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Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts – Stopping the Technocrat Takeover!

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Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts – Stopping the Technocrat Takeover! RjLw2lzPdp

Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts – Stopping the Technocrat Takeover!

Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist to discuss the latest issue of the Solari Report, which outlines the dangers of the Great Reset agenda and the technocratic takeover by a Globalist syndicate that’s consolidating power on Earth.
She says, “Biden’s job is to destroy all independent producers, period. Because that’s how you know if you can switch everybody from being an independent producer to getting a government check. Then you’ve got them.
“So, their goal is to create mass-dependency and shift to transhumanism and technocracy. And it’s that simple. It’s really that simple. It’s that obvious…
“One of the reasons to get rid of Trump was the pushback on China. It did push back on them and that’s why I think there’s been a tremendous effort both by the Chinese and the Globalists to do something about Populism.
“And it’s not Trump that they’re after. They’re out to kill the independent producer. They want total central control of all production and labor and they want to integrate humans into the robotics labor force and they would rather just give everybody an independent income so everybody has to sit down and shut up and do exactly what they say; no independent producers, no people owning the intellectual capital and the operations to give them trouble.
“So, we’re watching the boot come down on independent economic ability.”
Daniel Liszt:  Trump’s first moves, post-Election Night were to fire the Defense Secretary, one and to remove other people at Homeland Security and shift around people at the Pentagon, including elevating General Tata, who has spoken about intelligence interference and military work. What’s going on there?
Catherine Austin Fitts: I don’t have the evidence of what has happened but when I saw Esper’s response to Trump, suggesting that we send in troops to deal with the riots, it looked to me like he was part of the group or in-the-know for the negotiation of the contracts to send the rioters in the first place…
In other words, what I submit we were watching was a real estate acquisition plan and I think you had a multiple-layered op, of people being sent across state lines…to go in and do what they were doing and when you saw how the mainstream and the establishment freaked when Trump said, “Let’s do something that really stops them,” Esper looked like the guy who had negotiated a contract to have them all do that.
And now, with Trump suggesting he send in soldiers to stop them, you could see he had a major contracting problem. In other words, the the guys who’ve been paid to go wreck the place just saying, “Wait a minute…our scope of work doesn’t include having real soldiers with real guns trying to stop us.”

Catherine Austin Fitts: That whole world of establishment figures, their whole SmartGrid/real estate acquisition/Opportunity Zone plan, I think depended on clearing those places and if you look at how Esper reacted, he looked to me like a man who was in on the deal. Now that’s just pure high-octane speculation…
I think Trump was truly shocked. I don’t think he realized Barr and the Department of Justice had the ability – you know, when you’re financing people to cross state boundaries to engage in arson and felonies, the Department of Justice has jurisdiction. They could shut that down and they didn’t.
Daniel Liszt: Do you think that could have just been political expediency?
Catherine Austin Fitts: No. And I’ll tell you why. If you read Dillon Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits, my online book, in 1994, Senator Biden passed the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994, creating the economic basis for the private prison industry.
The private prisons were then off and running, doing IPOs, raising capital and everybody was licking their chops about all the real estate clearings you could do when you dropped in the SWAT teams and rounded up all the kids and stuff them in prison.
This is a huge real estate play. One of the biggest was in DC and the Republicans and the Democrats were in on the real estate acquisition all together with Katie Graham, who even describes the real estate opportunity in African-American Washington in her biography. Thank you, Katie for making it obvious where The Washington Post stood on all of this.
So, you had Republicans and Democrats, alike – thank you, Joe Biden – it’s all part of the drugs…but it was a real estate acquisition plan and the problem with it was you were rounding up kids who were either entrapped with the drugs you were bringing in or who were just innocent, walking down the street. You know, they had the misfortune of being poor and Black and walking down the street and you’re rounding them up and putting them in slave labor camps.
“Let’s not use the fancy words, “private prisons”. These were slave labor camps and…I tell the whole story and document it and document how much money everybody was using on it, wasting taxpayers resources. This was a big financial engineering and big money, big profits.
So if you look at how that worked, it looks to me like Joe Biden and his friends are doing the same thing and it’s bipartisan. So, there’s no way that goes down and Bill Barr does nothing unless you got plenty of Republican money in there, too.
So my expectation is, if you unpack the money, it’s both sides. And remember, Kamala Harris is very clear: “Oh, the riots are going to continue.” I’m sure they are because, you know, those tech billionaires need to roll their profits over into Opportunity Zones tax shelters.
