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CoV UPDATE - China Death Toll Climbs to 132 plus MORE

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China Death Toll Climbs to 132 as Cases Soar: Virus Update
Date: January 29, 2020Author: Nwo Report  
CoV UPDATE - China Death Toll Climbs to 132 plus MORE -1x-1

Source: Jeff Sutherland
The novel coronavirus spread further, with the number of confirmed cases in China soaring to overtake the official number of infections in the country during the SARS epidemic.
Governments tightened international travel and border crossings with China as they ramped up efforts to stop the spread of the disease. Airlines across the world suspended more flights to the country, as the U.S., the U.K., Japan and other countries moved to evacuate citizens from the outbreak’s epicenter, Wuhan.

  • About 5,974 cases in China, at least 132 deaths: Track the outbreak
  • Toyota Halts Production, Cargill Works From Home: Virus Impact
  • What You Need to Know About China’s Virus Outbreak: QuickTake
  • Read about the global race to contain this killer bug

Here are the latest developments. All times are Hong Kong time:

WHO Calls Press Conference in Geneva (6:10 p.m.):

The World Health Organization has called a press conference for 3 p.m. Geneva time to provide an update on the coronavirus.
The UN agency last week stopped short of calling the outbreak a global health emergency, saying it remained a local crisis for the time being. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he would reconvene the committee should the situation take a turn for the worse.
Declaring a global emergency would allow the WHO to coordinate government responses to the crisis. Since last week, China has taken unprecedented measures to try to slow the spread of the virus. Earlier this week, Tedros visited Beijing.

British Airways Halts China Bookings (3:50 p.m.):

British Airways said it will halt flights to Beijing and Shanghai, joining other carriers in announcing the cutting or suspension of flights to China following the coronavirus outbreak.

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The moves come as the U.S. and U.K. said residents should avoid all non-essential travel to China. United Airlines Holdings Inc., the biggest U.S. carrier to the Asian nation, said it would cut flight service after a drop in demand.
The U.S. government is considering several options to combat the emergence of the coronavirus, including a ban on flights to and from China, though no decision has been made, a person familiar with the deliberations said on Tuesday night.

Toyota Halting China Production Until Feb. 9 (1:57 p.m.):

Toyota Motor Corp. is halting operations in China until Feb. 9, joining a growing list of global companies that have cut back on business activities in China.
“Given the various factors including the guidelines by the local and region governments and parts supply situation, as of Jan. 29, we have decided to halt operations in our plants in China until Feb. 9,” said Maki Niimi, a spokesman for the Japanese automaker. “We will monitor the situation and make further decisions on operations from Feb. 10.”

U.A.E. Reports First Confirmed Middle East Cases (1:08 p.m.):

The United Arab Emirates reported the first cases of the novel coronavirus in the Middle East.
The disease was diagnosed among members of a family that arrived from the Chinese city of Wuhan, state-run WAM news agency reported, citing the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The patients are in stable condition and are under medical observation, it said.
The ministry didn’t specify the number of diagnosed cases.
Learn More


