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‘There’s Something Happening Here…’

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‘There’s Something Happening Here…’
Date: July 24, 2021Author: Nwo Report

‘There’s Something Happening Here…’ Image-1732

Source: Andrew W. Coy
Stephen Stills’s brooding and foreshadowing lyrics to the song “For What It Is Worth” from 1966 seem to bear a great deal of relevance today. 
The band Buffalo Springfield sang this song as a challenge to the political power structure in the late ’60s. Stills’s words seem to be very relevant and timely in 2021 as the patriots are left out of the election process and isolated from power, denied power, and are now looking around. 
Many patriots are now thinking “There’s Something Happening Here,” but are just not clear on what it is, what is coming, and what the results will be.  There is an undercurrent going on that is felt but not seen at this time.  Stills’s words expressed great dissatisfaction with the national government, the estrangement of government from the discontented, and a sense that the government is ignoring and does not care about the masses. 
There is a real sense of physical threat by the progressive government against the people.  And there is a real arrogance by the powerful government elite that the populist masses, including the patriots, just cannot do anything about progressive abuse of power.  A real sense of estrangement, isolation, and unfairness that the outsiders felt in the ’60s, is what the patriots (conservatives/Christians/constitutionalists) feel today. 
There appear to be many events happening all at once and closely linked that give hope.  And the people are aware and noticing. Patriots aren’t sure whether these are storm clouds of disaster or maybe the sun is starting to shine in as an illuminator to disinfect.  It’s unclear, but something is happening here.
It has become clear that voter fraud actually happened in Arizona.  There appears to be without question, enough evidence of fraudulent votes to swing the presidential election in Arizona.  And that most likely Donald Trump won that state.
A state senator from Arizona has now called for the electors to come back and revote in Arizona for president.  If there is a revote in Arizona, it gets real really fast.
There is now a synergy of force, energy, credibility, and legitimacy which gives the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and now maybe even Michigan, for these states to have their own professional forensic audits that verify who actually won their states.  History might show Arizona as the lynchpin to the tectonic shift in the electoral college votes.
As we look around to see what is happening, as it becomes more and more evident that there was certain election fraud in very important contested purple states…the China COVID virus seems to be getting worse. It appears as we look around, that the more people start to believe Trump actually won, the more there is a push from the Progressives and blue states to wear masks (even if already fully vaccinated) and that they will probably shut down businesses and schools again.  False flag?
As we look around, we notice three events are happening simultaneously at the same time.  Critical Race Theory is teaching students to hate others based on race, progressive historians are saying America started in 1619 (because of the slave trade) not 1776, and statues are being pulled down of our Founding Fathers and heroes of American history.  The only explanation for this is to get Americans to hate their past, to loathe their own history and heroes; and thus dramatically change the future for America in a very dark way.  And not in a democratic republic-type way, but in a totalitarian way.
It now has become clear that within the January 6 “Stop the Steal Rally,” there were actual FBI agents and informants of the Deep State that not only participated but led and encouraged the masses on that day.  FBI agents did not just watch and observe, they encouraged and led Trump supporters.  Therefore the FBI agents “set up” the Trump supporters on J-6.  Entrapment.
It is now clear that the Deep State police during the J-6 “Stop the Steal Rally” opened the doors, removed the barricades, and helped patriots to get inside of the Capitol building. The capitol police helped the Trump supporters to just walk right in, peaceably, like a middle school field trip.  Entrapment.
Thus at least to a certain extent, J-6 was a false flag operation run by the enemies of Trump, patriots, and a free and fair election.  The patriots underestimated the Deep State.
We now know that the military, which refused to patrol our southern border and their commander-In-chief because they said keeping illegal immigrants out of our country was not their job…are now willing participants in helping to fly illegal immigrants around America.  The military is helping to place people who have come into our country illegally, into the American heartland.  General Milley does not think it’s the military’s role to keep America safe…but it is the military’s role to settle illegal immigrants inside of America.  Is General Milley so woke he harms American interests?  The number of illegal immigrants into America since Biden assumed office is approaching one million illegals.  Is the military the actual fifth column against free and fair elections?
