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You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things

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You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things
Date: February 1, 2021Author: Nwo Report

You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things D50db-iu

Source: Clarice Feldman
In George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, he said, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
To guide you along this path, I bring to your attention implausible things you are expected to believe this week. 

  1. Things that are not graft.

Outrageously generous book deals to present and former officials.
The Obamas’ $65 million book advances still lead the way to the most lavish, though the notion that even Democrat politicians’ relatives, like Chelsea Clinton, would offer ghostwritten pap worth anything is something you just have to believe.
Generous speaking fees.
The $25 million the Clintons garnered for just six months of speeches in 2014 and 2015, you must regard not as bribes for access and influence, but as well-earned compensation for minutes worth of pearls of wisdom. Not just former presidents and would-be presidents are the recipients of such largesse.  Janet Yellen, the Biden pick for Secretary of the Treasury, for example, raked in $7.2 million in speaking fees from Wall Street and large corporations like Citi, Goldman Sachs, Google, City National Bank, UBS, Citadel LLC, Barclays, and  Credit Suisse. The Great Iggy (an online friend) must be in error when he questions these fees:
These fees are for what? Some pointless stupid boilerplate speech that does not and cannot, in itself, contain anything of value to the payers. So its value is in the form of access and influence only; which used to be called graft and influence peddling.

Charitable Shakedowns.
You must ignore the suggestion that plea bargains in which the government gives a settlement payment to a bureaucrat’s favorite nonprofit constitutes anything unethical. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions halted this practice. If the new administration reverses this ban, avert your eyes from bad thinking. If the government claims a corporation ripped off yourself and fellow citizens illegally, you should be grateful they have to pay up to the agency head’s alumni association or some left-wing advocacy outfit. Why should you be compensated for the harm done to you? And from the viewpoint of the defendant, why not grease the palms of the prosecution’s favorites with some small amount rather than go through the expense and aggravation of defending?
Congressional Stock Trading
If you believed Hillary Clinton made so much money investing shrewdly in cattle futures and not out of some manipulation, you will certainly agree that speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $1 million investment in Tesla stock call options shortly before the Biden administration announced it planned to make the federal automobile fleet (645,000 cars) electric was just another example of stock trading genius by a high-ranking politician.
There’s certainly no graft in providing lucrative deals for politicians’ families.
Ignore Hunter Biden’s deals with Ukraine and China and Joe’s brother James, “who took out $650,000 in personal loans from a company that bankrupted local hospitals while trading on his brother’s name and connections to the campaign.” Or his brother Frank’s farming for clients for the law firm he’s connected with advertising with the not too subtle hint of access.  
2. You can Trust Dr. Fauci
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the China Virus was appropriate even though he placed the virus carriers in nursing homes and ignored the presence of the USNS Solace, the Javits Center, and Samaritan’s Purse hospitals which were fully staffed and ready to assist.
Dr. Fauci was right to praise him. Ignore the New York Attorney General Letitia James, who investigated and announced this week that the Cuomo administration failed to report thousands of COVID-19 deaths of nursing home residents after forcing these homes to admit COVID-19 patients. And you know you can ignore James’s report and credit Dr. Fauci’s praisee of Cuomo’s performance because Joe Biden said “Dr. Fauci isn’t just one of our foremost experts on combating viruses — he is a good man and a tireless public servant…. Our administration, and our country, will be stronger because of his guidance.”
Dr. Fauci is one of our foremost experts on combating viruses and is totally nonpartisan. Ignore his waffling and misstatements.
This is the man who dictated coronavirus policy in the Trump administration. If mistakes were made, as the Biden administration claims, they are Fauci’s. 
Yet, astonishingly, Fauci told CNN Friday that a “lack of candor” from the Trump administration had cost American lives. 
If people’s lives really were at stake last year, why did he wait until now to tell us? 
Chalk it up to another convenient fib from a habitual fibber, who has deceived us on everything from masks to herd immunity. 
Even if you decide these are not lies but lapses of judgment by Fauci, they had potentially lethal consequences. 
Take, for instance, Fauci’s serenity back on January 21 last year, when he assured us that the virus convulsing China at the time “is not a major threat for the people of the United States and this is not something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” [snip] The following week, he was at it again, vehemently opposing President Donald Trump’s proposed flight ban from China, which Biden at the time decried as “xenophobia.” 
[snip] Then there was Fauci’s advice on masks. 
Back in March, when the coronavirus was decimating New York, he told us masks were useless. 
“Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks,” he told “60 Minutes.” 
Three months later, he did a backflip: “Masks work… to prevent you from infecting someone else… but also, it can protect you to a certain degree.” [snip]
Turns out he lied about herd immunity, too. 
In December, Fauci admitted to the New York Times that he had “slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts” on the percentage of the population that needed to be vaccinated before “herd immunity” against ­COVID-19 was reached. 
“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85,” he said. 
Fauci is not precise with numbers, which is odd for a scientist who professes to care about facts. 
For instance, on Biden’s first day last week, Fauci said we would have “100 million people vaccinated in the first 100 days” and specified he meant both “primary and boost” shots, a total of 200 million shots in arms. 
On Sunday, he was forced to “clarify that, because there was a little bit of a misunderstanding. What we’re talking about is 100 million shots in individuals.” 
The 100 million goal is fake anyway,  since we’re already there. In the week before the inauguration, 912,000 shots were administered per day, according to Bloomberg News’ tracker. On Inauguration Day, it was 1.6 million shots. 

