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SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over

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SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over
By Cosmic Convergence Research Group -
Jun 25, 2018

SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over 545530-1420821899-wide

Why does the Illuminati win all the wars?

Why do the globalists always seem to outmaneuver the patriots?

How does Deep State forever keep the white hats on the defensive?

SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-8.12.38-AM

Good questions, yes?

There are several reasons why the global battlefield is tilted considerably in favor of the bad guys.  But one of them reigns supreme, and is always taken advantage of by the Illuminati.

State of the Nation

A psychopath will do anything, anytime, anywhere to win.
They have no scruples and therefore have no constraints
on their utterly reckless behavior.  Because they completely
lack empathy, they care not about the extreme pain and
suffering they cause others.  They lack the capacity to even
consider the horrendous consequences of their actions.
Hence, they feel unrestrained to commit any wrong, any
crime, or any shocking atrocity in order to achieve their
objectives.  For them, the end always justifies the means…
no matter how barbaric or repugnant their actions are.

On the other hand, people of conscience are significantly
limited in what they might do in the attainment of their
goals.  They will not deliberately perpetrate evil deeds.
Unlike psychopaths, they do not perform actions to win;
rather, they act out of righteousness for the greater good
of all.

Given this enormous gap between them, the psychopaths
have a much wider range of possibilities with which to
carry out their nefarious agenda(a).  They routinely conduct
false flag attacks on innocents and black operations on
unsuspecting countries for example.  The righteous can
only watch with incredulity and pick up the pieces after
each and every highly calculated assault on humanity.

Herein lies the vast difference between the forces of light
and the forces of darkness: the manner by which a
psychopath controls his/her world and the way that the
righteous often conform to that distorted world.  Were
a label to describe this highly dysfunctional relationship,
one might call it global Stockholm syndrome.  This is
why the wicked always seem to have the upper hand.

A psychopath knows that the best defense is an extremely
unpredictable and aggressive offense.  This is why they
always appear to come out on top while good and decent
people forever finish last.

Bottom Line: A psychopath will do and/or say anything
to get what they want.  Conversely, upright human beings
usually attempt to follow the golden rule.  Given this chasm
between their respective behavioral patterns, is it any
wonder that psychopaths rule the world in 2018?

— SOTN’s Resident Expert on Psychopathy

SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-8.07.18-AM

Cabal of psychopaths

What we’re really dealing with here — on planet Earth — is an incorrigible and criminal cabal of clinically insane psychopaths.   These are the people who literally run the world.  They also own and operate on every square inch of the planet.
Only with this factual understanding can anyone come close to correctly comprehending the true nature of the ongoing war being waged against humanity 24/7.


(Source: Why do Russia and China still dance with the criminally insane and psychopathic leadership of the West?)

What makes the preceding advice so very wise, important and true?
Psychopaths cannot be beat at their game.  They are consummate liars, racketeers and con men.  They have perfected the art of criminal one-upsmanship and are cutthroat to the extreme.  Because they are so completely deceitful, it’s difficult to believe that someone will lie about everything all the time, and they do.
Without conscience and totally unprincipled, psychopaths live in a world of sheer lawlessness.  Whenever laws do present an obstacle to their wrongdoing, they are simply broken.  As for treachery, they are always looking for victims to abuse and betray.
Everyone is prey in the world of a psychopath… … …until they are confronted by a greater psychopath than themselves.  This is when they are willing to collude with other likeminded psychos to advance a mutually advantageous scheme such as the Greater Israel project.
These are just a few reason why it’s prudent never to deal with a known psychopath.  After they have stolen everything you own, they will rip off your arms and beat you over the head with them claiming an act of self-defense all the while.  Does anyone ever want to deal with the likes of these sinister villains.  You cannot defeat them so why expose yourself to their perfidy.
Groupings of psychopaths mutually reinforce each other’s psychopathy in such a way that they take each other on a downward spiral of evil intentions and odious deeds.  There is nothing they will not do to outdo each other’s malevolence.  NOTHING!
A good example of this is how the Sicilian mafia came to be so vicious.  The top mafioso got to the top of the heap by his extreme cruelty and criminality that no one else dared to do or challenge.  Fear became the primary control mechanism of the capo di tutti capi of the Cosa Nostra.  In this way, all the capo’s underlings and henchmen are compelled to strictly follow orders or risk a fate much worse than death.
What’s the point?

