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The Dismantling
Of The Cabal

June 8, 2017  /  Keenan Team | GroupK

Financially / Economically – Piece By Piece, Step By Step, We Are Closing In On What Makes The Cabal Tick Tock, Tick Tock…


Have you ever played a sport where you had someone on the ropes and were about ready to put things away when you gave them a slight second to catch their breath, only to find there is so much more behind their second wind where you abruptly lose your steam?
This is where we now precariously find ourselves in the Western Hemisphere as world events heat up far above and beyond the status quo.
There is no question the Cabal is on the ropes, but they are still attempting to work their way out of their current predicament.
They have their people continually moving surreptitiously with desperate hopes of finding  ways out of the very swamps they so cleverly (or so they thought) created for themselves.
It is our job to finish them off once and for all! No second chances, as there have already been too many chances.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Illuminati-structure-fall
Just imagine how viciously cold and calculating they’ve been to what they consider our weaknesses: They mistake kindness and compassion for weakness, and they expect their own who still continue to live among us to assure them of safe passage.
Do we allow them such privileges when we know full well their utter lack of humanity and insane greed on the planet as well as their ongoing genocide?  Or do we strip them naked and force them to stand before We The People and receive their long overdue justice?
In 1965 the song Eve of Destruction was published, and while this song applied to the East at the time, it seemed even then that the shoe should have been put on the other foot… that of the heavily corrupt West.


Now, however, today the once “invincible” Cabal is stuck mightily between a rock and a hard place so such a song really does apply to those who’ve stolen for so long with impunity from the East as well as by any means from other world inhabitants.
Long-suffering victims of the Cabal, too numerous to mention, can look back into history and see how destructive and sociopathic the Cabal has been and how it continues to wreck havoc even up, to this present day.
The members of the Cabal consider everything on the planet to be their own, including humanity (as Hillary so coldly described some of us as the “deplorables”). Tragically, everywhere you look you see their criminal markings and colossal interference.
It is not time for us to relent or stop to rest, but, rather we must continue to move strongly united and  courageously forward, never giving them a chance to breathe while we strip them of their arrogance and blatant criminality.
We must also immediately and forthrightly lend assistance and support to people such as USA President Donald Trump, Hungarian President Janos Ader, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping,  and the newly elected South Korean President Moon, a good man and no relation to that Cabal piece of crap known as Ban Ki-moon.
Many  hands are needed in our diligent quest to take down what we’ve come to know as the “New World Order”.  At times it may be hard to distinguish “who is who”, but the leaders listed above are a good solid team, fighting fire with fire and winning at doing so despite the lies and subterfuge of the MSM.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 News-media-fake-propaganda
At times, the disparate political affairs on the world stage may confuse you, but give it a chance and you might find the swamp’s being drained just as promised.
President Trump is by far smarter and much more clever than those in opposition to him. He is still wisely purveying his territory and is definitely ready to take the gloves off for this historic, formidable battle on behalf of We The People.
So when this President does take effective and expedient action, these enemies of humanity had best get their “traveling” shoes on and find a new place to live; that is, if they aren’t already caught in the nets of justice.
They are where they are now due to their complicit entrenchment and nefarious activities as members of the so-called Shadow Government.
Foolishly, they thought they were safe hiding within the US, but those days are done and gone forever! They’ve hid like cowards, because they’ve never had any real cajones.
They’ve fought like “Tinkerbells”, because that is their intrinsic nature. They are the stinking, rotting remains of the Old Roman Republic where pedophilia and child abuse were common, and women were mistreated and used just for procreation and nothing more, many of whom died in childbirth.


