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The Top Ten Pending Eruptions

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1The Top Ten Pending Eruptions Empty The Top Ten Pending Eruptions Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:31 am



The Top Ten Pending Eruptions
Date: July 1, 2021Author: Nwo Report

The Top Ten Pending Eruptions Image-1543

Source: Deanna Chadwell
It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer, one filled — like Yellowstone Park — with geysers and hot springs ready to blow at any moment. But these are political eruptions, not nature’s fury.  If I didn’t know that God has things under control I’d be terrified, but in the interest of keeping track of the truth let’s list the top 10 political eruptions we can expect to blow sometime soon.
10.  Hunter Biden. He’s at the end of the list because what happens with him is not likely to directly impact any of us, but he’s such a shocking collection of immoralities and corruptions that we all know deep in our bones that such nastiness cannot be condoned in a reasonable, prosperous, free society. Hardly a week goes by without some new scandal surfacing, and each seems worse than the last. Now he’s selling “paintings” as a money-laundering scheme. He and his slimy doings are bad enough by themselves, but he’s the president’s son. Sooner or later something has to be done about him and about the part his father has played in all of it.
9. Speaking of whom, something is also going to have to be done about Joe’s mental state, but that is complicated by the fact that Kamala’s mental acuity is not much better. She’s not suffering from dementia per se, but I suspect that she’s never been all that bright. And Pelosi is next in line and her mental problems border on insanity. So, what we will do about this mortifying state of affairs is going to require some divine intervention — and soon — have you heard him whisper/hiss his way through a press briefing? Yikes.
8. Critical Race Theory and the communist infiltration in our schools make up my #8. I’m thrilled to see angry parents accosting school boards. We need a lot more of that. I’m also thrilled to see parents pulling their kids from public schools and educating their children at home.  Will we be able to rectify the damage that’s been done? It will be hard because we have a couple of generations of teachers who have succumbed to the propaganda, so who do we find to teach the kids the truth?  It will be interesting to see how this shapes up this summer. It’s a desperate issue because our 1st Amendment is at stake here.
7. Not only is our 1st Amendment being challenged, so is the 2nd Amendment. These are lines we cannot cross and yet every time there’s a shooting the ante ratchets up another notch and we all know that if the 2nd Amendment goes, the 1st disintegrates and without those we have no freedoms of any kind. This assault on our freedoms of speech is made worse by the power of the mega-media and its desire to shut us up. It’s a relief to see some states staking out their ground on this issue. Sooner or later we’ll see a three-way face-off amongst states’ rights, federal overreach, and Big Tech.
6. Which makes me think of the McClusky’s in St. Louis, which gets us to our Number 6 – inner city violence.  Portland’s riot squad — all 50 of them — have resigned and no sane person can blame them. The murder rate there is up over 500%. Baltimore’s murder rate has hit a new high and Chicago is now the shooting capital of the country. Police are being sued, shot at, and defunded, so I doubt there’ll be much help from that quarter and here we are in riot season. The temperature in Portland and Seattle is stuck at triple digits — will that shut down the rioting or heat it up? We’ll see.
5. Government spending and the national debt is resulting in inflation. The last year’s lockdowns are still stifling the economy. People who are harvesting government stay-at-home subsidies are weakening businesses that can’t find enough labor. Confusingly, the jobless numbers don’t look good, either. We’re financially walking a very shaky tightrope.
4. At number 4 I’ve put the border crises/invasion. Of course all will be well now that Kamala has visited El Paso, but we don’t see a lot of hope here. I’m thrilled that Texas has taken this bull by its horns and pledged to finish its part of the wall. I’m pleased to see that both Florida and Nebraska are sending troops down there to help out. But the solution we were well on way to has vanished.  The situation is deadly with summer scorching the deserts; cartels attacking ranch owners on the border; and drugs, disease, and criminals flooding in
3. Number 3 on my list is the whole mess with COVID-19 origins, treatment suppression, Fauci/Wuhan/Google/Gates and the vaccine side effects. I can’t even imagine how all of that is going to get untangled because every day a new piece of damning information rises to the surface and raises even more concerns. Something needs to be done about Cuomo and his malfeasance with the nursing home deaths. Something needs to be done to atone for all the people who could have been treated with either Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine but were denied those medications. How do we relieve the paralyzing fear so many are stuck in? How do we help children who were adversely affected by school closures? How do we resurrect our small businesses? Most important of all, how do we prevent this from happening again?
2. It’s hard to decide between my 1st and 2nd concerns. But let’s go with the election audit efforts as Number 2. I’d put it at Number 1 if I thought there was much of a chance that Trump could be reinstated, but right now that seems like a pipe dream. But whether the recounts show the massive fraud most of us expect or not, the distrust this has engendered is monumental, the 2022 midterms are barreling down on us, and this needs sorting out now. I am so grateful for all the people who are fighting this battle, for all who are working hard in the audits. I just can’t picture what the outcome will be, but it better be soon.
1. I’ve put in first place China for several reasons. Trump always said they were our biggest problem and he’s been right about everything else. It’s also becoming obvious that China was behind the pandemic — accidently or otherwise — and we’re starting to see that China has been infiltrating our universities, fomenting racial hatred, and generally chipping away at our most sacred institutions. It also looks like they played an important part in rigging the 2020 election.  Now they’re threatening our ally Taiwan and making trouble in Hong Kong. They’re imprisoning their own people on religious grounds — torture and slavery a big part of their anti-Islam program. They’re building a huge navy and messing around in the South China Sea. They’re up to something, and none of it is good.
These aren’t the only problems facing America right now, but they are the biggest volcanoes threatening our nation. We don’t know when each one will blow, but blow they will; they must. The pressure has to be released. Let’s each make our own list, or use this one as a prayer agenda, and get down on our knees. If these all go off at once, only God can help us.


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me

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