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James Gilliland Does Damage Control. Donations Must be Down  Gilliland


Dispelling Rumors and Gossip

Due to religious programing, rumors and gossip concerning ECETI we felt it best to set the record straight. There is also a lot of jealousy, projections, shills and planned opposition within the UFO/Spiritual community. This is interfering in people’s right to access information outside the controlled narrative, make their own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit and join the greater family of man/woman throughout the Universe. Contact comes with enlightenment. ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Contact with Spiritually and Technologically advanced off worlders is a spiritual endeavor, we must rise to the occasion. Whereas we usually do not address the rumors and gossip it has become epidemic therefore we are hoping this will clear up some of the issues. 

1.  Do we believe in God?

There are over 5000 Gods worshipped to this day. There is the Jewish God, Christian God, Muslim God, Egyptian Gods, Greek Gods, Mayan Gods, Indian Gods, The Devine Feminine Gods or Shekinah Energies Gaia, Pachamama, House of Mary, Quan Yin and on and on.
We believe as all true enlightened masters taught of an all encompassing, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Creator. The limited images of a bearded male God based on interactions with Ancient Lyrians, what are referred to in ancient tablets as Annunaki falls far short of what in truth is both beyond all images yet consists of all images.  

It is best described as the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The unified field of consciousness and energy within which everything exists and is connected. The wellspring and origin of all that is. 
The path to this God/Creator/ Great Spirit is within, each individual is the soul spark awaiting to ignite into the full flame. The prayer of the maters is beloved Father/Mother God let them become one as we have become one.  All the forementioned Gods/Goddesses, deities and more exist within this unified field of consciousness and energy in which all is connected in the present now moment. We choose how much of the consciousness and energy, “knowledge” within this field we wish to embody through expanded awareness. There are beings aware of and utilizing more of that field now and throughout history. Rather than worshipping an external image of God or Gods many of which represent positive/some negative attributes it is more beneficial to make one’s own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection within. The temple has always been within as so with connection to eternal love, joy, and bliss. Love, acceptance and approval so many seek in error externally can only be everlasting when found internally. It is no longer dependent on external people places and things. 

The ultimate power is Love, it is the manifesting force and
wellspring of all Creation, the cosmic glue that holds all things together. It is like the sun always giving. The real power comes from allowing love to flow through us and giving. Empowering not overpowering assisting all life to reach its highest potential.  

2.  What is the mission of the Lahar Foundation and ECETI?

Our mission first and foremost is to empower the individual, assist people to make their own personal God Creator/Great Spirit Connection. To teach Universal Law and aid in the Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth, Body Mind and Spirit. Create higher dimensional Ambassadors to assist in the well prophesized event of joining the Greater Family of Man/Woman referred to as Spiritually and Technologically advanced off world visitors, our ancient ancestors known as the Star Nations.  

The retreat center has a 34 year history of service bringing cutting edge healers, scientists, teachers, researchers, from around the world to share their knowledge and wisdom through conferences and workshops. James the Founder has over 40 years of intense research and training in Eastern and Western traditions, he has studied with and been initiated by Yogis, Lamas, Native American and Hawaiian Elders. This includes the study of many process-oriented therapies to remove the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences inhibiting us from reaching our highest potential. His near- death experiences and years of practice add personal experience to what lies beyond the veil of physical existence. 

3.  Are there safeguards for working in the world of Spirit, pitfalls and things to be avoided?

We have a saying, “Just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened, just because you are an ET does not mean you are always benevolent. In India they have a saying, “The closer you get to God or Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads.” We can live in denial of unseen negative influences yet this just gives them free reign. Enlightenment means to be in knowledge of the light and shadow side. We cannot live a half- truth and profess to be enlightened. Evil persists when good men/women do nothing. This is personified in most institutions when service to others gives way to self-service. People become separated from others, shift from ego to spiritual ego then narcissism. When this happens leaders and teachers become a distraction and a disservice. They also become an open door to unseen negative influences of like mind with like agendas. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect. We have always stressed personal responsibility, self-authority, and the need to create sacred space through meditation, prayer and healing unseen negative influences. Personal empowerment verses dependency. The tools for clearing unseen negative influences are in the Books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, The Ultimate Soul Journey. https://www.eceti.org/books.html
They are also free clearing techniques at https://www.eceti.org/clearing-technique.htmlThese are taught on a regular basis at ECETI in the Self Mastery and Ambassador training.

