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Interesting Analysis Of Current Monetary Events

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Interesting Analysis Of Current Events
Subject: Interesting Analysis

02/08/2012A Chat with the good Dr. S. (not Seuss)

Thanks for helping us get our heads around this. I don't think most people understand exactly what is about to happen here, and it concerns me that they are missing the big picture.

Do you agree?"First, you are most welcome. It is my great pleasure to finally be able to communicate a few of these details. Thank you for allowing this forum. Secondly, I do agree with your statement and would say that in all honesty, I do not believe ANYONE is ready for what is about to happen!"

Dr. Can you tell us a bit about what is planned?"Certainly. You do understand though that it will be quite general in nature, yes?"

Yes. I think we all understand your limitations here!

"Excellent. Well, in the very large scope, several international banking and finance related institutions have bowed to the demands made by... well lets just say the top 1% of the one percent. These people, these families, have essentially created their own trade systems and transaction units. In the last 24 years they have freely invested in ways unavailable to even most countries. In the last 11 years many of their secret programs, like arbitrage, outing, and SDR reversals have been discovered and adopted by small countries, and institutional investors.

This has caused absolute chaos. What is happening in Greece and in Europe is the result of the system being used by outsiders. You see, previously, these investments required no external auditing and losses of even billions in a day were covered with nothing more than a gentleman's agreement.

Once these programs started being used by large banks and hedge-funds, external auditing and reporting was required, so a system of valueless paper transactions was introduced to replace the handshake and it supposedly kept the process net neutral.

The problem began when Countries like Spain began trading these paper agreements as currency. It didn't take long to figure out that they could circumvent the mathematical requirement for PAR which would have caused them to constantly revalue their currency to show the additional debt acquired!

To make matters worse, they did however show in their budgets the interest received as real capital! Even though not one single unit has ever actually paid any interest all... it has always been a house of cards and it is imploding as we speak.

Does that tie in with the "Global Revaluation" that RV enthusiasts are talking about lately?Most certainly! You see, most industrial countries are buried in debt. On top of that, they are holding worthless debt agreements as collateral.

They hold agreements that say things like: "Holder will pay Spain 1 Billion USD if Peru increases debt holding by 2%." Every country that needs an extra 1 billion in their budget would buy this note, and add it to their general fund. Then, when Peru added 2% debt, the country holding the bag so to speak would be the one buying Peru's debt instruments for... you guessed it, 1 billion USD!

No money moved, but twelve countries bought the paper and added 1 billion to their budgets! The IMF was given the task of correcting the math worldwide. The countries in debt want to see what money they are owed... but everyone owes so much more than they have listed!

Think trillions! It took about a millionth of a second for them to understand that there was going to be trouble. The last thing they want is auditing. 114 countries have agreed to allow "I cannot say the names here" organizations to create a revaluation algorithm that would correct for the papers and fix the worldwide economic situation.

Dr. how does Iraq play into this?"Not very easily! I can assure you of that!" But to be more specific for your readers, let me just say that Iraq was not the first, or even second choice for this. I believe I can freely say now that the first choice was China.

It has a hugely undervalued currency, large natural reserves, an active and well trained military, multiple ports and worldwide allies. The decision to allow Hong Kong to be returned to China by Great Britain was part of that arrangement. In 1997 The U.S. and Great Britain gave up significant assets to entice China to accept this role.

What happened with that plan?"I cannot speak for China. I can say that their growth spurt was entirely unexpected and was supposed to happen after the revaluation. That alone made the process come to a grinding halt. I cannot mention the name of the second country given this opportunity as they are directly tied to this plan as well."

Dr. What exactly happens? Can you tell us what we should expect?

"Any omissions I make here are solely the result of my obligations. That must be understood. I will do my best." pause Currently currencies are valued in hundreds if not thousands of creative ways. There is an overall understanding of HOW that happens with any given currency but each country has for the most part, been given the right to value their currency however they wish. In the end, the international market will correct them. That is about to change.