KEY POINT: The USA is now being overseen by a Khazarian mafia
that is much more vicious than the Cosa Nostra. The KHAZARIAN
MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

The real problem that the United States of America is now facing is that the U.S. Federal Government has been hijacked by a gang of criminally insane psychopaths.
This worsening predicament has translated into a major problem for the rest of the world because the USA was supposed to be the self-proclaimed global policeman.  Even the FBI and DOJ have gone completely rogue (actually occurred many decades ago) and become the muscle for this international crime syndicate—the Khazarian mafia.  As an extremely unfortunate consequence, the nation has become a planetary pariah.
The only country that says they like the USA is Israel.  Talk about Fric and Frac.  Tel Aviv tells Washington where to invade, and the U.S. military shows up right on time…no questions asked.
Then there’s Great Britain using their former colony to fight every other war in the realm, many of those also prosecuted in the Middle East.
Psychopathic politicians also populate the highest levels of the French, German, Canadian, Australian, Spanish, Japanese, Saudi Arabian, and Belgian governments, as well as many others.

Rule of law

Although very few are really aware of this worldwide predicament, the rule of law has morphed into the rule of the jungle.  The pervasive psychopathic leadership is just very proficient at hiding this grim reality.
In so doing, the baddest of the bad guys are able to effectively run their tyrannies wherever and whenever they choose to.  Despotic monarchies such as Saudi Arabia are quite obvious as is the apartheid Modern State of Israel.  Countries like the United States and United Kingdom are a lot more disguised as fake democracies which also do their darnedest to display the rule of law…which is actually the rule of the jungle.
This is precisely why the US government is currently embroiled in a massive, monstrous and unparalleled constitutional crisis.  The Swamp inside the Beltway is being ever-so-slowly drained as the swamp creatures are being forced into rearing their ugly heads.
But how did it ever get to be this way in the “the land of the free and the home of the brave”?
Answer: The insidious P O N E R I Z A T I O N of American government
The best way to truly apprehend the cause of the decline of this once great nation is to understand the deliberate, stealthy and slow-motion ponerization of the US government, Corporate America and civil society.  The following exposé clearly spells out how this profoundly conspiratorial process took place over many decades.

PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over DXiVJ3uXcAEQgt7
There is now even a detailed breakdown of the key historical events and exact timeline which delineate how the American psychopathocracy was quite purposefully shoehorned into place.  Only by understanding the past via this critical history can a psychopath-free American future be possible.  As follows:

An Abridged History Of The United States Psychopathocracy


There is no better example of the crazies running the asylum than SPYGATE.  We’re talking about the craziest psychopaths within the American psychopathocracy who were willing to do just about anything to, first, fix a U.S. presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton and, then, to execute a soft coup against the Trump administration.
The very same psychopaths are still out there fomenting a violent coup d’état against President Trump, although they are being much more careful with their seditious implementation plans.  This has never happened before, at least not in broad daylight.  Yes, General Smedley Butler exposed a coup plot in 1933 but it was shut down post-haste.
In fact, rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community, and there are many, have been working triple time to overthrow Trump.  Retired intel officials and other spooks have been especially aggressive in their encouragement of a mutiny in the West Wing.  Traitors such as John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden and Michael Morrell have acted with apparent impunity as they promote regime change in Washington. See: Former CIA Director Incites An Insurgency Against Trump
Of course, this is what SPYGATE was all about.  The leaders of the FBI, DOJ and CIA conspired to rig the 2016 election, and then used the mainstream media to sabotage President-elect Trump’s transition, and now attempt to impeach him via false charges conjured up by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Even DOJ IG Michael Horowitz is abetting the ongoing schemes of this treasonous cabal.
That the final IG Report was actually A Complete and Total Whitewash by Deep StateAgent Michael Horowitz shows just how dangerous this sordid political saga is to the power elite.  The establishment knows that SPYGATE  has the potential to expose the entire underbelly of the National Security State.   This will in turn reveal to the American people that the 17 agencies which comprise the Intel Community are only there to protect the elites, not the U.S. citizenry.
And SPYGATE is only the most recent example how the naked rule of the jungle replaced the rule of law in America.  When the FBI, DOJ and CIA are all caught up in a criminal conspiracy of epic proportions followed by a massive, monolithic cover-up, you know the whole SYSTEM is broken.  This is what inevitably happens when governmental and societal leadership have been so thoroughly ponerized.  Which is why mankind is currently experiencing the Twilight Of The Psychopaths.

