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STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan

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STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power'

by TS Caladan

[author's note: If I am disappointed in a movie or series that is special to me, I challenge myself: Can I write something better? Google 'TS Caladan' with the titles: 'Diamond Eye' for a new James Bond film, 'The Engineers,' for a Prometheus sequel, 'Bladerunners,' 'Men of Steel,' 'Starwalkers,' for a Star Trek parody as well as 'Orville.' Also, look up 'TRONA.' Now, here's how I would have written Star Wars #8]. 

[opening scroll]:

     The famous Skywalker/Solo family was served a devastating blow by the murder of Leia Solo. Reasons for the murder were unknown, although the face of the alleged killer was recorded: A young woman, a desert-scavenger from Jakku, the same planet Yoda's energy expressed still held the Sith.
     During Leia Solo's funeral, Luke Skywalker appears after more than 11 years of isolation.
     Alliance scientists have maintained a secret 'Beacon' project for peace and stability in the galaxy. A natural pulsar was tremendously amplified and broadcasts a positive, blue energy.
     The Dark Side has vastly grown in military strength with the refinement of Diorite crystals, a far superior power. A 'Battle at the Beacon' is inevitable.
     Ranger Dameron has captured Rey on Jakku. She has been imprisoned and intensely examined at Station 794.

A point of view from deep space moved faster and faster until it reached the massive Hienz cluster of asteroids. Near center of the meteors was one very special, masked rock and secret home of the Solos. Only a few trusted friends and associates were aware of the family's terraformed home called Shasheer.
STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bce4b96ae

     A short distance from the main dome stood a splendid garden and lovely lagoon. It was Leia's favorite place. Now. Han was alone.
     He sat among colorful flowers and close to water's edge in the 'artificial daylight.' Han had a terrible thought." He didn't want to live without his wife. She was everything to him, a sweet prize he never deserved. If not for Ben, he'd be dead. He knew it.
     Quiet, natural sounds of small animals and subtle waves upon soft shores were all that was heard. Beautiful serenity. Han also heard his tears as they fell and touched the lush ground.
     It was too quiet. Too still...
     Suddenly the M2, streaked overhead with a mighty ROAR!
     In seconds, Han Solo disappeared from the flowers and shore~
     ~He materialized onboard the M2 shuttle.
     Ben was in the pilot's seat. [Ben Solo is played by actor Ryan Gosling and not actor Adam Driver].
     Luke was at the teleporter's controls.
     New R2 [BB8 shell] was plugged into a computer outlet.
     Han grabbed himself, made sure he was there in one piece. He looked around. "We have teleporters? Since when?"
     Luke answered, "Since now."
     R2 confirmed with a, "Tweet!"
     Han quickly asked, "What's wrong? What's this about?"
     Ben bit his lip. He replied, "Look, father" (at scanner screen).
     Solo stepped closer and saw dozens of black drones that sped through space far behind them. The computer highlighted them, identified their odd, energy signature and listed the drones' impressive weapons.
     Luke understood and stated, "It's a new power in the galaxy."
     Ben added, "They refined some gemstone."
     Han was frustrated and expressed with emotions, "I don't understand!"
     The formidable M2 would not have survived an assault by the Dark Side drones. It couldn't protect Shasheer. The Solo's private hideaway-home was doomed. M2 barely saved Han.
STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bce48fc7e

     Powerful pink rays from 18 drones worked in unison and destroyed asteroid L90047! Shasheer was obliterated by an intense explosion that sent brilliant particles in every direction. The old force-fields crumbled like paper, completely ineffective against the new Diorite power.
     Ben cried.
     Luke and Han got angry.
     Han asked in a low, slow voice, "Who...did...this?"
     Skywalker answered, "Sith were decimated, not destroyed. Kept alive by the Dark Side."
     Ben turned and told Han, directly, "They're much stronger now, father." Accelerating toward Balance with the Force. My Rangers located the drones; our shuttle was closest, fastest."
     Luke turned to R2 and then Ben. He stated, "R2 sensed it first. I was alerted later."
     All three men were astounded when the truth struck them: R2 saved the day like old times.
     The BB8 exterior was humble, rolled again and again and was silent.
     Ben wiped his eyes. He set the speedy shuttle's course to prime Ranger station.
     They breathed easier.

