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1The Beginning of the End Empty The Beginning of the End Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:24 pm



Myakka State Park in Florida is a wonder, there is more wildlife per square mile than one can imagine and the Alligators are fat and lazy while the birds remain abundant. One thing about the wildlife outside the park; the greater the privilege the greater the imbalance of nature, or what one may consider natural.

How this fits into the science behind natural selection and its rival; survival of the fittest, one can only guess. Perhaps this may tip the balance in favor of the meek, though it’s not the meek that concerns me.

As with nature a healthy balance ensures the maintenance of existence categorically, and all life herein exists within a perpetual wheel of birth, death and rebirth. This system of cycles is not a corruption, though corruptions come and go, but it is a subsystem of a larger system which is also subordinate to a larger system itself.

Calling this world a garden captures its essence, we co-exist within a giant bio-sphere created not by chance, although chance is a common denominator, but rather as a fertile plane to facilitate the cultivation of the germane. However to germinate herein is not exclusive, which contributes to the biodiversity of the whole. Cross-pollination can and will occur, and at times such blooms can radiate the beauty of nature beyond physical expression.
That which is not of this world may take or add to the system, though lately additions to the system fall short while excessive taking (consuming) has been taxing subsystems beyond their means. All are subsystems here, so all are subject to biological, ecological and geographical tribulation. The cultured man may know how to make a living, while his debts may far exceed what’s indicated on any financial statement.

Negative entropy, though not exclusive to indigenous humans is a well known draconian trademark. Draks can and often do, carry contempt for all aspects of creation including that which can be exploited, and this is evident within their hybrid spawn, although there are exceptions due to the human element and the so called elders or originals do follow the logic of energy conservation, which is a source code of law and order. Parasites by and large also follow this code and that which seeks to add nothing to anything outside of itself is a parasitic system.

Unfortunately many humans have inherited these traits after Draks infused themselves into our culture. The programs that run civilizations near and far are unfortunately infused with Drak ideology which is not only near sighted, it lacks the symbiotic framework necessary for sustainability. This is more so now than ever before because humans are becoming increasingly out of touch with not only nature, but their own nature.

Now we can sum this all up in some stereotype like light/dark, good/bad, but this would miss an opportunity to witness and explore these phenomena and to greater understand hidden dynamics. We know inherently that when mixing cultures and races you typically end up with a blending of attributes and the possibility of new unexpected attributes. The spectrum of possibilities is wide, and a race line whose divine spark (soul source) is dissipating or altogether removed not only regains such with human DNA but often a reduction in genetic deterioration is realized, but not without the potential for genetic deficiencies from both sides of the fence. Human cultures with a history of hybridization are and will remain the greater melting pot, for they will carry greater diversity within their coding, while royal family lines have historically been abused, and the power of wealth may be a trade off for health. But the big question which remains is how much is too much, and for most of you listening the answer should be obvious.

Now I’m trying not to be judgmental which is easy to do with such topics but there are other considerations worth belaboring. I have touched on co-creation or attraction/intent etc., before and most are well in tune with this process. But how can this have anything to do with what’s been stated above? Everything!

The art of manifestation does require a healthy respect of creation before
co-creating becomes fluid and the nurturing essence of love provides the best rate of return because the nature of the energy is synchronized. This is not inferring that Drak hybrids can’t co-create, for in truth they can, provided their attitude toward creation is motherly. Which believe it or don’t is not a characteristic found in many race lines which have lost the ability to reproduce. And eating the young of a neighboring tribe won’t help. Losing the ability to reproduce and co-create often leads to industrialized societies which evolve as platforms for AI.

Perhaps their DNA is wound to tight, perhaps they are no longer thriving upon the same reality plane. Whatever the case the gaff between your world and theirs is now wider than the Mississippi and this won’t change overnight, in fact it is change that many fear the most. But as we know change if not negotiable can come in the form of a tsunami, turning ones world upside down for the re-establishment of values. One could look at this process as a metaphor in the sense that if you won’t think outside of the box perhaps the box (dwelling in severe cases) needs to be removed! This can also be addressed as; the best way to remove insecurity is by crushing securities foundation (fear). Once we go through the motions we begin to realize that chaos can lead to peace and the weight of fear has an opportunity to lift. But what does this have to do with co-creation? Everything!