Treasonous papers are already being drawn up as we speak, and, of course “the man” (Obama), called Tinkerbell in Europe and Russia, is the “sweetheart” who along with his fellow cronies are behind most all of the criminality.
It is rather funny to see the team they put together filled with pedophiles, other sexual deviants, and false-hope heroes such as John Kerry, John McCain, and many others whose claim to fame has been built upon a preponderance of lies and their often hidden, high crimes against the people.
These sick, nasty scoundrels have now been made fully aware of being placed on immediate notice that they are solely on borrowed time from here on until justice is done!
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Deep-state-shadow-government-trump
Many more are suddenly scrambling to look for places to live outside the US, despite their unheeded hopes that Trump and his administration will forgive them.
Of course, there can be no forgiveness in our new kind of aware and responsible government which is thankfully, at last, one for the people.
Despite the Cabal’s unrelenting attacks against our President and his team, We The People had best keep aware with our eyes wide open, because some still brazenly walk among us, believing they are above the Law and, thus, immune from prosecution.
The Cabal, Khazarians, Globalists, etc. are in desperate form at the moment, but they are still fighting back with everything they can muster.
With a few wins they could be right back in the game with more dark financing to take a solid shot at our President and destroy our country in the process. This must not be allowed to happen, so allow me now to close a few metaphorical doors on them.
The French and German Elections are just such examples of how the Cabal will cleverly attempt to keep their fingers on the power buttons (and their hands in the “golden cookie jar” of worldwide funds).
In the race in Germany there is the incumbent Angela Merkel who literally has been tearing Germany apart with her own meddling hands on behalf of her compadres in the New World Order.  Her German constituents mean nothing to her so long as she achieves the desired results that the One World Government demands.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Merkel
Should you walk down any German Street, you will clearly see the damage Merkel has done to her country and its people. Does it matter to her or her cronies?
No, not at all!  In fact, it seems tragically comical that being the Globalist she is, she ironically finds her opponent in this election, Martin Schulz, to be equally driven in destroying the German people and nation. This is Agenda 21 at its best (or its worst) for sure.
Unfortunately, the good and proud German people have to pick their poison in choosing which of their compromised candidates will lead their nation as committed, ardent Globalists – Angela Merkel or Martin Schulz, the former Parliament President of the European Union.
Writing in a third uncompromised candidate would save yourselves and your country, although this is not going to happen. With either of the two Globalists mentioned you will slide into a deeper European Union pot of mounting crap where you will no longer really be safe in your daily lives.
In France it didn’t matter that an unknown Macron ran against Marine Le Pen, because the Cabal had placed enough migrants and others with “voting rights” in order to topple their French citizenry. Yes, France went down and an unknown won.
“Tinkerbell” Obama and other Globalists came in to support Macron and with heaps of money and a non-French base they stole the country from the French on behalf of their quest for the New World Order and to eliminate the European people with their Agenda 21.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Emmanuel-macron
Soon all of Europe will be in the same boat if they have their war. People, stay strong! There are ways to take them down, and I know the way.
We have further battles going on throughout the world, including embattled President Trump taking on the entire “Deep State Establishment”. In retrospect, a huge mistake was made by letting Trump into the “hen house” of corruption, as he is very foxy indeed!
The “Deep State Establishment” are blowing their not-so-hidden agendas with their numerous, failing attempts to undermine Trump’s Presidency. Soon they will be paying heavily for it, as they are doing their best to conceal everything good about Trump and paint him and his staff with broad strokes of lies of corruption.
Of course, these efforts will fail, as many everyday American people are waking up and are clearly seeing through the maze of deception by the opposing forces.
President Trump has wisely and effectively split both parties now with even prominent Democratic financiers/directors vowing to support him, his policies, and his government.
Many of their original Democratic buddies no longer carry any weight other than crocodile tears in abundance while both Rothschild parties (Democrats and Republicans) have been tossed into the dust heaps of desperation.
Trump is continuing to drain the swamp, as he has been since day one… step by step…
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Trump-swamp-fired-comey
Throughout the world the same process is happening, as we look at what you perhaps may not know. More than ever, vote smart, People, and do not allow the Globalists to be in power!  It is your personal lives and that of your families that we are talking about here.
Western Desperation Sets In

