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How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid

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How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid
Published on February 11, 2022
Written by Doug Brodie

How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid Fake-Covid-pandemic-Forbes

Covid “conspiracy theorists” are at long last being vindicated as the Covid menace thankfully starts to fizzle out.

For some time it has been obvious to me as a well-practiced conspiracy watcher that the global establishment has weaponised Covid to try (and hopefully fail) to achieve a hidden, nefarious agenda which has very little to do with “fighting the virus”. 
It’s Agenda 30/New World Order/Build Back Better/The Great Reset all rolled up in an unholy alliance of convergent opportunism with the UN climate change scam, Big Pharma and Bill Gates’ vaccine megalomania and programmable digital currencies. It’s a conspiracy taking place in plain view, as succinctly exposed by Reiner Fuellmich (qv). 
I set this out in an email to selected politicians now posted online as The Covid establishment has been getting away with murder. To repeat my question to politicians which never got an answer: 
Do you deny that you and the entire political class have needlessly dragged out the Covid scare since summer 2020 when UK Covid deaths all but disappeared [later resurgences were caused by the vaccines, proved below] in order to administer the unnecessary and, as was forewarned and quickly demonstrated, dangerous Covid vaccines to the entire population, all for the appalling yet patently obvious ulterior motive of getting everyone hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs ready for the Davos/WEF/UN “Great Reset”? 
It is obvious that very few of the general public have so far realised the scale of the Covid deceptions inflicted on them by their governments. Hopefully this paper will help more people to understand what has really been going on. 

I understand how peer-pressure to conform makes it doubly-difficult for most people to believe that their own government and its agencies could be so conspiratorial and malevolent as to scare and mislead the public as they have done over the politically-engineered Coronavirus pandemic with such callous indifference to the unwarranted massive collateral damage caused.
Even so, I have been puzzled as to why so few of the public have seen through the establishment’s Covid machinations. The insistence that vaccines were our only hope of salvation made no sense when by summer 2020 it was obvious that vaccines would only be needed for the most vulnerable (ref. Great Barrington Declaration), assuming they were proved safe which they never were.
It made even less sense when the narrative changed to say that younger and younger age groups, even children, should take the dangerous experimental vaccines. This led on to the coercive imposition of medically-pointless vaccine passports (the vaccines don’t prevent infection and don’t stop transmission) which are now being morphed into population-controlling digital ids. 
It is obvious that forcing the entire population onto a digital id control system has been the global establishment’s prime objective from the outset, no matter the collateral damage. This is the only plausible explanation for their previously unfathomable dragging out of Covid restrictions and constant changing of goalposts, along with myriad other obvious giveaways. 
I have belatedly realised that the simple and understandable reason why so few people have “joined all the dots” to see the establishment’s hidden agenda is that the mainstream media (MSM), which most of the public mistakenly believes to be trustworthy, has deliberately starved the public of counter-narrative facts which are only available in a few non-mainstream news outlets which relatively few people support.  
My “getting away with murder” paper shows how almost everything the establishment has told us about Covid has been untrue. They have only got away with this because the MSM is so firmly in the pockets of the establishment, for example through the Bill Gates Foundation and the government through its huge spending on Covid propaganda, aided and abetted by Big Tech who are making a fortune out of Covid.
Follow the money!
The bought and paid for MSM has not only compliantly promulgated the Covid establishment’s lies but has also suppressed all facts and stories which go against the establishment narrative – lying by omission. 
The following table shows how the MSM has comprehensively suppressed and censored contrarian facts on Covid, compiled by the simple expedient of using the “Search” facility on media websites to look for selected names and phrases. The mainstream is represented by the taxpayer-funded BBC News but could almost as egregiously be The Guardian, The Independent or even The Telegraph.
The non-mainstream is represented by The Daily Sceptic but could just as well be TCW Defending Freedom (formerly The Conservative Woman), UK Column or Principia Scientific International. 
A result of “nothing” typically means no hits in the first 10 pages of results and “lots” means multiple hits. The relevance of each selection to the establishment’s Covid narrative is explained below the table.  
Name or phrase                                  BBC News                              Daily Sceptic  
  • Yellow Card                                  nothing                                   lots
  • HART Group                                 nothing                                   lots
  • Dr Dolores Cahill                          nothing                                   lots
  • Professor Sucharit Bhakdi            nothing                                   lots
  • Dr Mike Yeadon                           nothing                                   lots
  • Dr Peter McCullough                   nothing                                   lots
  • Laura Dodsworth                         nothing                                   lots
  • “A State of Fear”                          nothing                                   lots
  • Robert F Kennedy                        only smears                            lots
  • “The Real Anthony Fauci”            nothing                                   lots
  • Reiner Fuellmich (Füllmich)         nothing                                   lots
  • Breach of Nuremberg Code        nothing                                   lots
  • Ivermectin                                    mostly smears                        lots
  • Hydroxychloroquine                    mostly smears                        lots
  • 6,183 or 17,371                            nothing                                  lots on both
  • Canada trucker convoy                mostly smears                        lots
  • The Great Reset                            only puff pieces                     lots

