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Monday, November 27, 2017

Mr Ed's Intel Update via Email - "DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY" - November 27, 2017

Received via email from Mr. Ed.......

Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY" 11/27/17
Posted By: Mr.Ed

Date: Monday, 27-Nov-2017 04:17:20


        INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY" 11/27/17


        U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia last weekend and removed computers...recovered pre 9/11 terrorist attack financial transactions...insurance documents...a lot of evidence implicating well known politicians of embezzlement...election rigging...identity fraud...assassination plots...murders...domestic terrorism and pedophilia.

        All these documents are now in possession of U.S. Marine intelligence.

        CIA headquarters has been raided...the FBI has been neutralized and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered.

        About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bush’s and Clinton’s.

        Trump reopened the JFK assassination files and Daddy Bush was behind it.

        JFK autopsy photographs were falsified.

        The sexual harassment outings of all these members of Congress is a 'mainstream media distraction' for what’s really going on behind the scenes. (U.S. Marines raid CIA Headquarters and Trump imposes military martial law)

        Hillary Clinton has ordered the murders (through domestic assassination squads) of Ron Brown (Commerce Secretary)...William Colby (Director of Central Intelligence)...Vince Foster (Deputy White House Counsel) and John F. Kennedy Jr. (son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy)...and others.

        Trump was right that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald.

        Sen. Cruz is a Canadian citizen who faked his birth certificate to become U.S. Senator and should be arrested for identity fraud.

        California Rep. Adam Schiff, (Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (former White House Chief of Staff for Obama) are connected with the Mossad.

        Both Schiff and Emmanuel are pedophiles.

        Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) was born in Kenya and should be arrested for identity fraud.

        Trump has got the file of every journalist...Anderson Cooper (CNN/CBS)...Chris Matthews (MSNBC)...Wolf Blitzer (CNN)...and more that’s on the CIA payroll.

        They now have proof / evidence that Hillary Clinton has committed election fraud...treason...sedition...is a drug dealer...has committed mass murders and murdered people in the State Department as a kill for hire scheme.

        Daddy Bush tried to assassinate Reagan three times during his eight year presidency and has been involved with 25 assassination plots against other major political figures. (many in Congress & the Senate)

        He and Hillary have tried to assassinate President Donald Trump seven times.

        There’s a cover up involving California Rep. Maxine Waters and the Blue Moon Bank in Thailand.

        The recent attack on Sen. Rand Paul was attempted murder because Paul knows too much and can’t be controlled by the deepstate. (Rene Boucher was chipped)

        A reporter from a major network was going to break a story (which he is sitting on to this day) that the government contacted orphanages around the country and paid these orphanages to transport orphans to Washington D.C. so Dick Cheney...Daddy Bush...Barney Frank and other pedophiles could pick out the kids they wanted to have sex with.

        Then they took those kids to parties.

        Hookers were present at these parties.

        Congress members were drugged and photographs were taken of politicians and these orphans in sexually compromising positions. (for blackmail purposes)

        FEMA camps are being used to incarcerate the cabal as they get arrested behind the scenes.

        'Doctors and Big Pharma' will be arrested by December 21st.

        The last of the underground bases are presently being destroyed. (many recent reports of explosions heard & felt underground)

        Banks are closing down as many of the old monetary systems are being terminated.

        There is literally no place for the cabal to hide anything that they steal.

        Most nations on the planet are against them.

        It has taken 38 years and the help of the Galactics to achieve this goal.

        70,000 pedophile elites worldwide have been identified.

        Mass grave sites have been discovered with the remains of children used in satanic rituals.
Posted by enerchi at 11/27/2017 05:21:00 AM

Thanks to: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com



Well it's a good story, and I as well as many others would just love to believe all of this...
but I have to ask, Who does this make sense to? and who is this so called 'Marine source' ?
   "When it sounds TOO good to be true..." Hard to say at this point if any of it is. We can only hope.


