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#QTards are Back! Screen-Shot-2018-05-15-at-11.29.52-PM-400x242

Q Is Back!

The 8Chan online chatboard, where the Q posts were made has been down since August. It is now back up at its new domain, 8kun – or you can see posts here: qmap.pub
8Chan was knocked offline by their host, Cloudflare in early August after the El Paso shooting, when there was a major push by the establishment to propagate that white supremacism was the greatest threat on Earth.
A “manifesto” alleged to be written by one of the shooters, Patrick Crusius (with scant evidence) was briefly posted to 8Chan before site moderators took it down.
Crusius, who is half-Jewish and half-Hispanic promoted very pro-immigrant, Leftist views on his Instagram account, yet his attack is being called “white supremacist domestic terror”. Meanwhile, murders have been live-streamed on Facebook but that site was never taken down.
Both 8Chan and Cloudflare are being sued for $1 million by the family of one of the victims.
The Q comeback on November 2nd comes on the heels of an October 30th interview with Ret. Major General Paul E Vallely by Mike Filip on AmeriCanuck Internet Radio.
Vallely worked in Special Ops for decades, both operationally and administratively and he is thought to bring great insight into today’s conflicts around the world. He was asked about his thoughts on Syria, Turkey, Russia, China and Ukraine.
When he was asked about Q, General Vallely replied, “It is a White Hat … information system that gathers intelligence information and puts it out through a distribution that’s called QAnon. And as you can see, most of the reports that have come in from Q have been very valid.
“The only thing they’ve been off on a little bit is when Attorney General Barr is going to come out with indictments. And the word was put out that for the Red October to be October 18th. Well, that’s since been delayed. So we’re all standing by for the Attorney General of the United States regarding the Russian Collusion and the Silent Coup against President Trump.”
As far as the meaning of the posts, the first two are security tests. The third is a YouTube link to a silent video of an American flag blowing in the wind. The fourth post contains two Twitter posts that convey the messages that Q is back, DECLAS is coming and the justice we’ve all been waiting will be meted out to the coup plotters by US Attorney John Durham.
The first Twitter post is from a new user who opened this account last June named @3Days3Nights, which shares images from Q posts 1) 3525 and 2) 3570.
1) Q post number 3525 from July 27, 2019 is entitled ‘The Corn Is Now Ripe for Harvesting’ and contains one of numerous images James Comey has been tweeting of himself standing in bucolic settings with his back to the camera. This image shows him in a cornfield.
The Q post reads:
Was the corn ripe for harvesting?
It is now.
[ 93 dk]
It contains the cryptic reference: [ 93 dk] in bold. The last time Q posted was on August 1st at 7:54PM. The 8kun board went up on November 2nd at 7:53PM. That’s exactly 93 days dark! This is what Q followers would call a “Q proof”.
2) Q post 3570 from August 1st, entitled ‘[C]oats Before [D]eclas’ is the last post made in three months before yesterday.
The Q post reads:
[C] before [D].
[C]oats before [D]eclas.
The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.
What the post was saying, in part was that it was necessary for Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to resign before the FISA and other documents could be released. Dan Coats stepped down on August 15th and was replaced by Acting DNI, Joseph Maguire. (I’m not alone in saying that now feels like a great time for the promised DECLAS!)
The second Twitter post in this last Q post had also been made earlier in the day by @SayWhenLA, a 24-year-old avid Trump supporter in California who has not been a big Q follower.
His Twitter post reads:
“Veteran Mob Prosecutor John Durham was NOT appointed by AGBarr. Durham served as interim U.S. Attorney since Oct 28, 2017, after Sessions appointed him. Coincidentally the same day ‘Q’ began posting. PresTrump nominated Durham as U.S. Atty on Nov 1, 2017. F*** me, it’s happening.”
Beneath both of these Twitter posts, Q has written in all caps:
What does that mean? According to Twitter user, @elenochle “Rig for Red” is a command used in the control room of a US Navy submarine. It is used when the boat is going to be surfacing or coming to Periscope Depth at night. The purpose is to give the lookouts heads up for their eyes to adjust to darkness.
Q is resurfacing. Eyes open!


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net



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