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me



Over And Over Again The Mainstream Media Hasn’t Been Telling Us The Truth About This Coronavirus Outbreak
Date: January 28, 2020Author: Nwo Report
This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 
CoV UPDATE - China Death Toll Climbs to 132 plus MORE Truthlies
Source: Michael Snyder
Ever since this coronavirus outbreak first began, the mainstream media has been feeding us fake news over and over again.  Initially, we were repeatedly told that there was very little to be concerned about because it was very unlikely that human to human transmission was happening.  But now we know that this virus spreads very, very easily between people.
Another thing that we were repeatedly told by the mainstream media was that a victim had to start showing symptoms before they could spread the disease.  Unfortunately, now we know that is completely and totally false.  As you will see below, Chinese officials have confirmed that even those showing no symptoms at all can spread the disease.  But perhaps the biggest fraud of all has been the “official numbers” that the Chinese government has been putting out.  According to the latest count, there are now 2,051 confirmed cases and the death toll has risen to 56, but at this point, it has become clear that those numbers are completely divorced from reality.
Over the past several days, thousands upon thousands of very sick people have been absolutely overwhelming the hospitals in Wuhan, China.  In some cases, people have literally had to wait in line for two days to see a doctor, and in other cases, people have not been able to see a doctor at all.  In fact, one 36-year-old woman has taken her very sick husband to multiple hospitals and they still haven’t been able to see a doctor.  The following comes from the South China Morning Post…
One 36-year-old, speaking by phone outside a major hospital in the city, said she had spent the past week taking her sick husband from hospital to hospital in a vain attempt to get him tested for the virus, which has already killed 41 people and infected hundreds more.
“I have nothing. No protective clothing, only a raincoat, and I am standing outside the hospital in the rain,” said the woman, who gave her name as Xiaoxi.
“I am desperate, I have lost count of time and days. I don’t know if we will both live to see the new year.”
Her husband first developed a fever 10 days ago and he has been coughing up blood, but he wasn’t tested for the virus at any of the four hospitals that they visited.
At one point they even called an ambulance, and that didn’t even work.
Sadly, the truth is that there are hordes of very sick people in Wuhan that are not showing up in the official numbers because there are not enough medical personnel to test them all.
And many of the medical personnel that are working endless hours to fight this outbreak end up getting the virus themselves.  In fact, one heroic doctor in Wuhan passed away on Saturday morning…
A doctor working at a hospital in Wuhan, China — treating patients stricken with the coronavirus — died Saturday morning.
Liang Wudong, 62, died after he was infected with Wuhan coronavirus.
In addition to not being able to test everyone that is sick, the Chinese have also been purposely suppressing the death toll by falsely categorizing the deaths of many of the victims…
A 53-year-old fitness trainer died on Wednesday after checking into a hospital in Wuhan a little more than a week earlier, said his niece. His family had expected the death certificate to reflect the deadly coronavirus, because as his condition deteriorated, his doctors told his family he was suffering from an untreatable virus in his lungs.
Instead, it recorded “severe pneumonia” as the cause of death, she said. The relatives of two other people who died in separate hospitals in Wuhan this week also described similar situations, saying the causes of death had been given as “viral pneumonia.”
So what would the real numbers look like if we were being told the truth?
We don’t really know, but experts at Lancaster University believe that “there may already be 11,000 people infected in Wuhan”…
A sobering assessment last week by experts at Lancaster University estimated there may already be 11,000 people infected in Wuhan – and that only one in 20 infections has come to medical attention.
The experts calculated the number could grow to 190,000 by February 4.
If that estimate is anywhere close to reality, that would be really, really bad.
But a video that claims to be from a nurse in Wuhan claims that things are even worse than that.
According to her, there are already 90,000 cases of the coronavirus in China…
A nurse wearing a protective suit and face mask treating the sick in Wuhan has claimed that 90,000 people have already been infected by the coronavirus in China – far more than the figure of just 1,975 issued by government officials.
Her warning from the heart of the outbreak emerged as the Chinese government faced accusations of censoring criticism of its handling of the disease in order to play down the crisis.
It is important to note that what she is reporting is entirely unconfirmed, and at this point there doesn’t seem to be any way to confirm her claims.
But what Chinese officials are now confirming is that this virus can be spread by victims without any symptoms at all…
China’s health minister Ma Xiaowei made a startling statement Sunday about the Wuhan coronavirus: He said people can spread it before they become symptomatic.
“This is a game changer,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a longtime adviser to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
This is completely contrary to what we were told previously.
And we were also previously told that the incubation period was a week or less, but now we are being told that the incubation period can last for as long as 14 days…
China’s National Health Commission Minister Ma Xiaowei said the incubation period for the virus can range from one to 14 days, during which infection can occur, which was not the case with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
That means that there could be thousands upon thousands of people that aren’t exhibiting any symptoms at all that are spreading this virus around like wildfire all over the globe right at this moment.
Why didn’t they just tell us the truth right from the beginning?
If they didn’t know what was happening, it would have been okay for them to admit that.  Instead, they fed us bad information that turned out to be completely false.
Chinese officials are assuring us that they have everything under control because they have now locked down a whole bunch of major cities.
But that isn’t going to stop the spread of the virus.  Millions of people left Wuhan before that city was quarantined, and many others have been able to skirt around the travel restrictions quite easily.  The following comes from Zero Hedge…
Yet, but… there is just one problem: the much needed quarantine and lockdown were far too late, because as Wuhan’s mayor Zhou Xianwang revealed on Sunday during a press conference, about 5 million residents had already left Wuhan before the lockdown because of the deadly coronavirus epidemic and the Spring Festival holiday.  As the SCMP reports, many of Wuhan’s residents had already left the city for the holiday, while others rushed out after the lockdown was announced on Wednesday night.
As a result, only 9 million people were remaining in the city after the lockdown, with roughly a third of it, including countless cases of coronavirus, having already spread across China.
This extremely deadly coronavirus, wherever it originally came from, is now out of the bag.
With each passing hour more cases are being confirmed all over the world, and there are now five confirmed cases in the United States.
Life is so fragile, and as the whole world just witnessed, it can end way too soon.  The time of “the perfect storm” is here, and the headlines are only going to become more alarming in the days ahead.
But this is not a time for fear or panic.
Yes, things are going to get a lot worse.
And yes, a lot more people are going to die.
But those that are level-headed have the best chance of making it through any crisis, and giving in to fear or panic is not going to help matters at all.
About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on Amazon.com including The Beginning Of The End, Get Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. This article may contain opinions on political matters, but it is not intended to promote the candidacy of any particular political candidate. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.


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