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Pan by TS Caladan

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1Pan by TS Caladan Empty Pan by TS Caladan Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:43 am



by TS Caladan

Pan by TS Caladan 21743066_10208556488904466_3768828825643274387_n

After two decades in space, NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended a remarkable journey. Operators deliberately plunged Cassini into the planet to "ensure Saturn's moons will remain pristine for future exploration." The craft completed many satellite flybys and observed seasonal changes on Saturn and its major moon, Titan. Over months of "daring dives" and a "series of 22 orbits," the spacecraft passed between planet and rings, closer than any camera had ever approached previously. Cassini's tour was extended twice. Its prime discoveries have included a global ocean with "hydrothermal" activity within Enceladus and liquid methane seas on Titan. Cassini had sampled the planet's atmosphere, mapped the gravity and magnetic fields and took marvelous "ultra-close" images of Saturn's rings and cloud systems.
      When its propellant was expended on September 15th, 2017, Cassini dived into the planet's thick atmosphere and did not survive the "Grand Finale" plunge. Launched on October 15th, 1997, the mission entered orbit around Saturn on June 30, 2004 and carried the European Huygens probe.
       After 13 years in orbit around Saturn, the "spacecraft is running low on rocket fuel." Soon operators will not be able to control its movements. Two satellites, Enceladus and Titan, have captured news headlines for a decade as Cassini revealed the "potential for them to be habitable." In order to avoid the unlikely possibility of "contamination" with a crash of the spacecraft upon a moon, NASA decided to safely dispose of it in Saturn's atmosphere.

Pan by TS Caladan 21743049_10208556489744487_5768483222266501506_n
Pan by TS Caladan 21730856_10208556489984493_5954358597818721663_n

Pan is the second-innermost moon of Saturn. It is "walnut-shaped," 35 kilometers across, 23 kilometers wide and orbits within the Encke Gap or A Ring. Pan is a "ring shepherd" and is responsible for keeping the Encke Gap free of particles. Pan "disrupts" ringlets within the Encke Gap similar to how moon Prometheus "disturbs" particles in the F Ring. 
       Pan means 'the Pasturer' in Greek mythology. He was god of flocks, wild animals, shepherds, huntsmen and fishermen. He was a favorite of the god Bacchus. Pan lived in grottoes and played pipes he invented. His "voice" was so loud and frightful that he scared away the Titans in their war with the gods. His music was so wonderful that it intoxicated immortal gods and mortal men. Pan is represented as a shaggy-haired man with beard, horns and legs of a goat.
Pan by TS Caladan 21742917_10208556490264500_8024391093794780444_n
Atlas is an inner satellite of Saturn. It was officially named "Atlas" in 1983 after the mythological Titan that held the sky above Earth because it "held the rings on its shoulders." Atlas is "significantly perturbed" by moons Prometheus and to a lesser degree: Pandora, which have chaotic orbits.

Pan by TS Caladan 21761802_10208556490424504_2501961887557097729_n

Prometheus is an inner satellite of Saturn. Like Atlas, the moon was discovered by Voyager photos in early 1980s. In 1985 it was officially named "Prometheus" after the Greek Titan. It measures 85 miles by 49 miles by 37 miles. Prometheus "shepherds" Saturn's narrow F Ring and violently "perturbs" Atlas. The moon is less cratered than nearby Pandora.      
       Images from Cassini probe showed that the "Promethean gravitational field creates kinks and knots in the F Ring as it steals material from it."

[Cassini probe has completed its long mission to Saturn. As predicted, the craft lost contact with Earth operators at 8 a.m., EDT on September 15, 2017].