Yellow Card refers to the UK system of recording vaccine adverse reactions, set up following the 1960s thalidomide tragedy. The UK Covid Yellow Card system has so far recorded almost 1.5 million adverse reaction reports and almost 2,000 vaccine-suspected deaths and these numbers are without doubt massively under-reported.
The authorities insist that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” when it is obvious they are nothing of the sort. It is possible (see Bhakdi) that they have done more harm than good. The MHRA which manages this system has so far failed to provide any quantitative risk assessment on these reports.
The US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is similarly suppressed. One analyst has estimated that almost 300,00 people in the USA have been killed by the vaccines. How many people could have avoided pointless vaccine injury or death if the adverse reaction reporting system had not been censored out of their awareness?
The HART Group (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts who came together over shared concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Their latest campaign to save our children from potential injury and death from the unwarranted child vaccination programme is this open letter to the MHRA (preceded by this and this). The MHRA are supposed to manage the Yellow Card system but they don’t.
All they do is file the reports and then stonewall on them. Cases of child deaths and child myocarditis have spiked dramatically since the child vaccination rollout started. MHRA boss June Raine deserves to go to jail for ignoring safety concerns. 
Dr Dolores Cahill is a highly experienced professor of molecular biologist and immunologist at University College Dublin. In this interview she exposes the frightening, long-understood yet brushed-aside dangers of the mRNA Covid vaccines. 
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is an emeritus professor of medical microbiology and immunology. In this interview he correctly predicts the dangerous adverse reactions of the Covid vaccines including blood clotting, the ticking time-bomb of antibody disease enhancement (ADE) which can strike long after the inoculations and the dreadfully skewed balance of risks to children.
Professor Bhakdi is a member of the “Doctors for Covid Ethics” group set up to campaign against the vaccines, for example, by serving notices of liability on MEPs and the European Medical Agency. 
Dr Mike Yeadon is a retired Pfizer chief scientist. He has written widely on the establishment’s Covid skulduggery and has been banned from Twitter for his efforts. He is scathing in this presentation to the Reiner Fuellmich legal team. Transcripts are available here: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV to follow. In Part I he explains in simple science how almost everything the government has told us about Covid has been a lie.
He describes (Part II) how the vaccines are “toxic by design”. From about 46:00 (Part III) he exposes what he suspects to be prima facie evidence of Big Pharma criminal intent to inflict injury on the general public. Dr Yeadon has a pending complaint submitted to the ICC in The Hague alleging crimes against humanity. 
Dr Peter McCullough is a highly-cited US cardiologist who is defying the US medical establishment by successfully treating his Covid patients with cheap and effective combinations of drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine rather than condemning them to go into hospital where they could die through inappropriate/inadequate treatment. Read or watch his testimony:
Part 1 here (Cancelled for telling the truth, 1 hour 48 minute full video and part 1 transcript), Part 2 here (The vaccines are killing people), Part 3 here (How they cooked the books), Part 4 here (Malfeasance and abusing Mother Nature) and Part 5 here (We’ll beat this via natural immunity).  
Laura Dodsworth is a journalist and author whose book A State of Fear describes how the establishment has used subliminal behaviour-changing “psy-ops” nudge techniques to scare and bamboozle the general public about Covid, shamelessly taking advantage of the public’s expectation of government honesty and fair-play, all the more egregious in view of the appalling ulterior motive behind the politically-confected pandemic.
Ms Dodsworth is now calling for an enquiry into the use of these grossly unethical psychological techniques.
Robert F Kennedy, lawyer son of assassinated Bobby Kennedy is a life-long democrat. Previously feted by the leftist MSM, he is now regarded as a pariah after writing the anti-establishment book The Real Anthony Fauci. Fauci is the US public health czar. The book is a devastating indictment of the unbelievable corruption and criminality rife in Big Pharma and its so-called “regulators” who are little more than glove puppets to the industry.
Kennedy is particularly scathing via his Children’s Health Defense organisation of the establishment’s efforts to inflict the useless and dangerous “vaccines” on children who are at negligible risk from the virus. He would love Big Pharma to sue him for what he has written but he knows they won’t dare. 
Reiner Fuellmich is a German/American lawyer who won a huge settlement in the USA against Volkswagen over the “dieselgate” emissions faking scandal. He set up the high-powered independent Corona Investigative Committee and through his efforts a good number of Covid conspirators will hopefully get sent to jail. For more, see Yeadon and my “getting away with murder” paper. 
The Nuremberg Code originates from the Nazi war crime tribunals of 1947. Its relevance to the Covid experimental vaccines and prima facie lack of informed consent has been asserted alongside other basic human rights laws by a number of lawyers, for example here, here, here, here and here. Further analysis is given here and here. Hopefully we will soon see high-profile proceedings get under way on charges of alleged crimes against humanity. 
Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are cheap and effective Covid treatment drugs banned by the authorities around the world in order to pretend that the “only way out” of their politically-contrived Covid pandemic is to vaccinate the entire population. This calculated move callously condemned many tens of thousands of people to death.