     Later when they arrived at Station 794, Luke sensed the news before R2 did, via the Alliance mainframe.
     Po Dameron met them at the landing port.
     Skywalker and Solos de-shuttled and faced the Ranger.
     Ben and Luke did not need a mind-extracter; they pried the news from Po's mind. They knew what Po had just learned, minutes earlier.
     "Impossible! I don't believe it," Ben expressed.
     Luke exclaimed, "I can't believe it!"
     THE GIRL HAD ESCAPED! She escaped from the most secure facility in the galaxy. 'Leia's killer' was gone.
     Han was clueless. He demanded from anyone: "Tell me!"
     Ranger Dameron told Han with regret in his voice, "Somehow...the girl escaped, sir. I...I, ah, don't know what to say."
     Ben's arm went around his father's shoulders.
     Luke leaned in and joined them. Skywalker eased everyone's emotions. They eventually walked into the station.

     Luke convened a meeting in one of the station's control rooms. Ben, Luke, and Han entered along with an Alliance official and officers involved with Rey's imprisonment.
     Three family members sat at the table, quietly and calmly. A couple of fighter-vehicles were seen 'parked' beyond a large, round window.  Information on the recent "invasion and escape" was channeled into the control room.
     Han spoke first. He solemnly asked, "How did this happen?"
     Luke supported Han with the questions: "What do we know? What can you tell us?"
     Ben pointed to one of his finest Rangers who sat at the main monitor.
     Ranger Rose Tico informed the group, "We were attacked by a phantom intruder, sir. More energy than anything else. She left a trail, er, a trace, I should say..."
     "She?" Skywalker said quickly and asked, "You mean you have pictures, and it was a woman?"
     Ranger Rose answered, "Our best analysis resolved the energy-wave and, we believe, a clone of Rey passed through walls like a ghost. And aided her escape. Merged with her, beamed her out? Possibly, sir."
     Luke was certain. He responded, "The intruder was no clone. We're not dealing with clones here."
     "This is very familiar," Ben said. He turned to the Asian girl and ordered, "Tico, put up Rey's last moments in the cell. You have it handy?"
     "Right here, sir." The proper buttons were pushed. A view-screen showed:
     Rey walked around in circles. She looked above her a few times and acted differently than she had over the course of her confinement. She smiled and seemed to speak to someone.
     Ben added, "She knew it was coming for her. She felt it coming."
     The others stared intently at the images and had no argument with the Commander.
     Rey appeared frantic, excited and shook all over her body. Then recorders registered a "SNAP" sound or internal explosion! She was gone.
     Ben suggested, "Can we slow that down and analyze?"
     Rose replied, "Done, sir."
     Han expressed, "And?
     Rey's actions slowed, slowed more and then totally stopped. The 'explosion' was really a giant, 'humanoid' energy-field, about 30 feet high, that walked into Station 794 with ease. The field seemed to 'waltz' in without a care in the world. It passed through every security barrier until it casually reached prisoner Rey. It appeared to meld with the girl. Then the explosion, and nothing remained.
     "Fascinating," came out of Luke's mouth. He had a blank expression.
     Han turned to him, bothered by the comment. "Fascinating?"
     Skywalker explained, "I mean the method used here. It's different than any 'force' known before: connected to the new energy of the Dark Side."
     A buzz circled through those in the control room. Pairs of eyes looked into other pairs of eyes.
     Ranger Dameron checked the computer monitor next to Rose. He said, "Here's the strangest part..." Po touched a switch that increased the analysis of the energy. The picture was made still.
     "My God!" Ben reacted first.
     Luke explained, "This is why you thought it was a clone."
     Po responded, "Yes, sir. The phantom has a FACE. And it's the same face as our scavenger."

STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bce55b9d4
     Han asked Luke: "If not a ghost-clone who barged in, what helped her escape?"
     The Jedi's vision was blocked. He knew the 'blindness' was temporary. In time, he'd see the light. "I don't know."

     Light-years away from Station 794, Rey materialized in a virtual palace. Everything around the girl was extraordinarily beautiful: the massive (shielded) open areas of a fabulous balcony that overlooked a brilliant landscape, which stretched for many miles. Skies were the bluest blues. A ocean stood in the foreground and over the horizon. Waterways, lush vegetation and green grasses stood beyond the stone balcony. Paradise.
STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bce96f0c0

     Rey and Phasma were close to each other, next to two pillars.
     Rey was angry. "What is this?" She turned and discovered another person behind her. Rey took a combative stance when she observed the older, blonde woman. "Who are you?"
     The woman in red robes smiled and smoothly stated, "Easy, child. I'm not the one you want to fight. Isn't it lovely here?" The woman's arms raised and outstretched. "I picked the place. It's called Naboo...in the hopes it would soothe your fire..."
     "You mean my rage?"
     "Yes, dear. Your rage. Do you remember what happened back on your planet? Or long ago. Do you remember you abandoned you there?"
     Rey's blood boiled. "Again! I ask..."
     Phasma immediately made a 'stop' sign with her hand and answered, "I am Phasma. I am your Guardian. I rescued you. We are on the planet Naboo..."
     Rey pointed at her and screamed: "LIES!" The girl only possessed a few pieces to the hazy puzzle.
     "That's not your name! And this world you conjured is fake. Nothing Sith is this pleasing to the senses. It's not real." Rey stepped closer to the strong, older woman with confidence on her side.
     "Hold, Rey..."
     "You know my name, eh?"
     "I gave you your name, dear."
     Phasma tensed as if she was about to fight.
     Each were in the other's wheelhouse.
     The woman sweetly smiled at the girl.
     Rey relaxed. Her arms came down. "Phasma, eh?" She mellowed a bit and formed a semi-smile.
     "Yes, dear. I'm the one who saved your life. Check your feelings, Rey. You know it to be true. The Police would have killed you, or, maybe the captivity would have in time. I couldn't let that happen."
     "Hm. You have much to tell me, woman in red. Such as...why I cannot extract from you the answers I seek?"
     "You are strong with the Force."
     "What?" [Rey was consciously unaware of the Force].
     "Ha, ha! Good! This is good, my girl. I'm sure you could teach me many things as well."
     "What can you teach me, Phasma?"
     "I can tell you who your parents are. I can show you who abandoned an innocent infant on that wretched, dirt-bowl of a planet of yours. If I'd only known you existed back then, dear: I would have come for you sooner."
     Rey was stunned. She pointed and commanded, "Tell me more. Who are my parents?"
     Phasma felt 'good' vibration and a beginning of trust between them. She kept the truth away from the girl. She knew the two of them would become Master and pupil in the future. The older gal gave Rey a small hug. Rey let her. A dark relationship had begun. Phasma smiled and eventually replied, "Not so fast."
     The exquisite fake landscape of Naboo was turned off...
     Reality changed around them into the dirty, dingy, dark halls of a factory warehouse. As Phasma led Rey a certain direction through corridors, more words passed between them.
     "This way."
     Rey politely asked, "When? When will you tell me of my parents? And answer other personal questions of mine?"
     Future leader of stormtroopers replied, "Ah. When you complete the next step."
     "What?" Rey asked, curiously.
     "Nothing much. A test. A little 'job' I said must be performed. It's only a bit of necessary sabotage..."
     "Sabotage?" Rey expressed as she followed behind.
     More dark, dreary passages were traversed by the two women.
     "Come," Phasma directed. "Look, Rey." They turned and walked down a different factory hallway. "We each have to prove yourselves, you see? There's a war coming to the galaxy."