There are times when less becomes more when it comes to peace, or that “more” often gets in the way of peace and it is peace that brings about the kind of attunement necessary before the higher senses kick in. Now there are exceptions to this rule but peace reigns supreme as the avenue to higher mind.

Trust can be synonymous with faith, in that it has restorative properties. When the trust of the material world has been shattered we begin to trust in the only thing left; ourselves. This process stimulates self reliance and self reliance is not only a fecund pathway of co-creative efforts it’s also a trapezium for bridge building to higher thought constructs. Higher thought constructs themselves are benign though often informative, however, the critical difference between a thought and a thing begins with trust!

Creativity; what separates humans from the riff-raff is our special ability to overcome obstacles by virtue of our inventive and inquisitive nature. When one becomes well vested within the process of co-creating they have a tendency to leave the nest (common parameters of thought). This means your co-creative capacity is dealing less with 3D world and is working in area’s that can improve this 3D landscape by influencing the inside from the outside. In fact thought constructs conceived in higher mind need never enter lower worlds and remain far more potent beyond the confines of atmosphere and envelopes of space/time. A thought construct conceived in such a manner is instantaneous once the engineering is complete. Such engineering is just a template that has a list of instructions catering to the design, such as, function, purpose, size etc.. Like most things if you can create one you can create a million.

Many race lines no longer have this capability, often due to genetic distortions or from the destruction of planets and star systems which carried forth their genetic templates through morphic resonance. Finding a planetary body which matches ones frequency is difficult, so there are those who would rather alter another planet through technology to make it more hospitable, but one beings hospitable may be hostile to inhabitants. Hybridization although a better option than cloning which if full of its own caveats, is still a desperate act which requires centuries of trial and error ending with a host which may be a giant step backward in evolution even though it carries the divine spark.
Some mixing of race lines is permitted by Guardians while most is not, due to the potential for blueprint corruption within the host.

The soul group or original blueprinted humans which were seeded here at various periods in history were considered the 12 Tribes, which preceded the Hebrew historic version. All were taking a giant step back from their former state within physicality simply because this planets vibration was still quite low. Something that takes a wee bit longer than 26k years to change, but since the mother planet was no longer in existence options were explored.

Now historically there have been many ups and downs within human civilizations and Mythology offers a glimpse of such periods. But what it fails to convey is the fact that during the normal process of unfolding cultural peaks are followed by vibrational shifts. These catapults in frequency are incremental and gradual but the shifts in conscious perspective during peaks can be as lightning strikes, allowing a quickening to occur. The greater the imbalance the stronger the bang!

Though such changes in humanity would appear as random there is a balance which coincides with nature and the planet. Like lightning strikes, energetic balance is necessary for grid integrity, for a planets morph is genetically and dynamically tied to various species within and without. We can compare this with the way Bee’s help pollinate creation, advanced species help not only with energetic equilibrium but they pollinate consciousness in a sense. And Humanity is not alone in this process, evolution is for Bird, Bee, you and me; the mountains the valleys, the barrooms and alleys; the surf, the Sun, it’s all or none!

We understand that it’s hard to believe in something you can’t see (yet), but remember that religions and theoretical sciences are built off such philosophies. In fact the faithist’s belief in miracles are often a backward form of co-creation, but this form of creating has strings attached, and sometimes such attachments are just karmic, other times it goes deeper. The occultist’s are no different, their just pulling from a source apart whose attachments are more like grappling hooks for the starving children of the dark.

