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Wrath of the Gods

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Wrath of the Gods

January 2, 2018 renegade 
By Ron McVan
Man’s desire for power over his fellow man and the material world is a story whose beginnings are lost in the primal mists of time. The all too human lust for domination and control has been the cause of untold death, misery and turmoil. Never has existence on earth been more violent and perilous than at this present era in time. Never has global annihilation been more imminent. In addition, the times have changed and technology has changed, but man has not. Man has become apathetic and estranged, not only from Nature and his own kith and kin, but from spirituality as well. The orthodox Christian churches of the world have failed miserably in the 2,000 year attempt to bring peace on earth and good will among mankind and they know it. In truth, Christianity has actually spilled more blood across the pages of history than any other religion in its zealous quest to subdue the world to its dogma. The authoritarian audacity of Christianity far outweighs its ability.
The decline of essential spiritual and cultural values which are the cornerstone of any wholesome individual, family and ethnic nation, coupled with man’s blatant disregard for Nature have been the paramount cause of our present world decay and open the doors to all the negative forces possessed in the mind of man. These unrestrained forces feed upon themselves until they exact total dominion upon the world in which we live. Most of man’s problems are a result of his greed and lust for power, a lesson he has yet to learn. Only a naive fool would argue that this is not so. The further we turn from nature’s laws, the deeper mankind slides into the abyss of despair. If for any reason the material world gains predominance over the soul, the result can only be strife, discord and ultimately self destruction. Man turns downward when the doors upward have been closed in his face. As the ancient mysteries clearly state, “Every natural law transgressed or wrongly applied must have its effect upon the wrong doer.” It is a matter of cause and effect, and man must constantly strive to keep a balance between the spiritual and the material—- bridging the gap which exists between those two opposites, so that he can attain the knowledge of how to control natures divine laws for the common good, and not merely for the sake of one’s own self-serving benefits.
Today’s world is not governed by royal elect, philosopher kings, heroic leaders or spiritual wise men, but by gangster governments and avaricious self-appointed Power Elite controllers. For the most part such ambitious controllers are driven by wealth, material gains and positions of power, and will not stop short of anything to achieve such voracious all consuming desires. This is not to propose that all wealthy people are bad and that the poor and working class are the good guys. A simple study of the history of mankind clearly demonstrates that active evil comes in all sizes, shapes, races and classes. The important thing is that we do not become controlled by those who have clearly divorced themselves from the path of Right Life and the Light of higher being.
The ignorant classes are the dangerous classes. Ignorance is the womb of monsters.” ~.Henry Ward Beecher
The problems of today were the problems of yesterday, and unless we solve them they will be the problems of tomorrow. Rational and logical solutions can provide an end to problems. We will live better and progress more rapidly when we give up the escapist psycho-babble hopes for absolution, some magic wand reaching down from the sky to say, “presto!” and instantly clear all of our wrongs. We would also do better not to be pacified in any sense of the word by Adventism. The false concept is, in itself that of a preacher who will stand on the pulpit and scream to his congregation, “repentance! or yea shall be damned into eternal hell fire!” Then, in the next breath he will say that you need not worry, Jesus died for your sins; Jesus will even wash your sins away and you will be white as snow! In fact you can even do the most abominable horribly sickest acts imaginable and just before your dying breath ask for forgiveness and the Lord will forgive you and wipe your slate clean! And all those people that you killed and tortured….well, that’s their problem! Go figure! Such evangelistic vein busting over-pious bible thumping twattle, playing on the fears and ignorance of the weak in spirit are highly psychotic, unrealistic, and should be left to the devices of the circus carnies! Without the infallible tool of fear, preachers would have to actually rely on spiritual wisdom!
Socrates believed that each man must discover, through his own inward realization united with the outward testimonies of experience, the goal to which he is meant to aspire. Without goal, action is meaningless, and all effort comparatively wasted. Not only must human beings have goals, but nations, races and civilizations must have high destinies toward which they aspire. Failure of this larger vision results inevitably in the collapse of empire and nation. Should we wonder why the nations and world in which we live are in such a state of apparent hopelessness and chaos? The reason is not far to seek and should be clearly self evident. Without the unity of a people there is no vision and without vision there can be no future. A nation of conflicting ethnic cultures is a sure recipe for absolute disaster!
The falsely asserted orthodox priesthoods of the Western world have failed to paint Nature’s picture so that all men can rightly admire and respect it and understand its miraculous qualities. They have brought about a scornful outlook of nature painting it with a warped unnatural brush of sin to the total exclusion of the beautiful. To convolute the concept even further many preach universalism, condone homosexuality, celibacy, miscegenation, integration, abortion and feminism. Through the ages they have shamefully committed hideous crimes in the name of their religion. Had the Aryan tribes of Europe retained their nature-based ethnic spiritualism and the unbroken guidance of the divine truths therein, we would not be faced with the rampant world disintegration and genocide of national sovereignty that we suffer today. Each person born upon this planet is spiritually responsible for himself, and if he can raise himself to the realization of a higher consciousness he is then in a position to guide others from the imminent doom of the unenlightened. However man can do nothing until he first awakens. When mankind separates himself from the Cosmos, Nature and Divinity, he not only loses balance with his higher self, but ultimately he becomes a parasitic cancer upon the earth.