4.  Why is there a no drug or alcohol policy at ECETI?

We believe in taking a spiritual approach, no short cuts without the necessity of drugs, plant medicine or any other mind-altering substance. Some drugs and plant medicines are still illegal which puts us in legal jeopardy. Others open the door to unseen negative influences used improperly and at times unruly psychotic behavior. Without proper training many mind-altering substances open doors to other realms where one can have a very bad experience in worse case scenarios possession. This creates disharmony and an unnecessary burden on staff.  Having a no drug policy dispels the rumors of a bunch of delusional Hippies on drugs disqualifying many of the healing and awakening experiences happening at ECETI. These rumors were started by others jealous of the ongoing activity and the authenticity in the field of Ufology and Spirituality. Mainly by Dr, Greer at Contact in the Desert with full knowledge we have a no drug and alcohol policy.  The fact that MUFON acknowledged 85 UFOs during ECETI’s invitation for contact at Contact in the Desert, Joshua Tree verses zero for his C-5 program may have also been the reason for such comments. 

This is not a competition only a demonstration of the difference in frequency, procedure and intent. It is through the heart not the ego, one must remain humble keep an open mind loving heart and pure intent to be successful in contacting higher dimensional beings. There are always lower dimensional beings waiting to prey upon those who in ignorance give their power away to others and open doors to malevolent beings that best be left closed.  

It is well documented that Masters, UFOs, Spiritually and Technologically advanced off world and other dimensional beings appear on a regular basis at ECETI. Many of the spontaneous healings also clearly demonstrate we are doing something right. Unfortunately these higher frequencies also bring up old wounds traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences as any other major vortex or power center. This creates a golden opportunity to heal yet some chose to project, blame other people or circumstances for what is coming up within. This can also be the source of rumors especially when asked to leave due to choosing a downward spiral, being a constant disruption and the lack taking personal responsibility. In order to maintain the peace and frequency tough decisions often have to be made.  Jealousy, competition, and messiah complexes have no place with those who are authentic, dedicated to truth and truly in service to others. 

5.  Is there any evidence to back up claims of contact with UFOs Masters, Spiritually and technologically advanced off world and other dimensional beings. 

There is a long history of UFO activity on Mt Adams or Patoh its original name going back to Native American lore. Kenneth Arnold a pilot who coined the word flying saucers in 1947 lost sight of the ships when they descended on the western slopes of Mt Adams. Dr J Allen Hynek and other researchers have well documented the activity. We have boxes of videos, pictures, testimonies of eyewitnesses with as many as 200 at a time in the field where ships of every size shape and color have flown over ECETI. Some of these witnesses are Triple PHD Boeing engineers, Lockheed engineers, Airforce base commanders, pilots, air traffic controllers, professional people from all walks of life. Many testified on various radio and television shows. Coast To Coast with Art Bell was one of many shows. James was the first to do an intention experiment initiating contact with benevolent ETs on Coast to Coast which was a spectacular success. We have had NASA investigate as well yet due to the loss of jobs, pensions etc. and the promise to be discrete we cannot divulge the Nasa scientists. These witnesses all said these objects were unknowns, exhibited technology far beyond any conventional and unconventional craft they know off. Morphing from one to four objects, making right angle turns at several thousand miles an hour, moving a thousand times the speed of any satellite. They have been documented responding to and signaling back to people on the ground on a regular basis all ongoing to this day. This is unprecedented evidence. James, Peter Slattery, Remote viewers all gave the time, date and location ships would appear. The ships did appear as in Paranormal State right on Q. ABC, Good Morning America, Evening Magazine, Hannity with Fox news, International TV and radio shows have all covered these ongoing contacts. Unfortunately our greatest censors are not main stream they are within the UFO community, those maintaining the controlled narrative.  Now scientists and whistle blowers around the world with unprecedented credentials are acknowledging governments around the world have had contact. 