     Rey was blocked from the 'big picture' and continued a state of confusion. She responded: "War? Then I need a light-saber."
     "Hold on, child. How do you know of light-sabers?"
     "Who doesn't know of Jedi and light-sabers? It's legend," Rey said.
     Phasma asked a totally unexpected question as the hallway came to an end. Each stopped and looked at the other in front of a huge, round, closed portal. "You want a Jedi light-saber?"
     Rey's blue eyes lit with excitement, "Yeah. Yeah, I do!"
     Phasma pulled out of her robes an official Jedi/Sith light-saber (handle) and turned it on. 'Bwaaaanng! Bwaaannng!' The intense, red phalange of Force extended more than 5 feet from the saber's silver handle. Crimson light pulsed on the two figures.
     Rey was ecstatic at the sight.
     Phasma swung the weapon from side to side, harder. 'Wwwwooonnngg!'
     Rey instinctively asked, "That mine? My saber? Give it here..."
     Phasma turned it off. She threw the handle to Rey, smoothly.
     Rey was cool and caught it. She looked at it, felt its weight and power. Memories were jogged. She remembered. Even though Rey had never used one before, she understood exactly how it operated. She pressed the button, which activated the piso-electric effect of the Khyber crystal inside, plus the heart and soul of the wielder.
     Nothing happened~
     The saber worked for Phasma; the saber did not function for Rey.
     She pushed the button again and again. Rey concentrated harder and not a drop of electric energy was generated. She was greatly upset and expressed, "What the HELL is this? Explain! What happened?"
     Phasma responded. She opened the large portal at the end of the hallway with the push of a button. She said, "You've witnessed a small demonstration of the uselessness of Khyber crystals. They are obsolete. Now. Behold the future: armies of battlecruisers, destroyers, fighters, blasters and sabers and even more types of weaponry based on a unique and ultimate power that only our side controls."
     The heavy portal opened...
     From the foreground and into the distance, stood an enormous hangar. Under the massive structure, were row after row of ominous cruisers, destroyers, drones and every type of Wing-fighter. The lavish display of military might was similar to a 'showroom' or warehouse where final products of the war-factory were stored.
     "Impressive, to say the least," Rey declared. "...And your side, I mean, our side is based on a superior and much more powerful crystal?"
     "Delicious part is...they cannot use the Pink Power, only the Dark Side. Isn't that simply delightful, Rey? Our energy will slice right through theirs. Ha."
     Rey was uncertain of her rescuer and everything around her. She was also intrigued and followed along. She asked the woman again, "Who are you?"
     Phasma laughed and answered, "Ha, ha! We...we are the Resistance, the New Wave of rebels, of course." Phasma smiled a wide, warm smile, as if she had feelings. "You are very important to us, Rey. We are family. Everything will be explained in time."
     The girl wondered, "The saber didn't work for me?"
     "Ah. You noticed. I'm positive, after your assignment, the little job I mentioned, it will. It will with the Diorite. Have faith. Together, with my help, you'll be far more powerful than you are now. You have free will. Your choices. You decide." (Phasma psychically urged).
     "Sabotage, eh?"
     "It will all be explained: what, how and especially why. I know you'll understand, dear girl, and choose right." Phasma touched Rey's hand. The woman's face expressed happiness.
     Rey allowed the touch and acted favorably. The vast military array of potential destruction and death was incredibly seductive. The young scavenger was overwhelmed.
     Phasma winked at her apprentice. She told the girl: "I have a job to do and so do you."
     Rey asked an odd question, "Why is there a faint energy-field around you, Phasma? I almost recognize the shape."
     "I am extremely pleased and proud of you. How sensitive you are. Amazing. You'll have your answers, Rey." The woman smiled broader. "All in good time, dear."

