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Something Very Strange Is Going On

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1Something Very Strange Is Going On Empty Something Very Strange Is Going On Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:35 am



Something Very Strange Is Going On: As Globalists Talking Heads Call The Vax ‘An Experiment’ While Babbling About ‘Reptilians’, Biden Admin Proves To America ‘All The World’s A Stage’
Date: October 10, 2021Author: Nwo Report  

Something Very Strange Is Going On Image-714

Source:  Stefan Stanford
This past Wednesday, October 8th, while Joe Biden was doing an address on raising the debt ceiling as well as other aspects of his agenda, it quickly became apparent to many that Biden was using a ‘faked stage and setting’ within which he was giving his briefing, meant to look like the White House to the uneducated eye but just a ‘mirage’ with ‘digital windows‘ and a ‘fake Rose Garden’ from which the demented-ole-rooster cackled.
Just the most recent time Biden was caught using a ‘stage’ to deliver an address to the American people, as this Trending Politics story reports, back in September, the president publicly received a purported ‘booster shot’ injection while performing on COVID theater as seen in the photograph above.
With a reporter asking Biden back then “How many Americans need to be vaccinated for us to get back to normal?” and Biden replying “97%, 98%. I think we’ll get awful close. But I’m not the scientist. I think one thing is for certain. A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem”, why does Biden keep on using ‘theater sets’ to deliver his addresses to the American people, in front of fake windows, fake flowers and from a faked White House?
As William Shakespeare wrote long ago, and Neil Peart and the band Rush followed up on in the 1981 song “Limelight”“All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players…Performers and portrayers…. Each another’s audience outside the gilded cage”. From this Trending Politics story.: 
There was something else that wasn’t “normal” about the president getting a “booster shot.” It was staged. 
“So it was on a stage,” journalist Ezra Levant noted. “On a theatrical set, in front of fake windows. Was it really a nurse? And was it really an injection — or a theatrical prop?” 
When we’ve got a White House that is literally staging presidential briefings, orchestrating planted questions from “reporters,” and sending the president off to strange locations to address the American people, it is hard to say what is fake and what is real anymore.
Yet as we’ll explore within the rest of this ANP story, those events of completely staged presidential briefings in a fake White House and using ‘stage props’ aren’t the only very strange thing going on in America in 2021. As that Trending Politics story also reported, as soon as Biden was set to make remarks, his feed was cut. As if someone, somewhere REALLY doesn’t want ‘puppet Joe Biden‘ to go before the American people and ‘babble’ freely. Also giving us more evidence that it definitely ISN’T Biden who is ‘in charge and calling the shots’
(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: Due to renewed censorship by ‘big tech’ upon ANP articles, we’re running an emergency fundraising drive. We also want to thank everybody who has donated to ANP over the years. With donations and ad revenue all that keep ANP online, if you’re able, please consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this fight for America‘s future at this absolutely critical time in US history. During a time of systematic, ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread institutional corruption, truth-seeking media and alternative views are crucial, and EVERY little bit helps more than you could know!)

Something Very Strange Is Going On Imageedit_2_7153360278

While we’ve seen the “vaccine didn’t cause me to grow an extra head or a tail” argument being used numerous times by liberals in the comment sections of various ‘pro-vax’ stories over the past few months, as the Post Millennial reports in this new story, we’re now witnessing it from the globalists talking heads on The View, with hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg saying on air “black people shouldn’t have vaccine hesitancy because ‘the experiment has been done on white people’
Actually labeling the ‘vax’ as ‘the experiment’, they actually mentioned the Tuskegee Experiment while casually mentioning ‘countless things we can point to’ on why many Black Americans aren’t just blindly taking ‘the shot‘, while talking to their completely dumbed-down audience with a conversation that went like this:
Co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed with Behar and said, “The commercial I would do is have a person talking ‘I thought I should get it…I didn’t get it…I thought it was a hoax…blah blah, blah blah, blah blah…and here she is today…in the cemetery.” 
She added, addressing concerns over the vaccine, ‘Do you see another head at the back of my head? Is there a tail back there?'” 
She added other examples in history of what was done to blacks during experimentation and said, “The Tuskegee experiment, there are countless things we can point to. But this is not one of them. This isn’t one of them. And did you just say, Joy, white people? This is what I said at the beginning: White people are getting it. If you don’t see them with double heads, it’s OK. You know, if you don’t see a tail, it’s OK.”
Have you EVER read a story in the independent media warning these vaxxes would lead to people growing tails or 2nd heads? Of course not…(Although Brazilian President Bolsonaro allegedly said vaxxes might turn people into alligators). But that’s the line being pushed by the globalists now to convince people that ‘vaccine skeptics’ are crazy. They’ve tied the ‘reptilian conspiracy theory’ to ‘vaccine facts’, attempting to push the facts off as ‘insane ramblings’ of those who believe that ‘conspiracy theory’. Talk about strange. 
For those who don’t remember, back in 2013, the Atlantic ran this story titled “How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government” within which they reported “As 12 million Americans “know,” the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, reptilians). But they never said which members of the government are the reptilians.”
Planting a seed in American’s minds back then that those who believe that ‘reptilians’ run the govt must be crazy, a [url=https://www.menominee-nsn.gov/Covid/COVID-19-Vaccine-Myths-and-Facts (3).pdf]fact check was even put out [/url]claiming “The COVID-19 vaccine will make you grow a tail or other body parts” was just ‘a myth’. They really needed to put out a fact check for that in 2021 America! Says a lot, huh! 

Something Very Strange Is Going On Imageedit_1_7571120440

With Joe Biden’s approval ratings tumbling to an atrocious 38% following the Afghanistan fiasco, the crisis at the Southern border, his utter failure in dealing with COVID and everything else happening now across America, we’re not surprised that Jen Psaki tried to steer the blame away from Joe and push it upon the pandemic and President Trump.
With a majority of 56% of Americans having no faith in Biden’s leadership skills while 55% not believing the Biden administration is even competent enough to run the government, how can America even go forward with well over half the country having no faith in this administrations ability to lead us out of the mess we’re in? The fact that the MSM is now going after Biden and his administration also reads as very strange in this day and age of MSM fawning over the D’s. From this Yahoo story. 
In Quinnipiac’s latest national poll, released Wednesday, 38 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s performance while 53 disapproved, a record low for his presidency. Meanwhile, 60 percent of independents disapproved of Biden’s performance, according to the poll. 
The new data dropped Biden’s average approval rating across multiple polls to 44.6 percent, according to Real Clear Politics. 
Psaki’s response seemingly ignored several missteps by the administration in recent weeks including a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, an unprecedented border crisis, rising inflation and growing concern over debt default. 
In the Quinnipiac poll, Biden received poor scores across major policy areas including pandemic response, the economy, oversight over the military as commander-in-chief, fiscal issues, foreign policy, immigration, and the border situation.
“Battered on trust, doubted on leadership, and challenged on overall competency, President Biden is being hammered on all sides as his approval rating continues its downward slide to a number not seen since the tough scrutiny of the Trump administration” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.
So while the mainstream media talking heads actually compare the Tuskegee Experiments to the ‘reptilian conspiracy theory’ in trying to explain why Black Americans are avoiding the shot while Joe Biden and his tanking approval ratings are doing their news conferences on a Hollywood-style stage, using props, we’ll re-emphasize the earlier question from that Trending Politics story, what else ‘fake’ are the American people being ‘sold’? Many of us don’t believe ANYTHING we’re told by the fake news MSM, the Democrats ‘ministry of propaganda’, in 2021.



Thanks to: https://nworeport.me

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