6.  Is there a controlled narrative concerning UFOs?

There are shills, planned opposition at the top of the food chain, government paid debunkers, closed minded scientists, competitive and jealous researchers all of which are an impediment to true disclosure and contact. This is one of the main reasons why spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors have not contacted us through these venues. Those of less integrity that have not risen to the occasion greatly overshadow those who are authentic and receive most of the press. Many are still asking the 100 year old plus question, asked far before Roswell, do UFOs exist. UFOs have a higher secrecy clearance than nuclear weapons. Agencies and the media are told to disqualify, assassinate the character and in some cases terminate anyone going against the controlled narrative. Something I can attest to due to personal experience.  Due to overwhelming sightings globally, whistle blowers and contactees these attempts to silence the subject have failed, most have ended. There are many levels to the controlled narrative. They are still suppressing the knowledge of who they are, why are they here, how does a spiritually and technologically advanced civilization live? By what laws do they operate and what are their intentions? Could they possibly be our ancient ancestors? Who are the monument builders with technology beyond todays abilities and have we been taught the true history of Earth, the true origins of man/woman? Do they have fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, have they transcended disease, war, what would this do to the current power structures? What would happen to the war and disease profiteers upon sharing that knowledge? Now you understand the motives behind censorship. 

7.  What about the rumors and gossip concerning ECETI? 

This next topic is one we would rather not address but due to the epidemic nature of this behavior it is appropriate. It needs a subsection to fully address this topic. We will try to address this with humor. It is said the rumors circle the world before the truth has time to tie its shoes.  These rumors are coming from the shills, planned opposition, posers, competitive and jealous researchers and dark hearts within the Spiritual and UFO community. There are three fingers pointing back to the ones participating in what some profess to be righteous going against all the basics of what it means to be a decent human being. Those who are authentic are the ones receiving the most opposition from the posers, those with ill intent and personal agendas desiring to make a name for themselves on the backs of others. Those with the most notoriety often become the biggest targets. We feel there are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is Gods business. No one knows what another soul needs for completion. It is said there are no perfect men/women, only perfect intentions. We will all make mistakes, none of us are infallible.  Truth especially in the field of ufology, our ancient origins and the nature of Creator is a work in progress. Due to religious, academic, and political social engineering we have to sift through a myriad of lies, deceptions, mis and disinformation.  There are also the projections of others due to their be lie fs and victim patterns. When doing our research, we focus on Impeccable integrity knowing truth is flexible. It changes as more information comes in. We do not prejudge or take sides knowing the truth will surface and karma will have its way. We also realize what a distraction all the drama and chaos is to the awakening and healing process personally and collectively. Art Bell best summed it up when he said, “What is with the UFO community, they eat their own.” There is an old adage what see I am I. On that note we will address some of the nonsensical rumors flying around the community not getting into the lives of others other than how they pertain to ECETI. 

On Coast to Coast a disturbed women came on for quite some time talking about how black helicopters descended on ECETI, men in camo repelled drugged all the people, abused the children, blew up the buildings with the children in them, then any left who were not killed were swallowed up in a giant vortex that created a hole in the center of the sky watch field. 

This of course never happened, we were surprised they allowed her to continue without a reality check.  No one has died at ECETI in the past 34 years, no missing person reports other than one who they found later trapped in his car in the snow on the way to ECETI. He was alive due to eating gifted food he was bringing to ECETI turning out to be a wonderful story. No buildings were damaged or destroyed, no children abused, no one drugged, and no giant hole swallowed up the rest of the unsuspecting attendees at the conference. It was a feeble attempt to dissuade people from coming to the conference. We are constantly having to address this nonsense so consider it addressed. Never happened.  We have had people spreading these rumors only to do back ground checks finding they were in satanic bands on Facebook bragging about the blood ritual they just attended, some have heavy drug addictions, the least case scenario they were very wounded, imbalanced, angry people with hidden agendas.  

The next rumor is James is a pedophile we have the evidence, followed by James is gay again followed by James is a womanizer.  First of all I have been very outspoken against the pedophilia and child trafficking which has in turn created attacks by the pedophiles and child traffickers some of which are within the UFO and spiritual community. The woman who professed to have the evidence had the wrong file with a different middle name of a man who lived in Seattle.  Allegedly his name was James Wilson Gilliland. He is of no relation and my middle name is Alan. I have never lived in Seattle.  I never got a retraction from several venues that spread this slanderous disinformation. Despite the fact that I photocopied my drivers license showing clearly I was not the person with the file. The only thing I did get is continuous sneers and judgments by people who be lie ved the rumor. It is a classic case of what is happening in the political arena, accuse others of what you yourself have done or are doing. 

