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What Happened to John Durham?

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1What Happened to John Durham? Empty What Happened to John Durham? Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:05 am



What Happened to John Durham? M1XzQlJgtp

What Happened to John Durham?

Here’s the latest from Mr Reagan, who occasionally nails it, like he did this time.
• Why hasn’t the mainstream media reported on any of Biden’s corruption over the years?
• Why don’t they report on the misdeeds of the FBI or the CIA? They used to.
• Why haven’t the FBI looked into Hunter Biden’s crimes?
• How is it that Eric Swalwell’s relationship with the Chinese spy was never made public? Certainly, lots of people in DC knew about it.
• Why didn’t the Mueller Investigation seem to incriminate anyone who perpetrated the Russian Collusion Hoax? There was tons of criminality there, yet nobody’s indicted.
• Why hasn’t Durham arrested anyone yet? Or even presented an interim report?
• How is it that election fraud perpetrated in a presidential election – fraud so significant, that it actually subverted the will of the people – how is it that such fraud is even possible in America? And why hasn’t the FBI looked into this obvious election-rigging?
• And perhaps most importantly: why has everyone Washington; politicians, the press, the CIA, the FBI, etc. – why has everyone been so desperate to get Donald Trump out of office?
Well, I think I finally figured it all out.
Now, you may think that the Mainstream Media just hates Trump because they’re all brainwashed Socialists and true believers and I think that’s true for many of them but certainly, not for all of them.
Some intrepid reporters have to occasionally realize that, ‘Hey, if I have an Earth-shattering story that nobody else is reporting on, because it makes the Democrats look bad and I stand up and I pretend to have some sense of journalistic integrity and I break the story, I’ll make a name for myself as a great journalist.’
But they don’t do this. No one does. Why? Well, I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately and I’ve been thinking about the Election – how such vast election fraud could take place without a single whistleblower.
I’ve been trying to figure out why the FBI isn’t investigating voter fraud or anything to do with Biden or Democrats or Russian Collusion Fraud. I’ve been thinking about the ineffectiveness of the Mueller Investigation and the just-as-likely ineffectiveness of the Durham Investigation – and then I had a thought:
We all know that Joe Biden is compromised. We know about Hunter’s laptop; about Ukraine, China – all that stuff. We know why he’s a perfect puppet of the Left and that that is why they want him in office.
Why is it so crucial that the Washington Establishment have a puppet in office? I mean, beyond just because they want to control the President?
The reason is because they need someone in the White House who will not investigate them and this is because they are all compromised. They are all being leveraged by each other.
And yes, we all know that there are corrupt politicians and Deep State players but that’s not what I’m saying. The difference between what I’m saying and what we already suspect is the scope.
I’m not saying that there are *some* bad players in Washington, DC. I’m not saying that there are *some* politicians and *some* swamp dwellers who are compromised. I’m saying that *most* of them are. And that’s a big difference.
And if it’s not most, then it’s at least enough to create a big problem, if they all go down at once. And what I’m proposing is not merely a bunch of bad people and a bunch of compromised people being leveraged. What I’m talking about is a vast web of corruption so interconnected, that if one of them goes down, they all go down. This is a concept known as ‘Mutually-Assured Destruction’.
For those who don’t know, Mutually-Assured Destruction is a concept in military theory, where two sides of a conflict become so strong, that any attack would trigger a full-blown war that would obliterate both sides. This is typically applied to nuclear war but the same concept can be applied to politicians using extortion to leverage each other and to protect themselves. The way I see it is this, there are five types of players in Washington:
1) Those who leverage others using blackmail or extortion;
2) Those who are both leveraged but also who want to extort others, themselves, either as a way to benefit themselves or as a way to protect themselves from those who are leveraging them;
3) Those who are being blackmailed but have no leverage over anyone else;
4) Those who know about the system but recognize that it’s so vast and so powerful that they can do nothing about it and;
5) Those who don’t actually know anything about it and who are actually acting in good faith and I imagine that these people are mostly Republicans with integrity, such as Matt Gaetz and Tom Cotton or imbeciles like AOC. But I think this makes up a relatively small fraction of major players in DC.
For the most part, my guess is that people are either involved in this vast system of corruption or they’re at least aware of it and this is why Donald Trump is such a danger to the Establishment.
