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Valentinian Tyrants

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Valentinian Tyrants

The Valenti family of Italy are a top nobility of the Lombardy region which originated from the Valentinian Dynasty of ancient Rome and Byzantine and are currently headed up by Prince Giberto di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga. The Valenti family merged with the House of Gonzaga creating a Valenti-Gonzaga branch and then the Arrivabene family which have strong ties to Venice. They own the Valenti crime family formerly from Rochester New York which also set up operations in Connecticut. There have been various gangsters from the Valenti clan including Umberto Valenti, Rocco Valenti, Frank Valenti, and Constenze Valenti. Richard Valentini is a member of the Springfield Crew in Massachusetts and he was charged with conspiracy and extortion in 2016 and threatened to cut a guys head off in order to extort money out of him. I believe Richard Valentini has been the top mafia street boss in the region. He is extremely violent. The Valenti family own Valenti Auto Group in Connecticut which sells all types of vehicles including high end cars like Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, and others. This family is completely lawless and is involved in money laundering and human trafficking. The mafia are known for owning car dealerships. They use their dealer plates for moving around stolen vehicles and use their importation of cars for moving around cash, drugs, weapons and even humans. There is a large amount of crime in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and vast corruption in police and politics. La Cosa Nostra and their Greek criminal associates use other criminal organizations and street gangs to do their dirty work while they make the majority of the profits. The Greek Mafia is extremely quiet and extremely wealthy and they specialize in infiltrating ports and the shipping industry. The mafias also infiltrate police and provide weapons and drugs to various street gangs which pay them tributes through middle men bosses whether they know who they are or not. North Italian nobility have large amounts of wealth. Valent means worth, value, or strong from the Latin word Valeo which also created the word valiant. The Valenti and Gonzaga families have shares in various north Italian companies like high end fashion and automobiles.
The Valenti family and their mafia associates in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York manage and help to finance the secret societies and street gangs which gang stalk, threaten, persecute, poison, slander, and all around terrorize people the Black Nobility have declared as heretics. They have been doing this with the intent of fully taking over. They consider anyone who opposes them or their agendas a heretic. The mafia are involved with night clubs, strip clubs, car dealerships, construction companies, port authorities, casinos, and restaurants. They infiltrate the police departments with their agents and spies. The mafia are like an intelligence agency and also work with Catholic priesthoods. They pay off dirty cops for intel. They pay off, blackmail, and extort politicians. They move large amounts of drugs out of night clubs and run prostitution rings connected with strip clubs. They covertly oversee street gangs which often do their dirty work. Mafias often operate within social clubs. The Valenti family likely have an etymological connection with the Velentzas Greek Mafia name. The Italian and Greek mafias work together. The Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family own the Palazzo Papadoli in Venice as well as specialty glass making company. The Valenti family has recently married with the Visconti and Savoy families which both have connections in Switzerland. Countess Viola di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga and Countess Bianca Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga are also members of this family. Countess Bianca is from the Savoy-Aosta family and the aunt of Prince Aimone whose wife is from the Greek Glucksburgs. The Valenti, Gonzaga, Savoy-Aosta and Greek Glucksburg families have an alliance. The Valenti and Gonzaga families have Greek-Byzantine ancestry. The Arrivabene family were established as a nobility under the House of Habsburg. The Gonzaga family is headed up by Duke Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga and his brother Prince Corrado Gonzaga. Prince Carlo Gonzaga of Vescovato is another member of this family. They are military commanders of secret societies and Jesuits. The Gonzaga family were closely connected with military and also with the Jesuits and have Gonzaga University in Washington and Gonzaga College in Ireland named after them. The Jesuit educated former Governor of Washington’s Christine Gregoire’s daughter works for the Port of Seattle which has a large human trafficking operation. The Gonzaga family a portion of ownership in the Seattle crime family. The Gonzaga family also married with the Palaiologos imperial family of the Byzantine.