     A secret Alliance Assembly was called to order under a 'black dome,' only known to 'insiders,' a few top officials and the greatest scientists in the galaxy. A single representative from the 57 members of the Alliance sat in comfortable chairs upon a large, circular stage.
     The audience that surrounded the stage was composed of precisely 313 aliens and non-aliens of authority in multi-colors and multi-shapes. Everyone served the Light Side.
     Cloaked Ranger ships in space stood guard.
     Inside the 'black dome,' the best 370 minds in the Alliance were gathered. The debated issue 'on the table,' at the moment, was...
     Seventy-nine percent of the 370 were psychic and had no need of universal translators and understood the high thoughts bantered in forum.
     Scientists of the White Light controlled the floor of the prestigious Assembly. The 57 esteemed elites onstage took turns and communicated to the crowd in
telepathic thoughts...
*   The question is not: Can we amplify the pulsar and its steady blue pulse? We know we can and much sooner than initial projections. The real question is: Will
it have the desired positive effect on the galaxy, not only over the course of years, but millenniums?
*   That is not the prime question!
*   Enlighten everyone, my colleague from Coruscant. What is the prime question?
*   We know the project will be achieved soon. Some of us have seen the future and felt its wondrous effects already. The only question is: Will the Beacon be maintained over time? Can it, will it be changed the other way? Some mystics have seen a future when it morphs into the red spectrum. Will the Wave be turned into one that magnifies Hate?
*   We have not viewed that time-line.
*   We have.
*   It is UNNATURAL!
*  We reject the very concept. We cannot force hope, love and peace upon galactic citizens. Optimism, compassion and affection for all things should not be imposed; feelings must come naturally.
*   Are we wrong?
*   Why were top Rangers not told about the Beacon Project until late in the game?
*   Is it needed? Is it a mistake?
*   Will the Blue Beacon be our downfall and cause our destruction?
*   STOP! Think. Get perspective! The Beacon is merely a pure and healthy vibration playing behind everything in the most subtle way. It is only goodness and healing.
*   What about the Force? Is the old Force...obsolete?
*   The Force is the Grey, the Bendu in the Middle.
*   The Grey must end!
*   We have already brought about our doom; we need no Sith.
*   Sith army under Admiral Thrawn marches this way! There will be a battle at the Beacon.
*   Time to vote! We abide by the vote, if a significant and clear majority? Do the 57 representatives agree?
     They nearly unanimously agreed.
*   Vote!
     The vote was 39 yea, to complete the Pulsar Project and 18 nay, to dismantle and abandon the project. The Beacon will be hidden and amplified to maximum. 

     Commander Ben Solo asked for Luke Skywalker. Within minutes, the orders were obeyed. The big news was the Rangers thwarted a saboteur who nearly destroyed the pulsar. The Sith intruder failed in the attempt and got clean away.
     Luke, in light-grey robes, walked into a private room on prime Ranger station and met Ben Solo. They were alone. The door closed.
     "I want to show you the saboteur, Luke."
     "We've been through this before, have we not, my boy? It's the same image."
     Ben responded, "I'm afraid so."
     Luke preempted Ben with a surprise question: "You think the saboteur is your mother's killer?"
     Commander Solo answered, "Yes. Rey."
     "No," Luke definitely stated.
     "No?" Ben was upset and uncertain, caught in the middle of forces.
     Luke sadly said, "There's another."
     Ben wanted clarification. He expressed, "Another?"
     Luke appeared to have changed the subject: "There's a war coming, Ben."
     Solo was more confused and wrong when he replied, "They're calling it the 'Battle at the Beacon.' All Rangers, all Alliance fleets have been sent to defend the pulsar from certain Sith attack. Maybe our last line of defense. We could be blasted out of space! Everything could end at the Beacon, our whole world, uncle Luke."
     "Ben. That's not the war I'm talking about. Has nothing to do with crystals. Or weapons or defenses. Higher Whills are involved..."
     Luke grabbed Ben by the shoulders. "Listen to me. We can't be at the Beacon, when the battle starts! We can't be on the front lines..."
     "What?! Master Jedi. I'm the head of the Rangers. And we're NOT going into battle with the rest of the troops?"
     "I need to show you the answers. It's a far greater War I speak of. We must travel to Manduhar as soon as possible, Ben."
     The boy didn't understand. "No." Ben was angry. He wondered if Luke was a "crazy, old fool," as some believed? "My Rangers, the combined Alliance armadas will be poised to 'defend the line,' protect the Beacon...ah, and you want me to accompany you to a place called Manduhar? Is that correct, my Master?"
     "Exactly. We have to go now. Glad you understand, Ben."
     Ben didn't. He stared into his uncle's eyes, incredulously. Solo declared: "You are insane."