The NSA has not denied that they are spying on Tucker Carlson.  Therefore, the NSA which was created to spy on our foreign enemies, are now spying domestically on American citizens.   Within the First Amendment is the freedom of the press.  The NSA spying on the press creates a chill that reminds everyone of 1984.  Where is the ACLU when it comes to intelligence agencies spying on Bill of Rights-protected Americans? 
How long might it be before members of the press like Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Glenn Greenwald are put into jail as political prisoners of the regime.  Put into jail for the charge of disseminating  “political disinformation.”  It would not be hard at all for the NSA, CIA, or FBI to create false information and place it on their personal computers.  Other regimes do just this.  Chilling.  BTW…again, where is the ACLU? 
As we stop and look around and ponder; and have been told for more than a year to follow the science, follow the science, follow the science.  No one, absolutely no one has explained the science of needing to wear a mask after being fully vaccinated.  Why are we being told and forced and mocked for not wearing masks if we are fully vaccinated?  Either the vaccines don’t work, or something worse is happening here.    
American citizens are noticing that Biden has created an open border on our southern border allowing illegal immigrants from any country who can get there.  This includes terrorists from the Middle East.  Yet, the Biden administration announced that freedom seekers from communist Cuba will not be allowed entry into America.  So Biden is saying that if you are trying to escape communism and wanting capitalism and freedom in America, you are persona non grata.  But if you are MS-13 or child traffickers…come on in.  WT*.
The D.C. police are keeping the J-6 “trespassers” in jail under solitary confinement as if they are political prisoners.  Possibly, the progressives believe anyone who disagrees with them are now political prisoners.  A Democrat legislator in Congress did exactly what the “trespassers” did on J-6, and she is already out of jail, within 24 hours. Meanwhile, six months later, patriots are still under solitary confinement.  Again, where is the ACLU?
Biden has gone there. He is starting to use the words “civil war.”  Three times in fact.  He has compared the patriots to the Confederates.  When the president uses language that compares his political opponents to rebels and thus treasonous, it becomes very dangerous to dissent.  Let history record, Biden used the words “civil war” first.  Leftist revisionists of history will ignore this down the road.  One knows certain what the reaction would have been last week if President Trump used the words “civil war.”  The populists are noticing the hypocrisy.
Biden has always said the vaccines were voluntary.  But now he is sending workers house to house, as the Gestapo or Chinese soldiers, to “convince” Americans to “take the jab.”  Why, if there is nothing wrong with the vaccine, does it take the strong arm of the government to go house-to-house to “convince” Americans to be vaccinated? 
Americans of goodwill are noticing the unfairness and bias between how the summer violent rioters have been treated by the judicial system, compared to how the patriots are being treated because of their political differences with the progressives’ Deep State.
Some well-known Trump supporters are saying very big news and that extremely important events will be happening this summer.  They are implying that President Trump will be placed back in office where he was rightfully elected.  Possibly by Labor Day Weekend.  It is hard to see how this occurs, but we are looking around.
Patriots are saying out loud that by August 13, something dramatic happens that creates a tectonic shift in the White House.  The date August 13th is being tossed about freely.  Thus, Americans and especially patriots, need to be fully prepared for a progressive “false flag.”  Progressives will not just sit back and say “you caught us” and “we give up.”  They will be prepared, much like J-6. 
Once Patriots are convinced after Arizona, then Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin…that the election was stolen, they will not “Let It Be.”  Because if they were to “Let It Be,”  meaning the 2020 election to go unchallenged, they know 2022 and 2024 will be the exact same sham.  Fraud to win.
There is a feeling, there is a tension, there is an electricity in the air that something is up. There is a feeling that a great deal is happening below the surface for which we can’t see, but can feel.  To paraphrase Stephen Stills in his 1966 song classic; there is something happening here in America today, what it is I’m not clear.  There is a government with guns and jails over there.  And millions of citizens with guns and ammo over here.  (Biden is the one who brought up civil war, Biden)  Everybody needs to stop and look around to see what’s going down.  The “battle lines are being drawn” and “step out of line, the men come and take you away.”  Stills’ foreshadowing classic still resonates and relates especially today.  Maybe today more than in about 50 years.  As human nature and the lust for complete  power does not change, history thus repeats itself, again and again.  What is happening now, we’re just not clear.  But be sure to look around, because most assuredly, something is happening now.  For What It’s Worth.



Thanks to: https://nworeport.me

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