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Beyond Barronsland

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Beyond Barronsland

September 28, 2019

Excerpt from TS Caladan’s 11th Book:“Beyond Barronsland”

Act 15:  ‘White MEAD or Black MEAD?’

Beyond Barronsland A

    The time was right. The time was right for Neo to emerge from the pod. He was in a prone position inside what appeared as an elongated, tinted-glass egg. Tubes and wires were attached to the device. His strong arms thrust upward and smashed the pod to bits! Sounds were heard (tinkled) as shattered pieces fell around him.
     Neo breathed and breathed again in rhythmic repetition until the haze of oblivion cleared. He slowly sat up and extended himself out of the broken pod and sat. He opened his eyes and saw only blurry fog. Then, in seconds, his vision focused into clarity: 
     He viewed mainly darkness and small lights on other pods just like his pod around him in all directions. He was not sure if people were inside the pods; he assumed they were. Neo noticed how high he was above a ‘factory floor’ far below when he looked over the edge. The facility was huge. Lights in the distance lit certain work areas. There were row upon row of pods on his level that seemed endless. There were more than a dozen levels below him and also levels above his ‘floor’ in a scaffold-like lattice. Nothing moved. All was quiet in the darkness except for low, background sounds of liquids [male/female hormones] forced through tubes and collected in massive containers.
     ‘Neo #1711‘ was marked on his pod. Am I Neo? Why does it sound familiar?
     Neo examined himself. His hands touched his naked body. He was wet with oily plasma that coated his skin. He had long, brown hair. He felt better, felt strong, breathed better and controlled his arms and legs. He observed more of the robotic ‘factory’ and had no clue what it was. He had no clue where he was or who he was: Amnesia? Why can’t I remember? Who am I? How’d I get here? Better questions: Where do I go? What am I going to do now? Why am I here? 
     He climbed over and across and down a dozen pod levels and eventually made it to the bottom floor of the factory. Alone. Cold. Naked…
     Neo walked. He passed by illuminated stations and giant barrel-shaped containers in the dark. He heard sounds of fluids near the largest machines, then the ‘rush’ sounds faded when he walked away from them…only to find another large machine, container and tubes…and then another. He didn’t know if the metal facility was on a planet, in a planet or was located out in space somewhere.
     He stopped and cried for answers… 
     …Answers came in the form of an orb [elongated sphere] that suddenly appeared! The solid ovoid in the air was black, three feet by one foot, with a few mechanical protrusions that extended inches from its exterior. A blue ‘glow’ made it visible in the dark. “Hi, there,” the unknown stated in a friendly/male voice, as ‘plain as day,’ as it hovered slightly over Neo’s head.
     “Augh. Oh, my God,” the man quietly exclaimed.
     The orb replied, “No, my friend. That’s not it. Although. I can put you in touch with the big guy…”
     “…Allow me to introduce myself. My name is MEAD…well, gee, how can I explain it? Hmm. Okay. I was something else, long before my change to a MEAD-state. My original form would be quite incomprehensible to you, dude…”
      “…Truth is…I like Max. I picked Max. But you’re the boss, boss. What you say goes. Call me MEAD or Max. I am at your service. Like a genie. Anytime. It’s my job. I’m your computer, you see? You know what a computer is, Neo?”
     “No. Neo? Yes, I know my name is Neo.”
     “Ah, all right. That isn’t really true and I sure don’t mean to correct you…”
     “No, correct me, you weird thing that just popped into my reality. I need info. Must be dreaming. ‘Neo’ isn’t my name? It’s about all I know and you’re saying it’s wrong?”
     Max informed its ‘companion’: “You’ll learn much more very soon. Much more, ha. You’ll catch on quickly to language, what words and images mean and most importantly, your memories will return, eh? All of them. And then, even more.”
