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Friday, January 15, 2021

Waiting to Exhale

Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %2528000ca%2529-Insurrection
Since the election results were confirmed, a semi-euphoric wave of premature relief has swept across America and the world; in anticipation of a new year and a new president.  As we know from every horror movie we've ever seen, such relief is seldom warranted.
 Anyone who has been paying attention these last, long four years could have predicted what unfolded at the nations capitol on Jan. 6th.  Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear could see the red flag warning signs...there were so many.  Any student of our political system could easily see the storm building; and a great many of us did, hobbled by an unshakable sense of being helpless to stop it.
"There will be an orderly transfer of power on Jan. 20th, and the fight continues!"                                          ~Donald Trump, Jan. 7th~
 Like a cloud of voracious locusts Thousands of  StormTrumpers swarmed the nations capitol after their beloved cult leader whipped them into a feeding frenzy with his litany of oft-repeated lies mixed with distorted semi-truths tailored to his agenda.  This was Trump's "plan-B"- used in desperation after losing every election related court case and vote recount.  It was a well planned, very organized para-military operation.
 The ringleaders were peppered throughout the 8000 strong mob storming the capitol building, calling out orders to different cell groups.  We now know they had a very specific agenda...They were actively hunting Speaker Nancy Pelosi, VP Mike Pence, and Chuck Grassley, president pro-tem of the Senate...the next three people in line of succession after the president!   The Maga mob came equipped with a functional gallows, and several of them carried handcuffs and zip-tie restraints. There is a video from inside the capitol during the height of the mayhem, showing the mob attempting to gain access to the chamber where the votes were being counted.  The audio is quite clear as the woman shot caller had a bullhorn, and said to the mob: "So, people should coordinate together if you're going to take this building."  Hmmm.

Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %2528000c%2529-Coup%2Bprotest3b%2B%25282%2529

As is always the case, in the days following the assault more & more information, videos, and personal accounts are surfacing.  We're getting a more complete picture of what happened, and increasingly that picture is getting uglier by the day, its also developing the very familiar stench of conspiracy.  This was an inside job. 
 An organized mob numbering  over eight thousand with radios, weapons, Zip-ties/handcuffs and floor plans, swept into the capitol building and simply overpowered the meager force of capitol police officers.  Some of these cap-cops were filmed opening doors for the mob, and in at least one case, took selfies with members of the Maga army.  This happening while another cap-cop, Brian Sicknick, was being beaten to death by the mob.  Very early on in the assault of the capitol someone anonymously phoned in two pipe bombs, found at the nearby RNC  &  DNC Headquarters: almost as if to draw law enforcement away from the capitol building. Just like the gallows, these pipe bombs were fully functional. Three days after the assault capitol police officer Howard Libengood committed suicide.  Hmmm.
 The capitol police department is larger than some large cities with around 2300 active duty officers.  How come on Jan. 6th 1900 of them stayed home, leaving just 400 of their Brothers-in-Arms to face down the violent hoard of 8000?  I wonder what Officers Howard Libengood and Brian Sicknick would have to say about that!
 So, let me get this straight...the white house declined help offered from several nearby police departments.  An angry, violent mob of eight thousand is storming the capitol and the word comes to "stand down"? No assistance required, "We got this" came the reply!!  Same story with the National Guard; they weren't called for support, not even to protect the lives of those assembled within the building counting electoral college votes!!!
 When asked why not, white house spokesman said that they were concerned about what kind of "message" it would send when the world saw images of National Guard fighting with [white] protestors.  Really?!?  I find it very strange indeed that they weren't at all concerned with those issues during the peaceful BLM protests, having as they did, hundreds of National Guard soldiers in formation on the capitol steps that day.                                     
Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %25280000%2529-1%2BDICTATOR%2BCHILD
 Reports keep flowing in that the mob included many active duty cops and military personnel, including the retired Air Force col. in flak vest, helmet & carrying zip-tie handcuffs.  How can those who have sworn to protect and serve consciously partake in armed, deadly insurrection against the very country they are sworn to defend?  This doesn't seem right at all, unless it IS an inside job.
 On Jan. 5th; GOP members of congress gave guided tours to some visitors at the capitol complex who were exhibiting suspicious behavior and seeking unusual access...was this a Maga recon mission?  Things that make you go Hmmmmm? It is worth noting here that the capitol building suspended ALL public tours due to Covid-19 protocols back in March last year...then there is the fact that these same suspicious people were among the mob the next day.  So, which GOP Senators gave the tours, to whom, and why?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Our capitol is a massive concrete labyrinth with 5 floors, 540 rooms and 850 doorways.  Its so confusing even some rookie members get lost now & then. Like I said, Inside Job.
 Social media was used to promote the Jan. 6 rally on the ellipse, (just 16 blocks down Pennsylvania ave. from the capitol) so the claims we're hearing now "We didn't see this coming" are even more cowardly and evasive than they were on 9/11.  That dog don't hunt, never did. The rally had been promoted on several social media platforms for at least two weeks.  The excuse they didn't see it coming is so lame it insults our intelligence.  They're so perniciously blasé they don't even bother coming up with a decent lie.  That's how little they regard the rest of us.
 In the Better Late than Never Department; social media wasted little time in deciding to permanently ban Trump  from platforms across the spectrum in response to his inciting insurrection.  Have you ever played chain reaction or  falling dominoes where elaborately created designs are made by standing dominoes on end; then pushing the first one over causing a cascade destruction of the creation?  What we're watching now is kind of like that.  Donald Trump shot himself in the foot while attempting a bloody coup; complications set in immediately, compounded by his arrogance, amplified by his ego, the wound will eventually prove fatal.  Good riddance.
 Now, several days after the capitol assault, across the planet everyone is dumping Trump as if he had Covid-19 or something: move over Typhoid Mary, here comes Covid Donnie for your place in history.                                                                    

Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %252800000%2529-CORNERED-A3a
 Indeed, Trump being banned for life from all social media is a gift to the world, but especially to us Americans.  For the world at large the last four years have been like having your neighbor's car alarm going off 24/7 - for us Americans its been like being IN that car!  Quality of life just got noticeably better; however we may soon discover that the ban just drives him to underground dark web platforms where he can orchestrate his agenda in real time without censorship.  We may have just traded the constant annoyance of Trump tweets for the dread conjured up by his silence.  Good trade.
 Everybody saw this coming, most of all the StormTrumpers!  As he stoked the fires of insurrection Trump told his disciples to march on the capitol, to fight for their country and that he would be right there marching with them...and they believed him.  Instead of leading his army into battle as he had just promised, when the time came he hastily retreated to the safety of the white house, where he proceeded to watch with great glee the mayhem he had created.

Five hours after the insurrection, after conferring with Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani left a voicemail for Senator Tuberville, but sent it to the wrong person, who then shared the recording with the press.  In the message,  Giuliani is heard pressuring the Senator to object to every state as the roll was being called to count electoral ballots, in an enhanced effort to bog down the process as much as possible, and stop the count.  That is what was on Trumps mind in the wake of the assault he ordered up!
Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %25280000a%2529-Mafia%2BDon
Trump issued his invitations to the 2021 white privilege jamboree at the capitol, promising it would be Wild, and over 8000 Maga StormTrumpers responded, looking for a fight.  For their part, those charged with protecting the capitol and representatives on the day the electoral votes were being counted might as well have laid down a red carpet.  A handful of white shirted cap. cops is no match for 8000 fired up rioters, which is why all offers for aid were rejected & the national guard never called in.  This was an inside job, straight up.  Somebody let it happen.
 Do you suppose there might have been a somewhat different outcome if it had been 8000 Black Lives Matter supporters swarming the capitol?  You're damn Skippy right it would have ended different, the body count would have been soul wrenching.  I rest my case.
         "Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth."                                                                                                                    ~ Adolf Hitler ~
 Picture if you will; Donald Trump cowering terrified, and isolated in the white house, watching his empire falling apart.  Twitter and all other social media platforms permanently ban him. Republican sycophants jumping ship like so many rats, losing support on all fronts, lost prestigious golf tournament, Deutsche bank dumped him like he is radioactive. Because he is!  Nearly all the rats have jumped ship, sources say Trump is isolated, alone in his white house inner sanctum.  Now would be a good time for Ivanka and Melania to pull a Laverne & Shirley.  He needs to loose everything.
Any hunter will tell you how dangerous it is to press a wounded, cornered animal.
 We're seeing a whole new side to Donald Trump and its name is desperation: as he struggles in vain to conjure a way to remain relevant & out of jail.  He doesn't dare shift his focus away from that, lest his tiny, damaged brain thinks about the caravan of lawsuits lining up to take a shot at him while there's still something left.  Speaking of left I wonder where Melania is?
Waiting to Exhale - Chautaugua %252800000%2529-CORNERED-A2B
 Trump aides are now saying he is alone, isolated in the residence and does not understand the historic and long term international ramifications of unfolding events.  He is said to be very angry and cares only about how the second impeachment will affect his Brand!  Just great; we now have an angry, bitter, wounded psychopath barricaded in the west wing, with the nuclear codes...what could go wrong in a week?  Trump's ignorance, stupidity and ego have been on display all along; and every step of the way we allowed Mitch McConnell to act as his enabler, protector and fluffer-in-chief.  Lets all hope that Mitch is scared enough to do the right thing and convict the prick this time!  Did you see how fast Lindsey Graham back stepped into Trumps arms after other republicans became worried "the mob" might go after anyone who betrays Trump, like Mike Pence for example.

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