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Are we shifting into group consciousness?

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Are we shifting into group consciousness?

Are we shifting into group consciousness? Unity-consciousness-group-connect

  • Post Author:Gilbert Ross

Does anybody know where we are heading as a culture, collective and a species?

This is not a rhetorical question or a cynical remark. It’s a simple, down-to-earth and unassuming question. Think about it for a little while. To some degree we all fall for this little mistaken assumption — that someone or some group of people have a full view of where we are going — and so we comfort ourselves that it’s being taken care of somehow and we do not need to actually worry about it. We can shove it to the side because even though we don’t fully understand what tomorrow will be like for you and me, there is an unknown someone or somebody that got it figured out.
What is then left to us to do is follow the lead, carry out the instructions handily given to us by society and culture, and just live on.
In a nutshell, this describes the predicament of our times.
I’m not sure what is worse, whether giving our power to an unknown someone or something, or the indifference of not even wanting to know because we are so muddled up in our own personal dramas and survival.
We are still coming of age. As children we trusted and relied on our carers to guide us because they know best what we need. We didn’t need to figure out everything ourselves from start. Yet this innocent natural consent to hand over our will and power to others somehow seeped through even as we grew independent of the basic operations of life such as providing for ourselves. We somehow remain conveniently stuck into the mindset that there is someone else who will provide the answers and solutions for us whether it’s the state, the scientists, the institutions, politicians and what have you.
The answer, as you certainly know, is of course they don’t. They don’t have the vision, answers or solutions and they are as clueless on what’s going on as the next person on the bus stop sucked in his phone screen while waiting for a bus to come and take him somewhere.
The idea here is not that they are at fault that they do not have the bigger picture, but that they can’t and should not have the bigger picture because ultimately it is not up to individuals or a small group of people, democratically elected or otherwise, to have the answers.
No matter how long we keep on knocking on that door, nobody will answer. The reason is something akin to a notion often referred to as ‘the wisdom of the crowds’. The idea behind the wisdom of the crowds is that when a large group collectively (not necessarily at the same time) works upon a task such as in the classical example of guessing the number of candies in a huge jar, the result is always superior and more correct than any single guess, thought or estimate. In the example of the candy jar, each person will express a very rough estimate — some going far beyond or below the number — but weighted out on average it seems that the crowd gets it right to a very small margin of error. This is not a statistical fact only. It also points out to the phenomena of strength and wisdom in unity as a collective. What you can’t achieve as a single individual can be easily achieved collectively and this, I believe, applies more pertinently to understanding what is going on and where we are going right now.
I am a true believer that one of the biggest shift we can reach in our evolution as a species is moving into the awareness of, and living out, the first level of unity consciousness which is group consciousness.
This is where we are heading, and so by default, this shift cannot be directed or understood by a single person because it is by its own nature a collective phenomena. There is a mindset that will set forward the shift in the balance of power — from handing over power to the few, to waking each other up to the collective power we hold together. The only faint and dull copy of this, that we know in most of our societies, is the idea of democracy and democratic rule of law. Yet it doesn’t even come close to it since just by being in a democracy as a social and political system, doesn’t mean we are living out the meaning of experiencing a more ‘united and shared’ collective life.
So what does it mean to make a shift into group consciousness? It doesn’t mean breaking free from individuality and it doesn’t mean becoming a herd, to set the record straight from beginning. We have been hearing about the concept of ‘unity consciousness’ and ‘we are all one’ for quite a few decades now and this has entered and diffused into the psyche of popular culture, but it has also been distorted and, as it happens, became cliche, stereotyped and discharged a little bit from its true essence for socio-political means.
Group consciousness is not about stripping people of their individuality or subjugating them to fit and conform to the whole.
It is a subtle shift in which we understand that our own growth and self-empowerment stands also as part of the unfolding of the whole — just like a flower in bloom we are individually the petals where as we grow and expand together as individual petals, the whole flower grows and expands in full bloom. There is just a gentle awareness of this and as the flower blooms, this awareness grows and expands and is reflected back in the movement and growth of each of the petals — everything in total balance and in a harmonious feedback cycle.
Group consciousness is all about expansion, growth and inclusiveness while honouring the sovereignty of the individual.
In fact the more the sovereignty of an individual is held up high, the greater the power of the group consciousness is and this can come across as logically counter-intuitive for many. In fact it’s part of the cultural programming to build semantics and linguistic concepts based on a logical framework of fragmentation and separateness — exclusion. Group consciousness is also about breaking this logical-linguistic barrier.
A deeper understanding of group consciousness thus requires the development of new neuro-linguistic frameworks — the co-emergence of new neural patterns and circuits that will grow exponentially within the gene pool and socio-cultural meta-programming. A new set of codes that will be a big part of the tipping the scale on the current materialist paradigm that is still hanging on to 18th, 19th and 20th century thinking.
Are we shifting into group consciousness? 17352797_10154982640152165_517530111_n-324x235

This meta-programming, once again is not done by an individual or groups of individuals. To understand better whether an agenda is positive, balanced or bending towards the self-interest of someone, first try to see something about its dynamics. If it’s a decentralised, self-organising and has no real hierarchy or imbalance of power, then it is a natural flow system that you can always trust. This is how all natural systems work and so does group consciousness.
This element is also one of the hardest to overcome. The deep programming for control and unequal distribution of power, which up to this point is still in the shadow frequencies of our own DNA, is pretty much prevalent in us and holding us back, but it is a necessary part of the birthing process to present itself as these incredible forces of resistance and contraction. Letting go of control and trusting the flow while stepping out of your individual impulses (but not your sovereignty), is where the that tipping point is.
It’s hard and inconceivable to the rational mind but totally natural. So the blueprint of the sovereign human is the freedom from these deep structures and total trust in flowing into the unknown.
Group consciousness simply combines these two faces — liberation from the illusion of individual control and separation together with more trust in a process that is beyond us. It only takes that first shift in perspective and the more people step into this shift, the greater and swifter the rest will cascade into a precise fall.
Group consciousness will completely change the currents and circuits through which those currents flow. It is a complete rebuilding of our philosophies, economies, social interaction and governance, our technology and everything that is known to us. But once again it is not something that we can predict, forecast or project from our current and limited state of consciousness based on the separation narrative. It is seeping through in other ways and channels, some of them still pretty unknown to us but will become recognised more and more of us allow ourselves to trust each other and team up into groups and communities at different levels.


Thanks to: https://soulhiker.com

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