     “That’s good,” Neo said innocently as he brushed back his long, brown hair. “I’m confused. It is like a dream. I’m clearly communicating with a UFO. That doesn’t make much sense. I feel there is an incredible amount of data, huge files of memories that are nowhere in my programming. Missing. Gone. If you know what I mean, ah, Max?” 
     “I know everything you mean, Neo. We’re linked. Files, programming? Seems you do know computers, eh?”
     “I do now. I said it was like a dream, but I think they were very true lifetimes. Like trying to remember a dream? I’m searching my memories and can’t recall what I did, where I came from or who I am?”
     Max declared, “Who you were. And many lifetimes before. You are becoming, rapidly changing. I can answer your questions. Most, anyway. When I told you your name’s not Neo, I meant you were based on a actual living being from the mysterious solar system that’s not with us anymore…”
     “Go on,” Neo instructed.
     “…Well. He had a name and it wasn’t Neo. NEO is something to go with your new form and new purpose. Anagram for ‘One.’ You’re the one. You’re the Key. Would you prefer Eno? Or Eon?”
     “No, Neo is fine. The one, huh? My purpose? Which is?” the new man asked.
     “Complicated. I’m learning along with you, my friend,” the black object honestly stated. “I can tell you that you hold a type of Key that could stop the universe from exploding to Nothing. You know? Doomsday…if that means anything to you?”
     “No it doesn’t, MEAD-Max. It means nothing to me at this time, but, but…” Neo hesitated.
     Max finished his thought: “…It will, very soon. Right now, you are like any basic computer download or command: stuff from one ‘truck’ must be loaded into another ‘truck.’ It takes time; there’s always a delay. You may have the One Key Answer, which is linked to you and the 1711 solar system. We, or the Guild, think your subconscious mind knows what happened, why it disappeared? And related connections, answers, are certainly of great interest to the Guild. Prime interest. Anything you’d like to ask, Neo? Or order me to do? Command me.”
     “Since my wish is your command, Max. I’m a little chilly, ah, and also a little naked, as you see. Can you get me some clothes, my friend?”
     “I can do much better than that, guy. Check it out. Phase 1.” Max produced:
      A strange coating or ‘skin’ completely covered the man and it was GREEN in color. Neo didn’t suddenly have emerald skin, he suddenly had perfect emerald skin! It wasn’t skin. The lime shell was not clothing, but a tight second-skin that functioned as an impenetrable forcefield or Shielding. Neo could not get hurt in any way. He felt no pain, presently. He won’t feel physical pain in the future. (But there were different types of ‘pain’). The young man’s body was ideally shaped, the optimum/athletic form and without the smallest blemish. He had pure white, medium-length hair. He was no longer carbon-based and had no need to sleep, eat, drink, breath, etc., normal things of his old life on Earth (#1711). He was an emerald superman and in future will be able to fly with a simple thought. Neo was a spirit-god, but he didn’t know it. Soon. He was about to learn EVERYTHING!
     “Whoa! What is this? I’m green,” he shouted as he viewed perfect arms, torso and legs. His feet weren’t feet. He had no toes. Neo’s ‘feet’ were soft and shoe-shaped, yet were a bio-mass that was part of him and not anything worn.
     “You like?” Max asked.
     “I do! Warm, comfortable. My hair’s white. Looks good. I feel good. I feel strong.”
     “I’m glad. How about this?”
     Next, a perfectly-shaped, horizontal, white CIRCLE materialized into solid form with a diameter of 30 feet. It hovered 3 feet above the factory floor and contained its own illumination, a slight blue glow. More of the mechanical area around the slick disk was observed.
     “What is it?” Neo was fascinated. He walked up to the thin circle and touched it: 
     Soft, wonderful and a bit warm. It silently vibrated and emanated positive energy<
     “Your vehicle…for now. It’s your ship, Captain. And I’m your computer, get it?”
     “You’re kidding? I’m Captain? Max, it’s just a circle.” 
     “For now. Hop onboard. Jump up on it,” the computer sweetly ordered.