Every day, I get these marketings of Opportunity Zone funds and they are promising expected internal rates of returns on the projects that are absolutely fantastic. In a low-interest rate environment where how are you going to get those?
Well, if you can just declare – take Minneapolis, take Lake Street, going across the middle of Minneapolis. If you can just declare all those businesses non-essential, shut them down, destroy their cash flows and then come in and burn them out of their buildings, that’s a real estate acquisition plan.
Daniel Liszt: Catherine, of course you grew up in Philadelphia. Does this rampant voter fraud that took place there, to swing the state to Biden seem beyond business-as-usual, on some level?…
Catherine Austin Fitts: So, I think part of the occult trick was to make it so obvious and so in-your-face, that it’s all part of the Covidian Cult, this is all part of getting you to pretend to an official reality that makes no scientific sense and has no basis in fact.
So now, in addition to pretending that the Magic Virus™ is going to kill us all, we’re going to pretend that Biden and Harris have been elected.
Daniel Liszt:  Let’s talk about the Reset regime, this global syndicate that has some interesting plans, shall we say, laid out at the World Economic Forum, where are their technocrat plans headed and how do we describe their direction at this point?
Catherine Austin Fitts: They are on a tear to wipe out and destroy all the independent producers and the Middle Class. They they want to move to the next phase, so they want to end any pretense of democratic process and go to Technocracy and so, COVID-19 is designed to basically, if you’re an independent enterprise of any kind, other than maybe a liquor store, you are deemed non-essential and shut down.
And that includes the small farm, because they want to centralize control of the food system and so, you don’t want to brook any more difficulty…you’re ready for the independent producer apocalypse – and that’s what Biden and Harris are going to try and do, if they get in.
Daniel Liszt: They’re part of a global process, these two, because…they’re going into these lockdowns in Europe and the UK and all that and they’ve destroyed any kind of democratic semblance in Australia, for example.
Catherine Austin Fitts: So, I would say they are not part of a global process…I used to call them “Attack Poodles”. Their job is to do whatever they’re told, in exchange for pet treats. So, if you’ve ever seen a poodle looking for their you know their little Milk Bone or that treat?
So, I don’t think these people are people who think. They’re people who, they take an order, like a ticket-taker and then they go implement. And they’re thrilled to be chosen by Mr Global and they’re eager to work their way up the ladder. Franklin Sanders used to say, “They pine for the treats of the tapeworm.”
And you used to see this, I would be dealing with someone on a sort of rational basis and then they get the call from the executive committee at the CFR or someplace like that and suddenly, it was like they’d lost their mind.
They were so thrilled that Rockefeller called them and they would do everything they were asked without thinking and it was because they were so eager – it’s so funny, because everybody thinks money’s a big incentive – but social inclusion and social prestige in our society, it’s remarkable to watch and you watch Kamala Harris over the last two months and she’s just so happy to be in the room, to be invited to be in the room. She’s like, “I’m in the room! I’m in the room! I’m in the room!”
These are not people with any power of their own. They’re invited to be the designated representative to go do this and that.

Daniel Liszt: Well, we have two processes going on really it’s the election and the COVID Presidency they’re trying to install. All the things that they’ve been doing to create this kind of lockdown atmosphere, taking over the population with all these restrictions. Both of these things, together if Biden were to get in – what will we be looking at in 2021?
Catherine Austin Fitts: OK, so the important question is – because you have both the White House and the Senate – so, who controls the Senate and who controls the White House? And we’ve got the seats in Georgia open, so it’s still not decided who controls the Senate –
Daniel Liszt: Favoring Republicans, currently.
Catherine Austin Fitts: So, so our possibilities are all-Democrat, all-Republican or hybrid, with the Republicans controlling the Senate and the Democrats controlling the White House and those are three very different scenarios. And it’s important to remember that.
Now, let’s look at the all-Democrats scenario. Two things are going to happen. An all-Democrat scenario means you get a gigantic stimulus bill, which buys all the employees in the country out of the independent producer system, so they can shut down the independent producers and get everybody dependent on government money.
And then, it means that the SDRs from the IMF, $3 trillion will be approved by the Senate, which means the IMF can run around the world and buy up everybody, globally who’s been slammed by COVID-19 into the Bill Gates identity, Mark of the Beast system, OK?
And then, you’re full-on transhumanism – and you watch – Biden’s going to try and be part of implementing a global mask mandate that says you’ve got to wear masks 24/7. They’re probably going to require you to wear them when you go to sleep (laughs).
