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The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds

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1The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Empty The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:37 pm



The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds


Thursday, September 20th, 2012. Filed under: Activism Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Consciousness Geoengineering Mind Control National Emergency New World Order Orwellian World Science and Technology surveillance society The Awakening

The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Mind-Control

by Zen Gardner

I can’t pound away enough about this subject, and I hope you are
sounding off too. People would find it hard to believe how many types of
technologies are being used on human minds today.

We all know we’re “steered” and “walled off” to some degree by
influences around us, not the least of which is the media and the
onslaught of its corporofascist disinformation and advertising arm.

Deeper influences include so-called modern education and the socially
engineered dumbing-down of society for decades. Just look around you
for how “well repeated” everything we’re told has become, with the
predominance of shallow Hollywood types and the gutless sing-song
intonations and political correctness in society’s language.

But there’s a lot more people need to know about electronic mind control and what it’s doing to us and our world.

1. The Sounds of Silence

Here’s one–subliminal programming carried by UHF or Ultra High
Frequency signals. Some say this is the reason the government so
enthusiastically pushed everyone to digital broadcasting, to implement
this, and free-up the analog bandwidth for even more insidious
purposes…the coming universally implanted chip.

The Department of Defense calls it Silent Sound Spread
Spectrum (SSSS), and it also goes by the name of S-quad or Squad. In the
private sector, the technology goes by the name of Silent Subliminal
Presentation System and the technology has also been released to certain
corporate vendors who have attached catchy brand names like BrainSpeak Silent Subliminals to their own SSSS-based products.

Whatever you call it, SSSS is a technology that uses subliminal programming
that is carried over Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) broadcast waves,
planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious human mind.

Perfected more than twenty years ago by the Department of Defense and battlefield-tested upon unwitting Iraqi soldiers
serving in the army of Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War during 1991, SSSS
is a sinister weapon that may have been been developed for a specific
mission: the total subjugation of the American people.
We’re talking nasty here. Would these controllers do
such a thing? Are you kidding? Any tool that works is a good tool for
these tools. Nature will find a way around it, but it’s something to
behold how desperate these control freaks are.

Whether SSSS is coupled with the new all-digital TV
signal as its means of delivery into the minds of an unsuspecting U.S.
populace or not, it can be deployed by many different devices, including
HAARP and GWEN towers, which would effectively blanket the entire
nation at once. In fact, Judy Wall says that “there is evidence that the
US Government has plans to extend the range of this technology to
envelop all peoples, all countries. This can be accomplished, is being
accomplished, by utilising the nearly completed HAARP project for
overseas areas and the GWEN network now in place in the US. The US
Government denies all this.”

But the most insidious aspect of SSSS is that it is completely
undetectable by those being targeted. Because it delivers its subliminal
programming directly to the human brain via the auditory sense at
frequencies that humans are incapable of perceiving as sound, there is
no defense against it. Everyone on the planet is equally susceptible to
mind control via SSSS and there isn’t any escape from it, as the UHF
waves can be transmitted over very long distances from remotely located
sources and will pass through walls and other objects as if they are not
there. UHF is the frequency (100mhz) that has been used for television
and radio broadcasting for as long as these media have existed. SSSS is
designed to utilize UHF as a carrier wave.

Even more insidious, though, is the fact that, coupled with the use
of supercomputers, an individual’s unique electroencephalographic (EEG)
patterns can be digitally altered and then stored for rebroadcast via
digital UHF. According to Judy Wall, editor and publisher of Resonance, the newsletter of the Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group,
these computer-enhanced EEGs “can identify and isolate the brain’s
low-amplitude ‘emotion signature clusters,’ synthesize them and store
them on another computer. In other words, by studying the subtle
characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a
particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the
concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it.” These modified
emotion signature clusters can then be broadcast over UHF carrier
frequencies (i.e., regular TV and radio signals) directly into the brain
where they can then “silently trigger the same basic emotion in another
human being.” In other words, if the emotional signature cluster for,
say, a feeling of hopelessness and despair is being fed directly into
your brain via unseen radio waves, you will feel those emotions. The
implications of this are, quite literally, mind boggling. Source
2. Another Microwave Scream Inside the Skull

The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Hyper_microwave_22_gr

The U.S. military bankrolled early development of a
non-lethal microwave weapon that creates sound inside your head. But in
the end, the gadget may be just as likely to wind up in shopping malls
as on battlefields, as I report in New Scientist.