     Later. Ben found himself onboard the M2, mesmerized. He sat in one of the fine seats.
     R2 (in a BB8 shell) was plugged into the shuttle's state-of-the-art mainframe and "tweeted," occasionally.
     It was Skywalker who piloted the shuttle to his super-private retreat no one in the universe knew of (almost).
     Horrible news in the galaxy was felt by them as the spacecraft approached a small, invisible hole in space. They didn't need to confirm official Ranger reports. Both Luke and Ben knew...
     ~Every Jedi of the old Order that remained, only a handful, were discovered by Sith drones and mercilessly slaughtered!
     ~Jedi Mystery Schools, which trained 'younglings' on the ways of the Light Side, were also found and annihilated by Sith drones!
     ~More and more pink-powered, black drones, truly "cut through" Alliance defenses and force-fields on numerous systems. Millions of good, kind people and aliens were killed in a very short time.

STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bd2968d82

     The Dark Side was greatly outnumbered by the 'mighty,' full-scale forces of Alliance and Ranger fleets. They were no match for the new Sith. The black drones broke through all shields and barriers as if they were paper. Pink power was the dominant power.
     The Battle of the Beacon would be an utter massacre, if brought to its ultimate conclusion. Individual lifeforms that served the Sith need not go to war. Clone armies were unnecessary. They only needed to fly their awesome, unstoppable robots into battle.
     From very far away, Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo cried at the pain, misery, suffering, agony and death that gripped the galaxy.

     Alliance fleets thought to be the strongest military force in the galaxy, gathered at the Beacon. From the largest battlecruisers and destroyers, down to the smallest fighters, the blue pulsar was where the line was drawn in space.
     The calming, soothing, tranquil effects of the amplified pulsar hadn't had the least bit of influence upon robot war-machines of the Sith.
     The first wave of Dark Side drones blasted apart rows of Alliance dreadnaughts and Ranger super-fighters! Less than a hundred orb, killer-drones evaporated the first line of Allied fleets with intense explosions.
     Fantastic space duels clashed between the Jedi and Sith machines. The unmanned drones won every time. Colorful, powerful explosions happened on many fronts, all around the Beacon. Very soon...
     Thousands of Sith drones would arrive. The entire Alliance/Ranger fleets would be destroyed, millions of lives lost! And the beautiful, blue Beacon of Peace and Love, galactic-broadcaster, would be obliterated.
STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bd254e818

STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bd1fdddfe

     To the surprise of both sides, this did not occur. The ineffective light-cannons, blasters and sabers of Alliance and Ranger forces, suddenly terminated. No more power! Also. The superior, photonic, magnetic cannons and drone weapons of the Sith stopped their awesome annihilations at the exact same time.
     The Dark Side was on the edge of total victory when both sides ran out of power~
     Only a few Mystics and Masters and scientists realized: Khyber crystals no longer generated the piso-electric effect and neither did the new power source. Diorite crystals, refined and purified, were also as dead as the old power source.
     Another FORCE in the universe ended the Battle of the Beacon before final resolution. The fight was over. Spaceships of every type were stranded in space. They couldn't shoot. At the moment, they couldn't move.
     A bright, steady azure frequency (song) maintained its rhythm and pleasing influence in the cosmos. Peace won, in the face of total defeat.
STAR WARS 8: 'Balance of Power' by TS Caladan 5aa6bd2c73a53

     Luke and Ben warped through the invisible rift or small conduit that kept the enormous planet hidden. No lightshow. No colors. The transference to an entirely different dimension, unlike anything, wasn't noticeable at all. Luke knew.
     Manduhar was located.
     M2 landed exactly where Luke directed the ship: onto a tiny and very special isle upon a gigantic water-world with millions of islands.

