elders groups and five different grandfathers. There is the grandfather that Neil Kennan says he talks with. There is the grandfather that Zap, or Jerzy Babkowski gets his info from and then there is the grandfather that "One Who Knows" says he talks to. I am aware of two others that it is best I not name.

Hmmmmm..........., so would the real "Grandfather" please stand up!!!!

I speak to the Grandfather who wrote the plan.  The one who is responsible for the Abundance that is about to flood our World. That is who, Schmidt. 

None of these five grandfathers can be the same because their info is very different and most of them say the other "grandfathers" are false. Anyone can call themselves a grandfather or elder or elder group. There is no official authority appointing those titles, they are all self proclaimed and some are copy-cat imposters.

I find it interesting that you make such an attack on which Elder Grandfather I speak to when you claim to have "Elder" (Dragon) contacts yourself.  Schmidt, answer me this question "Why are your Elder contacts the REAL ones when you say that mine are not?"  After all, aren't you the one who just finished telling us that you have bad and unreliable contacts?

Did you not just convince us (Above) that you not only have bad contacts that are not giving you the right information, but that you still have bad contacts form high sources in Reno, Hong Kong and Philippines?  If you have such a hard time getting reliable contacts, and have by your own admission gotten bad information in the past and are still getting bad info now, why should we trust any of your information?

Why should we think that you have any ability at all to discern what is true and what is not?  If you can't even judge your own contacts, how can you possible judge mine?  WELL?  Based on what you have said so far, there is NO FREAKING WAY I would trust you with my once in a lifetime exchange opportunity.  This is way too important to let someone like you screw it up.

On another note, I do know that the U.S. Government can and is controlling how much new money will come into the United States. That is their job, too much money coming in too fast is a national security interest. Too much money too fast will create hyper inflation and crash our economy. That is the real world that those in a fantasy land do not want to talk about.

Schmidt, are you talking about USA Inc?  That defunct, bankrupt, old hag that is in its death throes right now? 

The one with the Fake President who is pretending to do stuff and the congress, who are all about to be arrested and hauled off in hand cuffs as soon as the show ends?  That government?   You have got to be kidding me!  I am so glad that you have revealed this now so people can see where you get YOUR intel.  No wonder your intel is so screwed up.

Clearly you think that you are talking to "Sleepers" who don't know what is going on.  Schmidt, you have mistakenly wondered into our House where we don’t put up with Lying Cabal Scum.  We have taken down many Trolls who had more going on than you.  We are the Light Workers who know full well that we have a Standing Republic government who is fully funded, who has control of the Military, the Republic Treasury and the money supply.  We represent the Republic of the united States of America.  We know full well EXACTLY what is going on.  I am so looking forward to the day the Faces Fall... Tic Tock Schmidt.

Now let's continue with this Cabal Agenda (Service To Self) statement of yours....

The fantasy land reporters believe there are over 7000 processing centers filled with employees just waiting for the release of the 800#'s. Please, be aware folks. In a real world, who has been paying these 100,000+ people to sit in their phone rooms for months waiting to do their work of receiving calls. Where are these people, where are these centers. I am sorry, but in a real world you cannot keep that type of info secret, sooner or later it will leak out. Some of those workers will get tired of sitting all day doing nothing, leave their job and leak out the truth if they are real.

Let me get this straight Schmidt.  You believe that the World will be flooded with Trillions of dollars, to fund the Exchanges that you are promoting, but there is not enough to pay the exchange center people?  Of course you would try to discredit the exchange centers because if they are REAL, and Schmidt, they are, then your whole argument that we need to send our Currency (money) to you to exchange is shot down in flames.  OUCH!

You say in a REAL World, bla, bla, bla.  But who in a REAL WORLD would give away their Gold to the World that they protected for centuries?  It is interesting that you accept that someone would Give the World enough Gold to back every single country and back all the money in the World with Gold, but, wouldn't fund exchange centers to distribute it?  You can't have both.  Either there is a Benevolent Elder group who has given the World zillions of dollars and are paying for everything down to the individual exchanger, or we are in a REAL CABAL WORLD where that would never happen.  Well Schmidt?
By the Way, when I hear words like "Fantasy Land" I detect a certain nastiness and disdain, coming from you. 

