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1IT doesn't matter Empty IT doesn't matter Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:04 pm


It doesn't matter where this virus came from or why and how, really it doesn't. We can all start wasting time on conspiracy theories and overload of information, but that's not going to change anything right now. I used to be a Con.Theory Exposer; and I found that in the end, whether it's true or not, it wasn't my truth. Honestly, I don't care where this came from and I can't do much about it because there is so much information and I have not personally looked at this Virus under a microscope to verify anything. What we need to be doing is avoiding getting sick, caring for ourselves, boosting our immune systems and stocking up on food. By the time we figure out what is actually going on, millions will die and we can't bring the dead back. So what if JFK was killed to stop him from doing good things? What does it change now? For 50 years there have been conspiracy theories about it, but we didn't get anything out of it. In other words, what if we do know now what happened? How does that change anything? So, focus on your health, focus on staying alive, and once this is over, then figure out whatever you think might be the truth. This virus was found up North in Siberia from a mammoth fossil, scientists took it to China and it got out somehow. Would it make you feel better if you thought it was an accident? You get my point. I don't give a crap how this virus got out, but I do give a crap about staying alive and surviving this.


2IT doesn't matter Empty Re: IT doesn't matter Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:45 am


Hmmmmmm, Light one. Like you, I have no idea where this virus came from. But its just another in a long line of released viruses that the PTB have used to control the masses. Now I can understand your passive stance, but I also understand those who want to go down fighting. Have you lost anyone to their lab produced viruses? Do you have a loved one locked up for a crime they didnt commit? Some people dont know anything else to do but to fight.  And I respect that...

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