Well one thing for sure..........with the Rothschild's in charge of your major media outlets.........this is something that would never show up on CNN,  MSN.....or the big 3 news networks.......now if Trump were involved..........then this would all be front page news..........I trust major media, about as far as I can throw it, lets just put it that way.............I feel MartyM that most of this is true........and I feel like the swamp is beginning to drain............


I had a conversation with a Marine Colonel yesterday. He(in uniform) approached me for some unknown reason. We began to talk when he said "you're awake huh".  He informed me that he and his fellow marines have been told that something is coming and that they have a place in the underground bunkers, as do all military personnel...Hmm to that...so then I go to get my hair cut and the lady cutting my hair says her brother is in the marines and he tells her all kinds of weird stuff. I asked what it was and damn if she didnt say " he told me something is coming and that the marines and all service personnel have a place in the underground bunkers...He said the bunkers are all over the world, with many in this country. Now if that doesnt beat all....Now I am very familiar with the bunkers and am aware of some of their locations. So, with this I say La de Da...More of the same...And oh yea, these guys(PTB) are good, REALLY GOOD!!



Hmmmmm, indeed.   INTEL Update - "DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY"  1824860899


So very "woke."
Like when Alex Jones convinced all his sheep that Y2K was the "end of the world?" Yet we all woke up to, nothing...
How about those FEMA camps we are being held in?
Did your precious guns get confiscated yet? Not even after 8 years of the Commie/Kenyan? What happened? I'm guessing the "unified conspiracy theory" came up with more nonsense to keep the fear train running and ignore the fallacies.
Did you hear Michelle Obama is a transvestite?!
Don't worry, the guy who has multiple children from multiple marriages is championing "family values!" He even cheated on one of his rent-a-wives with Marla Maples.
He also claims to be a "Christian", yet claims he could "shoot someone on 5th avenue and still get elected." Please conveniently ignore the whole "thou shalt not kill" commandment while looking for more echo chamber justifications for your blinkered support for a clown.
If you have become so desperate to take down your boogeyman/woman that you support this fool, you are the problem.
P.S. If you think the Marines are a noble cause watch Full Metal Jacket.
"Kill a gook for Disney/ Mickey Mouse!"
"First to go, last to know."
"We will defend to the death our/your right to be misinformed."



And your point, Ave ??  Somehow I seem to have missed it...   :headscratching


You think people (Marines) who have volunteered to have themselves broken down during boot camp so that "the state" can mold them into automaton killers who will shoot when they are told to shoot. Kill when they are told to kill and not question orders.
These people are paid by the government. They are the definition of "statists." Yet you think that they are the "good guys with guns."
If you don't trust the "government", how can you support those who volunteer to kill to support it?
The only attack on our land since WWII was on 9/11 yet our military was unable to prevent/ stop it but you have convinced yourself that some jar-heads are going to take down the satanic cabal?
What defines satanism?
Might makes right?
Sounds like the military to me.
The far-right conspiracy dupes don't want to transform/transmute evil, they are jealous they weren't invited/strong enough to join the party.
Is your utopia hunkering down in your bomb shelter, clutching a firearm while cherry-picking your way through the Bible?



OK I was following along your thought process regarding the military... though I suspect you've never been in the military, and if indeed you were then you would be the reason that perspective has a flaw. Yes there are those who are so brainwashed they do not think for themselves as they refuse to be held accountable for themselves whether in the military or not. Fortunately that is not the majority of the military (at least from my experience)... then you took a sharp turn off to somewhere and lost me with the last part of your post.  :headscratching So your trying to say the good guys (supposedly the military) don't want to take down the bad guys, they just want to join the party ???  REALLY ?  How does that make sense to anyone?