Trump terrifies them, because Donald Trump is not one of them. They can’t control him. He’s not compromised. Trump’s presidency is a personal threat to these people.
As long as he’s President, they’re all in danger of being investigated, being discovered, being arrested, their careers over, their lives ruined, perhaps maybe even being imprisoned or worse.
And who has screamed the loudest? The most desperately, to try to get Trump out? Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.
My guess is that these are two of the most compromised politicians in DC. My guess is that the reason that they’ve fought so hard to get Trump out is that they’re in the greatest danger of being exposed. One thing we know about the Left is that they consistently accuse Conservatives of things that they, themselves are guilty of.
If you remember, Nancy Pelosi seemed to constantly accuse Trump of being compromised by the Russians. Tucker Carlson compiled a short montage just the other night.
It’s interesting that Pelosi was so obsessed with his idea of extortion, blackmail, leveraged, the idea that Trump was controlled by someone. I wonder where she got that idea? It sounds like the thinking of somebody who is intimately familiar with this phenomenon.
Could it be that she herself engages in this sort of practice ? Is it that she, herself uses blackmail to get what she wants? Or is it that she, herself is compromised?
And of course they like Biden. He can’t have them investigated. He he can’t have them arrested, no matter what their crimes. They’re safe, as long as he is in the White House, because Biden is compromised, just like the rest of them. If they go down, he goes down and that’s why I believe the establishment in DC had no problem with the news media’s brazen lies about Trump.
In fact, they fed lies to the media about Trump. It was a shameless deception of the American people and they completely neglected any reporting of major stories that might have hurt Biden or the Democrats and this is why, I believe that we rarely hear about things like Eric Swalwell’s Chinese spy scandal or if we do, it’s years after the rest of DC is made well aware of it and I also believe that this is why the establishment in DC had no problem with the election-rigging.
They needed Trump out and they needed a puppet installed; a safe and docile old dog, like Joe Biden. They needed somebody that they could control and who they knew would never dare go after them.
But that still doesn’t explain why the press doesn’t go after them. That doesn’t explain Durham.
Why doesn’t Durham just have them all exposed and arrested and let Lady Justice be unleashed upon them? Well, the problem is that Mutually-Assured Destruction is just that: destructive. And this whole web of extortion may well have become so extensive that the Domino Effect, once it has begun would topple too much of the Federal Government. Imagine if we woke up tomorrow and a third of our government were indicted? Or half? Or two-thirds?
Such a vast number of politicians, law enforcement agents and federal employees, all being exposed, all at the same time – it would be so catastrophic that it could destabilize our entire system of government.
My theory is that there is so much corruption by so many people throughout Washington, DC and beyond, that when somebody ignorant about all of this uncovers it and is in a position to expose it, this person is taken aside and the whole system is explained to them. They are made to understand the potential ramifications of their actions. If they are to expose these players, Mutually-Assured Destruction will ensue, the government will fail and the country will collapse.
And then, what is someone like Durham to do? He’s got to find a way out of it and I’m sure they give him that way out; they give him a patsy, a fall guy, a scapegoat and then that person is blamed for some small thing; arrested, tried and convicted.
And then maybe, they spend a couple of weeks in prison. Maybe, this is precisely what happened after the Mueller Investigation. The fall guy was, if you recall an FBI lawyer by the name of Kevin Clinesmith. His sentencing is set for January 2021 – after the swearing-in of the next President. How convenient.
Worst case scenario, the guy gets six months in prison. The truth is, six months is probably fair. After all, he is just the fall guy.
Who should be going to prison is Comey, Brennan, Strzok – and all the others and not for six months but for the rest of their lives – and maybe even Joe Biden and maybe even Barack Obama.
But we know, none of those things are likely going to happen and it’s probably because people like John Durham get scared away by horror stories about the whole system breaking down the Domino Effect taking out too many important players. Mutually-Assured Destruction.
What’s worse, is that these leverage brokers might not merely be warning John Durham off by scaring him with horror stories about the end of the Republic. That might only be the first half of their little chat. The second half might include a more pointed concern about the man’s health or the health of his family.