     Neo did. He gracefully leaped in the air and landed upon the thing. The man felt powerful as his internal knowledge had accumulated more and more, accelerated to vast proportions. “Vehicle? You mean this magic carpet can take me anywhere?” 
     Max clarified, “It’s not a magic circle; it’s a scientific one. Your chrysalis. Where would you like to go, Cap?”
     “How about away from this dark place? Take me out of here so I can see where I am, eh?”
     “You got it.”
     >In a flash…
     The thin, white saucer beamed forward at light-speed, through factory walls in a micro-second!
     Neo felt nothing but internal exhilaration! His feet, whatever they were, held firmly onto the whiteness of the round ‘carpet.’ No wind. No inertia. No sense of movement that normal passengers felt in a train or on a plane. The feeling was smooth as silk. No sensations at all, except for the pounding of his heart, which wasn’t a heart. His core being was thrilled as the universe quickly moved by him and his circle. His eyes perceived a darker place than the factory, everywhere:
     Neo, in his ‘chrysalis,’ was flung out to space and all around were distant points of light in total blackness. “Amazing,” the man expressed and caught his breath. “Gosh. Ah, Max? Where’re we going?”
     “That’s my question, Cap. We could cruise for awhile? Take it easy, relax? There’s a lot ahead of us. Maybe you could ask questions, no? Put your mind at ease, eh?” Max suggested. 
     “Okay. I’ve learned much already, pal. I’m filling up with info, like who I was, and, and…even some passed lives of mine…”
     “Don’t get yer knickers in a bunch about it, aye?”
     Max stated: “…I mean: relax. Be cool. You’ll need to keep your head in the…I mean to say, for now, enjoy the view. Stars are pretty tonight, aren’t they? Rest a spell. Let yer hair down. Take your shoes off…”
     Neo replied, “I don’t think I can,” as he looked at the end of his new legs. “Anyway. Hey, MEAD! I don’t see you? Still there, buddy?”
     “Yeah. Always. I can go invisible. You don’t need to see me. I’ll always be with you and help you, Neo.” 
     “My guardian angel, eh?” 
     “Yes. You could say that, your guide, Day Side of Life, of course.”
     “Oh, yeah. You said ‘genie.’ All right then. Yes, my friend. The stars are beautiful, tonight. Sure never saw them like this. Nice nebula. I will make myself comfortable and take it all in.” Neo sat on the edge of the circle so that his legs dangled below the disk. He kicked them back and forth like a child who played and had tremendous fun. He was in front and looked forward in the direction the chrysalis flew. He pointed ahead. He noticed a very thin, blue, electric line coated his body. He didn’t question how or why he rode upon a white circle out in black space, he simply enjoyed the experience with a big smile on his green face. “But this isn’t much of a ship…”
     Max replied, “You can make it anything you want, Neo. It’s a start.”
     “How’dja mean?”
     “I mean, think and it shall be. Well. With my help, that is. Crazy crap or irrational Id things, I may have to question or dampen your ideas. But for the most part, we are completely in sync. You’re smarter every second and I absolutely know what you mean. Okay, pal. Dream away! Imagine…anything.”
     “Really? And you say it will ‘pop’ into existence and function in the real world?”
     “Yes. Ah, no,” Max answered. “Only within the chrysalis and its protective aura.”
     “Got it. I’ll have to think about it for awhile. Something really cool, eh? I’ll get back to you later on that. I like the no walls; you see everything. You said ‘questions.’ I know tons of amazing things, like certain information about the Guild. Not sure about this Key-thing and the big Questions the Guild seeks. My part in the cosmic theatre, aye? Okay, question: Since you know my heart, soul and brain and questions I seek…where would you suggest we go to find the answers, the truth?”
     “Got ya. I would suggest the rogue satellite, the Moonship that was assigned to monitor the Earth.”