       In the beginning, "Rangers" patrolled the Milky Way galaxy as a type of cosmic Police Force. "Guardians of the Galaxy" once maintained security, peace, perfection and prosperity for all intelligent lifeforms in the galaxy. No major wars between planets were permitted. No nukes or particle-beams or any kind of Weapons of Mass Destruction were allowed in early times when the galaxy was young, healthy and uncorrupted.
       Pan was a small, insignificant spheroid in outer space: the perfect place to hide the hallowed headquarters of the "Old Rangers." Protectors of everything pure, good and decent regularly met and continued galactic paradise behind force-field walls of Pan.
       THEN CAME WAR! 
       THE GODS WERE ATTACKED FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY in the form of invaders called "Archons." Unexpected by the highest Citizens in the galaxy, Earth's Sun became a converted Saturn and was moved to the position of 7th planet. The "Darkness" or negative energy established a base of operations inside Saturn's moon, Prometheus. The small satellite ruled the enormous, gaseous planet. Archons created the incredible Ring Systems that sealed their evil realm and protected the Darkness from outside interference. The aliens converted Prometheus into a protected, pan-dimensional "warship" with very deadly armadas and production factories inside, a capital for devils, demons and warlords. It was a Death Star. Its prime position was Saturn orbit. The galaxy now contained a Seed of Evil or an extremely dangerous "Serpent" in what was once a pristine Garden.
       Pan's force-field shielded a "grand gathering," a new Ranger War Council, from a blast designed to destroy the secret headquarters. Most Rangers survived the initial attack of Prometheus' "magnetic flux-weapon" that slashed through the force-field like a monster and left permanent scars on the 'Home of the Gods' (Olympus).

Pan by TS Caladan 21743178_10208556494944617_5980653462534514150_n

'Guardians of the Galaxy' soon reinforced Pan with a Deflector Shield Rim of "solidified electricity," which meant that no power in the universe could pass through the magnetic walls. Forever, the 8.8 mile-long spacecraft continued to exist in a "Time War" against the Archons. Pan went directly to troubled Saturn, safe and sound, and confronted the Enemy in the beginning of the War and remained "on the other side" into Earth's 21st Century.

Pan by TS Caladan 21730817_10208556497744687_4553963088816708726_n
The gods seemed to have won the 'Game of Thrones' and thwarted the War with the Titans in a horrible and terribly bloody way. The precious Milky Way continued virtually unscathed. Doomsday for all was averted and the Devil-Beast or "Snake in the Garden" was caged, imprisoned, entombed within Prometheus. For this to happen, a cosmic victory for the gods: A SACRIFICE had to happen that no Ranger or good Citizen of the Light wanted or dreamed possible. Before the "big sleep" and shutdown of all destructive energy from Prometheus, before the dark epidemic ended...one final BLAST occurred...
Pan by TS Caladan 21751426_10208556498744712_5528304832602349900_n
Pan by TS Caladan 18301046_10208556499664735_3939632743862768542_n
In the present time: Earth of 9/15/2017, Saturn and its satellites are strange oddities that have been photographed and monitored for years by Cassini. People are given only a tiny, watered-down version of what really is and has been going on with Saturn and its bizarre (artificial) moons, such as Iapetus and many others. Proof of life, intelligent life and structures of advanced civilizations will always be omitted for the masses. (Yet, the tantalizing "possibility" is implanted within us). Supposedly, Cassini successfully came to its demise today in the intense storms of the planet precisely as planned. Thus, a 20-year mission came to conclusion and provided fabulous and even unbelievable information the general public will never see...

       What if only Pan was left to fight the great Battle, a continued war through Time, the War of the Gods against the Titans? Every god was dead. The future was, eventually, seen and realized by Rangers who believed they had won with the Sacrifice of Man. Comets, Kuiper Belts and falling stars were reminders of the tragedy that produced shattered shards 'in the gap.'
      A new Sun shined on Saturn's Solar System, a central system that was utterly controlled by a small ["Black Sun"] moon called Prometheus and adjacent wormhole.
       Only a single Ranger was left, a Last Warrior to fight the Darkness again, a lone "Jedi." The god Pan piloted a pan-dimensional craft also named "Pan" over and through the spiraled currents of Time and Space.
       Evil, dark, negative forces were not permanently contained inside the black thing called "Prometheus." A single Spirit of Archon or Ghost of Mars transformed the Saturn that was always under its command. Instead of a lighthouse beacon that guided ships like a sun, Saturn was made into a Broadcaster of powerful Negative Energy. Everything 'good' was sucked and had been sucked into the hexagonal North Pole and contained. Everything 'bad' was transmitted out the (CBS) One-Eye of its South Pole: features hardly ever revealed to Earth's population.
       The Beast was supposed to have been 'asleep' for ages, confined and powerless, trapped within the Prometheus Prison. The universe was believed to be spared needless/senseless wars, bitter sorrows, pain and suffering on a galactic scale. As was the Deal between the Light and the Dark.
       The gods were dead. Everything was upside-down, backwards; good was bad and bad was good. Devil's dominion of Saturn fucked everything up! Bad behavior replaced good. The world darkened. Beast slept while his Broadcaster slowly killed the positive and pushed the negative into every living psyche within range<

