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Waking the Sleeping Giant

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1Waking the Sleeping Giant Empty Waking the Sleeping Giant Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:46 am



Waking the Sleeping Giant
Date: August 28, 2020Author: Nwo Report

Waking the Sleeping Giant 223202_5_

Source: H.P. Smith
In recent weeks, not only have we seen some very large holes punched in the narrative of what happened to George Floyd, but we’ve also seen the very thin veil come off, as the “peaceful protests” by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rapidly devolved into perhaps the worst string of violent riots the country has ever seen.  As of this writing, the city of Portland, Oregon has been host to violent riots for 86 days straight — nearly three months of chaos.  
As we all know, violence in the name of outrage (or really in the name of anything) is nothing new for the Left.  No one is quicker to protest violence by smashing your face with a brick than the tolerant, loving Left.  No one understands better than the Left that the way to fight perceived racism in America is with even stronger and more brazen racism.  No one — not even L. Frank Baum — could construct a better Straw Man to rail against than the Left, and they’ve built one to rival Burning Man against President Trump (see Trump as racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, et al).  
None of this is a surprise to anyone who is actually paying attention, regardless of what side you vote for.  If you don’t see how lawless and dangerous the riots have become, then you’re not willing to see.  On a daily basis, the police are being attacked with rocks, frozen water bottles, bricks, Molotov cocktails, improvised explosive devices, and all manner of other weapons.  The attacks are coming from “peaceful protesters” clad in military style body armor and riot gear and are being directed at anyone who displeases them or seems to disagree with their narrative.  Or for that matter, anyone who is just trying to pass by, either on foot or in their vehicle.
We saw recently a charming young lad named “Keese Love” deliver the final kick to the head of an unconscious man whose grievous crime was to try to protect a transgender woman from an angry mob.  We’ve seen buildings being set on fire, looting on a scale possibly never seen before and even portions of cities being co-opted and taken over as “Autonomous Zones” where police are not allowed.  All the while, leftist governors and mayors have tied at least one arm behind the backs of their police forces and allowed the rioting and looting to continue almost unabated. 
What is new is something we’re starting to see happen around the country more and more (but not if you’re watching most of the mainstream media, because they will not show it).  We are finally starting to see a pushback by John Q. Public; and I believe we’ll see more as the weeks and months go by. 
The “woke” forces of Antifa and Black Lives Matter — mostly overindulged, pampered, underparented, overeducated and spoiled children — are on the verge of a rude awakening.  They are on the verge of waking the sleeping giant, which is to say most of the law-abiding, hard-working and family-focused people of this country.   

There have been several reports recently of clashes in the streets; not between Antifa and the Proud Boys, police or other demonstrators, but between Antifa and regular people in their own neighborhoods.  We’ve seen Antifa, emboldened by the almost nonexistent response by the neutered Democrat politicians who run their cities and states, attempt to export their nonsense out to the suburbs and other non-urban locales… and the response has been glorious! 
In the big Left Coast cities, citizens have almost no ability to arm themselves to protect their families or property, but once you wander out past the city limits, you find those still in possession of their 2nd Amendment rights (and their testicles) who are ready, willing, and able to stand up to the lawlessness and say very loudly and clearly, “Not here.” 
In several instances, Antifa has been very promptly and swiftly (and sometimes violently) ejected from towns or neighborhoods who knew what their intentions were and collectively decided to take a stand.  Those stories are wonderful to hear, because to me it means that regular people — you know, those crazy people who have jobs, families, responsibilities, maybe faith in God and a love of their country — are starting to tire of the violence and overall nonsense.  They’re tired of being called racists simply for existing with white skin. They’re tired of seeing the legal double-standard that arrests the gym or hair salon owner for trying to earn a living during COVID-19 but allows and even endorses the nightly riots of hundreds or even thousands of “wokees.” 
In the last few days, there were at least two serious shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin which appear to have been by people defending themselves or their businesses from the BLM mob.  Multiple businesses were seen with armed men on the roofs defending what likely took them a lot of hard work and dedication to build (Yes, President Obama, they built that.)  Kenosha is not Portland, and they are not going to stand by and watch as their city is laid to waste by what amounts to a group of petulant children having a tantrum.
The violence is only going to intensify leading up to Election Day, and I believe there will even be great violence at the polls themselves. We’ve already seen in years past the New Black Panthers standing outside polling places with nightsticks and their trademark Angry Glare going completely unchecked by law enforcement.  We know that Antifa and BLM do not care about nor fear the law and are more than willing and able to bring the violence.
So the question is, How much more patience will law-abiding, peaceful Americans have before the laws of physics come into play, and the rioters’ force is met by an equal and opposite force?  (Although I don’t really think it will be equal… I think it will be massive, swift and brutal… but it will be opposite, for sure).  It’s pretty easy to see that patience is wearing thin. 
I believe the Sleeping Giant is yawning, stretching, and turning on the coffee pot right now, and will be fully awake before too long.  I say, beware, Antifa and BLM… you may not like what the morning has in store for you.


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me

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