Now let’s discuss the subjects that affect us all in a more indirect manner;

On the domestic scene there has been an uptick in mischievous activity targeting the health of us all. It would appear that certain factions have had a Ten Plagues scenario in the works for population management. Their proposed delivery system will be more complex than a few strains of the flu along with the prescribed methods of combating such viruses. We must be mindful of any type of outbreaks to discover its true root, which is often not what’s being suggested, for the diversity in tactics will be prevalent. Of course foreknowledge about such plans does have a tendency to turn over a few apple-carts.

What happens within legislation at the Federal level begins with curbing bad habits at the State level and even here there’s an abundance of lobbying firms operating in coup style and fashion. Why there are currently no laws condemning the practice of hiring experienced Law makers by such firms should be plain; their clout has infected every branch conceivable. When legislation no longer has ears to hear the common voice for the roar of corporate bureaucracy it echoes feudalism. There’s two ways this can be fixed, either corporate restraint or…

The path of Nibiru this Spring will be taxing the Earth with increasing influence as we head toward May, especially in equatorial zones. This would be a good time to develop a few new habits to ensure your head is above water should trouble hit locally. Keep your ear to a good source of valid reporting until the summer solstice and have a back-up plan in place followed by an emergency plan should the first plan go sideways.

The popular Drak hybrid under the counter pharmaceutical (R******) that keeps their scales at bay may be getting hard to find, which may make those taking it hard to find as well, or at least in the daylight. Let this shortage remind those who seek to taint what’s medicinal that all is relative. Perhaps this can be regarded as a method of balancing the scales ;)

The Chem-spraying airmen received a major setback which should put a crimp in their plans.  Apparently it had been discovered that these radicals have been using spent oil platforms in the Gulf (US) for the production and distribution of their slurry, and filling ships the size of the Exxon Valdez for transport. The few that have been found so far have been shut down, but it shows one the level of resolve these deviates are prepared to go to keep it as business as usual!

The loud noises being heard around the planet lately can’t be helped for the while, These ships entering our atmosphere now on a daily basis though cloaked and without engines as we know them do move very quickly causing atmospheric anomalies. Most of this activity is in regard to what we refer to as dirty labs, which are currently being pursued. I doubt most of these labs are what one would call independent, and often under large umbrella corporations of pharmaceutical giants. These conglomerates have come under the gun lately because as the old saying goes; they’ve gotten too big for their britches!

Last but not least; a new accord has been reached with the Drak’s or more importantly their supreme leader of Saturn, and though he stated there are rouge factions present which he has no control over, he will help to reign them in. The goal being of course is to see Earth become a sovereign planet of and for Humans, just as Saturn shall remain as such for the Draks. For the first time in recent history there is a great deal of optimism in seeing this newly brokered peace plan going the distance. His Eminence promised to stop farming humans and remove the controls and their controllers from the planet. What this will resemble I can’t say, some shifts will occur immediately while others may not be realized for years due to the abundance of powerful hybrids who have self serving agendas. In addition their floating city behind the moon which is home for thousands of vessels will be either moved or disbanded, although they will be keeping a small detachment the lunar zone will be demilitarized for the most part.

Many will not be able to grasp the depth of this moment while in the moment, and calling it a game changer doesn’t quite capture what this means for future endeavors. If one were to get a good glimpse of the measure of control herein they may begin to understand how profound some of these changes will be. But don’t think for a minute that all will roll over, but for those not complying with the orders from their superiors will be burning the candle at both ends offering up the true definition of wicked. Though it had been expressed that even with the stops pulled humanity will be facing a challenging future across the board.

In ending I would like to tip my hat to the leader of the Draks, for having the courage and intelligence required to see the future potential of such a humble and compassionate act. This being has reigned for the last million years and is among a handful of an extinct race line of well refined Lizard Hominids which have a gentle and genuine demeanor. I can’t say for certain but there exists within this creature something similar to emotions found in humans, though faint it is discernible. These royal bloods also carry the ability to look right through you to the depths of your soul, while becoming fascinated by anything which resembles integrity and humility as if such character traits were as rare as the planets they emanate from.

Val 2/018

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Thanks Val!

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