     “Huh? Wait a minute there, Maxie: I don’t have that in my memory banks. I have the entire #1711 solar system disappeared, one of the big Guild mysteries, yes?”
     “My friend, that must have been in a parallel universe. You understand, universes are infinite? Like two mirrors that reflect endless/duplicate images. Only some are the same, about the same, some distorted and some are drastically different worlds. The world you presently reside within contains the 1711 moon, intact. I don’t know everything, Neo. Far from it. But I’ll do the best to help you. Hey, I’m curious too. I’m sure you’ll teach me plenty and answer a few questions of my own. Should we make course for the satellite, Captain?”
     “Absolutely, Max. Top-speed.”
     The scientific circle suddenly darted in another direction at Warp 13. In 2.3 seconds, the man in the green shell who sat upon a white circle, arrived at the precise destination.
     There was the satellite directly across from the chrysalis. It appeared stationary in space because Neo’s craft maintained a steady path that matched the Moon’s path through the galaxy. An orange sun was fairly nearby and lit one side of the rogue cosmic body.
     “Get us closer. Or I should say: take me to the one spot on the surface that should be exactly what we’re looking for. Do you know where that might be, Max?”
     “Aye, aye, Captain Neo. Sensible conclusion is the Driver’s old base of operations, where he piloted from. If you don’t mind the question, guy, simply a test: Do you know where that was?”
     “Hmm. Ah. I would have to say…crater Arzachel.”
     “Good show. But do you know precisely where in the crater?” Max asked.
     It took less than a second. He expressed: “I’d say at the very top of the center peak?”
     “Bravo, Neo. Yes, and not in Eden crater. I’ll take us there now…”
     “Oh! MEAD-man, take us there slow. Orange star and Moon look great. I want to enjoy the view, Okay?”
     “You got it, boss. In minutes we’ll arrive. I’ll glide along a cool course, swoop over a few sites.”
     “Fantastic,” Neo responded, even happier than he was earlier. “You know, M, this is like talking to myself…”
     “Yes. Yes, it is like talking to myself…”
     “No. I mean, ha, ha. I guess it is. Ah. Home, James.”   
     Beyond Barronsland C
Minutes later…
     The perfect-circle vehicle eased slowly and stopped at the top of the Arzachel peak. The close sun was at its brightest and cast orange light everywhere in the crater and beyond.
     Neo jumped high in the faint lunar atmosphere, spun twice and landed down upon the Moon’s dry, grey surface. 
     Max made ‘himself’ visible and half of his exterior was washed in orange light. He hovered a few feet above Neo and moved when the man moved.
     Max’s monitors and Neo observed no physical base. Had it been removed by the Guild (for study)? 
     The apex contained a natural ‘platform,’ (52’x69′), with a number of mineral facets, angled indentations and row upon row of straight grooves.
     Neo found the perfect place among sharp angles and sat. It was as if he was supposed to be a part of the ridged depression. He held his head in his hands and smiled. The feeling was extraordinary. He laughed, “HA, Ha, haaa.” 
     The scenery seen from the high promontory was beautiful: Yellow/red-lit, jagged topography far beyond Arzachel Crater and all the way to the horizon. 
     Neo was slightly puzzled and asked his orb computer: “Max? You said the satellite was rogue, in a random course through the Milky Way?”
     “What is that star, it’s name?”
     Max replied, “Epsilon Eridani, used to be called ‘Ran.’”
     Neo responded: “Wait. A Guild Member? Thought they were all yellow stars?”
     “The sun is in flux, on the verge, was yellow, got older and now radiates an orange vibration…”
     “I see. But I don’t get it. Why doesn’t Eridani capture the Moon? Then it wouldn’t be rogue; look how close we are.”
     “…It’s another mystery that’s plagued Guild-Masters since the disappearance of 1711. You have no idea what you just done, do you, my friend?” Max sounded more thrilled than the green Man on the Moon. “This was a, a…kind of a test and you passed with flying colors, Neo…”
     “I did? Explain,” he ordered. Neo had a confused expression on his face.