Japan and Korea support the Globalist New World Order, seeing they have been allies for what seems like forever. Remember, it was Emperor Hirohito who initiated the Act of 1921. He flew to London to meet with American President Warren Harding, French Prime Minister Clemenceau, and English Prime Minister Lloyd George.
Hirohito flew there so together all could orchestrate the beginning of WWII. Can you imagine. No sooner had WWI ended, and the Cabal was already making plans for a Second World War!
Look closely at the players: They are ALL Cabal! The ink on the TREATY OF VERSAILLES AGREEMENT in 1918 had not yet dried, and our “Corporate Governments” were selling us down the river for another tragic War.
The US and England would finance this next War, and the others would be instrumental players which they were and always have been, and always will be so long as we allow them to continue.
The Bretton Woods Agreement
This was clearly intended to be an Agreement to share the Global Accounts via humanitarian packages, but it turned out to actually be the financial shot that gave the strength to the Cabal / Globalists to make it this far.
What actually happened by signing such an Agreement was that the East opened up the doors for the Western Globalists to steal anything and everything within the Accounts.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Bretton-woods-sign
How did they do it? By utilizing the new Western Financial System they set up with the BIS, IMF, the World Bank as well as the Vatican and Bank of England. This Financial system was set up to do just what it did… which was to rape the East.
Even at that time this was about population control! Without the financing countries were in deep trouble, and the East, which deposited 85% or more of the Assets, were not even allowed to use their own Deposits.
Only the Western Khazarians, who are not Jewish, benefited. Do not mistake them for being one and the same as the Jewish people, as many often do.
As for the Breton Woods Agreement, it was fraudulent from day one and remains so even today. While that ink also had not yet dried on the paper, the Khazarians had already begun to steal from the East to build their proxy nations and operative world.
You should be aware of and fear this, because their target is still depopulation, and YOU are the target! People foolishly vote for their representatives while simultaneously being the targets of death along with their families, friends and neighbors.
Remember the Marshall Plan? It was “supposed” to finance the restoration of those nations rampaged by World War II with infrastructures first and foremost to be rebuilt from the ground up. Ah, yes, Mr. Marshall, they “implanted” the plans so perfectly without nary one designated dollar for such a fake plan. It was entirely an outright theft of the Accounts from the very beginning.
Ironically, before the war, Taiwan and Japan had agreements in place to rebuild any cities that would be destroyed or needed to be built up to satisfy Western needs, including Singapore, Seoul, and others in the East which at that time were considered to be Western Allies. How were they to be well taken care of and from where? The Accounts!
The MARSHALL PLAN was a ruse to theft and nothing more. We must thoroughly wipe it off our “make-believe” history and bury it with everything else we have been indoctrinated with in school, thanks to the Cabal.
Fortunately, the hidden truths of history are now being revealed by ethical scholars so We The People no longer have to accept or believe the old Cabal bullshit that was thrown at us.
It is time to eliminate these phonies and throw them in the garbage heap of pathological history where they belong. Do it and do it now, beginning with those who are brutally attempting to abuse and destroy our legitimately elected, honorable President!
We must no longer allow them to distract us with their “FAKE News” (so aptly called out and described by our President!) propaganda nor permit them to monopolize our media and public discourse.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Comey-trump-clinton
The Mitsubishi Foundation is currently making the most of Japan’s gold, and they are also attempting to buy Korean Gold for the Cabal.
Osaka’s precious metals companies are purchasing gold by cleverly utilizing their own airplanes from many different countries and by moving them back and forth to Japan.
Kim Hyangmi is  60 years old and has graduated from the best schools in Japan. She is heavily involved in Casinos, and within Korea she is doing business with a Japanese fund. She is tied heavily into the West as are all Japanese players at this time.
The Crown Foundation, a Chicago based organization tied into the Democratic party, has been desperately attempting to purchase Bunker Assets in Korea. They need to stay relevant; otherwise, the Chicago groups will be in dire straits. Obama has hurt them with his recent shenanigans even though they made him.
“Tinkerbell” (Obama) is currently running around the world stage attempting to play his crafty “ex-official” secondary role, although he never did lead anyone or anything. Yes, he is trying to manipulate nations into offering him assistance – when in fact he has little.
He is supporting Iran and others hoping to find wiggle room to create the WWIII that he and his Cabal handlers wanted, but chances are getting far stronger that he likewise will be imprisoned before you can say “_________”. (There might be some Civil Insurrections, but not WW3.)
MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Keeps Them in the Game:
The corrupt Khazarian / Globalists continually work among themselves as they structure their offensive games. Just a few days ago, three Japanese businessmen flew to South Korea.