So, you can’t even make this up but it’s going to be full-on cold. Now, I have to tell you, I just discovered I don’t know why I didn’t discover them sooner, because I love him so much, as CJ Hopkins. I read his stuff. I found it, because the subscribers sent me a link to the Covidian Cult, which is one of the most insightful articles written about the whole COVID-19.
Catherine Austin Fitts: For those of you listening, you can find it at his website, the ConsentFactory but if you go back and read his writings, basically what he says and it’s very clear:
The global ruling class realized in 2016 they had a problem and that was that no one was enjoying their system, except them. Right?
And what he describes is, they then turned on the Shriek-o-Meter, to basically do everything they could to attack the Populists and Trump. They had to get rid of Trump – but it’s much bigger than getting rid of Trump – it’s getting rid of the base that can keep producing support for populist candidates…
Nothing can be done until we have a significant shift in consciousness. I’m always saying, “If we can
face it, God can fix it but we have to be willing to bring transparency about how the money works, county-by-county, state-by-state and the Federal Government – I mean, this is the source of inequality.
If you come into Solari, I have a new review of CJ Hopkins’ book on essays, the ‘War on Populism’ and in it, I republish a wonderful graph that Charles H Smith put up in his latest article and it shows inequality by country and US is massively the leader.
And what I say in this review is basically, it is the operation of the central bank-treasury function, that is the source of 99.9% of our inequality. In other words, we are using the Federal Government and taxpayers’ resources to engineer inequality and we’re running it outside the law, OK? And that is the source of inequality.
Today, the CFR’s just put out a new article by a professor from MIT, ‘Your Neck of the Woods’, that said, “We don’t quite know where inequality is coming from.” And I almost wrote back to him and said, “You know, David Rubinstein is the chairman of Council on Foreign Relations. He knows where it came from, because Carlyle was a huge beneficiary of it. So go get David to explain to you where inequality comes from and why his cost of capital at Carlyle is zero percent and the average American is paying 16% to 17% on their credit card. David can explain it to you.”
We have to bring transparency to the Federal credit mechanism and the fact that it’s being managed outside the law and then how that relates to how the money works in every one of our 3,100 counties.
Catherine Austin Fitts: And if you can get 10 of the American people to sit down and say, “OK, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and go to work, re-engineering the money,” something can happen. But it can’t happen unless you first turn on the lights – and that’s a big problem, Daniel, because I would submit to you, the Number One problem in America right now, as it looks to me is Mind Control.
The competitive edge of the leadership group is they have done an incredible job of taking mind control and moving it out of the Manchurian Candidate world and into the “I’m-on-my-cell-phone-zombie-trance-world.” Because the average American cannot connect the dots and they are addicted to watching the Shriek-o-Meter.
Daniel Liszt: This is a major problem and the mind control gets into every area; everything from entertainment to politics to, you know ideas about freedom and civil rights; the idea that civil rights now constitutes an eight-year-old kid choosing his own gender. This is this is maybe a good snapshot example of this.
Daniel Liszt: But…I want to nail this missing trillions aspect. For two decades, you’ve come up with incredible background in these agencies of missing funds and the amounts that you actually tabulate, there’s like a proven amount and then there’s amount that you kind of speculate is out there.
The amount you speculate is out there is about $60 trillion and the proven amount that you’ve come up with so far is $21 trillion.
Catherine Austin Fitts: Well, thec undocumentable adjustments in Federal accounts is $21 trillion. The amount lent or given during the bailouts is $24 to $29 trillion. Those two numbers, together, that’s what puts you at $50 trillion.
The 24-to-29 was an estimate done by the Levy Institute but it fits with the numbers we did during the bailouts, so I’m pretty confident – and I think the TARP Inspector General mentioned 24 to 29 trillion – so those two are documented by government numbers.
But here’s the thing: those numbers depend on a system that refuses to obey the laws related to financial audits, financial accounting and disclosure. And if you were doing business with the company that, for 20-plus years refused to obey the law regarding accounting and finance, I dare say you wouldn’t trust anything they say!
Now, in addition to that $50 trillion that we know, we have beyond that, indication of massive securities fraud using Treasuries and government Mortgage-Backed Securities.
But then in addition, we have, if you come to missingmoney.solari.com, we have a series of seven articles on the different laws related to Federal credit mechanism, including the Black Budget classification laws and on FASB 56.