Why is it so important to you that we believe you, that you would insult what we believe and belittle what we have been told?   What do you have to gain?  OH YEA!!!!  Of Course, you are wanting us to bring our currency to you, the person with the bad contacts, that has no ability to discern what is true and what is not.  The person who calls us fantasy land to insult us as well.  Yes, of course, the tell tale Cabal agenda Service to Self. 

The Cabal mentality is that we cannot do this on our own, we need you Schmidt.  You are the anointed one, who has told us in writing that you have bad contacts, but yet, you are the one who shall save the day for us in Fantasy Land.  Really.....  We are starting to get in to some deep Schmidt now....  The more we read your message, the more you sound like Cabal, and the worse it gets for you..... 

Only in a fantasy land can you expect to pay $50 for a zim note, walk into a processing center and walk out not being just a multi-billionaire, but some are saying a trillionaire. What would a release of that kind of money do to a real world economy. Do we really think that the cabal who has been controlling the world economy for thousands of years just sit back, roll over and let over one hundred thousand people become multimillionaires by just walking into a processing center/bank.

WOW! Do you realize what you just said Schmidt?  No I don't think the Cabal would just let that happen without sending a Flunky to promote a Group to take our money.  What would the Cabal Do?  GOOD QUESTION.... The Cabal would say that there are no exchange centers, would insult us saying we are all in Fantasy Land, and then make us think that they are the ONLY ONES who can save us with their special plan.  That is what I think the Cabal would do...  What do you think Schmidt?  You should know, after all NOBODY serves in Congress unless they are 100% Cabal.  Right Schmidt?   (Remember you asked for this by coming in our House....)

Some people need to do a better job of engaging their brains and thinking caps. But, I guess people who believe in fantasies, those who ignore the real world we live in, do not know how to ground themselves very well. They love the fantasies.

This is the type of stuff that thousands of people are believing. To me that is a fantasy land. And the fantasy reporters are on an aggressive attack against anyone who does not agree with them. I have supposedly been reported to the authorities who are going to either, shut me down, shut me up, or send me to jail. Hmmmm.....I haven't had any contacts from any fantasy authorities yet and I do not expect them to come knocking on my door.

Again, I wonder why it is so important to you that we believe you, that you would insult us and make fun of what we believe?  Yes, the service to self again.  You want something from us don't you Schmidt?  You are not just giving us free advice... are you?  You want us to join your Cabal Group don't you?  And we should trust you because you have such great.... scratch that.  I almost said great sources, but you have just convinced us that your sources suck.

You have such unreliable sources that you can't get a straight answer from them.  And why should we trust you if even you don’t trust your own sources?  Hmmm?  This is really getting stupid now.  Schmidt, I don't trust you.  I don't believe you, and I WOULD NEVER GIVE YOU MY CURRENCIES.  How stupid do you think I am?  How stupid do you think my friends and family are on IDC?   You better think before you try us again.

My sources are real people with real very deep contacts. I have direct contact with 3 different dragon family clans in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines.

How stupid are you Schmidt?  You just told us that you are getting conflicting reports from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and now you are bragging that you have 3 "Very Deep [state?] Contacts" in those same exact places?  Do you have some sort of disability?  In the same message you are saying your sources are bad and then you are saying that they are what you rely on?   And... You expect us to give you our once in a lifetime investment?

You have already proven that you have no ability to discern what is true and what is not.  But that doesn't surprise me as that is a more advanced Light Worker type ability.  Cabal never trained their flunky do-boys how to discern truth as it NEVER served their Service to self agenda.  The last thing that the Cabal masters wanted was for their minions to be thinking for themselves.  Minions and Trolls do what they are told, or else there will be a price to pay... Right Schmidt?  You say you know about the Cabal... I bet you do!