In civilizations past, numerous methods of society have been tried. At times art has ruled to the exclusion of all else, and with it has come a lack of control of the emotions, so that values become slack. If a nation directs its emphasis on war and armaments, decay will eventually set in through lack of competition and self-satisfaction, and so on. It is no good cursing God or the gods for our failures; we must realize that most of the responsibility in the world of man is in his own hands. Until human nature can visualize things from a harmonic cosmic standpoint, there will be neither peace nor security. It is impossible for man to achieve a true form of justice until he can do this, because all his actions devoid of spirituality are prompted by his selfish instincts and flawed ambitions. Men of themselves are not bad, but may be conditioned out of their intrinsic integrity by the pressure of wrong environment. For the man of stronger substance this is not a factor, for he knows that no matter where he is, he must always remain what and who he is. No man need perform destructive actions because others do. It is not necessary to conform with the insane mass stupidity of one’s time. To dare to achieve your highest personal potential in the presence of false traditions definitely demands a high degree of individual fortitude, yet to do one ounce less is to live a lie, which is impossible for the wise and noble man of integrity and substance.
By annihilating the desires, you annihilate the mind. Every man without passions has within him no principle of action, nor motive to act.” “Truth is a torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it.” ~ Claud Adrian Helvetius (1715–1771)
For the most part man does not feel the worth of his own soul. He may be proud of his mental powers, but the higher self, the inner- infinite worth of his own mind he does not perceive. The mind is all which man permanently is, his inward being, his divine energy, his immortal thought, his boundless capacity, his infinite aspiration—-and nevertheless, few value it for what it is worth. Space is timeless, but the world in which we live did have a starting point in time. The earth is a fragment of a once larger planet. Whether the earth’s beginning was the result of random explosion or a collision is of little importance. What is important to remember is that our precious Mother Earth is the total life support system for mankind. The earth simply cannot and will not suffer continual abuse. If we push the scales too far in the wrong direction, we die, and likely jeopardize the possibility of human life ever thriving on this planet ever again. Man comes into this world knowing not whence he came, why he is where he is, nor whither he is going.
The universe is a great organism, controlled by a dynamism of the physical order. Mind gleams through its every atom….There is mind in everything, not only in human and animal life, but in plants, in minerals, in space.” ~ Flammarion
The ancient mysteries reveal that every atom, molecule, plant, animal or planet, is only an aggregation of organized unit forces held in place by stronger forces, thus holding them for a time latent, though teeming with inconceivable power. All life on our planet is, so to speak, just on the outer fringe of this infinite ocean of force. The universe is not half dead, but all alive. The microscopic cell, a minute speck of matter that is to become man, has in it the promise and germ of mind. Might we not then draw the logical conclusion that the elements of mind are present also in those chemical elements—carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chlorine—that are found in the cell? Further, the body is all mind, at the last analysis. Mind-Power manifests itself in countless ways in the universe, and the physical bodies, and the cells of which they are composed are simply certain forms and manifestation of its force.
The Earth, referred to as Midgard in Northern mythology, has long served as a backdrop for the human drama, a testing ground of sorts before the eyes of our ethnic gods. With the ounce of divinity bestowed upon each of us to meet the challenge of life’s quest, we must not fail them! The divine mysteries—-revealed to us through our sagas, myths and legends—-provide a backdrop for our own personal enlightenment through this fleeting material world of illusion. We are who we are and where we are for reasons greater than our own limited comprehension. That world whence we came and to which we soon shall be returning is closer to us than we could ever imagine. Midgard is in a sense “the anti-chamber to eternity.” The ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus, aboard a ship, was once asked by a sailor, “Master, how far is it from this world to the next?” Aristippus inquired, “How thick is the hull of this ship?” The seaman answered, “Three inches, Master.” Aristippus replied with a smile, “My friend, we are three inches from the other world.”
There will come a time when you must stand before your gods and give account of your deeds here in Midgard. What a miserable sight you will be before the High Ones to report that you merely survived or gathered up a heap of materialistic possessions. It is your task to create a standard of rightful living and an environment appropriate to greatness and greatness will come and take up its abode among your people and nation. We must cause that which we desire to manifest, and that which we cause will come to pass. Nature’s Law is toward producing strong individuals—fall in with it, and Nature will come to your aid, for then you will be one of its chosen ones. Dare to be great!!! Your life will be over before you know it!
The law of incarnation and dis-incarnation unfolds to us the real meaning of life and death. It constitutes the principal phase in the evolution of the soul, enabling us to follow it backwards and forwards right into the depths of nature and divinity. For this law reveals to us the rhythm and measure, the reason and object of the soul’s immortality. From being abstract or fantastic, it makes it living and logical by showing the correspondences of life and death. Terrestrial birth is death from the spiritual point of view and death is a celestial resurrection. The alternation of both lives is necessary for the development of the soul, and each of them is at once the consequence and the explanation of the other. Whosoever is imbued with these truths is at the very heart of the mysteries, at the center of initiation.” ~ Pythagoras

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