Janice Dean, who lost family members in the New York nursing home mismanagement, must not be listened to. Trust Lester Holt to fairly report:
So @NBCNews @LesterHoltNBC @TODAYshow censored one of my friends who lost a loved one in a nursing home. She wanted to say “@andrewcuomo failed us” in the interview and they told her to say “New York failed us” instead. The mainstream is STILL protecting this guy. Disgusting.
Shame on you @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNews @TODAYshow. New York State did not fail us. The governor, his administration and his health department FAILED US. You are a disgrace to all families. Just like @andrewcuomo.
You should trust Holt to provide a clear account and not bloggers like Yaacov Aplebaum who nailed Cuomo’s  horrid nursing home policies last May. 
3. All the White House efforts on the China virus are based on sound science, not politics
So when the White House calls for Florida restaurants and bars to close their doors, contrary to Governor Ron DeSantis’ directives to stay open, you must ignore Richard Grenell’s criticism of Governor Gavin Newsom and its application to the White House plan for Florida. Logic is now banned thinking.
Richard Grenell
It makes no sense to let people fly on an airplane for 5 hours but not be inside a restaurant or a gym for 1 hour.
Open up our businesses!
@GavinNewsom must be recalled.
10:07 AM · Jan 30, 2021
I’m 79 years old, and all the protocols indicate I should be among the first eligible for the vaccine. Although my D.C. ward (3) is mostly white and rich and taxpaying, too many of its residents want the vaccine, so it’s going first to wards where people have been most affected by the virus (and are in significant numbers still refusing to take it). Having registered at numerous sites, it’s still unavailable to me. On the other hand, if I had been a participant in terrorism against the U.S. like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others locked up in Guantanamo Bay, I would be scheduled to get it ahead of most Americans (until backlash compelled them to “pause” that plan). Don’t ask. Don’t question. Surely our leader has good reasons behind this.

4. Show trial and Impeachments are the Way to Unity
Daniel Greenfield explains, for those who are slow learners. Questioning an election is now sedition and incitement. A Capitol wrapped in barbed wire and with streets filled with National Guardsmen is not using a fake state of emergency, friends.
The show trial of President Trump and the city full of soldiers is just the opening act to the Great Purge of a domestic terrorism crackdown on anyone who ever retweeted the wrong meme.
Biden will embed a domestic terrorism office in the NSC, making the NSC’s former abuses under Obama routine as a system meant to track foreign enemies is instead used to surveil domestic political opponents. Heading the effort will be Joshua Geltzman, who had formerly falsely claimed, “No, Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist organization.”
Inside of a month, Democrats had redefined riots and election challenges from the highest form of patriotism to an attack on democracy. And by “democracy,” they mean the Democrat Party.
Popular leaders don’t take their false oaths of office in a deserted city surrounded by barbed wire and military checkpoints manned by 25,000 troops. Nor do they engage in show trials of their predecessors or unroll massive efforts to surveil, arrest, and silence their opponents.
That’s not the stuff of healing, but it is how you unite a country at gunpoint under your rule.
After four years of vowing to remove President Trump by any means from massive riots to illegal eavesdropping to coups, the Democrats declared an emergency because a few Republicans had done 10% of the things they had been doing, but without dressing up as human genitalia.
Democrats had been collecting bail fund donations for mass arrests in post-election protests and even a “separate fund to raise money for the families of anyone killed in violence on or around Election Day.” And then they pivoted from prepping body bags to declaring that insurrection was a national emergency which will require the National Guard to sleep in parking lots where they won’t annoy Democrat House members until Biden sees his own shadow.
That or the show trials wrap up before they get around to mandating that all future elections take place at Democrat campaign offices preceded by poll tests about equity and white privilege.
Meanwhile the Democrat media went from writing sympathetic pieces about BLM lawyers throwing Molotov cocktails at the police to demanding a thorough purge of every single person who had ever questioned the idea that Joe Biden might not be the most popular politician ever.

Any day now I expect the publishers who toss favors at Democrat officeholders to print and distribute gratis Biden’s Little Red Book for us to memorize, or redo paintings of him as they did in Russia of the doddering fool Brezhnev bedecked with dozens of  medals.


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me




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