Their purpose? To buy GOLD. They have past experience in purchasing gold from South Korea which they converted into jewelry and took to Japan. So, yes, you are right in thinking they have returned to steal more GOLD that does not belong to them.
Too, the Japanese players Kobayashi and Minobe are back at it again attempting to do a much smaller transaction…that is 1,000 MT of Gold in Hong Kong. By the way, it is Mei Hua Gold. Note that he buyer is a US BANK.
Our “dear friend”, Mr. Lee, received 850 Billion USD from the US in exchange for a sample of the Yen (Japanese money) which Mr Lee provided to the US. THE PURPOSE OF THE MONEY IS TO BUY THE YEN RESTING IN THE BUNKERS.
The IMF printed this money, and you can figure out the reason why: The dollar will be useless, or at least they figure it this way, and it secures their future. WHOSE future? The Cabals, not OURS!
Here is a young man from Japan, Hiroshi Tuchiya, who has completed 6 deals for the Cabal’s Japanese/American factions.
1.  Name : Hiroshi Tuchiya
2. Facebook / www.facebook.com/hiroshi.tuchiya.9
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Hiroshi-tuchiya
Evidence / Letter Sent to Neil:
Several large and small funds from Japan will be set in Korea this week.
My people will be involved in this deal. Korea is still stealing, yet no one is going to jail.
My friends also know the Indonesian situation, but Korea has no interest at all, because they do not care who steals the Dragon Families’ money whatsoever.
Indonesia and Korea are attempting to deal every day of the week and looking for funds.
They also  believe  the existence of Depositors and or threats of the US Government and Donald Trump means nothing, because  too many organizations  are running wild in both Korea and Indonesia trying to steal bunker assets.
This is the reality of Indonesia and Korea: We need your help Neil Keenan
There is a South Korean named Kang Seong-uk. He has long-served as an assistant to a US Army General in Korea. Until recently, he was moving the Korean Bunkers. He is involved in the sale (both buy and sell ) of the bunkers. Along with the US Generals, he is moving the Bunker Assets.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-1
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-2
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-3
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-4
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-5
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Keenan-korea-6
Since November of last year, the Korean Government has been confiscating bunkers. This is one of the reasons former President Park was imprisoned. Unfortunately, the Elders who are being played for fools by the Government are still waiting for payments in the amount of $17 Billion USD!
Now how foolish or scared are they? The reason for such sales is simple: they are old and poor and need a break, and it does not matter how they get it. (Some of you may feel compassion for what they are going through.)
To continue further now on what is happening over there: There is a US Military base in Yongsan in South Korea through which is where Kang Seong works out of.
There is also a Casino in this US Military Base where the Assets from the bunkers are being laundered. Yes, they set up a Casino (without the President’s knowledge) and are cleaning house for the Cabal!
Mr. President, it’s time to get yourself involved in this one. They will use this money to destroy you if you give them the opportunity to do so.
Send your people in immediately and pull those SOB’s out as soon as possible!!! In other words, the final destination for the Assets is the white-washing of extensive corruption in the Military Base,  the Bunkers’ final resting place before being placed into the market!
A Further Note For Neil Keenan
Dear Sir:
President Moon of South Korea proposes a meeting with you as soon as possible. Please reply. I’ve discussed with Mr Moon who has proposed to you this meeting about Moon Jae-In who was the Senior Secretary to the President for Civil Affairs at that time of President Roh Moo-hyun, February 25, 2003 – February 24, 2008.
His Mission in the Blue House is as follows:
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNext1. Supervision of the corruption of the president’s family relative.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNext2. Examination of qualification inadequacy such as corruption or illegal act of candidates of high-ranking officials of ministers.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNext3. Monitors and supervises to the public prosecutor’s office.
The factual story of South Korea is that whenever the regime changes, they plunder the Bunkers so the time is right for the Cabal to plunder, plunder, plunder!
Release the Kraken, Mr President!
South Korea is about Money, Money, Money!!! However, President Moon is NOT a Globalist. They lost their puppet when President Park was imprisoned. (Group K also had lots to do with this!)
What About Indonesia?
As it is Neil’s favorite place, he has a strong desire for a better life for all Indonesians. (Of course, Neil has many places that he calls home, seeing he cannot stay put.) Awhile ago Neil stayed in a certain region in Indonesia while he was in considerable pain due to poisons and more.
Because of his diligence and sincere commitment, Neil is filled with information on Indonesia, but he will cut it short by simply saying this: A silent Coup is about to take place in Indonesia with the US Shadow Government leading the way.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 Deep-state-shadow-government-puppet
They will attempt to remove President Jokowi without so much as a shot fired. Remember a few years ago when Neil stated that the Clintons sent Columbian Drug Money to Indonesia in an attempt to assassinate the President? Well, that money was used to finally set things into motion, and it seems NOW is the time for it!
The Vice President of Indonesia must be extremely careful because he is the physical target.
The World Economic Forum and many Indonesians are in on this, so President Jokowi must stay fully aware with his security detail remaining fastidiously alert.
The Coup Assessment Plan Includes:
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNextPut pivotal figures in government seats to maintain the EU.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNextAcquire the Bunker financing to remove World Patriot Leaders in order for them to lock up nations worldwide to do their bidding.
NEIL KEENAN UPDATES 6/07/2017 ArrowNextIf necessary, remove the sitting President which is what the Shadow Government is also attempting to do with President Trump this very minute. As long as the US remains without a Globalist in Power, they do not have control over the situation.
However, should the US fall into the Globalists’ hands, they will have control over the entire Western Hemisphere, and they will take down the English with what they have already planted from within.  There might be some tremendous fights in the US, but the sooner the US Government acts on this, the better it will be for all… EAST AND WEST ALIKE.
Release the Kraken!
The Release of New Technologies:
The Latest: There are no glitches; errors were man-made. In the testimonials of latest clients they were wary of glitches, only to find out there are not any. As it turns out, they are well aware of the machines and how they work. Unfortunately, their  training was hurried stateside. See more information in the video.
Regarding ‘healing computer’ appointments for North America: Nancy and Larry Gordon have been appointed as third-party treatment coordinators for North America and are also considered to be spokespersons.
They are more than capable of assisting you.  All enquiries regarding appointments with ‘Healing Computers’ in North America are to be sent to: usreferrals@protonmail.com
the video will give you latest testimonials and responses to numerous questions sent to Neil and Walther. Enjoy the videos.
Video Part One


Video Part Two


Thanks to: http://neilkeenan.com

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