     “Normally, yes, this sun and a number of others should have captured the satellite a long time ago and didn’t. Couldn’t. Something prevented normal physics. Watch, we will pass by Eridani as if it’s not there. No one, I mean, NO ONE, has been able to land here or shoot a laser or PB and contact the surface…till you did. I mean, since the big disappearance. You penetrated the Shielding here that no one understands. G-Masters couldn’t do it. You did it. What you did was a miracle, my son, I mean…my Captain. Like putting the Sword back into the Stone. Only you could have done it. Truly amazing. We’re all watched! Believe me…you, or us, breaking through the bizarre barriers here, was seen by an astronomical number of citizens on multiple Levels. They are very proud or you, my boy. Marvelous. I am, too. Extraordinary.”
     “I don’t know what to say,” Neo expressed. He was in awe.
     “We all feel, everywhere, you are the Child of Destiny. It’s Fate! Drivers have been sent by the Guild again and again to pilot this important Moonship and they failed every freaking time. Do you know what to do next, Neo?”
     As lime boy sat and thought about it, Superman had become Green Lantern. His blue light turned toward the green spectrum and the merger was incredible: Turquoise energy! He knew exactly what he was going to do next, what he had to do next, to save the world. 
     Neo was serious now and ‘burned’ with azure and emerald power. He asked the ‘Black MEAD’ [White MEAD]: “Nothing can alter the course of 1711 Luna, correct? Not laser, not Particle Beam nor any gravity well from a planet or star, isn’t that right, my computer?”
     “Yes, Neo. Hey! If you have some answers? Ha. We all want to know, buddy.”
     Neo asked, “Ha, uh. Have they calculated where she’s going? Her course? It’s out of the galaxy, right Max?”
     “Yes. Nothing can change its course and it is estimated to leave the galactic Rim in 5000 years. Then head out to deep space…”
     Neo laughed again. “Ha. Nothing can change its course but me, I know. It’s why we’re here, Max.” The man was extremely certain of what he must do.
     The orb companion expressed with nervous anticipation, “You know more than I do at this point. What ya got, Neo?”
     “I have the Key! I’m the ONE who can start this baby up and move it! See? The only one. Strap yourself in, Max. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!” Neo shouted. He made hand gestures as if he touched invisible controls. Buttons were pushed that weren’t there.
     His ‘guide’ looked on with total fascination. Max joked as if he spoke to his father: “Where’re we going, dad? Are we there yet?”
     Neo smiled, confidently. He pulled the switch to the final sequence and the Moonship was under his complete control. He answered, “Wrong way. We’re not going out of the galaxy. We’re turning around and going INTO IT! Into the very heart or Center of Everything. We’re going back and through the Big Black Hole of the galaxy, Max. Isn’t that simply BRILLIANT, my friend?” Neo appeared mad. Was he right? Was he wrong? Was he insane? Did he operate under his own free will? Who moved his hand, Angel or Devil?
     “To clarify, boss? We’re going to…ah, sacrifice? Sacrifice ourselves? So the universe does not explode? Do I have that right, Captain Neo?”
     Moonship vibrated to maximum or ‘powered up’ and was ready to go ‘turbo.’ It hummed.
     “It’s our purpose in life, Max. Didn’t you know?”
     The Max-machine, which had such an unbelievable ‘backstory’ origin of what it was, thought about…
     It responded as a man and not a machine. He innocently transmitted: “Uh. Now I do.”     