The life of Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga is viscerally linked to Venice. His childhood memories, the most beautiful, are those that have taken place in the rooms of Palazzo Papadopoli, between frescoes of Tiepolo and family affection.
Valentinian Tyrants  Tcx090116arivabene001
Count Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga and Princess Bianca di Savoia Aosta (in Prada), with their four daughters (from left), Mafalda, 18; Viola, 25; Maddalena, 16; and Vera, 23 (all in Dior and ViBi Venezia); son Leonardo, 14; and dog Bricola.
The Arrivabene are an ancient Mantuan family that has particularly distinguished itself in the history of the Risorgimento and of the Kingdom of Italy.
Of ancient Greek origin, some members of the family settled first in Venice and then in Brescia in the person of Arrigo Arrivabene , who in 1222 negotiated the peace between the said city and Mantua , where he then established the family.
From the marriage of Count Francesco ( 1783 – 1862 ) with Teresa Valenti Gonzaga (1793 – 1871), an Italian patriot, the Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga line originated.
Created by Frederick III of Hapsburg
The Valenti were an ancient and noble Mantuan family of Lombard origins who moved to Mantua as early as the fourteenth century.
In 1518 the Marquis of Mantua Francesco II Gonzaga, for the services rendered, granted the family the privilege of accompanying the surname of the Gonzagas, which has since been called Valenti Gonzaga.[1]
The Valentinian Dynasty or Valentinianic Dynasty,[1][2][3] consisting of four emperors, ruled the Western Roman Empire from 364 to 392 and the Eastern Roman Empire from 364 to 378.
The dynasty was related to the Theodosian dynasty by the marriage of Theodosius I of the East to Valentinian I’s daughter. From this marriage came Galla Placidia,[4] whose son Valentinian III became the western emperor (425–455), the last ruler descended from either dynasty. His descendants continued to be a part of the Roman nobility in Constantinople until the end of the 6th century.
The Rochester crime family was a criminal organization based in Rochester, New York. It was considered a part of the American Cosa Nostra, also known as the Mafia.
The Valenti regime
Valenti created a well-organized crime family by promoting Samuel Russotti to underboss, Rene Picarreto to consigliere and Salvatore Gingello, Dominic Celestino, Thomas Didio, Angelo Vaccaro and Dominic Chirico as his capos.[1] His most trusted ally was capo Chirio, who he gave special tasks to carry out. He divided up the family’s illegal activities of gambling, extortion, loan sharking, insurance fraud, arson, narcotics and weapon trafficking among his capos to ensure peace.
?–1958 – Constenze “Stanley” Valenti – imprisoned
1964–1972 – Frank Valenti – retired, died on September 20, 2008
The first Valenti automobile dealership was opened in the 1920’s by Bob’s father, Ferdinand Valenti Sr., in Wallingford, CT. Today Valenti Auto Sales continues on at that same location.
The Valenti Auto Group has always held high standards when it comes to customer service and with our addition of Maserati it gives us the opportunity to raise the bar again. With several years experience serving our Audi, Porsche and Jaguar clients needs we are well preparred for this opportunity.
Richard Valentini, convicted East Longmeadow extortionist, sentenced to 20 months in prison
While his attorney argued to jurors Valentini played a minimal to non-existent role in the $20,000 shakedown of a Springfield tow company operator, the panel convicted him of conspiracy and extortion in just over two hours.
Valentini was arrested in 2016 along with co-defendants Ralph Santaniello, Giovanni “Johnny Cal” Calabrese, and Gerald Daniele, all of Longmeadow, plus Francesco “Frank” Depergola, of Springfield.
Law enforcement officials have labeled all of the men La Cosa Nostra associates and members of a fledgling “Springfield Crew” linked to the New York-based Genovese crime family.