I have direct contact with some of the largest currency brokers in the world who have real and legal contracts with real funding sources and real banks. I have direct contacts with some banks around the world who will be processing these funds. I have secondary contacts with government oversight groups who are monitoring how much money will come into the U.S. I have secondary contacts in the CIA, FBI and White House.

Now, you are bragging again.  BUT how stupid are you?  Remember that you are talking to the smartest most well educated Light Workers on this Planet.  We whack Trolls for sport.  First, you have contacts with banks who will be processing these funds. SO WHAT?  So does anyone here.  We know tellers, bank managers, and loan officers.  Any one cashing a check has a contact with a bank.  What make yours so special? Oh that's right you have discernment,  no......  you DON'T Have discernment.  Every intel provider on IDC has contacts with banks.  Now we are going to get to the really fun part, well fun for us, not you so much.

You claim that you have "contacts with government oversight groups who are monitoring how much money will come into the U.S."  Schmidt, are you talking about the defunct, bankrupt, and dying USA Inc?  These are your contacts? 

Dude, you are going to have to sharpen your discernment skills.  I've got news for you, they have no power, no military, no funding, no tax base or taxing authority, and no functioning money supply. 

Dude, wake up!  Have you been watching CNN news?  Let's see who else are your special contacts.....

OH Schmidt!   Are you really claiming to have "contacts in the CIA, FBI and White House?"  Don't you know that the CIA, FBI, HOMELAND, and the IRS, are all going by by?  Do you realize that they are remnants of the old dead USA Inc?

Come on Schmidt, don't tell us that these are your valuable sources.  Did you not get the memo that the CIA and the FBI are riddled with Cabal agents?

BTW, My contacts in the Republic, (Schmidt that is the REAL FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT), have told me that I have Whacked the Best Trolls the CIA could muster.  We here at IDC took them all down.

OH Schmidt!  You have contacts in the White House too?  Who is it? Trump? Someone in his make believe cabinet?  Is it the grounds keeper?  Who, Schmidt?  Here we go again.  It is time that we had a little talk, just you and me and the whole World, including the Galactic Forces, Hollow Earth, Inner Earth and my family and friends here on IDC.

Schmidt, we are Light Workers and we know what is going on.  We have learned all about service to self Cabal people, like you, who think we are stupid and treat us like it.  Schmidt, do you think we are stupid?  Just so you know...  NOTHING in the White House is real.  NO one there matters in "THE REAL WORLD."

I am aware of real world off market funds for currencies and bonds that have been authorized to come into the U.S. by government sources. I have discussed the reason for this in past newsletters and videos. If you want a good refresher, go to my You Tube page and watch the Dec. 16th video that is about 35 minutes long. It explains why all these exchanges are taking place.

You are "Aware" of  "off market funds for currencies and bonds" so what?  I am aware that the USA Inc. is dead.  And yet you claim them as your high sources. 

Schmidt, I don’t think we need to learn from you why these exchanges are taking place...  I remind you that we are the most powerful and most well informed Light Workers on the Planet.  We know what is going on, and clearly, you don't.  

If my sources are not real world people doing real world work I pay little attention to them. I am not interested in reporting about the fantasy land of elders and grandfathers that others believe in.

OH Schmidt!  Did you just say that you are not interested in "the fantasy land of elders and grandfathers that others believe in?"  Schmidt, school is in session.  You can't come up in our House making yourself look like a stupid Fool and expect us to believe anything you have to say.

#1) Did you not say (up above) that you had "direct contact with 3 different dragon family clans?"  Now you say that the "Elders and Grandfather" are Fantasy Land?  Schmidt, the Dragon family are the Elders you fool.

#2) Do you not know that Grandfather is the Author of the Plan to distribute the Gold to the World for this Reset?  Are you really so stupid as to insult the one who is giving us this gold in the first place?  Schmidt where is all this money coming from? 

More than once I have stated that the real people with the real money that will be placing the funds into our real bank accounts never go public. They never talk about this on the internet. They never come out into the public. In the real world there is real opposition from very powerful groups who do not want this to transpire. If these funding sources went public, in a real world they would likely be silenced or killed. To me that is the real world we live in.