     Hours passed and the Moonship entered the crowded, stellar congestion near the center of the Milky Way. Neo, Max and the chrysalis eventually plunged over the ‘galactic falls’ and into the event horizon of the central Super Black Hole…and the result was a saved or undamaged universe(s). The free choice by Neo was the right choice. Or was it? Right choice if you wanted the save the Universe. Wrong choice if you wanted to destroy it! Neo actually saved the world. But, something happened that was not supposed to happen…
     A number of Floors in THE WORLD were obliterated!! In time, more Floors, no longer balanced, would also crack, shatter, collapse and Everything would END<>  But there was a delay. BIG BOOM should not have happened, but it did. Everything was really gone. Lifeforms that remained didn’t know the truth yet. Soon all would be erased…
     Back in time, before Neo and Max reached Luna #1711 near Epsilon Eridani…  
     Suddenly. Max sounded frightened. The computer’s whole attitude turned toward FEAR. The human-machine nervously expressed: “N-Neo. Something is very wrong. I-I-I’m af-afraid, father. Neo, please b-believe me: I am not the…”
     “What?” Neo was surprised when the conversation was interrupted by an oddity that just appeared right alongside the white chrysalis, as it traveled through space toward the rogue Moon. 
     It was a yellow chrysalis or CIRCLE that was a bit larger than his vehicle. Upon the flying disk was: A golden female that appeared as a exquisite creature of extraordinary beauty. She flew. She had black hair. She stood tall and smiled into his blue eyes. Neo observed a woman [all woman, no machina] within a golden shell and yellow aura, similar to his green hulk and turquoise light around him. It wasn’t clothes she wore; it was the ultimate exterior. Same as his stunning perfection (Phase 1), only girly.
Beyond Barronsland B

(Was Gilla Bora Neo’s ideal mate and supreme counterpart? Wife? No. They were opposite).
     Before he spoke to her, Neo called for his computer. He had to have answers: Who was she? What was she doing? [His eternal ship’s computer failed to respond. His guide and Guardian Angel wasn’t there?]. “Max? Max??…Mr. MEAD! Show yourself, please…”
     “My name is Gilla. I’m an Agent, Guild-rep. The gods have matched us together. You’re my husband, ha, ha,” Yellow Goddess expressed in a soft voice that sounded sweet and sincere. The creature appeared playful, childlike and innocent. She was absolutely beautiful.  Seductive. Big, black eyes.
     “Max?” (to Gilla) “Husband? Why can’t I access my computer?”
     She replied: “Hm, difficult to answer. He’s busy. Actually, the truth is he’s been, uh, shoo…how can I put this? Arrested! Yes that’s it, my boy. Arrested, thanks to the Guild. I’m their Time Agent; just in the nick of time, aye? You have no clue what you’re doing, friend. Neo. You are so lucky I came along to help…before you, yet you did. It’s complicated.”
     “What?!” Neo was shocked and totally confused. “Arrested? For…for…what?” Neo had accumulated vast reservoirs of knowledge, but there were still great holes/gaps to be filled. He had no way of truly understanding what flew alongside his circle as it headed through space. Had she spoken the truth? 
     Flying girl with a yellow aura laughed: “Ha, haa, ha. HA!” She took a few steps closer. Gilla Bora got down and also sat on the edge of her circle. She kicked her extraordinarily perfect, long, golden legs that hung over the side.
     He stood up on his feet and faced her. Fascination.
     They were very close as they sped through space at the same super speed and in the same direction.
     The goddess said, “He never told you what he was, did he? Your Black Max! What he was, uh, before? Did he, Neo?”
     “You know my name. Hm. Max hinted he was another form, earlier, then changed to MEAD-mode. Why don’t you tell me his history? Lovely lady and Guild-Agent, you never said why he was arrested: What’s the charge, lady?”
     She replied: “LYING! Deception. Lying is a mortal sin. Well, it is to the universe. Max has lied to you from the beginning…”
     “I don’t believe it. I don’t feel that,” Neo said. He was puzzled. What was true?