       The Devil woke, took human form in a cloned body from the past and escaped the old Jail of the Gods. One demonic Titan was alive once more. He controlled the 'Death Star' known as Prometheus and revitalized the ancient Ranger vehicle that appeared as the moon: Atlas. Devil-Beast no longer served in Heaven; he ruled in Hell. Over time, his legions and minions and slaves had soured what was once a beautiful Milky Way galaxy.
       The Beast piloted Atlas very near Pan. They faced each other one last time... 
       The Devil asked to enter?
       Strangely, Pan opened the large rear door and allowed the Beast into the spacecraft (house). Pan would have to live or die because of the consequences that he initiated.
       Beast entered and parked.
       The big door closed.
       Fantastic, wondrous, sensitive, lovely MUSIC was heard. The Devil did not like it and he frowned. He was forced to follow the sounds of pretty, positive, white magic. The Prince of Darkness was not pleased...
       In a short time, they saw each other: The Devil with blonde hair was inside a perfect body, freshly cloned, young and toned. He wore black.
       Pan wore a white robe. He was the mythological figure with curly hair, beard, horns and also legs and feet of a goat.
       It was the Devil that changed his frown to a wide grin.
       Pan stopped. Sweet symphonies of new musical sounds, far and above a few breaths on pipes, ended. The goat-man had a worn, aged, wrinkled face behind thick hair. He smiled and put down the instrument [Music] he proudly invented. Pan's mouth was in a position of 'smiling.' But when his old eyes focused closer on the 666 Beast that entered the spacecraft Pan, Ranger Headquarters from the Old Days, that he permitted through the door...
       Pan's smile ended like his fine music finished...
       He faced Hitler. Hitler had been cloned many times; there were a number of Adolph Hitlers that ran around long after WW2. Some made U.S. newspapers and were not believed, for the most part. Pan faced the top Archon, the only one, the one at the apex of the evil Pyramid. It was the Phantom Menace, Ghost of Mars: a Dark Angel that fell far from Heaven, alive, wide awake and the true Serpent in the Garden. He was Belial, Baal, Baphomet, Moloch...it was the fucking Devil-Beast that started all the trouble!
       Pan wondered and pointed under Satan's nose: "No moustache?"
       "Ha. Good one. It's been a long time, old friend. So. You...you let me inside this famous place, inside, where so much revenge was waged against my people?"
       Pan laughed, but it wasn't the same kind of sinister laugh. "Ha. I couldn't resist. You were an attractive young man. That figures. Okay. Let me get this straight..."
       "The real Cassini spacecraft was launched October 15th, 1997, out of Earth's South Pole hole and finally, 20 years later, when time was precisely correct, the Nazis delivered a clone of Hitler on the doorstep of Prometheus..."
       The Devil in body and spirit answered, "...Most importantly, the Death Star will not be used to destroy Earth. It was a distinct possibility. Cassini's data was known decades ago on Earth. I was the only reason for the mission. Because of the craft's close proximity to the crystal that held my energies in Prometheus, I was able to transfer to a young Hitler body...and walk, talk and breath again as one of the living."
       Pan responded: "I am not going to call you Adolph or Stalin or Crowley or Parsons or Hubbard, Pope, Throne of Britain or Swiss Bank Accounts or Beelzebub or a billion other fascist demons on so many worlds. I guess, the 'Devil' will do. Why Devil? Why didn't you stay in Andromeda? You had a whole galaxy to exploit, plunder and disease? You shattered Man. You butchered lush Pandora, made it lifeless?"
       "Expansion. Andromeda was basically consumed and it was time to move on. You and your ship have saved many planets, condensed down to size and made teleportation easy. Brilliant. As I directed them here for annihilation, you beamed them elsewhere, which gave the illusion we were mere SHEPHERDS in a dance among gas storms, ice and natural forces."