     On the other side of the galaxy, back at the Beacon, thousands of Sith drones and Alliance vehicles were stationary in space.
     From a Sith command vehicle...
     Admiral Thrawn dismissed General Hux and he left the scene. Thrawn stared out into infinite, black space where an ultimate battlefield never fully formed. The Beacon's wonderful blue rays flashed on his blue skin and had no effect, whatsoever. The Admiral wasn't alone.
     A far view, with proper perspective, showed a faint energy-aura around him, more than 30 feet high. The field had the weird and distinctive shape of the giant Snoke.
     Thrawn and Snoke communed. "Lord Snoke. Unexpected, this is. Not your plan, was it? I assumed you had control of the Force, the Grey?"
     Snoke replied firmly: "There is a problem with the Force! It may have to be eliminated."
     "Interesting," the soulless Admiral responded. He inquired and commented, "Now what, m'Lord? We bath in soft, blue light. No more war, anymore? Do we all clasp hands, laugh and sing songs, praising Life, liberty and the Light Side?"
     Energy of Snoke expressed: "And lose the Game? Of course not. Make new weapons and assault vehicles! Before the other side does."
     Snoke assured Admiral Thrawn: "You have the factories at your disposal. Khybers and Diorites have spells imposed on them; they are useless. Empty. Thrawn. Find RUBIES in purist form. Make laser-cannons, laser-blasters, sabers, anything you desire! From rubies."
     "How marvelous. Ha, ha! Rubies, eh? Back to red, I see..."
     "Exactly." Snoke angrily commanded, "Now, GO! Get to work!"
     Admiral Thrawn bowed, saluted, obeyed and replied, "As you command, my Master.

     The Whill, the individual entity of the 9 in constant flux, that presided over a projection of future-utopia, a garden paradise...
     Now viewed a very different landscape. The same topography was blackened, broken, decimated by the ravages of war. Smoke, clouds and a dark sky hung over the strange, surreal scene. Countless soldiers and warriors and children from both sides were scattered throughout the devastated countryside. Dead.
     Details were seen. The soldiers and warriors and children were not from a modern world of spaceships and advanced technologies. The bloody dead only possessed primitive weapons such as swords, spears, battleaxes and bows and arrows. They wore the clothes of barbarians.
     Was the vision the past or the future? The answer did not matter to the Whill entity. The humanoid 'chronicler' of events in the real world had witnessed enough. The Whill made a decision>

     After Rey's assignment or "job," the 'saboteur' was comatose. Her mission was to use the new power to infiltrate facilities of the Pulsar Project and blow it up, before the big battle. Instead. The girl was severely injured in a 'blast.' She had only recently been repaired. The blast merely delayed the completion of the Beacon, according to Phasma's story.
     Supposedly, Sith drones discovered Rey's body. She was unconscious. She was brought to Captain Phasma's ship. Rey had a scar on her left cheek. Phasma could have removed the scar, but she knew Rey would want to keep it.
     Phasma wore her green-armor suit. The 'head-hologram' was not on. Her blonde hair and face were seen.
     Rey was naked and prone on a tech-bed inside the craft's sickbay. The girl moved. She rubbed her eyes. She touched her face and felt the scar. Then she opened her eyes.
     Phasma ordered a doctor and two androids out of the room. They left quickly.
     "What the fuck is this?" Rey clearly stated with anger in her voice. Her power returned. She was ready, willing and able to fight.
     Phasma smiled, casually. She declared, "Rise, Morta. You are no longer 'Rey.' You've completed your assignment...with glowing success. Remember, my child? We honor your achievement and new level." Phasma was motherly and had a spell of her own over Morta. The woman in body-armor clothed the girl in sheer, white, silken material.
     "I don't remember."
     "You will," Phasma assured her.
     Morta rose to her feet, looked around and, apparently, was reborn. She touched her face. Instead of a taking combative stance, the girl was ready to comply. She relaxed and asked, "Where am I?"
     "My ship." Phasma felt the eased attitude in her apprentice. She also knew the girl was much more powerful than previously.
     The beautiful scarred brunette and former desert-scavenger, responded with an expression of stark madness. She felt the surge of power and freedom. "Feels good! I like it!"