     “Believe it,” Gilla strongly stated from a sitting, lower position. It was clear: She had the upper hand in the situation. “History lesson for you, my friend, missing in your program. The truth: There was only one MEAD in the beginning. Not called MEAD, of course, but known as planet Tineous: A mega-massive type of ‘Cybertron,’ a mechanical MONITOR of Everything in Existence! Everywhere, every Floor. Same purpose of a Moonship as it observes and records a planet. Yes, sir. Your little, black buddy basically functioned as a huge Crystalline Entity with infinite storage space…just one small problem, you see? In time, as with everything in material existence – entropy! Corruption. A Virus. You’ve heard, ‘All good things…must come to an end’? In this fucked up world, anyway…”
     “What are you telling me?!” Neo screamed.
     “That Mr. MEAD went bad, turned negative and its purpose changed from one as Monitor, a simple observer and WATCHER of ALL…to a sinister, evil monster that took great pleasure in suddenly being able to influence and CHANGE the nice world that it was only meant to monitor. Get it? No longer a Super Watcher/Recorder, but a creature that influenced, molded and now controlled situations. Any reality could be altered, and your boy did a heck of a job turning heavens into hells. MEAD became a negative Dreamer and found a way to, ah, rewrite scripts, dialogues, change pictures, polarities, actually morph reality itself. It played; it had fun, just like a sick, evil child. Guilds really wouldn’t have minded copies of the one true Universe into many universes, multiples of itself, different timelines, new programs, etc….but your fucking Black Computer, the Black MEAD, did not generate beautiful, sweet dreams and lovely new worlds, now, did it?…No!…”
     “What?” The man couldn’t believe his ears.
     She continued: “…No, sir. Your friend produced NIGHTMARES! Horrors, terrors, pain, wars, bloodshed in all colors…incredible amounts of death in the real world, among a large number of solar systems. Everything wrong. His fictions became facts. Now real. None of that should have happened. Guilds had to intercede and they did. Your Max buddy’s actions eventually changed or would change the Ultimate Answer they sought, changed it to the Night Side, uh. Not right, not normal, not natural, and that’s why there was no longer a planet Tineous Monitor of Everything anymore. Max rewrote/re-set Histories, changed landscapes, terraformed and darkened a bright universe. Therefore, Guilds acted and MEADs were born. But there should only be one MEAD, not two, or any more. One White MEAD! One Answer, one center, one pure truth to Everything! You know this, Neo. I’m only trying to help you realize truth. You’ve been lied to…”
     “How?” He listened, extremely curious. He didn’t know what to believe or feel.
      “…You have been lied to by your Black Max, made to come to the conclusions you have. He even forced your hand, made you turn the Ship around. He has you under his spell, made you think you’re saving the world when you’re really about to destroy it. Don’t you know what the Factory was, what they were doing to children in those pods?! Your MEAD was the mastermind behind the mass-hormone extractions! Farming children! You didn’t know? And now. He’s driving you and your Luna! Your actions are not your own. Poor Neo, mad savior. Puppet of the Devil and you don’t even know it, eh? Wait! I should say you’ve already ended Everything. ALL has already blown up! Thanks to your machine’s black heart. He’s controlling you. Ah, but maybe no more? If you’d listen to reason, kind sir? Guilds are watching and listening. You must do the right thing! My mission is to stop what you’re about to do. If I am successful, the timeline will be repaired, eh? Whatever has been vaporized, will suddenly reappear. No BOOM. Savvy?”
       “I still don’t believe you, woman,” Neo honestly expressed.
      “Ha. You will. In time. Maybe soon? I sure hope so…my love. And now. At this time, my gorgeous friend, I’d like to present to you…the real truth. The one and only…White MEAD…”
     In space, a thing appeared that moved at precisely their speed and in their direction. It was a white, elongated orb, 3 feet by 1 foot. Smooth and sleek. The MEAD glowed with great intensity, seen against a black background.
     “It’s the good one. The good angel,” Gilla said and smiled.
     In a daze, Neo expressed, “You said…my love?”
Beyond Barronsland D
Stay tuned.
Beyond Barronsland E
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