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"You have the right to remain silent"

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1"You have the right to remain silent"  Empty "You have the right to remain silent" Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:55 pm



"You have the right to remain silent"

"You have the right to remain silent"  Picture-1322

By David Porter - Posted on 05 October 2012

Or you may speak your truth.

What is your truth?

And is it yours?

For those of you who watch “TV,” this programming
leads to the truth of another, intentionally induced in most cases. If
that other was Divinely directed this would be a blessing. However if
it’s based in EGO or of the dark side, this would be more of a curse.
The cunning devises of the cabal/illuminati/elite or dark ones, will
become more and more obvious to you all with the amounts of Light
(knowledge) that is entering your arena now. “Every eye shall see.” You
are in the time of “The Awakening,” that has many titles, one other is
“The Second Coming.”

Many of you are donating your monies, efforts and time
to what you believe to be worthy causes. And with that intent in mind
so shall you be blessed. But let me advise you on something that many of
you are somewhat if not completely unknowing of. Due to the fear that
the cabal over millennia have contrived to instil in you, you dare not
investigate the “metaphysical” possibilities for fear of being
imprisoned, burned on a stake, or hung on a cross. Let me explain. In
your now timeline these things are not as popular and mostly outlawed,
but none the less your subconscious mind goes way back in timelines and
the memories there of.

For those dear souls of you that have been taught that
you have but one life to “live” rather than the truth of this written
in your bible, “but once to “die.””

This statement made popular to you by the institutions
was designed to control you, to scare the hell fire and brimstone into
you! With the format that you have but one chance to make it to Heaven.
Wow, what kind of a “God” would set this up for you here that would put
you, His off-Spring, His Spark, His Child at a one-chance risk of
burring in the most deviating of all places that allegedly exists for
ever more?

Now when the establishment (tax exempt “huge
business”) passes that plate around as they keep an eye on you, you have
been thoroughly Vaselined and slip those bills right into that plate,
not wanting to risk that “long term burn in Lucifers lack-of-Light

This verse has to do with the outer part of you, the
EGO. That when you have overcome it, it dies. Then you are free to move
about in the freedom of the soul you are in full consciousness.
Regardless, if you can go so far as to believe that your DNA/RNA or
cellular/gene make-up holds memory of your parents and theirs, and their
parents etc back to the original “Parent.” This will help you to
understand the point in quest.

It was JD Rockefeller that established the
front-runner of schools to educate the youth in your early 1900s. Do you
think he wanted to teach them how to take over his companies? No, is
the correct answer. He constructed the educational processes to confine,
control and condition your minds if you were the young at the time, to
be cooperative and discipline in allegiance to his monopoly. There are
many other elite names involve in this nature of the removal of the
“Spirit” of you all. Just ask any native in the United States of America
as these same ones are the ones that took possession of the land that
they were camped out on first. Find where Columbus got his guidance form
and you will see exactly what I mean.

This has and will continue until “YOU” stand up and
say, “that’s it, no more of this.” But first you must believe that you
are in the “right” before you will ever make this stand against “them”
in your now sheeply silence. Let me give you just one of the strong
examples of why you should take a stand now in the year of our lord of
2012 more than ever before.

You are all feeding the cabal with “their plans” not
yours. Even the well meaning Light workers, Way showers and general
members of let’s just call it what it is, “The resistance.” You don’t
mean to, none of you, and bless you for your intent, but the dark ones
have set you up within their matrix to fail and themselves to succeed by
means of your failure.

One Example: You watch on “their” TV, the encouragment
to give your money to support the "fight" against many things. The
commercial comes on, do you shut it off then? “Give your support to our
church,” Give your support to our charity fund,” “GIVE TO OUR CANCER
RESREACH CAUSE.” Much of this is blatant, but most is subliminal and
sub-conscious methods of direct and indirect mind control of many varied
constructs. All you need do is get on the internet and pull up any of
the millions of sites that educate you on who it is that owns and or
controls these foundations with their huge monetary invested interest.
Media (the #1 and by far the most important to teach you what and only
what they want you to know) Medical, Oil, Transportation, Food, Energy
etc.They control all this, therefore they control us.

Before you go to fill up or get groceries or clothes
etc. pull up the movie, “They Live” that was put out in 1988. It is
certainly not actual but it will give you seed for thought.

One of the most deadly of their tools to all of us
here is their medical institutions. If they healed you as behind the
scenes they have always had the means to do in nearly every single
illness known to man kind, this would put them out of business. Now we
have the internet, so far the dark ones have not found a way to
constrict it’s use to any major degree,,,,yet. But you can bet your
sweet freedom that they are on it. Use this tool to find the cures for
your selves, there are fruits and heabs on Gaia that have 10,000 times
more curing power than any nature of chemo therapy. And She gows them at
no charge to the consumer of them. But She dosen't have any use for
dollar bills.

My wonderful wife Elaine had CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic
Leukemia), she trusted the doctors but not the preventive ones. I love
her dearly, but we had many things not in common, this was one. We
buried her body March, 19th, 2012.

The medical industries as we now know them would have
never been born if you gave your support to the cause and prevention of
disease rather than the "alleged cure" of it's effects to the
establishements in the first place.

I highly recommend a movie well worth your time and a
short version of the truth of what is taking place on our once beautiful
planet, that the cabal don’t want you to know. Let Foster Gamble
explain it on his well made movie, “TRHIVE.” Foster Gamble, son of James
Gamble, originator of the Proctor & Gamble foundation. Foster did
not follow in dads foot steps.

They certainly have the funding to do it, I mean they
got it all from you! Right? They call it Tithing, taxing, insurance and
co-pay. And they remove it from you to themselves VIA big business in
the most devius menas they can contrive at the G8, G12, or G20 meetings.
And you are not invited, was you outside with the rocks in your hands.
The Church, The Vatican, (this coming from the Roman Catholic, remember
their history, Caesar etc). IRS, (Internal, not secret but the same, so
SRS would be a more acutate title here), Federal Reserve, (Privately
owned by who?) IMA, and this list has more. They teach you that it is
“In God We Trust,” and yet have done a precise and potent job of NOT
allowing you the same information they have that is stowed away in the
Vatican vaults around the planet about your real origin to, and powerful
connection with and of “God.” Then they place fluoride in your water,
GMO your food supply (which of course is OMG backwards) and poison your
air with chemtrails to calcify your pineal body, pituitary glands and
the feeling center of the heart that are all the door ways to your

How can they get away with this for so long? Why are
they so powerful, and you not? They have stolen and hidden from you the
insights of information to your natural power source. And they know this
information well and use it, and that’s why.

Did you know that ONE single individual can change the
way an entire society functions? An entire planetary history can be
significantly change by one human being.

You have the right to remain silent, but "so far" you
have the right to stand up and say, “I will no longer accept “their”
reality, but I will create my own, and remove them from “my” offices now
so I can get on with the life in which my God has in Mind for me.”

Let’s do this
Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org

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