The UK authorities are going through a pretence of investigating if these drugs are safe to use on Covid despite their having been proved safe and effective in many low-income countries all round the world, deviously using trials which are designed to fail. 
(The megalomaniac Bill Gates is targeting the entire world population for vaccination and Covid is just the start of his psychopathic ambitions. He and the equally psychopathic G7 political leaders are planning to churn out new vaccines within 100 days of an alleged pandemic outbreak with almost total disregard for safety. Gates seems to be thinking like a deranged Microsoft computer programmer, believing that he can inject a clever new mRNA “algorithm” into people as easily as installing a new software routine into a computer.
He definitely deserves to go to jail. He has reportedly already been charged with murder in India.)
6,183 or 17,371 refer to Freedom of Information requests to the ONS, here and here respectively, on the numbers of people who have died of (not with) Covid. Slight wording differences yielded different answers but the differences are insignificant against the 150,000 figure of UK Covid-attributed deaths (of and with) to early 2022 widely reported by the MSM. The government uses this inflated number to “justify” their “emergency” measures and vaccine coercions.
Note that the first FOI shows the almost negligible impact of Covid on the under-20s. It also suggests that the massively under-reported Yellow Card vaccine deaths could be outpacing Covid-only deaths for the under-65s. How many people would have consented so meekly to the ongoing Covid restrictions and coercions if these non-fiddled FOI numbers had been public all along? 
The Canada trucker convoy had been building up for a week before it was first mentioned by the BBC the day after it arrived in Ottawa. It was reportedly the biggest convoy in history, over 60,000 trucks and 50 miles long, cheered on by hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens. The MSM has been downplaying it and disparaging it, as they have done with all the freedom protests over recent months in London and across Europe and Australia.
The truckers are peacefully demanding freedom from Covid restrictions and injustices, in particular vaccine mandates and passports. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has run away to some secret hidey-hole. See GB News here, cartoon here, video here, this, this and a freedom convoy spokesman interview here. A copycat UK freedom convoy is set for Saturday 5th February. 
The Great Reset proposed by the World Economic Forum to facilitate undemocratic technocratic world governance has been in the public domain for years. Even Prince Charles has inappropriately endorsed it. In June 2020, WEF boss Klaus Schwab rushed out publication of his opportunistic and stultifyingly-boring book Covid-19: The Great Reset. 
Why has the above vital Covid information and much more besides been so shockingly suppressed and censored by the MSM? The very fact that this is happening screams “undemocratic outrage”, especially now that the Covid threat has become relatively mild. The draconian new online safety bill (so-called) will allow the authorities to impose even tighter censorship.
The establishment’s overwhelming censorship, unjustified fear-mongering and shameless lying has left the population traumatised, demoralised and very badly misinformed. The really sad thing is that most people don’t even realise how badly they have been manipulated and deceived. 
The now-dominant Omicron variant is said to be no worse than a bad cold and the inconvenient truth (for the Covid conspirators) is that the dangerous vaccines have negligible absolute efficacy. The CEO of Pfizer recently admitted that his Covid vaccine “offers very limited protection, if any” and “doesn’t have the safety profile that we hoped …[to] achieve”.
We now seem to be in an epidemic of the vaccinated, with vaccine effectiveness plummeting, triple-jabbed over-30s suffering higher infection rates than the unvaccinated and a former WHO executive suggesting that the vaccinated should be isolated. The Covid vaccine programme has clearly been an unmitigated disaster. 
At least the Covid threat is fading although vaccine injuries and deaths continue to rise while the authorities turn a collective blind eye. In the face of this reality just look at the madness going on in many suddenly-fascist countries all around the world:  
France insists on a vaccine passport to do almost anything, with the unvaccinated facing loss of citizenship; Austria is planning mandatory vaccinations on pain of repeating €3600 fines; Greece is issuing fines of €100 per month to the unvaccinated elderly; Italy and others insist no jab, no job; Australia is using mandatory Covid detention camps and facial recognition systems to check quarantine compliance; New Zealand is imposing 24-day self-isolation; Canada’s tyrannical restrictions have provoked the truckers’ Freedom Convoy.
These demented politicians are acting against the science, not following it (watch from 1 min 30 sec). 
Tin-pot dictator WEF-embedded politicians (now censored but confirmed by Klaus Schwab bragging) all around the world are thrashing around in a fury of frustration, as parodied in Justin Trudeau’s downfall, because their psychopathic Smersh-like plans for undemocratic, technocratic world domination and control are falling apart. 
We mustn’t let these conspirators off as if nothing much had happened. They and their agencies need to be brought to account and we, the people, need to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again.
The UK government may have caved in on the issue of mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff (subject to further consultation) but we need to end all restrictions across the UK including the vaccine passport system and its successor social credit digital id system. 
Beware WEF Bond villain look-alike Klaus Schwab who says “By 2030 you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”.
Beware in case the establishment’s next move is to insist that their wretched Great Reset will solve all our supposed problems, even alleged man-made climate change as modelled by bought and paid for “experts” like Professor Neil Ferguson. As if.

Thanks to: https://principia-scientific.com

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