       "Shepherds, indeed," Pan stated as his goat-legs stepped a bit closer to the Devil. "Harbinger of things to come? None of it should have happened in this timeline, Devil! A darkened universe because of Saturn. And we think the ringed-planet is incredibly lovely, huh? Your Lords and legions have lied to galactic Citizens on all levels so much, no one recognizes the truth anymore."
       The Devil's soul in a Hitler body screamed, "You're going to tell them the truth?! Your loud, yet sweet/gentle music will soothe all the savage beasts out there, hmm?"
      "You mean the slave monster-warlords you've created?"
      "Pan! I was asleep! Why blame me if your Rangers lost control of the galaxy?"
      Pan took a step closer. "Your minions killed them all."
      The Beast also marched forward and smiled.
      Two old adversaries were within arm's reach and stared into each other's eyes, intently. Again.
      Pan expressed, "Your MACHINE, your Broadcaster of evil, you left behind has changed everything! THEY aren't to blame...YOU are!"
      Devil said, "You realize only one of us will leave here alive, don't you?"
      Pan was an old, worn-out Knight and very tired. He had fought too many fights like a defeated punch-drunk boxer. 'Tilted at windmills' too many times. Could he win? Could he defeat the Heart of the Lion, a Dragon in one more war and destroy the Fire? Killed the Wolf? Who would rule the Milky Way now? How could he ever expect to beat a young, strong, unleashed terror ready to consume one more world? He couldn't. Pan realized there was no way he could win. Pan was weak. He shook and asked the Devil: "And. And w-who's going to be the one t-to leave here alive?"
       The unexpected answer from Satan was, "Why you are, dear Pan. I've come here, in this place...to die. Thought you knew? Here is where I terminate. The galaxy is yours. You have won the Keys to the Kingdom and the Ultimate End-Game. No lie. Truth."
       Pan understood IT WAS THE TRUTH. He would walk out of the spacecraft and this creature of negativity would not. "I don't get it, Devil. What's the catch? You're throwing the Game? Why?"
       Satan laid down and would definitely die. He finished his new Reich and ended his sudden reign upon a dark universe. His job was done. He succeeded.
       Pan, Knight and Old Ranger of the Light, was confused.
       Before the Devil withered away to nothing, the Beast responded, "...Because it's too late. You lost. Your children are mine, their 'Childhood Ended' long ago. Your Music's calm and tender influence silenced. Go out and tell the world the truth to history and the divinity of mortals, your peace and love, Last Ranger. No one will believe you, anymore. You are silly Moses, come down from the mountain, with rules and regulations and good behaviors they will despise you for! You will appear to them far worse than I ever appeared with your truth, love, white light and white magic, wizard. You are a fool, Apollo, to think you can change polarities again, after all the damage..."
       The Devil died right there and became nothing>
       Pan turned to leave the vessel. Before he departed, he finished the thought his way: "...All the damage that you caused. You might be absolutely correct, Devil. Truth could be perceived as lies, goodness seen as evil...in your reverse Bizarro-Hell. But things change and change for the better without your dark influence. Paradise will win over Prometheus. Wormhole to the Dark Side can be sealed. Yes, it will take time for everything to be sorted out. I know beautiful energies and vibrations will be released from Saturn's captivity, no longer imprisoned by asylum madmen. The planet can be a positive beacon again, an eternal White Sun. Maybe everything can be turned for the better. A brighter future. I'm optimistic..."
Pan by TS Caladan 21740001_10208556501784788_4067032678341736119_n

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