No, my point is that every villian believes they are a hero. This is the thinking behind "we just need to all be armed to the teeth so if a 'bad' guy shows up, we can shoot them!"
Anyone who signs up to kill on command is not "good" by any standard but the human ego, fear and nationalistic "patriotism" are seductive to a weak mind.
Let's go back to the core lesson from Star Wars: The Emperor wants Luke to fight. He doesn't care who, just fight.
The modern conspiracy fool believes they are Luke, yet they are foaming at the mouth to fight a "culture war." Championing a vile, foul-mouthed "outsider" (please...) who will free us from "them!"
The only difference between tRump and Hillary is a Y chromosome.


Marty my friend...I have made a decision not to respond to his posts anymore. He is a lost soul who takes information and turns it to his understanding, not that of the poster. Its an illness Marty. And to boot, he is getting paid to do it...


Me being paid to post here is just one more example of you being wrong.



Well Top I understand what your saying and cannot completely disagree... however now and then Ave has come out with a few nuggets that are almost reasonable, at least whenever he's not just reacting to having his button pushed...  That being said, I think the sharing of perspectives serves a purpose in that it causes us to think or rethink and expand our views where we may have not done so before. When new or different perspectives are injected it doesn't mean that we will automatically change our position, but if we can or at least try to understand those perspectives it can also give us better understanding of our own perspective. Of course it would be a bit easier without the childish banter...


Yet how often do you all apply that logic to tRump and his childish banter?
His immigrant wife hysterically wanted to stop "cyber-bullying" but that was just too absurd to fly so she just decorates for the holidays now.



Pretty much all the time Ave... I don't think you should necessarily equate the support of Trump with the approval of his process. For most folks it's a 'Lesser of evils', it's the choices we had at the time. Even had everyone voted for "None of the above", it would not likely have changed the outcome. You may not agree with the process going on any more than I do, but the process has to proceed in order for any changes to occur. I believe Trump is doing exactly what he's supposed to, 'Stir the Shit' and Drain the Swamp which will create change. Maybe not as we would like, but that will depend on the Sheeple Which is not an inspiring thought I know. The goal really needs to be 'ballance' not supremacy of one side or the other. The real challenge of coarse is getting the Sheeple to understand there are no 'sides', we're all in this together...


The lesser of two evils is still evil.


God I hope Avebury stocks up on stool softener...........before entering his bunker...........sheesh.........I can tell one thing.......Avebury was never in general population before.........



He's always been in the population, he was just someone's 'spanking and whoopin' boy, that's all-From what I hear, he loves to get spanked....... INTEL Update - "DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY"  1628498548


Please tell me your sources, "fake news" warriors...



Walsch says: "The only attack on our land since WWII was on 9/11"

As usual you are wrong again. https://tinyurl.com/n2xhdk5
I won't even go into all the attacks by Indians on American soil!!

What defines satanism? Podesta and spirit cooking.


Did your parents continually ass-rape you?:


All the attacks by "Indians" on our soil is just sad.
Are you playing manifest destiny victim?



Well Nann !! if you can stop laughing long enough, perhaps you should chime in on this. Bring your 'Ol Self' back... I so miss that. lol  Of course Purps is overdue as well Though I'd bet she is as perplexed as I am. Top may well have the best answer, but what do I know...


5d chess, right?



Strangely, I have no idea WTF that's supposed to mean Ave...  sorry but I'm old and slow at times.


tRump plays "4d" chess. I mock it by playing "5d" chess.



Avebury wrote:All the attacks by "Indians" on our soil is just sad.
Are you playing manifest destiny victim?

Au contraire little ave, I haven't fished my legal limit today. You see I purposely used the phrase attacks by Indians on our soil because I knew you'd fall or it even though any dunderhead knows it was the Indians land. God what a moron! Ordinarily a fish of your type is catch and release. We throw back bottom feeding river suckers where I'm from. (After a good rap on the head) Evidently my blow isn't firm enough and you manage to return and take the bait again and again! You've managed to turn the sport of catch and release into catch and repeat.

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