After all, there are a lot of powerful players with a lot to lose. If they knew they were going down and the only way out is if Durham disappeared – they would make sure Durham disappeared.
And that warning would not be an empty one. Desperate people do desperate things and so, somebody like John Durham has to have nerves of steel. He has to have the integrity of a Christian martyr. He has to have the kind of courage and strength you only read about in the Bible and that’s probably why we haven’t heard anything from the man.
Yet, the truth is, we should have gotten an interim report before the election. And if he was truly waiting until after the Election to present the report, because he didn’t want to ‘influence the Election’ – because, you know, you don’t want something like accurate information influencing an election – but whatever, that’s a complaint for another day.
But even if that concern were valid, it’s no longer an issue. The Election has already come and gone and so why hasn’t he submitted an interim report, since then? So that’s why I have lost all hope for any real justice coming out of that investigation.
But maybe I’m wrong. Occasionally, I do hope that I’m wrong and this is one of those instances. If John Durham is able to pull off a real investigation, if he exposes the corruption of these people and they actually get arrested and they’re actually tried for their crimes, well then that man is a legend and he will be read about in the history books for hundreds of years. People will write songs about him, because extracting the rot from the healthy body, no matter how much rot has spread is absolutely necessary to preserve the health of the body and currently, we’re dealing with a system so rotten that it has facilitated the rigging of an American presidential election.
The only thing worse than that would be an assassination and I imagine that’s probably their Plan B. But there’s another reason why it’s critical that Durham do his job and that the press stop covering for the corrupt Washington extortionists. Consider this: if so many people in Washington DC are compromised by each other, how many of them are compromised by foreign governments?
Swalwell is almost certainly compromised. We know Senator Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for almost 20 years. You think she’s not compromised? Unlikely.
And we know that Hunter Biden has been in business with both the Chinese and the Ukrainians. He’s been getting money from Russians and we know that he’s addicted to cocaine, he’s had multiple affairs, he has a child with a stripper he hooked up with, he’s got a laptop full of apparently compromising information, photos, videos, etc.
Is there any question whether or not he’s compromised by foreign governments? I don’t think so and not only Hunter, Joe Biden surely, he too is very likely compromised by foreign actors. The other day, Mark Levin eloquently listed Joe Biden’s cabinet appointments and their tendency to look favorably on the Chinese government.
No wonder China wanted this family in office. The people that Biden would bring into office, from his Secretary of State, to his Director of National Intelligence, to his Education Secretary – they’re all appeasers of China. The woman he wants to bring in as Education Secretary, she’s praising the Chinese educational system. Anthony Blinken, who he would want to nominate as Secretary of State, Avril Haines, who he wants to nominate his Director of National Intelligence, John Kerry, the biggest of the appeasers.
Hollywood, the NBA, Wall Street, colleges and universities, these corporations – all of which threw in with Biden; all of which opposed Trump; all, to one extent or another on China’s payroll.
We have dark money in the Biden campaign, around $320 million in dark money everybody said where are they getting all this money from it’s absolutely massive it’s enormous. One-third of a billion dollars comes into the Biden campaign through the back door. Massive amounts of money and we don’t know where it’s coming from. Well, somebody needs to look.
Now, I’m not saying it’s Communist China but I wouldn’t put it past them, because Clinton and the Democrats have taken money from Communist China before. The Communists love the Democrats, especially the Bidens.
The LA Times ,the chief of china’s military intelligence secretly directed funds from beijing to help reelect president Clinton in 1996.
Why? Why do these political players all look upon China favorably? I thought democrats were against civil rights abuses? Remember those days?
My guess is that this Mutually-Assured Destruction not only ensures that every member of the Washington Establishment protect each other but it also ensures that they protect the interest of anyone else who might have leverage over them. And in this case, we’re of course talking about China
And this is why it’s imperative that the press do their jobs, expose these corrupt extortionists. This is why it’s imperative that John Durham do his job and arrest and prosecute these Deep State swamp dwellers and this is why it is so imperative that we expose all forms of election fraud, we get Trump back in office for four more years.”


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net

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