     Luke made sure to land the M2 close to the crystals that were his favorite grouping or the area that 'called to him the most.'
     'Twweeeeneeeaaaatt!' ("Wow!"). R2 exclaimed as its two robo-spheres rolled out of the shuttle's open side door.
     Ben exited next and Luke followed behind. The young man gasped and said: "Unbelievable." His eyes, heart and mind examined...
     A fabulous array of pink crystal rods, 7-sided, over 20 feet high, with 7-sided facets on the top. They were virtually upright, while some stuck out of the grass at slight angles. Skies were white. Waters were blue. Grasses were green. And the perfectly clear, mega-crystals were pink.
     Ben was speechless. His mouth was open. He understood the unbroken, pristine and extremely dense rods were a million years old. His first question was, "You mean, no one in the universe can find us here?"
     Luke answered, "I accidently stumbled upon the micro-wormhole when I was young. Of course, there are no accidents. If you saw the event horizon on the monitor scan, then you know how small it is. I doubt if anyone in the galaxy has discovered it, let alone my isle, out of a million islands on this giant."
     Ben walked closer to the spectacular cluster of perfect, pink crystals and trimmed stones on the ground. He expressed, "And yet...stone ruins: a road and crude structures in the distance. Someone in the galaxy found this world."
   Luke came out with deep thoughts, "We're connected to this place, Ben. Something happened here, a very long time ago. Why do you think I keep coming back? It wasn't to get away from the hardships and troubles in the galaxy. It was to learn."
     "What, uncle Luke? What did you learn?"
     Skywalker laughed and patted his nephew on the back, fairly hard. "Ha. Everything!"
     R2D2 clicked and chirped and blinked lights a few times. 'Treeeeeetweee!' (Something's coming).
     Luke was involved with new thoughts and old memories. He was blocked and ignored R2's communication.
     Ben had a thought that should have occurred to him much earlier: "What of my father? Why isn't Han here with us?"
     Luke was extremely worried with the mention of the boy's father. He sincerely replied, "I don't know, I...ah, maybe, we can find the answers together? Um. Look there."
     Luke pointed to a dark, cloudy portion inside the largest crystal rod in the cluster.
     "Oh. Look at that," Ben said. "Hardly noticed the imperfection. What's that blotch?"
     Luke confessed, "The crystals were never this clear or this tall before. They've drastically changed. The dark spot are the answers we seek. Should clear once we realize the truth, Ben. Maybe it's why we're here?"
     Luke managed a smile through his beard.
     Then there was PAIN!

     Far away, Han had been viciously murdered by a ruby light-saber. He was killed hours ago and Luke only now felt the pain and anguish by the cowardly act. Skywalker collapsed on the green grass and clutched his heart.
     "Uncle Luke!" Ben extracted the sharp/cold feelings directly from Luke. The last two Jedi received the terrible, terrible news.
     They screamed together. Tears poured out of their eyes. They desperately hugged each other on the ground and cried again.
     Ben released Luke. He blubbered the question: "Why? Who...did this?"
     Both assumed they were alone.
     From behind them, a water-vehicle quietly paddled its way to shore. They heard a woman who shouted:
     "Let me introduce you to the KILLER! You boys wanted to find her...and now you have! Meet Morta! Ha, ha, haaa!"
     Morta (Rey) wore a tight, black jumpsuit. She leaped off the water-vehicle and landed onshore in one great stride.
     Phasma in black jumped also. She was right behind Morta. Fire was in their eyes and in their hearts. Both brunette and blonde ignited ruby light-sabers!
     'Bwwaaaanngg.' 'Bwaaaaaaangg.'
     Scarred Morta's crazy first words were: "Hi, Uncle Luke! Who's the kid?"
     The deadly, red, power-beams extended to six feet in length.
     There was going to be a war after all...

THE END of Star Wars #8, 'Balance of Power.'

Stay tuned for:

TS Caladan's Star Wars #9: 'End of the Force.'

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