In the end people will believe what they want to believe in. That is their choice, but in end we all reap what we sow. Fantasy produces fantasy and reality produces reality. I am choosing the side of reality in a real world.

Thank you listening!



Schmidt, I want to tell you that I was going to leave you alone, but then you come into our House insulting us, and telling us that we don’t know what is really going on.

That Doesn't Go Over Well Here...
Then you stupidly say that your contacts are bad and conflicting at one place in your message and then later in the same message claim those same sources are your good DEEP Contacts.  Then you make it clear that your main sources of intel are from the dying defunct, and impotent USA Inc.  Schmidt, you better check yourself.  The USA Inc. is playing out a scripted death show that ends in its demise and the rise of the Republic.  USA Inc, has no money, no influence, no military, no international diplomatic relations, no money supply, no taxing authority, no budget, no Real president, no real congress, and no future. 

You then claim that the Cabal Infested CIA and FBI are your sources of intel on what is going on.  Interestingly we run those CIA Cabal rats out of our house all the time, and by comparison, you claim them as your sources!  That is very telling indeed!

It is no wonder that you say stupid things like the ZIM will not revalue and the Dinar "Has No Market."  This has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.  Schmidt, the Dinar is what we call "Money." It is the official Currency of IRAQ. 

Money does not run out of value.  It's value is set by monitory authorities who set its value.  For you to say that Dinar might not get exchanged because it has no market, is stupid, ignorant, and irresponsible.  It could very well be criminal, but that Is not for me to decide.  That will be the responsibility of the Republic to determine. FYI, Schmidt, that is the REAL GOVERNMENT.  It is time you knew.

Schmidt Agenda
And finally, we need to look at YOUR intention and agenda.  Schmidt, all you have to offer in the way of advice is for us to give you our precious currency because... According to you.... YOU are the ONLY one who knows what to do with it and the ONLY one who has the contacts for it.  This gives me RED FLAGS all over the place.  You are saying that out of this huge World Wide currency reset, you are the only one who can help us? 

Oh, and of course you will have to be paid for your services... Right Schmidt?  This service of yours is not free is it? Yes, I also understand that you have certain rules and whatever other nonsense you are putting out.  No Thanks, Schmidt. 

Verdict: Service To Self - This makes everything he says suspect.

What people should know is that if there is even one complaint against you, and you and I both know you will be swamped with them, your whole scam will be shut down so fast it will make your head spin, just like Linda Blair.  All those people who were suckered by you will have their funds locked up indefinitely until it all gets worked out by our new legal system. It might be years...

My Agenda
Now, let's just review my intentions by comparison.. shall we Schmidt?  I advocate that people keep their own currency.  I say that no group can pay you more than you can get for yourself.

I say that people should trust themselves and no one else with their currency. 

I have never once asked for anything from anyone in any way.  I continually offer support and encouragement, enlightenment and intel when I get some. 

I have stood up against the biggest bullies Dinarland has to offer in order to protect those I care about.  This includes taking you down Schmidt.

Clearly, I am not asking for anything.  That makes me Service to others.  I have no self serving agenda like you do Schmidt.

Just one thing left to say to you Schmidt:


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

Thanks to Ssmith at: http://www.dinardaily.net/



My Sources include: Grandfather, Author of the Plan, Zorra of Hollow Earth who saved us from utter destruction by destroying a meteor, Ashtar of the Galactic Forces, and The Republic of the united States of America.

If this guy knew anything about the Ashtar legends he would not include Ashtar or the legends as "sources" . They are quite easy to find and even easier to read.

He clearly has not read the primary reason why it is claimed Ashtar is supposed to be here, if he had he would realise how stupid the above passage is


14,000 hours to write a book????? Something doesn't smell right.

If true that means he would have had to write for:

12 hours a day, every day, for 3.19 years or
10 hours a day, every day, for 3.83 years or 
8 hours a day, every day, for 4.79 years or 
6 hours a day, every day, for 6.38 years.

Looks to me like one bull-shit con artist calling out another.

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