The project is known as MEDUSA – a contrived acronym for Mob Excess
Deterrent Using Silent Audio. And it should not be confused with the Long Range Acoustic Device
and similar gadgets which simply project sound. This one uses the
so-called “microwave auditory effect”: a beam of microwaves is turned
into sound by the interaction with your head. Nobody else can hear it
unless they are in the beam as well.

The effect has long been a laboratory curiosity, with no application.
But, over the years, the military has been intrigued. The idea (dubbed
“the telepathic ray gun”) was mentioned in a 1998 US Army study, which turned up in a recent Freedom of Information Act document dump. Five years later, the Navy decided to put some R&D dollars into the project. Now, as I note on the New Scientist website, Dr. Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation has provided more details.

There are health risks, he notes. But the biggest issue from the
microwave weapon is not the radiation. It’s the risk of brain damage
from the high-intensity shock-wave created by the microwave pulse.
Clearly, much more research is needed on this effect at the sort of
power levels that Dr. Sadovnik is proposing. But if it does prove
hazardous, that does not mean an end to weapons research in this area: a
device that delivered a lethal shock-wave inside the target’s skull
might make an effective death ray.

Dr. Sadovnik also makes the intriguing suggestion that, instead of
being used at high power to create an intolerable noise, it might be
used at low power to produce a whisper that was too quiet to perceive
consciously but might be able to subconsciously influence someone. The
directional beam could be used for targeted messages, such as in-store
promotions. Sadovnik even suggests subliminal advertising, beaming
information that is not consciously heard (a notion also spotted on the US Army’s voice-to-skull page). While the effectiveness of subliminal persuasion is dubious,
I can see there might be some organizations interested in this
capability. And if that doesn’t work, you could always point the thing
at birds. They seem to be highly sensitive to microwave audio, so it
might be used to scare flocks away from wind farms — or shoo pigeons
from city streets. Source
The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Images+%25286%2529

3. HAARP and GWEN Tower Manipulation

I watch the weather. Not from conventional sites, but from real
reporters who can see what’s going on. Dutchsince reports regularly on
what the towers are showing him, and has incredible accuracy in telling
us what weather system type is tending to come where.

And what apparently is guiding these formations is HAARP type
broadcast technology emanating out of military bases and government
installations around the country. After all, they’ve openly stated they
want to own the weather by 2025.

What, are we stupid?

The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Gwen-towers1

GWEN Towers

The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds NationalMap

“Free” WiFi in US. Free, at what cost?

4. EMFs Blasting Everywhere

We’re being killed in slow motion. A microwave oven has warnings all
over it, and if you use an EMF detector you’ll find it gives off a
strong blast even when off, especially around the sides. Cell phones are
now well known to cause cancer and Russia has banned their use amongst

Western world? Fry away. ‘We don’t care, we dare. Precautions are for
pussies. Put that gun to your head ol’ boy, you’re a tough codger.’

The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Croft_cell


Pretty serious stuff. There’s lots more to all this, I’m only
touching on the surface to get people thinking and aware. I’m no expert
on any of this by any means, just aware we’re being screwed for ulterior
motives…as usual.

The fundamental point is, these towers you’re seeing going up around
you are not only all for cell phones! Some of these are huge metal beams
emanating incredibly destructive influences around them. Here’s one I
took a picture of in Austin, Texas RIGHT AMONGST ALL THE KIDS in a
frequented and densely housed area off Guadelupe St. by U of T.


The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds Photo-27new

According to expert Barry Trower,
cell towers should not be within a mile and a half of humans – yet
they’re deliberately placed on medical buildings, within densely
populated housing areas, and on schools and recreation areas.

It’s a living tragedy in slow motion. And no one notices, because no
one in responsible positions are responsible to the people, just money,
power, position and corporate greed.

Be aware. Campaign against towers near you and your loved ones and
expose them. Investigate orgonite and other technologies and disable
towers all you can.

We will win, but not by sitting idly by.

Don’t just sit there and fry.



Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com

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