The change I am speaking of is enormous in its magnitude. Every transaction of wealth or even property (THIS IS A NOTE BY ME: OH MY GOD, THE ARE INCLUDING PERSONAL PROPERTY TOO! THIS IS BIGGER THAN EVEN I IMAGINED!), of any kind, in the world will be made based upon the same standards.

These standards are not fixed, but they are fluid only in the sense that if a change is made for one country, it will be instantly made for all others countries as well. Not one single financial decision made by participating countries will be made without instant adjustments being made worldwide. For example, if Spain decides to increase its weapons import budget by 400% then its currency will immediately devalue on the open market.

At the same time, the countries providing the contracted weapons or good or services to Spain will be credited instantly, and their currency value will adjust. Countries holding bonds for Spain will devalue, countries holding bonds for the export countries will increase in value.

All within the blink of an eye. There will be literally tens of thousands of possibilities tied to any single wealth related transaction now. The algorithm required to manage this is incredible.

One of the main problems now is that most countries banking systems will not be able to respond as quickly as the algorithm. For a while anyway, there will be hundreds of billions of dollars earned just by playing the regional delays!"

Are you saying that the Iraqi revaluation will support this?

No. It is not even close. It is more accurate to say that ALL revaluations, "initiate" this plan rather than saying just one currency "supports it". But as I have explained, ALL changes will be made at the same time.

Afterwards participating countries have agreed to such strict standards that it will only take a few weeks to sort it all out in the world courts, but most countries are elated and already know their valuation starting points.

It is NOT a neutral net event though, so there will be some large financial changes. Not every participant will be happy.

Are you saying then that Iraqi oil is NOT the standard used for the revaluation? I mean, we have assumed the revalue of the Dinar created the wealth required to fix some global problems. Is that not the case?

"As you have probably seen, our infrastructure does not allow us (Iraq) to benefit from the oil in the same way that our neighbors do. To only use Iraq's oil contracts would insure that other countries would ramp up production and drive costs so low as to prohibit investors from participating in our growth.

It is best that you think larger. I can say for example that even your own recent oil finds have been included... but so has the United State's intellectual property holdings... patents and rights. You will be surprised to see how much the U.S. actually plays in this role.

Suffice it to say that each country participating has ADDED something that generates global value. This mix of goods and services will provide the funds to support the global revaluations. As a matter of fact, it is so strong that it will actually be self supporting in less than 2 years."

Do you see a shift in global monetary policy? Will their be the large transfer of wealth we are expecting?

"There will be a massive change in PERSONAL wealth. This was not expected and it does not make ANY of the participants happy at all. It has been the single largest problem to deal with. You must understand that in the eyes of the families supporting this realignment, YOUR net worth is of no concern.
Also know that it actually scares them. I can say without any hesitation thought that in the mean time they have made arrangements to insure that they will create a level of wealth so astronomical that your new found riches will pale in comparison... the multinational agreement giving them advance notice of the rate changes is the single reason this has been allowed to move forward as is.

My fear is not for the new level of wealth which by the way is almost entirely a U.S. phenomenon... my concern is for the level of poverty that will be created instantly as well."

OK... I have to ask, When will it happen?"That is a question I will leave unanswered for now."

Do you know the rate?"I know the rate in the U.S. but do not know the rate for the Dinar. This insures that I will actually live through the revaluation process! It is the same with every world leader and with persons in similar positions as myself."

Did you help create the algorithm while you studied in Europe?"I helped with the algorithm. I cannot say when that started."

Should I buy more Dinar?"That is a two edged sword. To ask that question implies that the only change expected is with the Dinar. The other danger is that with either answer, YES or NO, I create an event. Mass purchasing or mass selling.

Again, you must understand that the algorithm will account INSTANTLY for each of these possibilities. I would encourage you to think VALUE in the sense of supply and demand. The laws of economics that do not change. Hopefully you can understand that a billion dinar worth 1 is the same as 1 worth a billion.

Thank you Dr. God be with you."And may Allah be with you as well."


To Our Success,Jeff (Duckyboy) http://iqdbigbeachparty.webs.com/

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