Savoys, Genovese Crime Family, Wall Street Racket, Mario Gabelli, Switzerland, Greyerz Gold Merchants, Money Laundering, Camorra, Private Banking, Vatican, Apulian Mafia, P2 Masonic Lodge
Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga and wife Bianca of Savoy-Aosta
Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Apulia
Spouse Princess Olga of Greece (m. 2008)
The House of Gonzaga (Italian: [ɡonˈdzaːɡa]) was a princely family that ruled Mantua, in northern Italy, from 1328 to 1708; they also ruled Monferrato in Piedmont and Nevers in France, and also many other lesser fiefs throughout Europe. Their family includes a saint, twelve cardinals and fourteen bishops. Two Gonzaga descendants became empresses of the Holy Roman Empire (Eleonora Gonzaga and Eleonora Gonzaga-Nevers), and one became queen of Poland (Marie Louise Gonzaga).
Through maternal ancestors, the Gonzagas inherited also the Imperial Byzantine ancestry of the Paleologus, an earlier ruling family of Montferrat.
head is Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga (b. 1941).
The Palaiologos (pl. Palaiologoi; Greek: Παλαιολόγος, pl. Παλαιολόγοι), also found in English-language literature as Palaeologus or Palaeologue, was the name of a Byzantine Greek[1] family, which rose to nobility and ultimately produced the last ruling dynasty of the Byzantine Empire.
The Seattle crime family, also known as the Colacurcio crime family,[1][2][3] was a crime family based in Seattle, Washington.
In 2003, a criminal investigation began in Seattle known as “Strippergate” focusing on strip clubs owned by Frank Colacurcio, Sr. and his son, Frank Colacurcio Jr.[5] In 2008, local police and federal agents raided Colacurcio’s home and business.[3][6][7][8] The strip clubs owned by Colacurcio were being used as fronts for brothels.[6][7][8] In 2009, Colacurcio Sr., his son Frank Colacurcio Jr. and associates Leroy R. Christiansen, David C. Ebert, Steven M. Fueston and John Gilbert Conte were indicted and charged with conspiracy and racketeering.[9] On July 2, 2010, boss Frank Colacurcio, Sr. died at the age of 93.[5]
Valentinian Tyrants  2012991173-300x0
Frank Colacurcio Jr. the head of the Seattle crime family which is partly owned by the House of Gonzaga.
Gonzaga University /ɡɒnˈzɒɡə/[4] is a private, Roman Catholic university in Spokane, Washington, United States.[5][6] Founded in 1887 by the Society of Jesus, it is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.[7] It is named for the young Jesuit saint Aloysius Gonzaga.
Thayne McCulloh is humbled to be in his ninth year serving Gonzaga University as its President.
A committed leader in Catholic and Jesuit higher education, Dr. McCulloh currently serves as vice chair of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), is vice chair of the Association of Jesuit Colleges
Christine “Chris” O’Grady Gregoire (/ˈɡrɛɡwɑːr/; born March 24, 1947) is an American politician and lawyer who served as the 22nd Governor of the state of Washington from 2005 to 2013
She then attended law school at Gonzaga University in Spokane
Gregoire’s first child, Courtney, was born in Spokane in 1979. In 2013, Courtney was appointed to the Seattle Port Commission.
He was born Corrado Gonzaga di Vescovato, who will also be V marchese del Vodice and, in succession line, last – in order of arrival – pretender to the throne of Mantua, if the duchy were still there.
Of the successive Gonzaga generations, Maurizio lives in Rome, Corrado in Piacenza, Isabella (married Heidkamp) in Buenos Aires.
Prince neo dad Ferrante lives in Fontanellato, in the Bassa Parmense, where he leads an agro-zootechnical enterprise
The other branch of the Gonzagas of Vescovato lives between Milan and Bergamo: very frequent the presence in Mantua of Prince Gianfrancesco and his son Carlos, who however is the father of four girls. (Rda).
Gianfrancesco leaves his wife Mrs. Warmonda Valerio, his son Carlos with his wife Mrs. Lauretana Stagno of the princes of Alcontres di Montesalso and his nephews Eleonora, Marialudovica, Alix and Pietrina. Saturday morning at 9.45 am the funeral in the castle of Cavernago.
Prince Corrado Gonzaga del Vodice

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