So FASB Statement 56 was adopted in 2018 by Trump and both sides of of the House and Senate – totally bipartisan. And that FASB 56 was a neat accounting trick that took the entire US Government finances completely dark, OK?
Daniel Liszt: So, if someone wanted to go in there and audit it from an independent point of view, those numbers are no longer accessible.
Catherine Austin Fitts: No – they’re no longer meaningful. If I can move out of the accounts anything I want, without telling you who did it, who decided what it did, where it went, what it was, what’s not in there, then the documents that I give you are totally meaningless. They mean nothing, because I can do that I can do that at 24 agencies and 156 related entities.
So we just published a new article by Dr Skidmore it’s called ‘FASB Statement 56 and the Classification Laws’. If you come into solari.com, it’s right under “What’s New” on the Homepage and what he describes is when you combine this with the National Intelligence Director has the power to waive SEC provisions for any private company.
So, I can take a hundred of the banks and contractors who do business with the Federal Government, I can waive their obligation to comply with SEC laws related to disclosure and then I can pump into them as much money as I want through FASB 56, secretly using taxpayer resources but reporting nothing.
I can break the law all day long. It’s infinite money for private armies – of the kind that are being dropped into almost every American city to burn Americans out of their businesses and homes.
So once you did that, what you’re saying is there is absolutely no way when you look at the US securities market of knowing what’s real or not.
Since October 2018. So, while everybody was worrying about Brett Kavanaugh’s childhood sex life, Nancy and Mitch McConnell and Schumer and Trump and Mulvaney were basically adopting FASB Statement 56.
Now if that money was the money that engineered the election fraud, Trump has only himself to blame. The Trump administration did that. They did that.
Now, let me just mention one other thing. So, there are two pieces of information you know you know Joseph and I love to do “unanswered questions”…
So, one of them is this year, Jeff Bezos sold $10 billion of stock and Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway bought back. And he’s always been opposed to buybacks. He bought back at $9 billion of stock, thus giving $9 billion to some of his top largest investors, presumably. So that’s $19 billion from Bezos and Buffett, right? Where did that money go?
Where did it go? So, yes, I want to know where the $21 trillion went, but I’ll bet you, if you wanted to find that $21 trillion, knowing where that $19 billion went would really help a lot!…
Daniel Liszt: There’s a kind of shock and awe that we’re seeing, that’s being deployed by the Globalist syndicate. How do you see this all playing out?
Catherine Austin Fitts: Right now, we have two different visions and one vision is a vision of life and living things, where we are connecting and resonating electromagnetically with all life, with the birds, with the trees, with each other.
What they’re trying to implement is a system where life is not allowed to resonate; you’ve got to social-distance you’ve got to wear a mask, your body’s got to be filled with little things that allow you to be a receiver, you’ve got to walk around with your surveillance device and be mind-controlled and they’re trying to break all life down into something that can resonate with their machine and can be hooked up on the AI and software and it can teach the robots how to do all the human jobs.
Basically, they’re trying to take all the connections in life and put a toll booth between them and re-circuit the thing into their machine. Now, if you look at the design of what they’re trying to do, it’s hard for most people, because if you understand life, it’s so psychopathic. It’s unbelievable. And you got to give him credit, because the hubris is off-the-charts.
But that’s what it’s about and so, ultimately, part of the issue of sovereignty is not just our physical body sovereign, our mind sovereign but is our electromagnetic space sovereign. Because a lot of the manipulation is working through this. They are trying to assert electromagnetic control of our body and our intelligence.
Daniel Liszt: …through injecting nanoparticles, through dropping particles in chemtrails, through different types of systems…
Catherine Austin Fitts:  But I think they’re prototyping…I think they’re trying lots of different stuff. If you come into Solari.com, after you log in, we have something called “Dr Gates’s Creepy Technology Database” and during the year, all the creepy technology that and all the announcements, we just throw it into Dr Gates’s Creepy Technology Database and it’s astonishing.
If you look at the State of the Currencies, I have a section called “Human Ingestibles and Injections”, and it’s got a summary of a lot of the big different kind of creepy technology they’re they’re trying.
Because, if you if you say, “OK, well this is the Mark of the Beast system”, the question is, “OK, which technology are they going to use?” and I don’t think they know. I think they’re going to try lots of different things and and I don’t underestimate the ability they have of sort of killing us while they’re prototyping this, so this is a possibility.
We’ve never seen experimentation…If you look at the allegations of human experimentation done by the Germans during World War II, it doesn’t hold a candle to this. You’re talking about massive poisoning – human experimentation on the entire global population.



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