KEY POINT: When even MSM news outlets are publishing articles under the title: Washington, D.C.: the Psychopath Capital of America, you know
We the People are up to our eyes in alligators.  It’s truly no coincidence they call
it The Swamp; Washington, D.C. was originally built on reclaimed swampland.


Particularly for those with a short memory, try to remember the following sage advice.

There’s only one way to deal with a psychopath:
you don’t deal with them.

If you must, then they must be crushed completely
so that they can never rear their ugly heads again.

Given this stark reality, it ought to be abundantly clear that there is only one way forward for the American people.  Likewise, there is only one way to restore the American Republic.
The body politic must coalesce around this present existential imperative.
For this to occur, a sufficient number of patriots must resolve to take back the country from those who have outright stolen it.
How might this manifest in 2018?
Deep State must be exposed in its entirety and removed from the affairs of this nation.
This cannot be done without a critical mass of the U.S. citizenry lighting their torches and picking up their pitchforks.  The psychopaths simply will not go without a fight.
Remember folks, in 2018, just like torches used to light up the path so does truth disseminated on the Internet.  Likewise, the pitchforks of old have been transformed into Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube videos.

Let’s go get ’em … before they get US!  

State of the Nation
June 24, 2018
Recommended Reading
KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Hellbent On A One World Government At Any Cost

Thanks to: http://cosmiconvergence.com



Interesting and unfortunately quite accurate. The road forward is clear but one question remains, 'are there more psychopaths than sheeple and light workers??  Certainly the psycho's are more experienced and therefore more prepared (as stated above) having no limitations on what they will do. So really the biggest equalizer in this struggle comes down to numbers. Manpower can overcome the short comings of lack of experience and preparation. Yes it will get very messy to awaken the sheeple, but as the saying goes, "Don't wake the sleeping dragon"... 
   I (as an optimist) believe that we the good guys will prevail. The other choice says that there is just nothing left for eventually the psycho's will turn on themselves when there's no one else left and one sole psycho cannot survive alone. The End.
   I don't know if I'll be around to see this play out or not, but my concern is for my boys and their families... My boys may not really be awake yet, but they are certainly well armed. lol


Ahhhh Marty, I do understand your interest in keeping your families safe. I have the same. What concerns me is that I have met with and have witnessed the power that these beings possess. It is so unbalanced with their spying and weaponry that I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, well, at least on this planet. North Korea and Iran are the last two countries that are not under the financial control of the NWO. NK will soon be as they have a central bank and have or will soon turn it over. They were given the option or be destroyed. The process of world domination is underway and very close to where they want it. A spiritual connection is the answer for us, as it removes the external control they have because we no longer look for lifes answers externally. We seek guidance internally....Marty I know I am preaching to the choir and have posted many of my experiences here, but these guys own almost all earthly things...The banks, the churches, law, gov....everything...The scaler weapons are mind boggling. The reading of minds the controlling of thoughts, the acceptance by humanity that PERCEPTION rules all. We are easy prey...With that said, I would love to come up at some point and visit. You live in a very beautiful part of this country....and we are close!



I would indeed enjoy that visit Top, let me know...   vv    SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over 1843513143

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