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Dear Washington…

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1Dear Washington… Empty Dear Washington… Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:17 pm



Dear Washington…

February 2, 2018 / Visionkeeper

Dear Washington… Favim-com-city-fallout-3-washington-484342
Dear Washington,                                                      I am writing to you in the hopes of knocking some sense into you. You all are so far removed from we the people, you are unable to see or even realize what your behavior is doing to this country. It is absolutely stunning to watch supposedly grown human beings and professionals act so thoughtlessly and with such venom. Someone needs to sit you all in a theater one day and you should be made to watch video of yourselves for hours on end, non stop, no breaks. Your behavior needs to be seared in your brains until you either wake up or fizzle yourselves out back into obscurity.  To watch politics today is like watching third graders arguing at recess and at the same time you possess the qualities of hormone driven teenagers totally out of control. You are being held hostage by your egos and your sad NEED to be right. To look at Washington in honesty is to see the reflection  of humanity’s  consciousness right now. It is vibrating on a very low-frequency,  one of fear.
According to David Hawkins M.D. in his great book Power vs Force and on his map of human consciousness page, fear ranks at number 100! If we wish peace we best start working harder on raising ourselves up and yes, I’m speaking to you Washington! The score for the Merciful, Harmonious, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Transcendence level is 350!!!  That is the level we hopefully wish to be on, so you have a great deal of work to do.We all do. Humanity has become so self-absorbed, we have lost touch with our connectedness and our ability to extend compassion and understanding towards one another. We have lost our civility and our perspective on life is severely distorted. Washington, it is embarrassing to watch you, actually it is shameful. I feel deeply ashamed at times by your behavior knowing the whole world is watching this third grade tantrum put on by our politicians.
We knew as the old paradigm fell away, discord would raise its ugly head up and angry, lied to, disenfranchised people would begin to awaken and it has been shaming to witness how low and venomous you, our supposed leaders, have become. You don’t even have a clue about your behavior you are so lost in yourselves. That’s why I say you need to be locked into a theater for hours on end watching video of yourselves in action. We the people are progressing forward( I hope) into more conscious and meaningful ways of being, light years ahead of where Washington has gotten mired in quicksand. The tragic part about this whole state of affairs is the fact you, Washington, are supposed to be leading us and you are doing anything but, for to follow you now would be a one way ticket to destruction. It is time for you to grow up and move beyond the third grade stage and learn how to open your hearts and communicate from them, not your heads and transcend to the next level.
The people are learning while Washington never does. We the people are getting the bigger picture of what is really going on and Washington is freaking out. Heaven forbid they should lose control of the slaves. Let the slaves know and there may be demand for freedom from your sick agenda. Both sides bicker and name call because you have no control over your emotions right now, words are just flying out of your open mouths but your brains are locked in place, unable to flow or bend. It’s my way or the highway, it’s I have to be right, I know what’s best….That last one is the biggest joke of all. If you want to do what’s best then you would grow up and quickly, before you do irreparable damage to this country.
Washington, it is a disgrace to watch and listen to you and that is why so many people have tuned you out. It’s almost as if TV is only for Washington and the media to go at each other because nobody else wishes to watch. We have grown beyond that childish stage and it is painful to be reminded of it. You are displaying to the rest of the world a charade the whole world can see through. You sadly think no one knows what is going on yet at the same time you are screaming from the rooftops telling everyone the truth just by your behavior. The excuses you use to fight against one another are so old, so worn out, so untrue and yet you continue to use them thinking we will fall for it. I have news for you, your production is being acted out for no audience, you are stuck in dress rehearsal. We tuned you all out a long time ago. If things weren’t so serious about what is going on it would be hilarious to watch, but it is serious and you don’t get it!
So we the people will continue on our journey to betterment and you can either wake up and come along or limp off into the sunset despised and rejected. As always the choice is yours. We the people prefer peace to continual war for profit. We the people prefer to live our lives as WE so choose, not be slaves for you. We the people are learning the benefits of being grateful, being aware of others, knowing the value of truth and honoring it. We the people are waking up and as we do we can see how absent from life we have been. We have not been mindful and this is why we have ended up in this precarious position. We ARE learning and we will not go back to sleep again. Face it Washington, your time is over, the old paradigm is over, we are moving forward and learning new ways of being and we will no longer tolerate your antics. Again, the choice is yours. Want to join us?
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com

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