As far as being gay I am a very happy loving heterosexual man, neither condemn or condone gays to each his/her own and have no desire to explore the same sex. I also don’t feel guilty about not having that desire and expressing it even though it most likely will be seen as PC incorrect.  I am however very proud of being PC incorrect much to the chagrin of the PC community with the full knowledge it is just another mind control program.  Humor and laughter lifts everyone’s spirit bringing them closer to Creator which is in its most unlimited understanding pure unconditional love, joy and bliss.  I have had relationships that did not work out like everyone else, stayed in them far longer than I should have for healing to occur. I have always been honest, never abused physically or emotionally a spouse, or made any unfulfilled promises. In many cases demands were made for me to leave ECETI give up the mission rather than share in the mission. If I was to continue in the relationship it meant a move from ECETI and become the projected image of what was their desire as well as take on all their previous debts and burdens. This would only be enabling.  The vortex and my frequency does seem to bring out the best and the worst in people. Things become amplified and mirrored, very few can take personal responsibility for their attitudes and emotions, own them, and transcend what is being amplified and reflected back to them. It’s a double-edged sword, a blessing and a curse. I spend the majority of my time alone maintaining my spiritual connection in nature when possible. I actually made a T shirt that says I am not your father, your mother or your X lover, I am just sitting here. 

Another rumor was about a woman who was going through a crises, made some false accusations and went public only later to apologize and say I was a perfect gentleman. This was jumped on by a lawyer in the field of Ufology and others who were thrown off the ranch due to violating the no drug policy, theft or refusal to process their own issues projecting them on others. This is where most of the rumors come from. After forwarding the email of the woman involved with permission totally exonerating me they continued to spread the rumors which falls under the category of defamation of character. Rather than getting caught up in the courts I found it better to forgive and spend my time in a more positive direction.  To top it off now they want me to sponsor them, their work, books etc. with no apology???  I have been attacked by some very large angry women at other conferences projecting their own victim patterns, rage at men due to these rumors. So let’s end the pedophile, gay womanizer nonsense. Spiritually advanced off world visitors and masters do not choose to appear to people with ill intent and hidden agendas. 

One more thing I would like to add we need to stop airing our dirty laundry in public and picking up that dirty laundry for others to champion their cause. One believes they are a victim the other believes they will gain either affection or notoriety by being the savior. It is the victim persecutor savior hamster wheel. Time to get off the wheel and focus on the bigger fish. 

Another rumor is we sacrifice animals and worship the devil who actually opened up a large hole in the driveway and told the local Baptist kids to leave. The sacrificing animals came from seeing me in the field with my hands on my horse that was dying. A Native American Elder was with me and a vet. They said Shadow, my horse was gone it is just a matter of time. The next day Shadow rose up, started walking around for two weeks as if nothing had happened. Praying and sending energy to a horse is a far cry from animal sacrifice. One kid actually wanted to see the tools I used to sacrifice animals which was a bit disturbing. Two weeks later Shadow was bowing to the sun, I knew something was wrong, I walked up to her and she bowed all the way to my feet then died. I was very upset, a bit pissed at Creator saying after all the work I do just one horse that is all I ask for. I heard very clearly that I was being selfish, she was done, her body was failing and she could not keep up with the other horses. The Native American Elder came to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Do they have horses in heaven?” I do not know how this turned into animal sacrificing other than projection, the sewing of seeds of division, false accusation and judgement all of which go directly against the teachings of Jesus. 
As far as worshipping the devil again we have been very outspoken concerning Satanic and Luciferian cults, their practices especially when it concerns ritual abuse of children. This was not to go unrewarded by more rumors and accusations by the very same people participating in these decadent events. The music industry, Hollywood are replete with this behavior. The major productions concerning UFOs and Ancient Ancestors again controlled narratives have censored us because of this knowledge. I am edited out of major network shows also because I answer the questions they leave unanswered to keep the suspense going. They are not here to educate they are here to entertain often lacking any moral compass in doing so.  

When allowing Corey Goode to speak at the Science, Spirit and World transformation conference I experienced the full brunt of the industry he left and their minions. If people only knew, and they will the scope and depth of Satanic, Luciferian influence, pedophilia, and other misguided people in the UFO and Spiritual community they would seek their information elsewhere. 

We along with others who are authentic are that elsewhere.  Until then I am just sitting here watching everything unfold and karma coming home to roost. 

A good friend once told me. “Two reasons why people take up arms against you, the posers hate those who are authentic and we piss off their demons.”

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